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L'Air Lee-Easiley, Stacey L'Air Lee-Easiley, Stacey
Whole 9 Entertainment & Productions LLC
L. Zeno, Tiffany L. Zeno, Tiffany
News Producer
NBC New York
La Barbera, John T. La Barbera, John T.
composer/Guitarist/Multi Insrumentalist
Itri Music Productions
La Corte, Joseph La Corte, Joseph
Costume Designer
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
La Morte, Joseph La Morte, Joseph
joeyngloria, LLC
La Riva, Genevieve La Riva, Genevieve
dept of education
La Roche, Elaine La Roche, Elaine
Managing Director
Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc.
La Rosa, Kelly La Rosa, Kelly
Director, Writer
Adorama Rental Co.
La Rosa, Kelly La Rosa, Kelly
Adorama Rental Co.
La Rosa, Melanie La Rosa, Melanie
Cinematographer, Director
Octopus Film Video
La'Bassiere, Julie La'Bassiere, Julie
Head of Marketing
Filmbuff / Cinetic Rights Management
Laakkonen, Rick Laakkonen, Rick
The River Cafe
Labanca, Joe Labanca, Joe
Action Letter
LaBarba, Anne LaBarba, Anne
Labrecque, Diana Labrecque, Diana
Associate Producer
LaCapra, Stephanie LaCapra, Stephanie
Actor, Marketing Executive, Writer
Lacenere, Marci Lacenere, Marci
Actor, Executive Producer, Writer
Lachatanere, Diana Lachatanere, Diana
Schomburg Ctr for Rsch in Black Culture
Lacks, David Lacks, David
Lacks, Jarrod Lacks, Jarrod
Editorial Assistant
Lacoff, Allison Lacoff, Allison
Production Coordinator
Telenext Media, As The World Turns
LaCruise, Sharon LaCruise, Sharon
Consultant, Producer, Researcher
Sakkara Films
Lacy, Jessica Lacy, Jessica
SAles Agent
Lacy, Susan Lacy, Susan
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Thirteen/WNET New York - American Masters
lacy, susan lacy, susan
Pentimento Productions
Ladden, Berenice Ladden, Berenice
Executive Vice President/ Client Relations
Direct Mail depot
Lader, Whitaker Lader, Whitaker
Boundless Pictures
Ladin, Terry Ladin, Terry
Production Coordinator, Production Supervisor
Ladjevardi, Adella Ladjevardi, Adella
Grant Manager
Ladjevardi, Adella Ladjevardi, Adella
Grants Manager
Ladjevardi, Adella Ladjevardi, Adella
Grants Manager
Ladove, Beth Ladove, Beth
Director, Writer, Producer
Ladyman, Sarah Ladyman, Sarah
Lafave, Bonnie Lafave, Bonnie
Producer, Writer
Laferla, Ruth Laferla, Ruth
Executive Editor
Elle Magazine
Laffie, Marc Laffie, Marc
City Cinemas, c/o Pacific Theaters
Lafleur, Tim Lafleur, Tim
Staff PA
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Laforgia, Filomena Laforgia, Filomena
lagamba-himmel, michele lagamba-himmel, michele
Lagana, Frank Lagana, Frank
Lagarde, Charlotte Lagarde, Charlotte
Swell Cinema
Lage, Maria Carolina Prado Lage, Maria Carolina Prado
Papillon Video Producoes
Lagonia, Eliza Lagonia, Eliza
ESW Productions
Lahaye, Jodi Lahaye, Jodi
Associate Producer, Producer
Lai, Elsa Lai, Elsa
Post-Production Services, Production Services
Next Millenium Productions
Laing, Nyasha Laing, Nyasha
Managing Consultant
Harriet Communications
Laird, Roland Laird, Roland
Chief Executive Officer
My Image Studios
Laird, Taneshia Laird, Taneshia
Marketing Executive, Publicist
Legacy Business Advisors LLC
Laks, Annie Laks, Annie
Lal, Sapna Lal, Sapna
Entertainment Attorney
The Lal Firm, LC
Lalani, Noreen Lalani, Noreen
Naturopathic doctor, Acupuncturist
Lally, Kevin Lally, Kevin
Film Journal
Lam, Jenny Lam, Jenny
Creative Director, Development Executive, Television Executive
Lamanno, Christine D. Lamanno, Christine D.
Emmerling Post Advertising
LaMarca, Joanne LaMarca, Joanne
Today Show
Lamarche, Marilyn Lamarche, Marilyn
Managing Director
Lazard Freres & Company
Lamb, Cathy Lamb, Cathy
Lamb, Mavis Lamb, Mavis
WIF - Seattle
Lamb, Rael Lamb, Rael
The Gramercy Court
Lamb, Sabrina Lamb, Sabrina
Partner Project
Lambden, Kiki Lambden, Kiki
Mud Cat Films
Lambert, Ali Lambert, Ali
Crew Cuts
Lambert, Mary Lambert, Mary
Vertical Films
Lambert, Ted Lambert, Ted
Babel Networks US Ltd.
Lambright, Alexis Lambright, Alexis
LaMorte, Gloria LaMorte, Gloria
Joeyngloria, llc
Lamour, Wynnie Lamour, Wynnie
Managing Director
Haitian Creole Language Institute of New York
Lampl, Patricia Lampl, Patricia
Producer, Production Executive
On the Aisle Productions
Lan, Eric Lan, Eric
Solar Productions
Lance, Andrew Lance, Andrew
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
Lance, Mary Lance, Mary
New Deal Films
Lanci, April Lanci, April
Camera Assistant
IATSE Local 600
Landaker, Jill Landaker, Jill
Production Coordinator, Production Manager
Landano, Tony Landano, Tony
Lab Link, Inc.
Landau, Elie Landau, Elie
Ergo Entertainment
Landau, Kathy Landau, Kathy
KL Concepts Inc.
Landau, Natasha Landau, Natasha
Costume Designer
Landau, Suzanne Landau, Suzanne
Philadelphia Women in Film and Television (PWIFT)
Landeau, Lise Landeau, Lise
Set Decorator
Lander, Caryn Lander, Caryn
Landesman, Rocco Landesman, Rocco
Jujamcyn Theatres
Landi, Tom Landi, Tom
Landis, Deborah Landis, Deborah
Costume Designers Guild, Local 892
Landis, Sarah Landis, Sarah
Landress, Ilene Landress, Ilene
Executive Producer
HBO/Soprano Productions, Inc.
Landro, Laura Landro, Laura
TV Business editor
Wall Street Journal
Landry, Michael Landry, Michael
C Plus Pictures
Landry, Paula Landry, Paula
Producer, Production Manager, Writer
This Business of Film
Landsberger, Claudia Landsberger, Claudia
Head of Eye International
Eye International
Landsell, Marcus Landsell, Marcus
Drector, Acquisitions and Development
City Lights Media
Landy, Ruth Landy, Ruth
Director, Producer, Writer
UNICEF Vientiane
Lane Jr., Wallace Lane Jr., Wallace
Costume Designer
Lane, Amanda Lane, Amanda
LA Digital Post
Lane, Bill Lane, Bill
TV Listings Magazine
TV Times
Lane, Brian Lane, Brian
Men's Designer
Brooks Brothers
Lane, George Lane, George
William Morris Agency, Inc.
Lane, Iva Lane, Iva
Actor, Director, Producer
Cameo Productions
Lane, Jean Lane, Jean
Executive Producer, Post-Production Services, Post-Production Supervisor
Lane, Jennifer Lane, Jennifer
Post-Production Supervisor
Lane, Joy Lane, Joy
Script Supervisor
Lane, Joy Lane, Joy
Director, Script Supervisor
Lane, Lawrence Lane, Lawrence
Manhattan Cable TV
Lane, Maria Lane, Maria
Corporate Executive
ATLAS Media Corp
Lane, Nancy Lane, Nancy
EP CBSNews.com
Lane, Roxanne Lane, Roxanne
WIF PSA Production Program Coordinator
Women In Film
Lane, Sara Lane, Sara
Production Accountant
Local 161 IATSE
Lane, Sheri Lane, Sheri
Still Photographer, Wardrobe
Off My Back On the Rack vintage clothing
Lanegran, Katie Lanegran, Katie
Sundance Channel
LanFrank, Michele LanFrank, Michele
c/o Ventura Insurance
Lang, Alison Lang, Alison
Head Fashion Stylist
MTV2-Programming and Development
Lang, Debbie Lang, Debbie
Lang, Debbie Lang, Debbie
Executive Producer
Lang Entertainment LLC
Lang, Denise Lang, Denise
Lang, Julie Lang, Julie
Cable/Television Advertising Manager
The Hollywood Reporter
Lang, Tracy Lang, Tracy
Associate Director, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Lang, Victoria Lang, Victoria
Lang Entertainment Group, Inc.
