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Below are just a few of the most recent accomplishments of our talented members! If you want to join this dynamic community, we hope you will consider applying for NYWIFT membership.

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The CinemaStreet Women’s Short Screenplay Competition is accepting submissions. The competition invites women screenwriters to submit short dramatic scripts of any genre (20 minutes and under) to CinemaStreet Pictures for production consideration. The winning screen writer will receive a $1,000 prize for the option to produce the film. The first year’s winning screenplay, 6:18 to Omaha by NYWIFT Member Leah Curney. Screenplays may be from anywhere in the world, but must be in English. Sponsored by CinemaStreet is managed by former NYWIFT Executive Director Terry Lawler. The deadline to submit is June 30. Learn more and submit. The application fee is $30; $20 for Members of Women in Film Chapters


We Don’t Dance for Nothingproduced by NYWIFT Member Katrina Huilin Chen, will host an in person and virtual screening as part of Inside Out Film FestivalWe Don’t Dance for Nothing is an experimental doc and a photo-montage love letter to the Filipina Domestic Workers of Hong Kong.  This visual recreation of true memories shared by this community of 400,000 women (millions globally) follows one woman’s plan to run away. Captured on Super-16 amidst Hong Kong Protests, it blends stills with motions to highlight the passionate Street Dancing of these marginalized women, and touch upon LGBTQ+ themes, issues of Workers’ Rights, and Hong Kong’s changing political landscape. The film will screen in-person and online on May 29. Learn more and register.


Registration is open for the School of Visual Arts course Pitch Your Scripted Television Series to the Industry Experts, taught by Jim Arnoff (career coach, talent agent consultant, NYWIFT Member.) Attendees will receive amazing access to industry pros – network development executives, production companies, show runners. Learn the in’s and out’s of packaging, networking, pitching and negotiating your television series. Each member that enrolls will receive a complimentary 30 minute coaching session. The virtual course will run Wednesday nights for 10 weeks. The course will run June 8- Aug 10. Learn more.


So, you made a short film! Now what? Blackbird Film Festival and NYWIFT come together to host a panel discussion focused on leveraging the short film into something more. Check out the panel at Blackbird Film Festival in Cortland, NY, May 21 at 2 PM. The panel was organized by NYWIFT member Cloe King, and features members Margarita Zhitnikova and Stacey Maltin, as well as Jessica Michael Davis and Will Phelps, moderated by NYWIFT member Tammy Reese. Learn more


The Ecuadorian Film Festival in New York is accepting submissions. EFFNY brings some of the best and newest Ecuadorian movies to both, the Ecuadorian community and Independent film aficionados in New York City and the Tri-State area; it opens a window into this diverse country, and inspires people to have meaningful conversations while celebrating Ecuador and the magic of cinema. The festival is produced by NYWIFT Member Giovanna Aguilar. The deadlines to submit are Regular – June 10 and Extended – June 30. Learn more and submit.



The Roosevelt Island Film Festival, founded by NYWIFT Member Toni Vitale, is accepting submissions. RIFF takes place in the heart of New York City on the stunningly beautiful, two-mile island, nestled between Manhattan and Queens and straddled by the 59th St. Bridge. The festival is seeking submissions for the category Female Filmmakers. The deadline to submit is May 28. Learn more and submit.


My So-Called Selfish Life, a new documentary from NYWIFT member Therese Shechter, will have its world digital premiere. My So-Called Selfish Life is a paradigm-shifting documentary about one of our greatest social taboos: choosing not to become a mother. The film will be available to stream May 6-16, with a Q&A on May 6 at 8:45pm EDT. Watch the film and learn more


NYWIFT Member Priscilla J. “Sally” Mattison, of Counsel to Bernard M. Resnick, Esq., P.C., gave a presentation entitled Lucky Break or Big Mistake?  Contestants on Reality TV Competition Shows at Delaware Law School’s Eleventh Annual Sports and Entertainment Law CLE Symposium.

