Frequently Asked Questions

Click below for answers to some frequently asked NYWIFT questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.


How do I tell members about my upcoming event, workshop, screening, TV program or crowdfunding campaign?
Members are welcome to publicize their events and campaigns to fellow members through the weekly e-blast. Email the information to Include a description of the event, your involvement, and any relevant dates, times, locations, costs, and links to register in the body of the email. Send a high res logo or photo too, if appropriate. If you and/or the project are on social media, send us your tags so we can give you shout outs on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Please send us your information by Monday morning at 10 AM if at all possible. The earlier you get the information to us, the more opportunities there will be to get the word out.

How can I hire NYWIFT members for my production?
Members and non-members alike are encouraged to post opportunities to our job board. Members are also welcome to reach out to each other directly through the online membership directory. You can search by name, company, and/or occupation, or click “advanced search” for even more options to find exactly who you need. (If you want to see the whole directory, leave all the windows blank and hit “search!”) The monthly NYWIFT Night Out networking mixers are also a great way to meet potential collaborators. We often hear success stories of people who found their crew at the Night Out!

How do I get my business listed in the NYWIFT Resource Guide?
Listings in the NYWIFT resource guide are open to corporate partners or members at the Platinum or Leadership levels.


I have a question about The Writers Lab!
You will find information about deadlines, requirements and more on The Writers Lab website. It has its own FAQ page – your answer is probably there!


Oh no! I tried to register for a free advance screening but it’s full. What do I do?
The 60+ free advance screenings NYWIFT offers to members have limited seating and often fill up quickly. If you can’t get in, please call the office at 212-679-0870 or to see if we are keeping a wait list. 

When should I show up to a free advance screening?
As early as possible. Please note that NYWIFT does not organize these screenings – they are run by outside studios and publicity companies. The goal of the organizers is to have a full house with an enthusiastic audience, so they overbook to account for no-shows. Therefore, seating is not guaranteed.


What is the Programming Committee? 
The Programming Committee produces a wide range of programs for the membership and industry professionals. It also consists of two subcommittees focused on documentary and international programming. The documentary subcommittee presents panel discussions and screenings.  The international subcommittee plans international-themed programs. Joining the Programming Committee, as well as the subcommittees, is a wonderful way to become more involved in event production for the organization.

Who produces events at NYWIFT?
NYWIFT members produce events through the Programming Committee. Program producers must be current up-to-date NYWIFT members. NYWIFT members attend monthly meetings to discuss topics that will interest the filmmaking community, identify possible speakers, and discuss the program schedule.

How can I produce a NYWIFT program?
The process for producing events involves first submitting a program proposal to NYWIFT’s Program Coordinator which provides a brief description of the event as you envision it. The proposal should outline the main topic, format (seminar, panel, screening, other), potential speakers/panelists/presenters/moderator, information about access to speakers, target audience, and technical needs for the event.  The proposal is then reviewed by the chairs of NYWIFT’s Program Committee.  If approved, the program producer is then invited to attend the Program Committee meetings for further planning for the approved program.

When does the Program Committee Meet?
The Programming Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month. To receive correspondence about meetings from the Committee, members can update their profiles by checking the box for Programming.

For more information about NYWIFT programming and to submit program proposals:
Contact Duana C. Butler, Program Coordinator 212-679-0870 x 22,


What type of programming does NYWIFT provide?
NYWIFT produces 50 events from September through June to educate, support, and provide tools to the New York City media community. The seminars and workshops cover a wide variety of topics in various formats, including panel discussions, master classes and small workshop sessions, often hands-on and interactive. The workshop and seminar series is an integral part of NYWIFT’s mandate to promote and celebrate the work of women in the film, television and digital media fields, and to provide professional development opportunities for women.

What is the admission rate for NYWIFT programs?
Admission for NYWIFT Members ranges from $10 to $20. Gold, Platinum and Leadership Members receive free admission to all basic NYWIFT programs. Admission for Non-Members ranges from $20 to $30.


How do I get more involved?
Participating in a committee is a wonderful way to meet and work with the dynamic women of NYWIFT. We also always suggest that members attend the NYWIFT Night Out networking mixers to connect with one another and hear about upcoming opportunities in the industry.

How do I join a committee?
After you’ve looked at the list of committees, you should log in to the Member Center and update your profile. There, you can scroll down to the list of committees. Check off whichever committee you are interested in, and you will begin to receive emails about their meetings. If you’re having trouble with this or have further questions about committees, please contact Community Engagement Coordinator Katie Chambers at or (212) 679 – 0870.

Do you have any volunteer opportunities available?
Volunteer opportunities are generally limited to members only. We rely on member volunteers to drive our organization forward, and there are many opportunities to volunteer through our committees. Our interns serve as our program volunteers.


How do I join NYWIFT?
Here are links to information on membership requirementsmembership levels and how to apply. There are many reasons to join, no matter what your role is in TV, film or digital media. You are always welcome to contact Community Engagement Coordinator Katie Chambers and she can talk to you about how you can make NYWIFT membership work best for you. Reach her at or by phone at (212) 679 – 0870, ext. 23.

I’m a man. Can I join NYWIFT?
Of course! We welcome the support and participation of men and see it as integral to achieving equality in the business. In fact, the majority of our professional development workshops, networking opportunities and member benefits are beneficial to men as well.

Do I need a NYWIFT member to sponsor my membership application?
No. You just need two professional references – people who can vouch for your qualifications in TV, film or digital media, just like you would put on a job application. They do not have to be NYWIFT members and they do not have to be women.

I used to be a member and I want to re-join. Should I re-apply?
If you are a former member, NYWIFT will not ask you to re-apply or pay the full initiation fee again. Contact or call 212-679-0870 and we can reactivate your membership right away. Please note we do charge a one-time $25 reactivation fee for members who have been inactive for six months or more.

How do I change the credit card on file that is used for my monthly membership payments?
Please call the office at 212-679-0870 or email

Why do you have my old information listed on my membership profile?
After you have joined NYWIFT, it is up to you to keep your membership information updated. Log in then click “Update Profile” to enter all your new information. The more fields you fill in and check off, the easier it will be for people to find you in the directory. If you are a former member who recently re-joined, please be sure to check out your profile and make sure everything is up-to-date!


How do I change the email address associated with my account?
Log in with your old email then click “Update Profile.” If you’re still having trouble, please call (212) 679-0870 or and we will help you.

How do I change the password on my NYWIFT member profile?
Go to the Member Center and try to log in. Click “Forgot your password?” If you do that and you still can’t log in, there is a chance that you used a different email address to create your member profile. Try logging in with a different address.

I am a NYWIFT member. Why is the system saying I am a non-member when I sign up for an event?
Are you using the right email address to log in? Only one of your email addresses can be associated with your member profile – if you have more than one email address, it’s possible your other addresses are in the system as “non-member.”  Try logging in with a different email address. If that doesn’t work, then your membership may have expired. To reactivate your membership, contact or call 212-679-0870.