Lang, Victoria Lang, Victoria
Assistant Editor
Langdon, Barbara Langdon, Barbara
DreamWorks SKG
Langdon, Staci Langdon, Staci
Lange, Jessica Lange, Jessica
c/o Julie Silverman Yorn
Lange, Kristen Lange, Kristen
World Wide Pants Inc./ Late Show with David Letterman
Langenbach, Kyle Langenbach, Kyle
Langenkamp, Susie Langenkamp, Susie
Clear Writing for Professionals
Langer, Pat Langer, Pat
Lifetime Television
Langley, David Langley, David
Director of Operations
Charlex, Inc.
Langley, Donna Langley, Donna
President of Production
Universal Pictures
Langley, Jason Langley, Jason
Senior Vice President
Audio Network US, Inc
Langley, Jason Langley, Jason
Audio Network
Langley, Rachel Langley, Rachel
Actor, Producer, Writer
Langley, Victoria Wilde Langley, Victoria Wilde
Location Department, Still Photographer, Writer
Langton, Linda Langton, Linda
Langtons International Agency
Langton, Susan Langton, Susan
IBEX Communications
Lanier, Shirley Lanier, Shirley
Managing Partner
Envirotech Services, LLC
Lanphier, David Lanphier, David
Lansbury, Emily Lansbury, Emily
Lucky Monkey Pictures
Lansky, Lina Lansky, Lina
Land Sky Media Productions, LLC
Lansner, Daniel Lansner, Daniel
Dan Lansner Architect
Lansner, Gabrielle Lansner, Gabrielle
Choreographer, Director, Producer
gabrielle lansner & company, inc.
Lanuti, Erin Lanuti, Erin
Marketing Executive
Blink Entertainment, LLC
Lapaglia, Anthony Lapaglia, Anthony
LaPayover, Shari LaPayover, Shari
Attorney at Law
Laperch, Patricia Laperch, Patricia
AON/Albert G. Ruben Company (New York) Inc.
LaPerch, Tricia LaPerch, Tricia
Guests of Ventura Insurance Brokerage
Lapine, Sarna Lapine, Sarna
Director, Producer, Researcher
Lapine Productions, Inc.
Laplante, Gerard Laplante, Gerard
Artemple Productions
Laporte, Chrissa Laporte, Chrissa
Director of Programs
French-American Foundation
Lara, Joseph Lara, Joseph
JML Media Group, LLC
Lardner, Megan Lardner, Megan
Larios, Irma Larios, Irma
Deputy Director
The Mexican Cultural Institute of New York
Lark, Kay Lark, Kay
Trillium Production Company
Larkin, Tiffany Larkin, Tiffany
Spider Web Films
Larkin, Tiffany Larkin, Tiffany
Double Wide Media
Larlarb, Suttirat Larlarb, Suttirat
Costume Designer, Set Decorator
Larocca, Lucia Larocca, Lucia
Film/Video Production
LaRosa, Kelly LaRosa, Kelly
Adorama Blog
Larose, Kate Larose, Kate
Camera Assistant
Larsen, Marie Larsen, Marie
Larson, Jill Larson, Jill
Zoe Dandy, Inc
Larson, Mark Larson, Mark
Actor, Director, Writer
Larvick, Kirsten Larvick, Kirsten
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
LaSalle, Lillian LaSalle, Lillian
Sweet 180
Lasarenko, Alex Lasarenko, Alex
Elias Associates, Inc.
Laser, Cheryl Laser, Cheryl
Assist VP, Corporate Trust Administration
The Bank of New York
Lash, Sarah Lash, Sarah
Head of Acquisitions
ATO Pictures
Laskaris, Diana Laskaris, Diana
Attorney, Development Executive, Executive Producer
Food Travel Network, Inc.
Laskin, Shelly Laskin, Shelly
Aon Corporation
Laskow, Caroline Laskow, Caroline
Ashtanga Film
Lass, Debra Lass, Debra
Actor, Producer, Writer
Last, Kim Last, Kim
Coordinator, Investopedia/Real Clear Politics
Latham, Jessica Latham, Jessica
Honora Productions
Lathan, Lucille Lathan, Lucille
Production Manager
MTV Networks
Lathrop, Amanda Lathrop, Amanda
Production Coordinator
Latifah, Queen Latifah, Queen
c/o Shakim Comprere Flavor Unit Management
Latkin, Tracy Latkin, Tracy
Farrar Strauss & Giroux
Latona, Lynn Latona, Lynn
Editor: Film/Video, Video Graphics
ABC News
Latrice, Kyla Latrice, Kyla
Executive Talent Booker & Agent
Lady Mirage Models & Talent Agency(LadyMirage Ent)
latta, jamie latta, jamie
Lau, Eric Lau, Eric
Cinematographer, Director, Producer
Solar Film/Video Productions
Lau, May Lau, May
Director, Special Events/Marketing
Lord & Taylor
Lau, Sandia Lau, Sandia
Marketing Coordinator
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, PC
Lau, Winnie Lau, Winnie
EVP, Sales & Acquisitions
Fortissimo Films
Laub, David Laub, David
Oscilloscope Laboratories
Laub, Jo Ann Laub, Jo Ann
Post Production Supervisor
Lauder, Evelyn Lauder, Evelyn
Senior Corporate Vice President
Estee Lauder Companies
Lauder, Leonard Lauder, Leonard
Estee Lauder
Laufer, Sabrina Laufer, Sabrina
Sony Pictures (Columbia/Tristar)
Laughlin, Cheryl Laughlin, Cheryl
Laughlin, Megan Laughlin, Megan
Operations Coordinator
Laundra, Linda Laundra, Linda
Director, Line Producer, Producer
Lauren, Beth Lauren, Beth
Producer, Writer
Lauren, Ricki And Ralph Lauren, Ricki And Ralph
Polo/Ralph Lauren
Laurence, Vasi Laurence, Vasi
Producer (Member of League of Broadway Producers)
Vasi Laurence Productions
Laurens, Maija Laurens, Maija
Laurie, Marilyn Laurie, Marilyn
Laurie Consulting, Inc.
Lauro, Joe Lauro, Joe
Historic Films
Lausch, Kathrin Lausch, Kathrin
Executive Producer, Producer, Production Executive
Pink Pony Productions
Lauth, Professor Kevin Lauth, Professor Kevin
Department Chair
Long Island University
Lauzen, Ph.D., Martha Lauzen, Ph.D., Martha
School of Communication, San Deigo State University
LaValle, Andrew LaValle, Andrew
Sr. Managing Director, Worldwide Rescruitment & Executive Search
Lavasseur, Chris Lavasseur, Chris
Director of Photography
Laventhall, Don Laventhall, Don
VP, Development Alan Pakula Productions
Laverty, Lyndsey Laverty, Lyndsey
Corporate Executive, Post-Production Services
Gold Coast Studios
Lavey, Blair Lavey, Blair
Post-Production Services, Sales
Deluxe Northvale
Lavi-Hasson, Zohar Lavi-Hasson, Zohar
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Lavin, Linda Lavin, Linda
Actor, Director, Producer
Lavin Entertainment Group
Lavin, Nina Lavin, Nina
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, Researcher
Lavine, Matt Lavine, Matt
Four Seasons Project
Lavine, Steve Lavine, Steve
Lavranos, Eileen Lavranos, Eileen
Director, Researcher, Writer
auckland University of Technology
Law, Liz Law, Liz
Lawhon, Charla Lawhon, Charla
Managing Editor
InStyle Magazine
Lawler, Albert K. Lawler, Albert K.
Attorney At Law
Paykin Mahon Rooney & Krieg LLP
Lawler, Janet Lawler, Janet
Fox News Channel
Lawler, Terry Lawler, Terry
Lawler, Terry Lawler, Terry
Executive Director
New York Women in Film & Television
Lawlor, Norah Lawlor, Norah
Lawlor Media Group
Lawrence Kolaras, Esq., Patricia Lawrence Kolaras, Esq., Patricia
The PLK Law Group
lawrence, chris lawrence, chris
Director of Hive NYC
Hive NyC/Mozilla Foundation
Lawrence, Christine Lawrence, Christine
Programming, Researcher
Spike TV
Lawrence, Cinda Lawrence, Cinda
Life Communications Coach
Coach Cinda
Lawrence, Drucilla Lawrence, Drucilla
Line Producer, Producer, Production Executive
Sundance Channel
Lawrence, Lee Lawrence, Lee
Dark Days in Our Beloved Country
Lawrence, Lisa Lawrence, Lisa
Lawrence, Rachel Lawrence, Rachel
Media Planner
Fly Communications
Lawrence, Raymond Lawrence, Raymond
Editorial Director
Closeout News
Lawrence, Roberta Lawrence, Roberta
Nonprofit Administrator, Publicist, Writer
Roberta Lawrence Media
Lawrence, Sharon Lawrence, Sharon
Producer and Director
Cynergy Films
Lawrence, Steven Lawrence, Steven
VP, Music & Cultural Programming
Link TV
Lawrence, Steven Lawrence, Steven
Key Make-Up Artist
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
Lawrence, Sue Lawrence, Sue
Director of In-House Operations
Lawrence, Ursula Lawrence, Ursula
Lead Strategic Organizer
WGA East
Lawrence, Vanessa Lawrence, Vanessa
Associate Eye Editor
Lawrence, Yolanda Lawrence, Yolanda
Lawson, Daniel Lawson, Daniel
Costume Designer
Lawson, Peter Lawson, Peter
EVP, Co-Productions & Acquisitions
The Weinstein Company
Lawson, Sue Lawson, Sue
Blue Sky
Lawson, Traci Lawson, Traci
Supervisor, Technical Operations
Sesame Workshop
Lax, Lisa Lax, Lisa
CEO/Executive Director
The Lisa Lax Agency
Laybourne, Geraldine Laybourne, Geraldine
Television Executive
Layne, Chyna Layne, Chyna
Actor, Producer, Writer
Memory Layne Filmworks
Layne, Joy Layne, Joy
Layton Schapira, Laurie Layton Schapira, Laurie
Director, Producer, Writer
Cassandra Productions
Layton, Steph Layton, Steph
B-Side Entertainment
Lazalde-McPherson, Virginia Lazalde-McPherson, Virginia
SVP, Business Affairs
Lazar, Esq., Wendi Lazar, Esq., Wendi
Outten & Golden, LLP
Lazarescou, Dan Lazarescou, Dan
Music Composer
Dan Lazarescou Music
Lazarski, Beverly Lazarski, Beverly
Meridian One
Lazarus, Shelly Lazarus, Shelly
Chairman & CEO
Ogilvy & Mather
Lazarus, Susan Lazarus, Susan
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Lazarus, Susan Lazarus, Susan
Post Production Supervisior
Lazer, Simone Lazer, Simone
Actor, Producer, Writer
Fernandez/Lazer Productions, inc.