We Don’t Dance For Nothing, a film produced by NYWIFT Member Huilin Katrina Chen, will be screening in Woodside, Queens. We Don’t Dance for Nothing is an experimental doc and a photo-montage love letter to the Filipina domestic workers of Hong Kong.  This visual recreation of true memories shared by this community of 400,000 women (millions globally) follows one woman’s plan to run away. Captured on Super-16 amidst Hong Kong protests, it blends stills with motions to highlight the passionate street dancing of these marginalized women, and touch upon LGBTQ+ themes, issues of workers’ rights, and Hong Kong’s changing political landscape. The screening will take place April 30 at 4:30pm EDT at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Woodside, Queens. Learn more and RSVP.


Gold Standard Arts Festival is hosting two upcoming panels:

Crime Does Pay: TJ English in Conversation with Richard Price – April 30 at 3pm EDT.
For any filmmaker interested in crime or a lover of the genre these two men are the Gold Standard. Learn more and register.

Can’t Spell Gold Without Old Panel: Selling Stories to an Older Demographic –May 1 at 2pm EDT.
Major Industry leaders share how they’ve broken through the ageist glass ceiling with tv/film targeted to this demographic. Learn more and register.


Registration for the Speak Up Women Conference is open. Speak Up Women is an event that has been specifically designed to help women understand the importance and impact they have when they speak up in their personal, professional and philanthropic lives. When they have the courage and confidence to do it, they end up making a difference in other people’s lives, including their own. The conference features keynotes by NYWIFT Member Tricia Brouk (Director, Author), and hosted and produced by NYWIFT Member Jennifer S. Wilkov (author, writer, creative consultant.) Purchase of a VIP Ticket and some with a curated gift box. The virtual conference will take place this April 30. Learn more and register.

The Courtney Harmel Collection has been featured in the Global Image Works newsletter. Video artist, filmmaker and NYWIFT Member Courtney Harmel was a key player in New York’s downtown video scene, producing work that documented the ‘No Wave’ retail and performance culture of the mid-1980s. The performers and artists in her work include Joey Arias, Charles Busch, Alexis del Lago, Divine, John “Lypsinka” Epperson, Tony Frere, Keith Haring, Grace Jones, John Kelly, Tanya Ransom, Gerard Little, Ann Magnuson, Wendy Wild, John Sex, Andy Warhol, and Madonna. A program of her videos of performance and fashion from the 1980s in downtown New York was in the Club 57exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. Her work is in the museum’s permanent collection. Learn more.


Andy & Kaliope, a short film by NYWIFT member Catriona Rubenis-Stevens, is available to watch on YouTube.  Catriona recently directed the short for the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge – where Participants had five days to write, produce, shoot and edit their films. The short will run through April 25 as part of the Film Challenge awareness campaign. Watch now.


The Libby Show: Lunch with the Ladies, produced by NYWIFT Member Suzanne Ordas Curry, will have several upcoming screenings. The online talk show for women over 45 is an official selection of the Inaugural Gold Standard Arts Festival (NYC) and will screen as part of the Saturday Night Fun Block On April 30. Learn more. The Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival will screen the episode “Dr. Elsie Koh Talk How to Live Your Best Life” on April 27. Learn moreThe Libby Show can also currently be viewed online on Youtube. Watch now.


To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the destruction of Smyrna, Hellenic Film Society USA will hold two screenings of the acclaimed historical drama Smyrna, My Beloved. This moving, historical drama, told through the saga of a prominent Greek family, recounts the burning of the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Smyrna in 1922 by the Turks, and the killing of its Greek and Armenian populations. In the present, a young Greek-American woman, visiting Greece with her grandmother to support the Syrian refugees, discovers that the similar Smyrna tragedy destroyed her own family 100 years earlier. Watch the trailer. The screenings will be presented in Greek and English with English subtitles. The film will screen on April 29 at the DGA Theatre and May 1 at Museum of the Moving Image. Learn more and purchase tickets.


