2022 NYWIFT Tech Talks

Join NYWIFT for our inaugural 2022 NYWIFT Tech Talks discussing digital advances and the people behind these new inventions

We’re proud to host our inaugural NYWIFT Tech Talks in partnership with Company 3 and Entertainment Partners (EP). 

NYWIFT’s mission is to highlight the work of women working in the entertainment industry and recognize excellence. Digital advancements have been instrumental tools for our success during the pandemic, Black Lives Matter and the economic crisis.

We are excited to host NYWIFT Tech Talks, a new initiative. It is our effort to provide case studies, present new ideas, and demonstrate what lies ahead for women working and developing creative projects with digital technologies. A four-day virtual conference with media professionals revolutionizing the tech industry, which will explore how emerging technologies have helped our industry and everyday life adjusting to the current world.


One day: $15 members / $30 non-members
Four-day Pass: $50 members/ $100 non-members


Review the schedule below, and click through to see speaker bios and register for each daily event.

DAY 1: Innovation During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Tuesday, March 15, 2022 from 4-6 PM EST


Welcome Address by NYWIFT Board President, Jamie Zelermyer and NYWIFT Executive Director, Cynthia Lopez

Keynote Address: Aliesha Staples, Founder and Director of StaplesVR

Panel: The Future of Streaming 

How did the Pandemic Cause the Film Industry to pivot in its Use of Technology  Virtual Theater started during the 2020 pandemic in which distributors and festivals had to pivot to the virtual space to continue to bring films to audiences. Kino Lorber launched Kino Marquee, CineSend was founded in effort to support film festivals stream their films, Vimeo created a live event function, and more. This response has allowed films to be viewed throughout the world and allowed for filmmakers to participate in panels, etc.


          Wendy Lidell: Kino Marquee
          Kaitlyn Schmitt: Perigon
          Moderated by Maud Kersnowski-Sachs: NYWIFT Senior Development Consultant


DAY 2: The Future of Film Production
Wednesday, March 16, 2022 from 4-6 PM EST


Welcome Address by NYWIFT Board’s VP of Special Events, Alex Cirillo

Welcome Keynote Conversation with Jackie Lee, Chief Revenue Officer, Company 3
moderated by NYWIFT Board Member, Okema Moore

Panel: Film Production Post Pandemic 

What does the future of filmmaking look like? With emerging technologies advancing daily, we will speak with creators and showcase what has been done during the pandemic to continue working on new content. COVID did not deter content producers from completing their work. We will discuss with filmmakers on how they’ve adapted to challenging times.


          Alla Kovgan: Filmmaker
          Michele Stephenson: Filmmaker 
          Emily Branham: Filmmaker 
          Jendra Jarnagin: Cinematographer
          Moderated by Sibyl Santiago: NYWIFT Board Member



DAY 3: A Conversation with Entertainment Partners
Thursday, March 17, 2022 from 4-6 PM EST


Welcome Address by NYWIFT Board Member, S. Casper Wong

Panel: A Conversation with Entertainment Partners

Join Entertainment Partners’ Alexis Alexanian and Darren Willner for an in depth discussion of EP’s innovative solutions that support filmmakers from pre-production to final wrap and beyond. EP’s Production Management Studio delivers a digital toolkit for budgeting, scheduling, managing, and collaborating across the entire arc of a production, and EP’s Production Finance Studio provides an all-digital, integrated workflow for onboarding crew and talent, processing timecards, approving POs, or managing payroll and accounting records with real-time access to all production finance data anytime, at the studio, on location or when working remotely.


          Alexis Alexanian: VP, Business Development, Industry Relations
          Darren Willner: Senior Director, Solution Consulting and Digital Success


DAY 4: Friday, March 18, 2022 from 4-6 PM EST


Welcome Address by NYWIFT Board Member, S. Casper Wong 

Panel: Emerging Technology in VR/Gaming 
Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

COVID prompted social isolation thus forcing creatives to begin new ways of design. This affected folks in the Gaming community especially those who enjoy the art of tabletop games. However, when the pandemic hit, folks became creative and shifted gaming online. Aside from your typical Nintendo Switch, game designers included tabletop to the mix with a mixture of Zoom, Twitch, and Discord. We speak with professionals in the industry on how the pivot affected the community but how it also influenced a community to become even more inclusive.


         Tanya DePass: Founder, I Need Diverse Games
         Siobhan Reddy: Studio Director, Media Molecule 
         Mark Barlet: Founder/Executive Director, AbleGamers Charity
         Moderated by Adnaan Wasey: Emmy Award winning executive producer


Panel: AI, AI Ethics, and Content Creation
Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

AI is already all around us in the creative industry, from streaming algorithms to greenlighting movies. What does the content creator need to know? Join our IBM panel of AI experts as we explore how AI is used today in entertainment and pop culture. Learn what is AI bias and how AI Ethics is key to stemming developer and data bias. 

Panelists from IBM:

        Dr. Francesca Rossi: IBM Fellow and IBM AI Ethics Global Leader
        Phaedra Boinodiris:
IBM’s AI Consulting Group 
        Marisa Viveros: Vice President Strategy and Solutions IBM Global Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment
        Moderated by S. Casper Wong: NYWIFT Board Member