Lazin, Lauren Lazin, Lauren
MTV Films
Le Bris, Salina Le Bris, Salina
Director, Corporate Communications
Reed Business Information
Le Clerc, Anita Le Clerc, Anita
Le Melle, Veronique Le Melle, Veronique
Jamaica Center for Arts
Leader, Graham Leader, Graham
Granite Films
Leader, Micki Leader, Micki
Executive Board of Directors
JCC Rockland
Leaf, Jason Leaf, Jason
Manager of Theatrical Sales
Kino Lorber
Leaf, Jason Leaf, Jason
Avatar Films
Leal, Alexandra Leal, Alexandra
Executive Producer
Leaman, Jessie Leaman, Jessie
New York Press
Leary, Kathryn Leary, Kathryn
Writer/Yoga Teacher
Leary, Katie Leary, Katie
Associate Producer, Production Finance
Sharp Entertainment
Lease, Peter Lease, Peter
Ernst & Young
Leaver, Diane Leaver, Diane
Deep Hollow Ranch
Leavitt, Todd Leavitt, Todd
Corporate Executive
Lebeau, James Lebeau, James
Frontier Field
Lebeau, Jennifer Lebeau, Jennifer
Director, Producer, Writer
les beaux films
Lebel, Judy Lebel, Judy
Raymond Vineyards
Lebenthal, Alexandra Lebenthal, Alexandra
Lebenthal & Company
Leber, Susan Leber, Susan
LeBlanc, Laura LeBlanc, Laura
Lebovitz, Jacki Lebovitz, Jacki
Charlex, Inc.
Lebow, Alisa Lebow, Alisa
Director, Producer
Lebow, Amanda Lebow, Amanda
Sales & Acquisitions Coordinator
Submarine Entertainment
Leclere, Alexandra Leclere, Alexandra
Consultant, Producer, Writer
AOM International, Inc.
Leclere, Tristan Leclere, Tristan
Editor: Film/Video, Technical Director, Video Graphics
Leddy, Gemma Leddy, Gemma
Yohalem Gillman & Company LLP
Leddy, Sheila Leddy, Sheila
Executive Director
The Fledgling Fund
Leddy, Sheila Leddy, Sheila
The Fielding Fund
Leder, Donna Leder, Donna
LederProductions, LLC
Lederman, Faye Lederman, Faye
Director, Sound Recordist
Squeeze the Stone Productions
Lederman, Jennifer Lederman, Jennifer
Executive Producer
Red Car
Lederman, Keri Lederman, Keri
Producer, Props
Lederman, Maddy Lederman, Maddy
Director, Producer, Writer
Ledermann, Nicki Ledermann, Nicki
Make Up Artist
Ledgerwood, Victory Ledgerwood, Victory
Meeting The Need Records
Lee, Alina Lee, Alina
Research Director
Bishop Partners
Lee, Angela Lee, Angela
Director of Creative Affairs
Vox3 Films
Lee, Chris Lee, Chris
Composer, Sound Mixer, Sound Recordist
Lee, Diana Lee, Diana
Festival Director
Asian CineVision
Lee, Diana Lee, Diana
Edgewood Pictures
Lee, Diana Lee, Diana
Film Festival Producer
Human Rights Watch International Film Festival
Lee, Diana Lee, Diana
Arts Engine, Inc.
Lee, Dongchan Lee, Dongchan
Freakingfree Productions
Lee, Eunah Lee, Eunah
Lee, Fay Ann Lee, Fay Ann
Director, Writer
Canal Street Pictures
Lee, Grace Lee, Grace
InStyle Magazine
Lee, Hong-sok Lee, Hong-sok
Korean Cultural Sevice
Lee, Hyewon Lee, Hyewon
Lee, Jackie Lee, Jackie
Company 3
Lee, Jaclyn K. Lee, Jaclyn K.
Associate Producer
Middlemarch Films
Lee, Jessica Lee, Jessica
Associate Producer, Attorney, Producer
Loeb and Loeb LLP
Lee, John Lee, John
Manager, Feature Programing
Tribeca Film Institue
Lee, Joo Lee, Joo
Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine
Lee, Joo Lee, Joo
Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine
Lee, Junghyun Lee, Junghyun
Costume Designer
Lee, Kenneth Lee, Kenneth
Talent Agent
Innovative Artists
Lee, Laura Lee, Laura
Associate Producer, Development Executive
Lee, Linda Lee, Linda
New York Times
Lee, Mary Lee, Mary
Innovative Microsystems Consulting, Inc
Lee, Mary Lee, Mary
Senior Account Executive
Lee, Michelle Lee, Michelle
Assistant to CEO
broadway stages
Lee, Phil Lee, Phil
Full House
Lee, Rick Lee, Rick
NYP officer
NYPD, First Precinct
Lee, Sally Lee, Sally
Senior Editor
Lee, Sheila Lee, Sheila
FMS Services and Productions
Lee, Sheila Lee, Sheila
FMS Services and Productions
Lee, Spike Lee, Spike
40 Acres & a Mule
Lee, Tina Lee, Tina
Director, Writer
Lee, Trudie Lee, Trudie
Writer / Producer
LanesCreek Films
Lee-Easiley, Stacey Lee-Easiley, Stacey
Black Pearl Media Group
Leebron, Betsy Leebron, Betsy
Leech, Kitty Leech, Kitty
Costume Designer
NYU - Tisch School of Drama
Leede, Katie Leede, Katie
Digs By Katie
Leeds, Carol And Mike Leeds, Carol And Mike
Carol and Mike Leeds
Leeds, Pamela Leeds, Pamela
Actor, Story Editor (Reality)
Smoke 'n' Mirrors Entertainment, Etc.
Leeds, Rachel Leeds, Rachel
LeeKing, Lisa LeeKing, Lisa
Casting Director
Embassy Row
Leeman, John Leeman, John
Chief Marketing Officer
Leever, Amri Leever, Amri
Fashion Market Editor
Lefer, Anna Lefer, Anna
Open Society Institute
Lefevre, Lou Lefevre, Lou
Bollinger, Inc.
Leff, Cindy Leff, Cindy
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive, Programming
Leff, Nancy Leff, Nancy
Leff Communications
Lefferts, Matthew Lefferts, Matthew
Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo, P.C. Attorneys at Law
Lefkowitz, Nancy Lefkowitz, Nancy
Festival Administrator, Producer
Senior Vice-President, Talent Relations
Lefkowitz, Sandra Lefkowitz, Sandra
Actor, Producer, Writer
Lefrak, Francine Lefrak, Francine
Le Frak Productions
Legg, Harry Legg, Harry
Harry Legg Voiceovers & Production
Legg, Heidi Legg, Heidi
Leggett, Steve Leggett, Steve
Library of Congress The National Film Preservation Board
Leggio, Mary Leggio, Mary
Legiardi-Laura, R. Legiardi-Laura, R.
Fifth Night/Nuyorican Poets Cafe
Legros, Chantal Legros, Chantal
Legros Cultural Arts
Lehberger, Sarah Lehberger, Sarah
Account Executive
Getty Images
Leheny, Vivienne Leheny, Vivienne
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
Audio Kinetic Inc.