PI Snaps, a short film by NYWIFT Member Monica Sharf, will screen in lower Manhattan later this month. The short is part of an ongoing research/art project headed by the Canal Street Research Association. Since Fall of 2020, they have been looking into histories of waste and overflow along Canal Street, and the many generations of immigrants and artists who have been brought together by this storied thoroughfare. PI Snaps will be screened alongside another film followed by a discussion with the filmmakers. The screening will take place April 19 at 7pm at 264 Canal Street, #5E. Learn more and purchase tickets. The film can also be watched at


Lola Does Manhattan, a short film starring NYWIFT Member Eve Austin, will screen as part of the Katra Film Series. Lola finds her inner voice/alter ego Heidi making a physical appearance in her life. Heidi leads Lola into a life of freedom and joy through adventures that will give Lola a choice in how she learns to listen to, and love herself. Make sure to vote for The Audience Award! The film will screen at REGAL Cinemas in Times Square on April 19 during the 6:15-8:15pm block. Learn more and purchase tickets.


Attend the virtual table read for Color of Autumn, adapted by NYWIFT Member Alexandra Engelson. Through the eyes of a grown woman, Color of Autumn retraces the memory of her precocious eight-year-old self, a Black girl who lives with her hardworking, social-climbing parents, and her adoring and wise grandmother in a quaint little house on the southside of Chicago. Nestled within the safety of her neighborhood, Young Dottie has no awareness of racial tension or the isolation of segregation. But she is about to find out. When Dottie’s parents take her along to visit her father’s boss in a western suburb outside of Chicago, she is confronted with racism while playgrounding with the bosses’ children and their friends. She learns a searing lesson, that the color of her skin creates implications beyond her profound imagination. Decades later, Adult Dottie, standing on the shoulders of her departed grandmother reaches her hands out to her young self. The virtual event will be held April 14 at 8pm ET. Learn more and register.


NYWIFT Member Stephanie Cen has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for her film Ai (Love)The film follows an intergenerational Chinese-Venezuelan family and aims to tell real stories about the communities we come from and portray them through a modern lens of the immigrant experience: one of many cultures, where the outward appearance of a person doesn’t tell the full story of their upbringing. The deadline to donate is April 12. Learn more and donate.


NYWIFT member Lisa Brigantino (composer, multi-instrumentalist, music supervisor) will perform the music she composed in a production of the playAn Iliad, a modern-day retelling of Homer’s classic. Poetry and humor, the ancient tale of the Trojan War and the modern world collide in this captivating theatrical experience. The setting is simple: the empty theatre. The time is now: the present moment. The lone figure onstage is a storyteller – possibly Homer, possibly one of the many bards who followed in his footsteps. He is fated to tell this story throughout history. The play will run at Shaker Bridge Theatre in Enfield, NH. Performances will run April 14 – May 1. Learn more and purchase tickets.


Coast will premiere in NYC at Angelika Film Center. Desperate to escape the trappings of her small coastal farming town, 16-year-old Abby falls for the lead singer of a touring rock band and must decide whether or not to leave her family and friends behind. With live music performances and an exciting ensemble cast, Coast is about finding your truth and letting the music take you home. Coast was directed by NYWIFT Member Jessica Hester and produced by NYWIFT Board Member Alex Cirillo. The film will screen on April 14 at 7:30PM EDT – followed by a a Q&A with star Melissa Leo and the creative team, moderated by MovieMaker Magazine! Learn more and purchase tickets


NYWIFT Member Patience Okhuofu is hosting a virtual fundraiser for her upcoming feature film, Queen Idia. Join the filmmakers and show up for a story that goes beyond the slavery narrative because the Black experience did not begin with capture. By joining them on this journey, you will be helping in creating a lasting impact on a generation that did not realize that they were ruling as Kings and Queens pre-colonization. The virtual fundraiser will take place April 2. Learn more and register.

