NYWIFT Programming Goes Digital

In light of the current health crisis, all NYWIFT professional development programming will be offered virtually for the time being. See www.nywift.org/events for a list of upcoming live programs. 

Below are links to watch past virtual programs right here on our website. If you have questions or would like to suggest an upcoming program, please reach out to us at programs@nywift.org

Re-Imagining Film Festivals in a Time of Crisis






When SXSW cancelled, it sent shockwaves through the indie film world. But the creative forces that have kept independent film vibrant over the decades are rising to meet the current crisis. Until we can once again gather in large crowds, the show is going on. Film festivals are moving online or reviving older forms such as using drive-ins for locations to gather at safe physical distances.

This April 30, 2020 panel brought together a group of creatives to discuss how people and organizations are responding nimbly and re-imagining ways to connect and support filmmakers and audiences. We explored the possibilities for evolving out of this crisis to create more fluid and far-reaching concepts of film promotion, audience engagement, and distribution.

Join us for a conversation with Lori Cheatle, Maori Karmael Holmes, Brian Newman, Alison Willmore, Jeffrey Winter and Michelle Materre (moderator).

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NYWIFT Talks with Filmmaker Rachel Feldman







On our May 11, 2020, NYWIFT Talks, we joined filmmaker Rachel Feldman for a virtual Zoom conversation. Rachel discussed the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on filmmakers and what the future holds for her current projects. This conversation was moderated by NYWIFT Executive Director Cynthia López

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NYWIFT Talks with Tribeca Film Festival Senior Programmer Lucy Mukerjee






On our May 5, 2020, NYWIFT Talks, we join Tribeca Film Festival’s Senior Programmer Lucy Mukerjee. Lucy discussed Tribeca’s move to digital programming during COVID-19, and how she is continuing her LGBTQ+ advocacy work through her role at the organization. The discussion was moderated by NYWIFT Board President Jamie Zelermyer.

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NYWIFT Member Screening Q&A: “Toss It”






On May 4, 2020, NYWIFT hosted a Q&A with Toss It Director, Writer, Producer and Star NYWIFT Member Michele Remsen (Emily), along with cast members Blair Ross (Adele), Allison Frasca (Natalie), and Jenny Zerke (Marie) as well as film publicist Annie Jeeves. This conversation was moderated by NYWIFT Community Engagement Director Katie Chambers. The “anti-romantic comedy” feature Toss It is a recipient of the NYWIFT Nancy Malone Marketing and Promotion Grant and was presented as part of NYWIFT’s Member Screening Series in May 2020.

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NYWIFT Talks: Imagenation with Moikgantsi Kgama






On our April 27, 2020, NYWIFT Talks, we joined  Moikgantsi Kgama of ImageNation as she spoke from the perspective of the cultural organizations that bring indie films into local communities. She discussed the potential broader impact of COVID-19 on the industry and the general theater-going experience, as we all wonder: what will the exhibition space look like after the pandemic has ended? This discussion was moderated by NYWIFT Board VP of Programming Leslie Fields-Cruz.

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NYWIFT Talks: Production with Kathryn O’Kane






On our April 21, 2020, NYWIFT Talks we joined Disney+ showrunner and NYWIFT Board member Kathryn O’Kane for a virtual Zoom conversation. Kathryn discussed the COVID-19 effects on pre-planned productions and what the future holds for her current projects. The conversation was moderated by NYWIFT Executive Director Cynthia Lopez.

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NYWIFT Talks: Casting with Destiny Lilly





On our April 17, 2020, NYWIFT Talks, we joined Casting Director and NYWIFT Board of Directors Vice President Destiny Lilly for a virtual Zoom conversation. Destiny updated us on how the casting world in NYC keeps moving even while film, television, and theatre productions are on hold due to the current health crisis. We talked shooting delays, the impact on Broadway, online auditions, self-tape 101 for actors, why producers should always hire a casting director, and more. Casting affects more than just actors – all film and TV professionals are encouraged to bring their questions to to this insightful conversation. And anyone can benefit from self-tape 101; nowadays, working from home, we are all appearing on camera!

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NYWIFT Talks: Distance Learning with Dr. Kimberly Greene







In our April 6, 2020, NYWIFT Talks webinar, we joined distance learning expert Dr. Kimberly Greene for a Zoom conversation. We focused on tips and best practices for teaching and learning in virtual classes. Kimberly was one of the first people in the world to receive an Ed.D. in Educational Technology and in the last few weeks has been guiding thousands of teachers through the process of moving their classes into the digital world. 

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NYWIFT Talks: Virtual Theatrical Experiences with Wendy Lidell






In our April 2, 2020, NYWIFT Talks webinar, we welcomed Senior Vice President Wendy Lidell of Kino Lorber. We discussed the growth of Kino Lorber and their initiative to develop the virtual theatrical experience during a time of uncertainty, while continuing to support art houses everywhere. 

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Mental Health and Career Sustainability in the Doc World








COVID-19 has brought into sharp relief the mental health crisis that the documentary community has faced for quite some time. Living in survival mode and keeping it all together for their crew and subjects is what document filmmakers are good at, but at great costs to their own mental health and physical well-being. It’s time we stop suffering in silence, and speak up as a community. On March 31, 2020, NYWIFT and The D-Word co-hosted a panel discussion to explore what lessons can be learned from this pivotal moment to help create a mind-shift in the industry. Moderated by Doug Block (The D-Word), panelists include Rebecca Day (Producer/ Psychotherapist), Kelsey Koenig  (Impact Partner Films), Heidi Reinberg  (Documentary film maker) and Chithra Jeyaram (Documentary film maker).

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NYWIFT Talks: Virtual Collaborations with Liz Dreyer







At our inaugural NYWIFT Talks on March 27, 2020, we joined virtual collaboration expert Liz Dreyer for a Zoom conversation. We focused on tips and best practices for creating productive virtual meetings, including information on preferred platforms and the leading question of the day: “Should you wear pants on video chats?” Liz has facilitated creative digital groups for over 20 years.

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