Lehman, Abigail Lehman, Abigail
Lehman, Wendy Lehman, Wendy
WNYW Fox-5
Lehman, Yana Lehman, Yana
Lehmann, Reeves Lehmann, Reeves
Director, Educator, Producer
School of Visual Arts
Lehmann, Sue Lehmann, Sue
Management Consultant
Lehr, Amy Lehr, Amy
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Lehr, Janet Lehr, Janet
Vered Gallery
Lehrfeld, Cathy Lehrfeld, Cathy
Sr. Manager, Communications
Lehrman, Emily Lehrman, Emily
Lehti, Carol Lehti, Carol
Associate Producer, Producer
Larkspur Lane Productions
Lei, Judy Lei, Judy
Actor, Writer
Lei, Toy Lei, Toy
Actor, Director, Stunt Person/Coordinator
Human Entertainment
Leib, Howard Leib, Howard
Leib, Jodi Leib, Jodi
Writer, Producer, Director
Wood Gallery Films
Leibman, Stuart Leibman, Stuart
Director, Film Studies Certificate
CUNY Graduate School & Continuing Education
Leibovitz, Maja Leibovitz, Maja
Serious Celebrations
Leibowitz, Shari Leibowitz, Shari
Assistant to Vice President, Michael Elias
Leiderman, Jill Leiderman, Jill
Late Night with David Letterman
Leigh, Lynelle Leigh, Lynelle
Actor, Producer
Leigh Productions
Leiner, Dylan Leiner, Dylan
EVP, Acquisitions & Production
Sony Pictures Classics
Leiner, Dylan Leiner, Dylan
EVP Acquisitions & Production
Sony Pictures Classics
Leiner, Dylan Leiner, Dylan
Sony Pictures Classics
Leingang, Lisa Leingang, Lisa
NBC Studios
Leinwohl, Tara Leinwohl, Tara
Assistant Producer
Leite, Natalia Leite, Natalia
Reverb Films, Inc.
Leite, Natalie Leite, Natalie
Knockout Pictures
Leive, Cindi Leive, Cindi
Lekaj, Ed Lekaj, Ed
Accounts Executive
Novel Servie Group, Inc.
Leland, Amy Leland, Amy
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Video Graphics
Summer Woman Productions
Lelchuk, Marina Lelchuk, Marina
Set Costumer
Lellios, Fay Lellios, Fay
21/31 Productions
Lemaster, Carrie Lemaster, Carrie
Editor: Film/Video
Lemcke, Stefanie Lemcke, Stefanie
Acquisitions, Consultant
Lemire, Sarah Lemire, Sarah
Costume Designer
Lemiszki, Peter Lemiszki, Peter
Acquisitions Coordinator
Film Movement
Lemke, Tanya Lemke, Tanya
Props, Writer
TooShea Media
Lemle, Mickey Lemle, Mickey
Director, Producer, Writer
Lemle Pictures, Inc
Lemme, Ingrid Lemme, Ingrid
Public Relations Manager
Gurney's Inn
Lemonides, Greg Lemonides, Greg
Directors Catering Service
Lena, Tessa Lena, Tessa
Tessa Makes Love
Lenihan, Chloe Lenihan, Chloe
Actor, Director, Writer
Buds of May Productions
Lenihan, Jennifer Lenihan, Jennifer
Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting
Lennard, Diane Lennard, Diane
Consultant, Educator
NYU Stern School of Business
Lennard, Donna Lennard, Donna
Il Buco Restaurant
Lenny, Kim L. Lenny, Kim L.
Jack Lenny Assocates
Lent, Nansi Lent, Nansi
Creative Director, Marketing Executive, Production Executive
Lentini, Robert Lentini, Robert
Lentini Communications
Lentz, Kirsten Lentz, Kirsten
NYU Cinema Studies
Lentz-Janney, Melanie Lentz-Janney, Melanie
Executive Producer/Producer/Publicity/Marketing
Doverwood Communications, Inc.
Lentz-Janney, Melanie Lentz-Janney, Melanie
Women in Film & Television Florida
Lenzo, Anthony Lenzo, Anthony
Air Sea Land Productions, Inc.
Leon, Adam Leon, Adam
Independent Director
Seven For Ten
Leon, Diana Leon, Diana
Banquet Manager
Hilton Hotels & Resorts
Leonard, Andrea Leonard, Andrea
Marketing Rep
Leonard, C.J. Leonard, C.J.
Interactive Media, Production Coordinator
Leonard, John Leonard, John
Killer Films
Leonard, Julie Leonard, Julie
JL Media LLC
Leonard, Julie Leonard, Julie
Leonard, Nanette Leonard, Nanette
Public Relations/Events Specialist
Nanette Leonard Public Relations
Leonardis, Tom Leonardis, Tom
Whoop Incorporated
Leone, Gina Leone, Gina
Marketing Executive, Writer
Raindance NYC
Leonetti, Gina Leonetti, Gina
Assistant Director
Leong, Denise Leong, Denise
Artists' Management
Leopold, Jacqueline Leopold, Jacqueline
Educator, Producer, Television Executive
Lepera, Aida Lepera, Aida
Visit Films
Lepera, Christina Lepera, Christina
Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP
Lepera, Christine Lepera, Christine
Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP
Lepera, Christine Lepera, Christine
Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP
Lerer, Jennifer Lerer, Jennifer
Oxygen Media
Lerman, Michael Lerman, Michael
Acquisitions Consultant
Film Sales Company
Lerner, Helene Lerner, Helene
Creative Expansions, Inc.
Lerner, Karen Lerner, Karen
Lerner, Michelle Lerner, Michelle
Mint Pictures Inc.
Lerner, Nili Lerner, Nili
Scenic Artist
Lerner, Ruby Lerner, Ruby
President and Founding Director
Creative Capital Foundation
Lerner, Sharon Lerner, Sharon
Lerner Media
Lesage, Julia Lesage, Julia
English Department
Lescaze, Alexandra Lescaze, Alexandra
Director, Producer, Writer
Mighty Fine Films
Lesch, Kim Lesch, Kim
VP of Marketing
Lesemann, Mara Lesemann, Mara
Producer, Writer
Surviving Family Productions, LLC
Leshaw, Hannah Leshaw, Hannah
Director, Producer, Writer
Courtlandt Avenue Productions
leshaw, hannah leshaw, hannah
Writer & Director
Hannah Leshaw
Lesher, John Lesher, John
United Talent Agency
Lesley, Caroline Lesley, Caroline
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
Skorstar Productions
Leslie, Alfred Leslie, Alfred
Alfred Leslie
Leslie-Pelecky, Diandra Leslie-Pelecky, Diandra
Trivalent Productions
Lessanu, Aberash Lessanu, Aberash
Project Coordinator
Lesser, Michael Lesser, Michael
KJ Productions, LLC.
Lesser, Sally Lesser, Sally
Associate Costume Designer
One Life to Live, ABC,Inc
Lessin, Ellie Lessin, Ellie
The Lessin Group
Lessin, Tia Lessin, Tia
Director, Producer
Elsewhere Films
Lester, Cynthia Lester, Cynthia
Case Manager/Art Coordinator
Lutheran Social Services of Metropolitan New York
Lester, Marilyn Lester, Marilyn
Consultant, Producer, Writer
Lester, Susan Lester, Susan
Consultant, Executive Producer, Programming
writer, director
VisionKeeper Films
Letdin, Inara Letdin, Inara
Lincoln Center Corporate Fund
Leto, Jared Leto, Jared
Leuci, Diane Leuci, Diane
Leung, Barbie Leung, Barbie
Camera Operator, Cinematographer
Leung, Jeannie Leung, Jeannie
Wines of Argentina
Lev, Jonathan Lev, Jonathan
Leval, Susanna Leval, Susanna
Museo Del Barrio
Leve, Harriet Leve, Harriet
Leve, Harriet Leve, Harriet
Levenfus, Mark Levenfus, Mark
Paneth Haber & Zimmerman
Levenson, Judith Levenson, Judith
In Demand Networks
Leventhal, Rachel Leventhal Leventhal, Rachel Leventhal
Nomadic Stories
Leventhal, Susan Leventhal, Susan
Executive Producer, Production Executive, Television Executive
A&E Television Networks
Leventnman, Leslie Leventnman, Leslie
Viacom International Inc.