NYWIFT Member Ann Talman presents the upcoming cabaret show The Shadow of Her Smile. Ann is an actor, singer, storyteller, award winning documentary filmmaker, and four-time Broadway veteran. She joined Actors’ Equity with co-star Elizabeth Taylor in 1981 when she landed the plum role in The Little Foxes playing Taylor’s daughter on Broadway. The show traveled the world for eighteen months and their loving friendship lasted for the rest of Miss Taylor’s life. The show is an evening of story and song about Ann and Elizabeth’s amazing bond. It is filled with hilarious and touching stories that only Ann can tell, woven with Broadway and Great American Songbook gems. The performance will take place March 31 at 9:45pm EDT. Learn more and purchase tickets.

The Adventures of Princess Anyah of Antibarba, a new children’s book by NYWIFT Member Eldonie Mason, is available through Amazon in e-book and paperback. Three years ago, Eldonie’s five-year-old niece told her that she could not be a princess because all the princesses were white with long hair. Her heart broke. Who told her such a thing? This conversation led Eldonie to write her niece a story about a Black princess with short hair who goes on adventures. Representation matters and if little girls can see themselves as princesses, they will not feel less than. Learn more and purchase the book on Amazon.

Keys to the Production Office, co-written by NYWIFT Member Gilana M. Lobel, is available for purchase. Keys to the Production Office ventures where no book has gone before—into the inner workings of the film and television production office. With 40+ years of production experience between them, authors Jennifer A. Haire and Gilana M. Lobel introduce readers to the core of physical production, offering an essential behind-the-scenes guide to individuals beginning their careers in entertainment, and a valuable point of reference for best practices throughout the industry. The book gives the next generation access to information previously available only to insiders. Learn more and purchase the book


NYWIFT Member Wendy Blackstone has been nominated for an ASCAP Composers’ Choice Award for 2021 Documentary Score of the Year for her score for 9to5: The Story of a Movement. The ASCAP Composers’ Choice Awards enable composers to recognize the artistic accomplishments of their peers and were introduced in 2014 as a first-of-its-kind program among US performing rights organizations. The nominations committee includes composers and film, television and video game industry leaders. Voting is open to eligible ASCAP writer members until March 11. Read more.

This Little Light of Mine, a script by NYWIFT Member Susan Boger, is a finalist in the Socially Relevant Film Festival. Tessa is a claustrophobic young black woman married to Jerry, a white man, and mother of four-year-old Matty. She invites her older brother Trevor and his partner Dave for a backyard cookout. Trevor tells the ghost story of Esther, a runaway enslaved woman, searching for her daughters, Heddy and Willow, hidden in a cave. While Trevor tells the story, Matty wanders off and becomes trapped in the same cave that Heddy’s and Willow’s spirits wait for Esther. The search for Matty leads Tessa, Jerry, Trevor, and Dave to the cave. It’s up to Tessa to overcome her fear of the cave and enter it to rescue Matty. There will be a virtual 10 page script read held on March 23. Learn more.


The Reunion is screening virtually and in select theaters. Ricky Reilly, a former actor, is on a spiritual journey when he runs into his childhood nemesis and is then challenged by his best friend to confront the nemesis at their high school reunion. At a time when what it means to be a man is challenged, The Reunion is a spiritual thriller where a “man-child” is forced to face his greatest fear, in order to discover a new definition of manhood. NYWIFT member Diane Bradshaw served as production legal on the film. The film will premiere in Glendale, CA on March 11. Purchase tickets. The film is also available to stream on iTunes, Prime Video, and more. Learn where to stream the film


The producers of There I Was…When Nothing Happened are raising funds to move their project into production. There I Was…When Nothing Happened, a self defense anthology, will feature 40 top-tier protection professionals each telling a story about a time they avoided violence through skills like awareness, evasion, humor, or de-escalation. It’s high time the protection industry spent more time on these pragmatic skills rather than physical skills we might only use two or three times in our lives. The project will feature NYWIFT member Teja VanWicklen. Learn more and donate.

