Sexual Harassment Resources

NYWIFT was formed on the premise of supporting and empowering women in their profession and craft. In keeping with this long tradition, we call on you today to stand together, support each other, and share your stories.


Women in Film Sexual Harassment Hotline

WIF’s Sexual Harassment Help Line is an integrated program that offers resources and support to anyone who has experienced sexual harassment while working in the entertainment industry. We provide referrals to pro bono employment attorneys, and sliding scale trauma-informed therapy, and a confidential support group. NY-area resources provided in partnership with New York Women in Film & Television and The Actors Fund


The Time’s Up New York Safety Agenda

TIME’S UP joined New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in announcing the TIME’S UP New York Safety Agenda: a four-part initiative to amend New York law in an effort to prevent sexual harassment and assault from occurring and enable survivors to seek justice. This happened because of women organizing to ensure safe, fair and dignified work for us all.

NYWIFT President Simone Pero’s December 2017 Testimony Before the NYC Human Rights Commission

On December 6, 2017 the NYC Human Rights Commission held its first public hearing on sexual harassment in in over 40 years. Building on the foundation of the City’s historic “women and workplace” hearings of the 1970s which catalyzed a national movement to recognize and address sexual harassment in the workplace, New Yorkers from a variety of industries testified on their experiences of sexual harassment and challenges in reporting it. NYWIFT’s President at the time, Simone Pero, testified about sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. Read her full testimony.


NYWIFT’s Statement on Sexual Harassment in the Entertainment Industry

Directly after the  New York Times exposé of the Harvey Weinstein allegations, NYWIFT issued a statement on the pervasive issues in our industry. Read the original statement




SAG-AFTRA Sexual Harassment Code of Conduct

Employers have a legal and contractual obligation to maintain a workplace free from sexual harassment. SAG-AFTRA is committed to holding employers accountable for meeting this obligation. This SAG-AFTRA Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment (“Code of Conduct”) marks a rededication to upholding professional standards and addressing the toxic and often unlawful workplace culture that many of our members face on a daily basis. Learn more.


workplace fairness logoWorkplace Fairness’ Guide to Sex or Gender Discrimination

Sex or gender discrimination in employment involves treating someone unfavorably because of the person’s sex, whether they are applying for a job or are a current employee. Although women have made clear they have the ability to perform with the same skill and success in every endeavor engaged in by men, the issue of sex discrimination still holds many back. Sex discrimination, although predominantly an issue for women, can sometimes be directed towards men as well. Here, Workplace Fairness answers many of the questions that commonly arise with respect to this issue.


The National Women’s Law Center

JUSTICE FOR HER. JUSTICE FOR ALL. We are advocates, experts, and lawyers who fight for gender justice, taking on issues that are central to the lives of women and girls. We drive change in the courts, in public policy, and in our society, especially for women facing multiple forms of discrimination.



BetterBrave Organization for Targets and Allies

BetterBrave combats sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in the workplace by empowering targets and allies with the necessary resources and tools.