Levett, Valerie Levett, Valerie
Story Analyst
Warner Bros Pictures
Levey, Katie Levey, Katie
Assistant Director, Playwright
Levey, Mignon Levey, Mignon
c/o Bernice Coe
Levi, Alexandra Levi, Alexandra
Consultant, Executive Producer, Production Executive
Element Financial Group
Levin, Gary Levin, Gary
USA Today
Levin, Josh Levin, Josh
President and CEO
Gallant Films
Levin, Joshua Levin, Joshua
Gallant Films, LLC
Levin, Kimberly Levin, Kimberly
Writer, Director
Levin, Lori Levin, Lori
Consultant, Corporate Executive
Creative Convergency
Levin, Michelle Levin, Michelle
Marketing Coordinator
Bain & Company
Levin, Peter Levin, Peter
Spalsh Company
Levin, Raquel Levin, Raquel
Consultant, Nonprofit Administrator
Levin, Rebecca Levin, Rebecca
Set Costumer - Principal
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
Levine, Aaron Levine, Aaron
Associate Director of Film
Gen Art
Levine, Anita Levine, Anita
Levine, Eli Levine, Eli
Eli Levine & Co
Levine, Ellen Levine, Ellen
Good Housekeeping
Levine, Gary Levine, Gary
Executive Vice PResident, Original Programming
Levine, Jackie Levine, Jackie
Director, Producer
Jackie Levine Productions
Levine, Jay Levine, Jay
M2 Post & Design
Levine, Jesse Levine, Jesse
People Magazine
Levine, Johnna Levine, Johnna
Film Finishing Fund
WIF Foundation Board of Trustees
Levine, Keith Levine, Keith
VP, Production/Development
Dimension Films
Levine, Marsha Levine, Marsha
A List Entertainment, Inc
Levine, Micheal Levine, Micheal
Micheal Levine Search Consultants
Levine, Mitch Levine, Mitch
Festival Consulting Group
Levine, Paula Levine, Paula
Paula M. Levine Productions
Levine, Phyllis Levine, Phyllis
International Center of Photography
Levine, Rachael Levine, Rachael
Levine, Samantha Levine, Samantha
IDP Distribution
Levine, Shari Levine, Shari
VP/Executive Producer-Production
Levine, Sheri Levine, Sheri
Worldwide Sales and Operations
Forward Entertainment
Levine, Stacey Levine, Stacey
Go Smile
Levine-Miller, Randie Levine-Miller, Randie
Accent on Broadcasting, Etc., Inc.
Levinsohn, Mark Levinsohn, Mark
Epstein, Levinsohn & Weinstein
Levinson, Bob Levinson, Bob
EVP Head of Worldwide TV
Levinson, Stephen Levinson, Stephen
Executive Producer
Levis, Nicholas Levis, Nicholas
Levison, Jenny Levison, Jenny
Director, Producer, Writer
Do Tell Productions
Levit, Susan Levit, Susan
Director, Producer, Writer
Levites, Sasha Levites, Sasha
FilmNation Entertainment, LLC
Levites, Sasha Levites, Sasha
Frankfurnt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C.
Levites, Sasha Levites, Sasha
Manager, Business & Legal Affairs
FilmNation Entertainment
Levy, Ann Deborah Levy, Ann Deborah
Director, Producer
Resonant Images
Levy, Ariel Levy, Ariel
New York Magazine
Levy, Beth Levy, Beth
Howard Schwartz Recording
Levy, Carole Levy, Carole
Marketing Executive, Sales
Levy, Carole Levy, Carole
Vice President
Callan Advertising Company
Levy, Danielle Levy, Danielle
Levy, Diane Levy, Diane
Black Radio Network
Levy, Jenna Levy, Jenna
Discovery Communications
Levy, Jonathan Levy, Jonathan
United Talent Agency
Levy, Marcia Levy, Marcia
Producer, Still Photographer, Writer
Willfilm Productions
Levy, Mat Levy, Mat
Manager of Acquisitions
Passion River Films
Levy, Nikki Levy, Nikki
Creative Executive
Levy, Odelia Levy, Odelia
Jackson Lewis LLP
Levy, Rachel Levy, Rachel
Producer, Production Executive
Levy, Ranny Levy, Ranny
Coalition for Quality Children's Media
Levy, Rosemarie Levy, Rosemarie
Business Agent for TV/Theatrical
I.A.T.S.E Local 798
levy, rosemarie.m levy, rosemarie.m
make -up artist and hairstylist local 798
Levy, Scott Levy, Scott
Eastern Effects Studios
Levy, Sherrie Levy, Sherrie
Sherrie Levy Public Relations
Levy, Wendy Levy, Wendy
Director of Creative Programming
Bavc Producer's Institute for New Media Technologies
Levy, Zion Yoni Levy, Zion Yoni
Lew Block, Ida Lew Block, Ida
Lewandowski, Tom Lewandowski, Tom
Fort Productions
Lewellen, Jennifer Lewellen, Jennifer
Director and Producer
Lewenz, Lisa Lewenz, Lisa
Director, Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
No Net Productions
Lewett, Linda Lewett, Linda
Creative Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Lewett, Rachel Lewett, Rachel
Lewin Hilgenberg, Kate Lewin Hilgenberg, Kate
Coordinating Producer, Line Producer, Producer
Lewin, Alex Lewin, Alex
entertainment editor
Premiere Magazine
Lewin, Alyson Lewin, Alyson
Art Department Coordinator
Lewin, Aneish Lewin, Aneish
Future Media Concepts
Lewin, Miriam Lewin, Miriam
Executive Producer, Producer, Writer
Lavine Production Group
Lewinson, Kali Lewinson, Kali
Ecologie Entertainment
Lewis, Anette Lewis, Anette
Haik Kocharian Films, LLC
Lewis, Armon Lewis, Armon
Elle Magazine
Lewis, Byron Lewis, Byron
Uniworld Group
Lewis, David Lewis, David
Lewis, Diane Lewis, Diane
Museum of TV & Radio
Lewis, Ebony Lewis, Ebony
Actor, Director, Writer
Lewis, Ellen Lewis, Ellen
Director, Producer, Writer
CNBC Creative Services
Lewis, Ellen Lewis, Ellen
Ellen Lewis Casting
Lewis, Ellen Lewis, Ellen
Casting Director
Ellen Lewis Casting
Lewis, Franzi Schirmer Lewis, Franzi Schirmer
Camera Assistant
Lewis, Hilary Lewis, Hilary
Entertainment Business Reporter
New York Post
Lewis, Juliette Lewis, Juliette
c/o William Morris Agency, Inc.
Lewis, Kristine Lewis, Kristine
Lewis & Fox Casting
Lewis, Laura Fay Lewis, Laura Fay
LFL Productions LLC
Lewis, Lauren Saraisky Lewis, Lauren Saraisky
Attorney, Producer, Writer
We Are Family Foundation
Lewis, Liz Lewis, Liz
Casting Director
Liz Lewis Casting Partners, Inc.
Lewis, Margaret Lewis, Margaret
Busboy Productions
Lewis, Maritza Lewis, Maritza
Tiempo Management Consultants
Lewis, Russell Lewis, Russell
New York Times
Lewis, Shannon Lewis, Shannon
New Business Manager
Passion Pictures
Lewis, Steve Lewis, Steve
Executive Producer
RFC Films
Lewis, Steve Lewis, Steve
The Directors Network
Lewis, Susan Lewis, Susan
AK Worldwide
Lewis, Wyndham Lewis, Wyndham
Staff writer
Lewis-Broome, Eunice Lewis-Broome, Eunice
Assistant to Dean for Special Projects
Hunter College, The City University of New York
Lexow, Zanne Lexow, Zanne
Z Films
Leyshon, Cressida Leyshon, Cressida
Deputy Fiction Editor
The New Yorker
Lhouvum, Nengcha Lhouvum, Nengcha
Deputy Consul General
Consulate General of India
Li, Erin Li, Erin
Director / Producer
Under 5 Feet Productions
Li, Shaohong Li, Shaohong
The Fourth Floor
Lian-Williams, Annette Lian-Williams, Annette
Key Make-Up Artist
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
Liang, Jennifer Liang, Jennifer
Sales, Television Executive
Liang, So Lan Liang, So Lan
Director of Special Projects
Adults with Dyslexia Workforce Div. Corp.
Libert, Rachel Libert, Rachel
Cinematographer, Director
Tied to the Tracks Films, Inc.
Libin, Charles Libin, Charles
Librizzi, Diane Librizzi, Diane
Executive Producer, Marketing Executive
La Loca Entertainment, Inc.
Lic, Ana Lic, Ana
Executive Director
Film in Serbia
Licht, Eliza Licht, Eliza
Educator, Nonprofit Administrator
P.O.V. - A Project of American Documentary
Lichtenfeld, Rebecca Lichtenfeld, Rebecca
Director, Social Impact Media
Bertha Foundation
Lichtenstein, Mitchell Lichtenstein, Mitchell
Actor, Director, Writer
Lichter, Linda Lichter, Linda
Lichter, Grossman, Nichols & Adler
Lichter, Rosalind Lichter, Rosalind
Law Firm of Rosalind Lichter
Lichtor, Jody Lichtor, Jody
Food/Prop Stylist
Licostie, Nadine Licostie, Nadine
Red Thread Productions
Lidell, Wendy Lidell, Wendy
International Film Circuit, Inc.
Lidofsky, Mia Lidofsky, Mia
Beachside Films
Lie, Min Lie, Min
Figure 8 Maternity
Lieb, Lorne Lieb, Lorne
IPF Media
Liebana, Maria Liebana, Maria
Artist & Art Teacher
Liebau, Tom Liebau, Tom
NYPA Board of Directors
Proctor and Gamble Productions
Lieber, Ann Lieber, Ann
Entertainment Tonight on the Radio
Lieberman, David Lieberman, David
USA Today
Lieberman, Hilary Lieberman, Hilary
Viacom International Inc.
Lieberman, Susan Lieberman, Susan
Executive Producer
Extreme Close-Up Ltd.
Liebman, Ron Liebman, Ron
c/o The Gersh Agency
Liebman, Sue Liebman, Sue
Barking Dog Entertainment
Liebowitz, Joan Liebowitz, Joan
Impressionist Art
Liedtke, Bonnie R. Liedtke, Bonnie R.