Bite the Apple, featuring NYWIFT member Gaia Visnar, is making its Off-Broadway debut. Bite the Apple explores the intersection of trauma, desire, and female sexuality and how trauma continues to disrupt a woman’s life long after it happens – all through the conduit of fairy tales. In this updated retelling, a modern-day Cinderella – in the middle of a full blown mid-life crisis – is thrust into the tales of Red Riding Hood (Gaia Visnar), Snow White, and Rapunzel, exposing their emotionally treacherous stories, unearthing the past she has tried to forget, and discovering the possibility of a new story of her own making. The play will run at the Waverly Place Theater from Mar 10-13. Learn more and purchase tickets. Enter code BTA10 for 10% off tickets.

The LIBBY Show: Lunch with the Ladies is streaming on YouTube. The new online talk show, produced and hosted by NYWIFT member Suzanne Ordas Curryaims to entertain, inform and inspire women “of a certain age.” To coincide with Black History Month Suzanne interviewed Dr. Francois Clemmons, the postman from Mister Roger’s Neighborhood who shared a pool with Fred Rogers in the iconic scene from the show. Dr. Clemmons also stars in the podcast Around the Sun, co-produced by Suzanne. Watch now.


The EPIC Underground, featuring NYWIFT member Shoshanna Gleich, will host a virtual performance. Join them for this year’s first performance and hear stories from our players about rebirth, renewal, and their personal renaissance. Each year, Epic’s Storytellers perfect their tales in their Personal Narrative class led by Talia Eapen, Max Baudisch, and Jessica Saul. The artists then perform their polished pieces in a one-night only event. The event will be held March 8 at 7pm EST. Learn more and purchase tickets.


NYWIFT member Marilyn Horowitz will lead the workshop How to Write a Screenplay in 8 Weeks. If you want to get your screenplay done well, and fast, this is the right class for you. Using Marilyn’s trademarked writing method, attendees will call on their native expertise to create a gripping story, and get it written in eight weeks. This is an intensive class so be prepared to write 15-25 pages a week. To facilitate this, you will have a supportive fellow writer to confer with, learn to write great dialog, and a foolproof method for structuring a good story. It’s easy to write when you know what you’re writing, and have a solid craft. The workshop will run Mar 8 – April 26. Learn more and register


NYWIFT Member Nancy Cohen‘s new short play The Best is Yet To Come or Else is available to watch through the Library Equity Theatre of New York and on YouTube. The play, which Nancy wrote many years ago, was accepting to Library Equity’s Winter 2022 Virtual Play Festival and was shot in a few weeks at Nancy’s local pub. The short play stars fellow NYWIFT member Olivia Welch – who Nancy found and cast through the NYWIFT Member Directory! Watch the short play and make sure to check out the NYWIFT Member Directory whenever you’re looking to hire or connect.


Pure a short film from NYWIFT member Natalie Harris is now airing on HBO2 and available to stream on HBOMax. This coming-of-age short film follows the story of a young Black girl on the eve of her cotillion ball as she learns to embrace her sexuality. The film previously screened at over 40 festivals worldwide. The film will air on HBO2 TONIGHT, Feb 3 at 8:15pm. The film is also available to stream on HBOMax. Learn more.


Deadline has reported new casting for the short film, Darwin Flick. The film starts NYWIFT members Eve Austin and Kristin Saumelson.

EXCLUSIVE: Moe Jeudy-Lamour (Ted Lasso) and Samantha Robinson (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) have signed on to star alongside Eve Austin and Kristin Samuelson in Darwin Fick, a short film from writer, director and producer Joe Benedetto. The story centers on a a legendary author (Samuelson) plagued by writer’s block, who gets a unique offer from a mysterious stranger (Austin). Benedetto is producing the film through his company Trajectory Films, alongside Austin and Samuelson. Read more in Deadline.


Join BRIC’s 2021 BRIC Documentary Intensive Cohort for a virtual screening of the group’s films produced throughout their time in the program. During the BRIC Documentary Intensive course, filmmakers learn the ins and outs of making a short, compelling film—from choosing a documentary subject and style to crafting a treatment and pre-production plan, and then overcoming the challenges of producing and editing a short documentary during COVID-19. NYWIFT Member Desiree Rucker‘s short documentary, Ebony Kiss – Remember The Time will screen as part of the program. The films will be screened Jan 27, 7-9pm through the Brooklyn Free Speech HD channel. The screening will be followed by an intimate Q&A with the filmmakers over Zoom Learn more and register.


