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Below are just a few of the most recent accomplishments of our talented members! If you want to join this dynamic community, we hope you will consider applying for NYWIFT membership.

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The Mezzanine Theater will host a production of Spring Awakening, featuring NYWIFT member Shoshanna Gleich. Spring Awakening is an electrifying journey through the trials and challenges of adolescence, with music by Duncan Sheik. Winner of eight Tony Awards, including Best Musical, the story explores the mystery of attraction, desire, sex, insecurity, and the highs and lows of navigating the pressures of young adult life. Brought to life by the unique perspective of our neurodivergent community members, this is one re-telling not to miss. The show will run May 9-19. Learn more.


Now, Let’s Talk! The Podcast, hosted by NYWIFT Members, Vanessa Cordova-Corwin and Kathleen Kaan has released a new episode. “Women’s History Month Highlight” showcases some of the amazing women the hosts have interviewed. Learn more.


The Sisters Karras, a new feature from NYWIFT Member Clare Louise Frost, is now available to stream on Apple TV, Prime Video and more! Two estranged half-sisters form a complicated bond as they work together to retrieve their rare and precious inheritance, which their late father inexplicably leaves to the mysterious Marco.


Newark LGBTQ Film Festival will run April 26-28 in New Jersey. This Queer Film festival is the first of its kind in the city of Newark and the state of NJ to focus on LGBTQIA+ BIPOC film makers, directors, and actors specifically those from Newark and the surrounding areas. The festival also holds the shared goal of the center to create a safe, inclusive environment for the LGBTQ community in Newark and beyond. NYWIFT Member Juana Mason is on the planning committee for the festival. Learn more.


Bull Street, a feature from NYWIFT Member Lynn Dow, is set to open the Sarasota Film Festival. The film, starring Loretta Devine and Amy Madigan, will open the fest on April 5. The drama centers on a South Carolina small-town lawyer as she faces local politics and an unwavering judge when her estranged father’s family tries to evict her and her grandmother from her home. The festival will run April 5-14. Learn more.


NYWIFT member Elizabeth Stuelke is raising funds for her upcoming film, Her Lover. Have you ever had a love so strong it drove you to desperate acts? The bond between a mother and child is deep and strong. To what lengths would you go to rekindle that bond? After the death of your mother would you start a family with her lover to reclaim her love and her lost child? Sandy did. The deadline to donate is April 19. Learn more and donate.



The Warmth of the Sun, a film from NYWIFT Member, Gina Moore-Herring, will screen at Maysles Documentary Center on Saturday, March 23. Doors open at 4:15pm ET. Brenda Renee Moore was a beautiful, vibrant woman with endless potential, and the support of her faith-based family. But giving in to peer pressure and poor life choices as a young woman changed the entire course of her life. Brenda’s story will live on forever and do exactly what she did best, inspire others. She handled everything with grace, elegance, and humor, so often, inspiring others from her own hospital bed. Her faith, and compassion for others is what propelled her determination to live until her work was done, her struggle was too heavy, and her life’s purposed was fulfilled.

Gina Moore-Herring, Brenda’s sister, chronicled her 15-year journey as she battled the AIDS virus, cancer, heart-attack, stroke, and in the end, chronic kidney disease and dialysis. Now, Gina has produced a documentary in Brenda’s honor to share this amazing story with others, on the BIG SCREEN! Learn more and purchase tickets.

Multi #1 best-selling author and NYWIFT Member Jennifer S. Wilkov will grace the NASDAQ billboard in Times Square to celebrate her IAOTP awards selection. While inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor, only a few members in each discipline are chosen for this distinction. These special honorees are distinguished based on their professional accomplishments, academic achievements, leadership abilities, other affiliations, and contributions to their communities. Join Jennifer as she graces the NASDAQ billboard in Time Square on Friday, March 15 three times between 10:05am–10:15am ET. Read the full announcement and watch the live stream.

NYWIFT Member Jean Criss was recently interviewed by Digital Threads. In the interview, Jean shares how her extensive experience has profoundly influenced her drive for innovation in Web3. She also sheds light on her exciting and influential new role at Mia – Mission impact academy, where she has actively contributed to the acceleration of women’s upskilling in AI since their beta launch. Read more.


Mayahuel, a new feature film from NYWIFT Member Lorena Valencia, has been selected to the Taller de Líneas Argumentales (Storylines Lab) at the prestigious Cine Qua Non Lab. Mayahuel will be Lorena’s first narrative feature film. A healer obsessed with her biological offspring meets a novelist who does not accept the end of her marriage. Both of them connect with the goddess Mayahuel as a symbol of liberation and transformation that will allow them to understand their grief.


Maoussia film directed by and starring NYWIFT Member Charlotte Schiøler, recently won the Best Picture Award at The Winter Awards International Film Festival. Babette unexpectedly finds herself sharing her small Parisian apartment with Edo, a Congolese refugee. When Maoussi, an escaped lab mouse makes an appearance, their lives are turned upside down as they try to navigate cultural misunderstandings and conflicting expectations about what modern-day love and parenthood are supposed to look like. 

Body Stories: Together, a film by NYWIFT Member Mariluz Guerra, will premiere on YouTube on Feb 24. Join the filmmakers for the online premiere of Body Stories: Together, an award-winning film that captures the resilience, courage, and interconnectedness of us as global community. This heartfelt portrayal follows the journeys of 10 individuals from around the world, each overcoming their own struggles and finding strength in unity. It’s a touching reminder that even in tough times, we’re all in this together. Learn more.