Lieff, Judy Lieff, Judy
Director, Script Supervisor
Liengsiriwat, Jamillah Liengsiriwat, Jamillah
Clear Research and Licensing
Liepes, Marc Liepes, Marc
Senior Director/Late Night
NBC Entertainment Publicity
Liff, Biff Liff, Biff
William Morris Agency, Inc.
Light, Valerie Light, Valerie
Production Executive, Production Supervisor
Liguori, Ann Liguori, Ann
Ann Liguori Foundation
Lika, Hope Lika, Hope
Lika Associates, Inc.
Lilienthal, Lisa Lilienthal, Lisa
TV Digest
Liljedahl, Birgitta Liljedahl, Birgitta
Birgitta Liljedahl
Lilley, Sarah Lilley, Sarah
Actor, Producer
Lilley, Tracy Lilley, Tracy
Actor, Camera Operator
TJS Enterprises
Lillie, Charisse Lillie, Charisse
Comcast Corporation
Lilly, Destiny Lilly, Destiny
Casting Director
Destiny Casting
Lilly, Destiny Lilly, Destiny
Casting Director, Personal Manager
Destiny Casting
Lilly, Jennifer Lilly, Jennifer
Editor: Film/Video
Lilly, Lois Lilly, Lois
Rights and Clearances/ Music Licensing
Lim, Charmaine Lim, Charmaine
Online Community Coordinator
Zagat Survey
Lim, Dennis Lim, Dennis
Film Editor
Village Voice
Lim, Elizabeth Lim, Elizabeth
High5 Games
Lim, Kay Lim, Kay
CBS News
Lim, Richard Lim, Richard
Sidetrack Films
Lima, Michael Lima, Michael
New York Field Sales Manager
Rain Vodka
Limbal, Loira Limbal, Loira
VP Producers' Lab Director
Firelight Media, Inc.
Limoncelli, Rosanne Limoncelli, Rosanne
Coordinating Producer, Director, Educator
New York University
Lin, Paula Lin, Paula
The Definitive Voice LLC
Lin, Pei Pei Lin, Pei Pei
Lin, Roxanne Lin, Roxanne
c/o Richard Manson & Sue Radner
Lincoln M'Baye, Darnetha Lincoln M'Baye, Darnetha
Consultant, Music Supervisor, Producer
Lindau, Dan Lindau, Dan
Executive Producer
Crossroads Films
Lindberg, Katherine Lindberg, Katherine
Assistant Professor
Brooklyn College
Lindboe, Kathy Lindboe, Kathy
jotti films
Linden, Steve Linden, Steve
Lindenbaum, Samuel H. Lindenbaum, Samuel H.
Rosenman, Colin
Linder, Scott Linder, Scott
Don Buchwald Associates
Lindh, CC Lindh, CC
Singing Trees Productions
Lindorme, Barbara Lindorme, Barbara
Actor, Corporate Executive, Producer
Lindquist-Turner, Teril Lindquist-Turner, Teril
Director, Marketing
Henri Bendel
Lindsay, Mark Lindsay, Mark
President of Distribution
Cargo Entertainment
Lindsay, Mark Lindsay, Mark
Kimmel International
Lindsey, Caitlin Lindsey, Caitlin
Associate Producer, Editor: Film/Video
Liney, Krista Liney, Krista
Creative Director, Marketing Executive, Producer
Lingo, Kathleen Lingo, Kathleen
The New York Times
Linhart, Hank Linhart, Hank
Chairperson, Media Arts Department
Pratt Institute
Linn, Elizabeth Linn, Elizabeth
Scenic Artist
Linn, Gail Linn, Gail
Financial Planner
Met Life Premier Client Group of New York
Linney, Laura Linney, Laura
Assistant, Devon Giddon (devon.giddon@pmkhbh.com)
c/o Jennifer Plante, PMK/HBH - New York
Linowes, Michael Linowes, Michael
Linowes & Burkin
Lintinger, Melissa Lintinger, Melissa
Corporate Executive, Producer, Production Finance
Linton, David Linton, David
Chair of Humanities Division
Marymount Manhattan College Humanities
Linton, Katherine Linton, Katherine
Anchor/Reporter, Producer
Linton Media, Inc.
Linton, Marlene Linton, Marlene
Oh Know Not You
Linton, Simi Linton, Simi
Metuffer Films
Linville, Janet Linville, Janet
Head Milliner
The Metropolitan Opera
Liotta, Mike Liotta, Mike
True Public Relations
Liotta, Ray Liotta, Ray
Untitled Entertainment - WC
LiPera, Aida LiPera, Aida
Director of Acquisitions
Visit Films
Lipinski, Mark Lipinski, Mark
Sr. Producer
The View" ABC - Daytime
Lipkins, Carolyn Lipkins, Carolyn
Television Arts
Lipkins, Susan Lipkins, Susan
Reel Psychology
Lipp, Jonathan Lipp, Jonathan
Big Apple Film Festival
Lipper, Joanna Lipper, Joanna
Director, Producer
Vertumnus Productions
Lippit, Akira Lippit, Akira
San Francisco State University, Cinema Dept.
Lippross, Stephen Lippross, Stephen
Production Manager
Lipscomb, Romon Lipscomb, Romon
East Coast Sales Director
Interactive One
Lipsett, Brittney Lipsett, Brittney
Senior Vice President - Entertainment Editor
Lipski, Barbara Lipski, Barbara
Working Visions
Lipsky, Jeff Lipsky, Jeff
Corporate Executive
Plainview Pictures
Lipsky-Karasz, Elisa Lipsky-Karasz, Elisa
Wall Street Journal
Features fashion features director
Lipson, David Lipson, David
Childhood Concepts LLC
Lipson, Ilana Lipson, Ilana
Director of Communications - Mission
March of Dimes
Lipsy, Jeanne Lipsy, Jeanne
Lipton, Ethan Lipton, Ethan
Lipton, Joan Lipton, Joan
Advertising Consultant
JLW Communications
Liriano, Eunice Liriano, Eunice
Director of Communications
Lisanti, Joanna Lisanti, Joanna
Vice President Marketing
Liseandro, Carol Liseandro, Carol
Audio Plus Video Int'l, Inc.
Liss, Walter Liss, Walter
WABC-TV/ Cap Cities
Lissauer, Emil Lissauer, Emil
Director of SAPO
Mayor's Office of Citywide Event Coordination and Management
Lissner, R. Scott Lissner, R. Scott
Catering Director
The Williams Club of New York
List, Karen List, Karen
Vice President
The New York Times
Lisuzzo, Anne Marie Lisuzzo, Anne Marie
Acquisitions, Programming
Frontier Communications
Lit, Judith Lit, Judith
Consultant, Director, Producer
Lit Productions
Litaker, Alex Litaker, Alex
Litman, Cynthia Litman, Cynthia
Weekly Blog & Radio Show
Entertainment Law Firm
Litt, Jamie Litt, Jamie
Marketing Executive
Pop2Life Creative
Litt, Sarabeth Litt, Sarabeth
Account Manager - Commercials
Eastman Kodak Company
Litt, Sarabeth Litt, Sarabeth
Eastman Kodak Company
Little, Carlton Little, Carlton
Account Coordinator
RR Donnelley RMS
Little, Diana Little, Diana
Post-Production Services
Cineric, Inc.
Little, Quentin Little, Quentin
Au Contraire
Little, Ruby Little, Ruby
Labor Relations
Littlehale, Leslie Littlehale, Leslie
Bloch Film Company
Littrell, Barbara Littrell, Barbara
Working Women & Working Mother
Litwincczuk, Stephon Litwincczuk, Stephon
Membership Coordinator
International Documentary Association
litzenberger, amy litzenberger, amy
Take The Lead
Litzmann, Karin Litzmann, Karin
Editor: Film/Video, Video Engineer
Liu, Carol Liu, Carol
Independent Filmmaker
Liu, Ivy Rong Liu, Ivy Rong
Founder and Producer
Ivy Enterprises LLC
Liu, Yulin Liu, Yulin
nyu grad
Livanos, Evange Livanos, Evange
Band Manager, President of Women in Music
5B Artist Management
Lividini, Jaqui Lividini, Jaqui
Vice President of Public Relations
Saks Fifth Avenue
Livingston, Jennie Livingston, Jennie
Director, Writer
Earth Camp One LLC Director/Producer/Screenwriter
Livingston, Julie Livingston, Julie
Director, Marketing Communications
Toy Industry Association, Inc.
Liz, Ogilvie Liz, Ogilvie
Lizardi, Raquel Lizardi, Raquel
Camera Operator, Consultant, Post-Production Services
Lizardi, Raquel Lizardi, Raquel
Production/Post-Production/Graphic Design
Reel Seamstress LLC
Llena, Luna Llena, Luna
Sony Heron Artist Representative
Lloyd, Jane Lloyd, Jane
Print Consultant
Fort Orange Press
Lloyd, Lisa Lloyd, Lisa
Art Director, Creative Director, Writer
Grey Worldwide
Lo Giudice, Antoinette Lo Giudice, Antoinette
Personal Banker
Loadvine, Marlene Loadvine, Marlene
Associate Dean
Lobbestael, Mary Lobbestael, Mary
Manager of Sports & Entertainment Marketing
General Motors R-Works
Lobel, Riki Lobel, Riki
Paint the Town Red, Inc.