NYWIFT member Julia Campanelli‘s feature screenplay, The Paisley Witch Trial, was awarded Best Unproduced Screenplay at Raindance Film Festival 2021. A white midwife with an illicit past and a formerly enslaved black abolitionist form an uneasy bond when both women are arrested for witchcraft in the true, untold story of the last witch hunt in Scotland. Read more in Variety.

Jim Arnoff (Career coach, talent agent consultant, NYWIFT member) will lead the upcoming virtual course Pitch Your Scripted Television Series to the Industry Experts at the School of Visual Arts. Attendees will learn the in’s and and out’s of packaging, networking, pitching and negotiating their scripted television series. The course also provides amazing access to industry pros, networks, production companies, and showrunners. The 10 week course will be held on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm EST beginning Jan 26. Learn more and register. For questions contact Jim at


NYWIFT member Linnette Harrigan is proud to have recently completed music supervision work on the documentary film, Motian in Motion produced by fellow NYWIFT member Suzanne Hayes. Linnette served in the role of music supervisor on the film, assisting in music research, securing music, rights and clearances for the many brilliant pieces of music which appear throughout this award-winning documentary.  

Motian In Motion documents the life of Paul Motian, the iconic Jazz drummer composer and bandleader. The film also features such Jazz greats as the late Chick Corea. It is now available on DVD! NYWIFT members looking for affordable music supervision, music clearances, music library  or needing advice on music for documentary, films and other projects may Contact Linnette Harrigan at

NYWIFT member Julia Aldana is raising funds for her short narrative film I Want To Hear My Voice. The story was inspired by Julia’s long time friendship with an artist with cerebral palsy and showcases the limitless talents and potential of people with physical limitations. The film aims to encourage people with disabilities to be active members of society, visible, accepted, equal, and to inspire viewers to see a million magnificent possibilities in each other and within ourselves! Learn more and donate.

NYWIFT member Staton Rabin will be hosting a virtual live reading of her screenplay, Saving Mark Twain. Mark Twain, American superstar, has a whopping case of writer’s block, is nearly bankrupt, and fears his Muse is gone forever. But could an infuriating star-struck fan, Rudyard Kipling – an unknown newspaper reporter and aspiring novelist from India who invades his life and steals his teenage daughter’s heart – be the surprising key that unlocks the famous author’s biggest secret, restores his confidence – and saves Mark Twain? Inspired by a true story. The free reading will be held Jan 7 at 4pm ET (6pm PT.) Learn more and RSVP.

NYWIFT member Taylor Coriell (Writer, Director) is seeking funds to begin production for her first feature film, Ladylike. Ladylike is a post-Gilded Age buddy comedy about two young society women who disguise themselves as men to sneak into the Players Club to meet their hero, Sarah Bernhardt, on her 1911 visit to New York City. Taylor previously shot a proof-of-concept that will be released mid-November, where all of the department heads were women. The deadline to donate is Dec 9. Learn more and donate.


The well-known, hilarious musical-comedy sister duo, Vickie & Nickie, are back this holiday season. STILL Home for the Holidays with Vickie & Nickie, starring NYWIFT member Lisa Brigantino and her sister Lori, will livestream on Facebook. During this celebration of the holiday season “Minnesota-style,” the multi-instrumental, singing housewife sisters will entertain you from their home with favorite holiday tunes and original songs, Vickie & Nickie Trivia Tee-shirt give-away, plus lots more holiday hoopla! The fast talking Midwestern moms will get you in the holiday spirit all while accompanying themselves on many different instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, keyboard, accordion, saxophone, ukuleles, percussion and more. The show livestreams on Dec 12 at 4pm EST. Learn more and watch.


A Conversation with Svetlana Cemin, the Award Winning Director of  ‘Saint Clair Cemin, Psyche is available to read in RomaCinephile Magazine. The piece is a conversation with NYWIFT member Svetlana Cemin as she speaks about her beginnings in the film industry, her artistic inspirations, the changing landscape of media, and more. Read more.