NYWIFT Member Eunice Levis has been selected as a 2024 Starz #TaketheLead Writers’ Intensive participant. Eunice is a first-generation Dominican American writer and director from the Bronx, New York. Eunice’s work focuses on genre-bending stories that combine her love of horror, sci-fi, thriller and fantasy through a diasporic lens. Her film, Ro & The Stardust, a space fantasy short was selected for inclusion in the 2021 NALIP Latino Lens Women of Color Short Film Incubator, sponsored by Netflix. The film won Best Narrative Short at the 25th Annual Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival, making it an Oscar® qualified Narrative Short Film. Read more.

In Fidelity, executive produced and co-starring NYWIFT Member Eve Austin, will hold its opening night at the AMC theater At the Grove in LA as part of the DaVinci International film festival. A happily married husband supports the wish of his terminally ill wife to sleep with their rock star neighbor. The film will screen on Friday, Feb 23. Learn more and purchase tickets.


photo credit: Gabriel Gavidia

New drama comedy series, Girls Aren’t Funny, from NYWIFT Member Jasia Ka, is in development at BRIC-TV. Girls Aren’t Funny recently hosted full house live comedy event with Reunion. Audiences, especially comedy fans and cinephiles, in NYC packed out an exclusive screening of the TV pilot for groundbreaking new original drama-comedy series Girls Aren’t Funny, executive produced by BRIC-TV and created/directed by Jasia Ka. Girls Aren’t Funny is the first-ever TV show to explore what it’s like to be a woman comedian in the still male dominated industry today. The series invites audiences into the messy, hilarious, powerful journeys of three incredible up-and-coming women comedians. Read about the event here.


Maya, a new film from NYWIFT member Suzanne Ordas Curry (Producer, Publicist) is now available to stream. Maya is a social-impact narrative feature film produced by Artists for Change, an organization making films to inspire change, of which Suzanne is a member. The film, written and directed by Julia Verdin, is being distributed by Freestyle and is now enjoying a limited theatrical release and on demand on most platforms. The film is about a teenage girl who unknowingly gets trafficked and exposes the dangers that lead to this. Cast includes newcomer Isabella Feliciana, Patricia Velasquez, Rumer Willis. Learn more.


Maoussia film directed by and starring NYWIFT Member Charlotte Schiøler, will have its NY premiere at The Winter Awards International Film Festival. Babette unexpectedly finds herself sharing her small Parisian apartment with Edo, a Congolese refugee. When Maoussi, an escaped lab mouse makes an appearance, their lives are turned upside down as they try to navigate cultural misunderstandings and conflicting expectations about what modern-day love and parenthood are supposed to look like. The film will screen Feb 23 at 8:30pm ET in the Films From France block. There will be a Q&A session with the filmmakers at 10:55pm ET. Learn more and purchase tickets.

NYWIFT Board Member Emelyn Stuart was recently featured on ABC Eyewitness News. Emelyn owns Stuart Cinema and Cafe, the first Black Latina-owned movie theater in New York committed to making films accessible to all. As a filmmaker herself, owner Emelyn was frustrated with the hurdle of getting distribution for her films. Stuart Cinema hosts new releases, filmmaker activities, private screenings and film festivals for independent filmmakers. Watch now.


iWomanTV and Cathleen Trigg-Jones recently sat down with the Audience Choice Winners of the 2023 NYWIFT Online Shorts Festival. The interviews are featured in the first three episodes of the weekly iWoman Report. In 2023, NYWIFT continued our partnership with iWomanTV to showcase the work of our talented membership through our 6th annual online film festival. Members were invited to submit their short films, TV pilots and webisodes to the NYWIFT Shorts Festival. The 2023 Audience Choice Award Winners were: Mirejah Cruz (Hell Week), Gurinder Singh (Rising Lotus), and Sheherzad Raza Preisler and Katrina Montgomery (Saint Marks) Watch the interviews now!


A Pocketful of Miracles: A Tale of Two Siblings, a film from WIFVDC Member Aviva Kempner, will hold its NY premiere later this month. In A Pocketful of Miracles: A Tale of Two Siblings, filmmaker and Berlin born Aviva Kempner chronicles her mother Hanka and uncle Dudek Ciesla’s lives before and during World War II. From their idyllic Jewish upbringing in Poland through their survival of the Holocaust to their tearful reunion after the war, this moving documentary follows the incredible story of these loving siblings and the incredible lives they built in America as painter Helen Ciesla Covensky and businessman and philanthropist David Chase. The film will screen on Feb 17 and Feb 19 at New Plaza Cinema in NYC. Learn more and purchase tickets.

Forgotten Angels: A Matter of Honor Vietnam, a play from NYWIFT Member Ann P. Meredith, will have a new theatrical performance. Vietnam – the most unpopular and disliked war in the history of our country. Shockingly 11,000 women from the U.S. served in this most hated war. 5 of these women – lesbian nurses from Walker, Arkansas enlisted in the U.S. Air Force Nurses Corp and are in for a five-year challenge the likes of which they have never seen or experienced ever before. The performance will be held on March 7 at Out of the Box Theatre in NYC. Learn more and purchase tickets.


A new episode of the podcast First Online with Fran, hosted by NYWIFT member Fran McGarry, is now streaming. In the new episode, “Janet Mitchko: Holding Hands,” Fran sits down with Janet Mitchko, the Artistic Director at The Public Theatre, an Equity theatre located in Lewiston, Maine. Listen now.

After a long and successful festival run, the award winning short film, Like Daughter, Like Mother is now available on Youtube. If you haven’t seen this zany comedy yet, now is your chance! The film stars NYWIFT members Devi Morgan and Steve Lichtenstein, with music composed by NYWIFT member Louis Robert King. Watch now.