Lobel, Sam Lobel, Sam
Founding Partner
Baccus Films
Lobel, Shapiro Lobel, Shapiro
The Sundance Entertainment Company
Locascio, Susanna Locascio, Susanna
Von Deren Films LLC
LoCascio, Valerie LoCascio, Valerie
Potomac Hudson Media
Locher, Alan Locher, Alan
Director, Public Relations, As the World Turns / Guiding Light
Locito, Peter Locito, Peter
Twentieth Century Fox
Locker, Melissa Locker, Melissa
Freelance Writer
Locker, Melissa Locker, Melissa
Lockley, Chiquita Lockley, Chiquita
JaMarl Publishing
Lockwood, Wanda Lockwood, Wanda
PR Director
Carolee Jewelry
Loe, Linda Loe, Linda
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Loeb, Kristin Loeb, Kristin
Washington Square Films
Loehr, Diana Loehr, Diana
Coordinating Producer, Interactive Media
Medipix Productions
Loeser, Elaine Loeser, Elaine
Everything's Jake Productions
Loewenthal, Elana Loewenthal, Elana
Marketing Executive, Sales
Loewith, Jason Loewith, Jason
Theater Rep. for Screenplay Comm.
Classic Stage Company
Loffredo, Thalia Loffredo, Thalia
Z'e Restaurant
Loftin, Ann Loftin, Ann
Logan, Angela Logan, Angela
Lorenzo Fuller Black Pioneer in Early Television
Logan, Pam Logan, Pam
Periodicals Aquisitions
N.Y. Public Library/Donnel Center
LoGiudice, Lauren LoGiudice, Lauren
Actor, Producer, Writer
Logogion, John Logogion, John
Jean Doumanian Productions
LoGuzzo, DIana LoGuzzo, DIana
Consultant, Marketing Executive
Vernon Corporation
Lohan, Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay
Lohman, Molly Lohman, Molly
Getty Images
Lokken, Maria Lokken, Maria
Production Executive
Jarrett Creative
Loman, Michael Loman, Michael
Sesame Workshop
Lomax, Patricia Lomax, Patricia
Acquisitions, Programming
Lombard, Rosemary Lombard, Rosemary
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Lombardi, Tami Jean Lombardi, Tami Jean
Make Up Artist
Luminous PIctures
Lombardi-LaBreche, Maria Lombardi-LaBreche, Maria
Corporate Executive
Soul Artist Management
Lombardo, Louise Lombardo, Louise
The Scent Diva
Lombardo, Michael Lombardo, Michael
President of Programming
Lombardo, Sandra Lombardo, Sandra
Sandra Lombardo MD
Lombardozzi, Leslie Lombardozzi, Leslie
Red Rose Service
Lomis, Chuck Lomis, Chuck
Senior Manager, Program Acquisitions
Starz Entertainment / Starz Media
Londin, Laura Londin, Laura
Partner/Business Manager
Ian Londin Photography
London, Barbara London, Barbara
Associate Curator
The Museum of Modern Art, Queens
London, Carolyn London, Carolyn
Creative Director, Director, Writer
London Squared Productions
London, Roberta London, Roberta
Post Modern Video
Londoner, Zhana Londoner, Zhana
Momentary Pictures
Loney, Vesna Loney, Vesna
Acquisitions, Distributor, Sales
Terra Media.Inc.
Long, Bruce Long, Bruce
Department of Mathematics
Long, Candace Long, Candace
WIF - Atlanta
Long, Christina Long, Christina
Staff Writer - Seawanhaka
Long Island University
Long, Jane Long, Jane
Long, Lawerence Carter Long, Lawerence Carter
Public Affairs Specialist/ Natonal Council on Disability
Long, Lawrence Carter Long, Lawrence Carter
Director of Advocacy
Disabilities Network of NYC
Long, Marion Long, Marion
O. the Oprah Magazine (Hearst Magazines)
Longford, Bernadette Longford, Bernadette
Manager of Corporate Community Relations
ABC, Inc.
Longo, Cara Longo, Cara
Acquisitions, Programming
Longo, Diane (Di) Longo, Diane (Di)
Director, Producer, Writer
Lost Girlz Productions
Longo, Sandra Longo, Sandra
Director, Producer
Loong, Theresa Loong, Theresa
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Looper, Dagny Looper, Dagny
Writer, Director
Tisch School of the Arts
Loosemore, Marianna Loosemore, Marianna
Professor Emerita
Lopes, Rick Lopes, Rick
The Lopes Picture Co.
Lopez de Moleon, Amanda Lopez de Moleon, Amanda
Liquid Light Digital
Lopez, Adrienne Lopez, Adrienne
Associate Producer, Attorney, Development Executive
Zepol Productions
Lopez, Carol Lopez, Carol
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
Lopez, Cynthia Lopez, Cynthia
NYC Mayor's Office of Media & Entertainment
Lopez, Denise Lopez, Denise
Calendar/ Events
Crains New York
Lopez, Jerry Lopez, Jerry
Beauty Creator
Lopez, Lisa Lopez, Lisa
Assignment Editor
Fox Television News
Lopez, Lolita Lopez, Lolita
CW 11 News
Lopez, Lucy Lopez, Lucy
Kaufman Astoria Studios
Lopez, Margarita Lopez, Margarita
Council Member
Lopez, Maria Lopez, Maria
Lopez, Victor Lopez, Victor
Acquisitions Assistant
IDP/Samuel Goldwyn Films
Lopez-Ovejero, Andres Lopez-Ovejero, Andres
The Independent Production Fund
LoPiccolo, Andrea LoPiccolo, Andrea
Assistant Vice President of Sales Midtown West
LoPiccolo, Nick LoPiccolo, Nick
Film Finance and Sales Agent
Lopiero, Barbara Lopiero, Barbara
Human Resources
Columbia Tri-Star
Lopin, Naomi Lopin, Naomi
Business and Community Affairs Manager
92nd St Y, Makor/Steinhardt Center
Lopinto, Gina Lopinto, Gina
Traffic Coordinator
LoPresti, Anthony LoPresti, Anthony
Jenkins & LoPresti LLP
Loprieno, John Loprieno, John
c/o Terri Martin, MSI Entertainment
Lora, Gabriel Lora, Gabriel
Giorgio Armani
Lorber, Richard Lorber, Richard
Acquisitions, Corporate Executive, Distributor
Kino International/Lorber Films
Lord, Bette Lord, Bette
Freedom House
Lord, Katharine Lord, Katharine
Director, Alumni Relations
Cambridge in America
Lorden, Rebecca Lorden, Rebecca
Office Manager
Chelsea Pictures
Lorefice, Kristine Lorefice, Kristine
Camera Assistant, Casting Associate, Casting Director
Acting House
Loren, Andrea Loren, Andrea
Revelations in Theatrical Artistry
Lorenz, Eric Lorenz, Eric
Asssistant Editor
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Lorenzo, Cionin Lorenzo, Cionin
Festival Administrator, Production Supervisor
MTV Networks/School of Visual Arts/NYILFF
Lorenzo, Karen Lorenzo, Karen
Tribeca Enterprises LLC
Lorenzo, Mike Lorenzo, Mike
Scarlet Angel Productions
Loria, Daniel Loria, Daniel
Acquisitions/ Scheduling Coordinator
Link TV
Loring, Annie Loring, Annie
Freelance Producer
Losada, Olga Losada, Olga
Operations Manager
Losano, Carina Losano, Carina
Loseby, Melissa Loseby, Melissa
FilmNation Entertainment
Losier, Marie Losier, Marie
Film Curator
French Institute Alliance Francaise
Louaver, Mary-Jane Louaver, Mary-Jane
Fundraising/Development, Nonprofit Administrator, Producer
Louca, Andrew Louca, Andrew
AXL Productions/Network
Loughery, Karen Loughery, Karen
Marketing Executive, Writer
Louie, Jennifer Louie, Jennifer
Google Inc
Louie, Mynette Louie, Mynette
Syncopated Films
Louie, Mynette Louie, Mynette
Gamechanger Films
Louie, Mynette Louie, Mynette
Syncopated Films
Louie, Rebecca Louie, Rebecca
New York Daily News
Louis, Meg Louis, Meg
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive
Mayor's Office of Media Entertainment
Louise, Charlotte Louise, Charlotte
founder/ director
cancer survival resource center
Louy, Kathy Louy, Kathy
Hollywood Reporter
Lovaglio, Lisa Lovaglio, Lisa
Associate Producer
Cowgirl Media Inc.
