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On the NYWIFT Women Crush Wednesdays podcasts, hosts Janine McGoldrick, Tammy Reese, and Penni Malloy-Harper talk with women working above and below the line within the moving image industry. Tune in for insightful talks on the latest news in entertainment, upcoming NYWIFT events, member highlights, and happenings from the red carpet.


Our Women Crush Wednesdays podcast brings you informative interviews and discussions on women’s issues in the industry. Now we’re inviting you to share short stories of your own

We all learn from shared experiences, from the successes and the failures. Every director, set designer, makeup artist, screenwriter, publicist, editor, gaffer and animator has a story…you know the one you tell your friends at parties. Like that insane time when your outdoor shoot got swept up in an unexpected hurricane. Or how you played detective to find the perfect subject for your documentary. Or how a burst of inspiration came from the unlikeliest of places. Give it to us – the good, the bad and the ugly. 

To share your short story, send an email to communications@nywift.org. Write it down or record yourself on a smart phone voice memo app and forward the audio file. Please keep written submissions under 2 pages and audio submissions under 5 minutes. Each month, hosts Janine and Leah will choose one or two to feature. You can use your story to promote yourself and a current project, or names can be kept anonymous to protect the innocent…and the guilty.   

Also, feel free to contact us if you would like to be interviewed or to suggest a topic discussion. 

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Catch up on the latest episodes: 


Two filmmakers featured in NYWIFT’s Science in Motion Screening Series at BAM – Elizabeth Ramjit (Overflow) and Paula Eiselt (93Queen) discuss their documentaries. 


Our guests are Kavery Kaul and Marlo McKenzie. Kaul’s film, One Hand Don’t Clap, tells the story of calypso featuring two legendary artists, and was restored with the support from the NYWIFT Women’s Film Preservation Fund, and McKenzie’s documentary Carol Doda Topless at the Condor captures the first dancer to perform topless.



The 44th Annual Muse Awards red carpet interviews with honorees Kyra Sedgwick, Alex Borstein, Michèle Stephenson, Millicent Simmonds, Latasha Gillespie, Tantoo Cardinal, and guests Lou Diamond Phillips & Linda Powell.


We preview the 2024 NYWIFT Muse Awards, and share exclusive interviews with three of the honorees: Actor/Writer/Producer Alex Borstein, Actor and Activist Tantoo Cardinal, and Filmmaker Michèle Stephenson. 

Amanda Niqole White talks about her short film Till Death Do Us Part, Malissa Young takes us through her journey from fit model to Talent Manager, and Annie Taylor shares her adventures as executive producer overseeing The Garden: Commune or Cult and The Curious Case of Natalia Grace.  

Whitney Anne Adams, co-chair of the Costume Designers Guild Pay Equity Committee, discusses their newly launched Pay Equity Now Campaign.


Rebecca Damon, Executive Director of New York Local, Labor Policy and International Affairs for SAG-AFTRA and Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, President of the WGA East and co-chair of the Committee for Inclusion and Equity, provide updates on the strikes. Plus, a preview of the NYWIFT Science in Motion Screening Series.


Latasha Gillespie, Global Head of DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility) for Amazon MGM Studios, Prime Video and Freevee tells Tammy Reese about the importance of inclusivity in regards to hiring studio positions, actors and crew and within shows and films they choose to produce. And Penni Malloy-Harper talks with Abbesi Akhamie (director-writer-producer), Ellie Foumbi (lead actress), and Yety Akinola (producer-costume designer) about their new short The Incredible Sensational Fiancée of Dr. Seyi Ajayi.


This week we are honored to speak with EmmoLei Sankofa, Music Composer for Hulu’s The Other Black Girl, and Sarah Burke, CBS New York Vice President & News Director, who has helped the station’s growth by producing important content that impacts the day-to-day lives of the diverse communities across the Tri-State area. And hosts Katie Chambers and Catherine Woo discuss the tentative deal reached in the Actor’s Strike and the UCLA TV Diversity Report, which for the first time tracked the disability status of actors and the news isn’t good.


Penni Malloy-Harper brings us an outstanding interview with Script Supervisor Dawn Gilliam, whose credits include an iconic list of movies and television shows such BOYZ N THE HOOD, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Hunger Games, Lost, and Marvel’s Agents of Shield. And Janine McGoldrick has an impactful conversation with Jeanie Finlay, one of Britain’s most distinctive documentarians, about her new film Your Fat Friend. Made over 6 years, it charts the rise of writer and activist Aubrey Gordon from anonymous blogger to NYTimes best selling author and beloved podcaster. Her aim? A paradigm shift in the way we see fat people and the fat on our own bodies. Plus, hosts Janine and Tammy Reese discuss the current awards season and recommendations to keep you entertained for the rest of the year!


We have two powerhouse women joining us this week! Heard of a film called Barbie? Suzana Peric, the film’s Supervising Music Editor and NYWIFT Muse Honoree, tells us all about working on the smash-hit film. Director/Producer Sonia Kennebeck discusses filming her fascinating new documentary Reality Winner (about a young NSA translator charged with espionage), in real time over five years.


Tammy Reese has a great interview for us! Our mini-episode features NYWIFT member Mirejah Cruz, an actor and writer with a background in sketch comedy. She wrote and produced Hell Week with the intention of sparking a conversation around Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and bringing realities that people face while living with PMDD. 


We don’t just have one great interview for this week… we have two! First, NYWIFT Member Lucia Grillo takes us through her multifaceted career here and in Italy. Cristina Cacioppo, programmer of Nitehawk Cinema, tells us about the current River Phoenix Retrospective and the work that goes into being a film programmer. Hosts Tammy Reese and Penni Love-Harper provide a status on the writers and actors strikes, returning shows, highlight the AI panels at Advertising Week 2023, and suggest some movies to watch. We also have another segment of Katie’s Korner, a brief NYWIFT programming update from Senior Director of Communications Katie Chambers 


This episode, Tammy has a fun conversation with co-directors Charlie Gillette and Sara Metcalf about their short film Versace Softboi, a personal tale about stalking and inherent dangers of women in the online dating world. The film is an official selection at the New Voices Film Festival and Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. Ravit Markus, director-producer of NINA, the 2023 NYWIFT Loreen Arbus Disability Awareness Grant winner, is in our spotlight segment. Janine McGoldrick, co-producer of the film, chats with Ravit regarding the film’s development and how the grant has helped her post-production. Tammy and Janine also discuss the current industry strikes and the NYWIFT resource page for those affected, the Emmys postponement, Drew Barrymore backlash and Covid cancellations. Also, Katie’s Korner highlights NYWIFT’s new Masterclass Series. 


This week, we are super excited to speak with producer Shanna Riker and an award winning Screenwriter, Director, and Producer Melissa Bronski. Shanna and Melissa talk with Penni Malloy-Harper about their production company Honey & Hemlock Productions and all the films they have created. Their newest film Speechless, the third and final short in their series, speaks about grief and has just been completed. In the film, the main character is moment’s away from giving the eulogy at his girlfriend’s funeral, goes to speak, and only letters – literal letters- come out. Jaime Engle is featured in our inspirations segment by Cassandra Seidenfeld and hosts Penni Malloy-Harper and Tammy Reese talk about highlights of this year’s episodes including Sundance Film Festival, Muse Awards, and films & television shows to watch this summer.