The MAMAlogues, featuring NYWIFT member Marsha-Ann Hay, is currently running at the Black Spectrum Theatre in Jamaica, Queens. MAMAlogues portrays the experience of parenting while Black, unmarried, and middle class in the age of anxiety. During a single mothers’ retreat, three women share their angst about racial profiling on the playground, their child being the “only one” at their school, and the politics of soccer in the hood. The satirical comedy follows the agonies and joys of motherhood as these moms lean in, stress out and guide precious black children from diapers to college in a dangerous world. The show will run Nov 11-20. Learn more and purchase tickets.


Green Juice, a new short film will have it’s premiere screening at Easy Lover in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Green Juice is a short psycho-thriller directed by Eileen Hanley and Emily Dayton Evans. NYWIFT member Erin Tomkins is the composer for the film. The screening will be held Nov 12. Learn more and purchase tickets.

Saint Clair Cemin, Psyche, a film by NYWIFT member Svetlana Cemin, is streaming as part of Cinejoy Festival. The feature documentary is a deep reflection on a legendary sculptor’s journey to make one marble boat, starring Saint Clair Cemin. The film will be available to stream Nov 4-14. Learn more and watch now.


NYWIFT member Gaia Visnar has teamed up with Transforma Theatre to present Science In Theatre Festival. The festival is a 3-day event that pairs artists and playwrights with scientists, combining theatre with new technologies. It’s an opportunity for the community to learn together and discuss how new technology can be applied to the post-COVID arts world.  In addition to the daily immersive science exhibitions, 3 science-based plays will be performed in the evenings. Gaia Visnar is performing in the playEden on Nov 14. Learn more and purchase tickets

Around the Sun, a new podcast from NYWIFT member Suzanne Ordas Curry(Co-Producer/PR), is available to stream. The episodic podcast, which was recently featured in Variety,  is available through the Broadway Podcast Network and new episodes will drop until Thanksgiving. The podcast features the voices of Marsha Mason, Sally Struthers, BD Wong, Alysia Reiner, RHONJ Dolores Catania, Maureen Van Zandt, Vincent Pastore, Lilli Cooper, Veanne Cox and many more from stage and screen. Each episode tackles a social issue with warmth, humor and insight. Learn more.



From Script to PreProduction, produced by NYWIFT member Elizabeth Page, is accepting applications for its Online Development Lab. You’ve made shorts. You’ve written a script. What’s stopping you from making your first feature?  For most filmmakers, it’s the mountain of stuff you need to create before the industry will take you seriously. At From Script to PreProduction participants will develop all the elements they need to move forward – loglines, synopses, pitches, lookbooks, reels, websites, schedules, budgets and pitch decks. At the end of the lab, participants will be ready to go out and get partners and financing. The deadline to apply is Nov 12. Learn more and apply.


Neoyorquinos, a Spotify original podcast in Spanish, is the result of the collective effort and perseverance of five Latinx/Latin Americans. The executive producers, Carol Colmenares and Mariella Perez-Perez are proud NYWIFT members. “We had the opportunity to meet with several industry representatives, and Spotify’s curiosity was piqued” said Carol Colmenares, EP for Neoyorquinos. The podcast invites the audience to rediscover New York through the eyes of Latin American artists. Mariza Bafile’s writing evokes a poem, a love letter to New York where artists find meaning and inspiration. Directed by Flavia Romani, the soundscape of the city, the vibe and hustle is brought to life. Adding Estefania Giraldo’s melodious voice and the heartfelt stories of the featured artists, listeners will be transported to Williamsburg Beach or Bryant Park or perhaps they’ll recognize the characteristic sounds in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. “We are moved by a desire and a commitment to produce a quality podcast that anyone with an affinity to New York, can enjoy” said Mariella Perez-Perez Co-Executive Producer of Neoyorquinos. Neoyorquinos is produced by Viceversa Magazine and Timeline Digital. Listen for free on Spotify.