Lovato, Amy Lovato, Amy
Actor, Associate Producer, Production Coordinator
Love, Cliff Love, Cliff
Director Community Services
Love-Graves, Jeri Love-Graves, Jeri
Lovejoy, Ellen Lovejoy, Ellen
AE Networks
Lovejoy, Kristin Lovejoy, Kristin
Producer, Production Supervisor
Lovelace, John Lovelace, John
Director of Sales
Click 3X
Lovell, Lexy Lovell, Lexy
Director, Producer
Out of the Blue Productions, Inc.
Lovett, Joseph Lovett, Joseph
Lovett Productions
Lovett, Susan Maney Lovett, Susan Maney
Acting Director
Low, John B. Low, John B.
Motion Picture Enterprises
Low-Kramen, Bonnie Low-Kramen, Bonnie
Programming Co-Chair
New York Celebrity Assistants
Lowe, Juliet Lowe, Juliet
Development Executive
Episcopal Charities
Lowe, Linda Lowe, Linda
Vice President
WIF - Houston
Lowenthal, Lauren Lowenthal, Lauren
Journalist, Producer, Writer
How to Get an A
Lowery, Marcella Lowery, Marcella
P.O. Box 432
Lowy, Beth Lowy, Beth
lowy, craig lowy, craig
Loy, Dana Loy, Dana
Coordinating Producer, Post-Production Services
Creative Bubble
Loyd, Kelly Loyd, Kelly
One L Entertainment
Loyd, Kelly Loyd, Kelly
Executive Producer, Line Producer
One L Entertainment, Inc
Lozada, Frances Lozada, Frances
Cinema Night/ Tiki Bar
Lozoraitis, Kahlil Lozoraitis, Kahlil
Senior Brand Planner
Arnold NYC
Lu, Mary-Joy Lu, Mary-Joy
Executive Producer
Lubbers, Sherry Lubbers, Sherry
Executive Producer
Lubin, Mike Lubin, Mike
The William Morris Agency
Lubin, Shellen Lubin, Shellen
Bondrov productions
Lubow, Jeff Lubow, Jeff
Lubow Advertising Inc.
Lubrano, Christine Lubrano, Christine
Producer, Production Executive
Lucacel, Claudia Lucacel, Claudia
Assistant of Artistic Director
Aquila Theatre
Lucarelli, Toni Lucarelli, Toni
Line Producer, Producer
Lucas Rosenberg, Jocelyn Lucas Rosenberg, Jocelyn
Fundraising/Development, Marketing Executive, Producer
Industrial Evolution
Lucas, Ayoka Lucas, Ayoka
Lucas, Elizabeth Lucas, Elizabeth
Director, Producer
Clear Blue Productions LLC
Lucas, George Lucas, George
Lucasfilm Ltd.
Lucas, Geralyn Lucas, Geralyn
Director of Programming
Lifetime Television
Lucas, Julia Lucas, Julia
Associate Producer, Still Photographer, Writer
Lucas, Julie Ann Lucas, Julie Ann
Actor, Creative Director, Producer
Lucas, Lisa Lucas, Lisa
Actor, Director, Writer
Noel Films
Lucci, Susan Lucci, Susan
c/o Amy Brownstein, Brownstein & Associates
Lucero, Ana Lucero, Ana
Actor, Writer
Luchs, Jason Luchs, Jason
Asst. Director for Student Disability Services
Parsons The New School for Design
Lucia, Alexandra Lucia, Alexandra
Azotea Production
Lucia, Alexandra Lucia, Alexandra
Actor, Creative Director, Writer
Azotea Production
Luciano, Robert Luciano, Robert
Chairman of the Board
Schering Plough Corporation
Lucio, Meredith Lucio, Meredith
Wild Bird Productions
Lucka, Klaus Lucka, Klaus
PreProductions Inc.
Luckacovic, John Luckacovic, John
Columbia Artists
Lucke, Deb Lucke, Deb
Director, Writer
Lucke Pictures
Luckenbaugh, Laura Valenti Luckenbaugh, Laura Valenti
Associate Producer / General Manager
Playing Pretend
Luckinbill, Lucie & Laurence Luckinbill, Lucie & Laurence
Arluck Productions & Desilu II
Luckman, Greg Luckman, Greg
Luckow, Sandra Luckow, Sandra
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Line Producer
Ojeda Films, Inc.
Ludacer, Diane Ludacer, Diane
Diane Ludacer Production, Inc
Ludgin, Debra Ludgin, Debra
AM Entertainment
Ludington, Sarah Ludington, Sarah
Van Brunt Stillhouse
Ludlow, Gabriella Ludlow, Gabriella
Business Affairs Executive
The B.A. Department
Lufkin, Cynthia Lufkin, Cynthia
Account Executive
Tiffany & Co.
Lugacy, Talia Lugacy, Talia
Director, Producer, Writer
64E4 Films
Lugo, Eric Lugo, Eric
Chief of Staff
Margarita Lopez's Office
Luhrs, Janet Luhrs, Janet
Marketing Executive, Producer, Television Executive
VIP Management Services
Lukas, Christopher Lukas, Christopher
Director, Writer
Lukas, Megan Lukas, Megan
Line Producer, Producer, Writer
Luke, Folasade Luke, Folasade
Producer, Writer
Lukeman, Gerry Lukeman, Gerry
Lukow, Gregory Lukow, Gregory
Chief, MBRS Division
The Library of Congress - Packard Campus
Lumley, T.K. Lumley, T.K.
Lumumba-Barrowe, Kai Lumumba-Barrowe, Kai
Executive Director
Deep Dish TV Network
Lundberg, Daniela Lundberg, Daniela
Red Crown Productions
Lunden, Joan Lunden, Joan
Lundgren, Trudy Lundgren, Trudy
Pro-Type Graphics
Lung, Lauren Lung, Lauren
Regional Business General Mgr & Vice President, Entertainment Imaging
Eastman Kodak Company
Luntz, Gene Luntz, Gene
Luongo, Claudia Luongo, Claudia
Artist, Actress, Singer, Songwriter
Lupo, Erika Lupo, Erika
Owner, CEO, President
Acting-A-Part LLC
Lupone, Patti Lupone, Patti
c/o Gersh Agency/Bob Duva
Lupton, Reniera Lupton, Reniera
Business Affairs Executive, Production Executive, Production Finance
Lupu, Veronica Lupu, Veronica
Script Continuity Supervisor
Veronica Lupu
Lust, Susan Lust, Susan
Lustik, Cara Lustik, Cara
Business Affairs Executive, Marketing Executive
HIT Entertainment
Lutin, Chantal Lutin, Chantal
Grip, Sales
K/A/S Lighting Inc.
Lutz, Marina Lutz, Marina
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Luza Jr., Radomir Luza Jr., Radomir
Actor, Critic, Writer
Radman Productions
Luzuriaga, Phil Luzuriaga, Phil
Associate Account Executive
Frank Crystal & Co., Inc.
Lyall, Susan Lyall, Susan
Costume Designer
Lyde, Aimee Lyde, Aimee
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Narrator/Voice-Over
Pretty Pictures, Inc.
Lyle, Danielle Eliska Lyle, Danielle Eliska
Associate Producer, Director, Writer
Wildchild Productions and deFilms
Lyn, Velta Lyn, Velta
Travelers Entertainment
Lynch, Dierdre Lynch, Dierdre
Photos To Send
Lynch, Edward Lynch, Edward
Private Investigator
E.L. Security
Lynch, Maura Lynch, Maura
Navan Inc.
Lynch, Shola Lynch, Shola
Director, Producer, Researcher
Lynch, Tara Lynch, Tara
Entertainment Tonight
Lynda, Lynda Lynda, Lynda
League of Prof'l Theatre Women
Lyne, Jennifer Lyne, Jennifer
The Gersh Agency
Lyne, Susan Lyne, Susan
Martha Stewart Omni Media
Lynn, Judanna Lynn, Judanna
Costume Designer
Lynn, Karen Lynn, Karen
Lynn, Rachel Lynn, Rachel
Post Production Assist
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Lynn, Vicki Lynn, Vicki
Satellite Events Enterprises
Lynne, Jill Lynne, Jill
Jill Lynne
Lynne, K. Lynne, K.
Make-Up Artist
Lynne, Michael Lynne, Michael
Co-Chairman, Co-CEO
New Line Cinema/ Picturehouse
Lynton, Susan Lynton, Susan
Eurica Media Lab
Lyon, Rachel Lyon, Rachel
Director, Educator, Television Executive
Meadow School of the Arts
Lyons, Darina Lyons, Darina
Rode Advertising
Lyons, Mandy Lyons, Mandy
Hair Stylist
Lyons, Michael Lyons, Michael
Lyons Group
Lyons, Monica Lyons, Monica
Lifetime Television
Lyons, Robert Lyons, Robert
Wheelhouse Creative, Inc.
Lysikatos, Valentine Lysikatos, Valentine
Administrative Assistant
Women's Project & Productions
Lysinger, Liz Lysinger, Liz
Composer/Music Editor/Producer
Blue Factory Publishing
Lytle, Jane Lytle, Jane
Muse Film and Television Inc.
Lytsman, Vredy Lytsman, Vredy
Public Relations
Lyvers, Meghan Lyvers, Meghan
VP, Production
Tribeca Productions