Sunken Roads, a documentary from NYWIFT member Charlotte Juergens, will  premiere theatrically in NYC! Sunken Roads: Three Generations After D-Day tells a story of inter-generational friendship, offering a new perspective on D-Day by presenting the memories of 90-year-old men through the eyes of a 20-year-old woman. The film follows Charlotte, a young woman who joins eight D-Day veterans on a road trip to retrace their steps from World War II. The veterans come to see Charlotte as a granddaughter, trusting her with their stories and confronting the trauma that still haunts them 70 years after the war. All NYC screenings will be held at Cinema Village from Nov 5-11, with Q&As to follow on most days. Learn more and find showtimes.

Priscilla “Sally” Mattison, Of Counsel to Bernard M. Resnick, Esq., P.C., presented an entertainment lawyer’s point of view on “The Role of Lawyers in Promoting Sustainability and Addressing Climate Change:  A U.S. Perspective”, an online panel hosted by the Rotary Club of Ara Damansara (Malaysia). 


WannaBee from A to Z, a new children’s book produced by NYWIFT member Valerie Light, is now available for purchase on Amazon. The book that’s getting a lot of buzz! Children will “Bee” delighted with WannaBeez from A to Z as they learn the alphabet while exploring all the possible choices they might “WannaBee” when they grow up, through rhyming verse and entertaining images. Learn more and purchase the book.


Wind Riders, a documentary from NYWIFT member Emi Katayama, is available for streaming and on-demand. The documentary tells the poignant and inspiring stories of three American balloonists: a gas balloon team of Richard Abruzzo and Carol Rymer Davis who cross continents and oceans in an epic and high-risk quest to defend their world title, and Bill Hughees, a masterful hot-air balloonist whose passion transcends generations with his iconic seagull-embossed balloon. Wind Riders was recently featured in KOAT/ABC’s special segment for the Balloon Fiesta, the largest balloon festival in the world. Learn more and watch now

NYWIFT member Kate Forsatz has launched the new podcast One Oh! One. The podcast is aimed at young women who are interested in pursuing careers in Film and Television. The hosts interview industry pros, ask them the questions their listeners want to know and get honest answers. How did you get started?  What are your daily responsibilities?  How much do you make?  What do you love about your job?  What needs to change? The podcast was created as a resource for young women to learn about all of the opportunities in the media industry. Learn more and listen.


Princess Dahlia, a short film written and directed by NYWIFT member Brigette ReDavid, is an official selection at Hunter Mountain Film Festival. In the modern day fairy-tale, Princess Dahlia leads the Dhaleanders from a world of consumerism and social media to a long-forgotten place. Only two hours away from NYC, Hunter Mountain is the perfect festival destination bringing in many industry representatives to network with over three days. The film will be available stream from Oct 22-24Learn more.

Lust Life Love, a narrative feature film written, produced, and co-directed by NYWIFT member Stephanie Sellars, is now available to stream on all major on-demand platforms. When a bisexual, polyamorous sex blogger falls madly in love with a monogamous man, she comes face to face with the frightening truth about herself. Sellars starred in the film alongside Jake Choi. Prior to distribution, Lust Life Love screened at five film festivals including Berlin Independent Film Festival (Best Romance Feature), Queens World Film Festival (Best LGBTQ Feature), and FilmOut San Diego LGBTQ Film Festival (Freedom Award). Learn more.

Between Two Worlds, a short documentary directed by NYWIFT member Jax Weiner, is an official selection of the Boston Asian American Film Festival. Immigrants from Pakistan and India along with NYC’s South Asian diaspora team up to form the dance troupe Junoon Performing Arts, merging Bollywood and Contemporary dance styles to celebrate their heritage while addressing social issues including terrorism, homophobia and domestic violence. The film features editing by NYWIFT member Jessica Weiner, was shot by NYWIFT member Jennifer Cox and co-produced by NYWIFT member Rabia Sultana. The film is part of a shorts program called Vespertine. It will be available to stream in the U.S. from Oct 21-31. Learn more and purchase tickets.