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Raab, Jane Raab, Jane
Producer, Production Manager, Production Supervisor
Raad, Wendy Raad, Wendy
Marketing Executive, Production Manager, Sales
Food Network & Cooking Channel
Rabassa, Ivonne Rabassa, Ivonne
Marketing Manager
Rainbow Media Holdings LLC
Rabassa, Ivonne Rabassa, Ivonne
Mgr - Trade PR & Public Affairs
AMC Networks
Rabinowicz, Karen Rabinowicz, Karen
V.I.E.W. Video
Rabinowitz Goldberg, Chari Rabinowitz Goldberg, Chari
Dragonsnap Media, LLC
Rabinowitz, Bruce Rabinowitz, Bruce
Acquisitions, Attorney, Sales
RAI Corporation
Racioppo, Michael Racioppo, Michael
RARM Enterprises LLC
Radecki, M.D., Jeffrey Radecki, M.D., Jeffrey
Assisting Attending Physiatrist
Radigan, Jim Radigan, Jim
CEM Project Manager
Donnelly Mechanical Corp.
Radivojevic, Iva Radivojevic, Iva
Cinematographer, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Radke, Eva Radke, Eva
Art Director, Fundraising/Development
Film Biz Recycling
Radmore, Betsy Radmore, Betsy
Associate Producer
Helen Whitney Productions
Radtke, Kay Radtke, Kay
Consultant, Marketing Executive
Radwan, Martina Radwan, Martina
Director of Photography
Martina Radwan
Rae, Cheryl Rae, Cheryl
What's so special about dragon poop
Rae, Silvia Rae, Silvia
Legal Coordinator
Rafael, Ramon Rafael, Ramon
International Travel
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Ragan, Brian Ragan, Brian
Chief Rehab Counselor
Rago, Angela Rago, Angela
Actor, Director, Writer
Ragoowansi, Neeta Ragoowansi, Neeta
Director of Artist-Label Relations
Sound Exchange
Ragsdale, Tina Ragsdale, Tina
Director, Line Producer, Producer
Ragsdale Productions
Rahe, Maribeth Rahe, Maribeth
Vice Chairman
U.S. Trust of New York
Rahiman, Nadine Rahiman, Nadine
Director of Contracts Administration
Hearst Entertainment Distribution
Rahmanian, Hamid Rahmanian, Hamid
Raicer, Leslie Raicer, Leslie
Sesame Workshop
Raider, Stacey Raider, Stacey
Casting Director, Talent Coordinator
Raikes, Jennifer Raikes, Jennifer
Producer, Researcher
Middlemarch Films
Rainer, Yvonne Rainer, Yvonne
Rainey, Diane Rainey, Diane
Nextel Communications, Inc.
Rainone, Maryanne Rainone, Maryanne
SVP/Managing Director
Heyman Associates
Raisinger, Iva Raisinger, Iva
Czech Center
Raitses, Gil Raitses, Gil
Executive Producer
Rajski, Peggy Rajski, Peggy
Director, Producer
Rakes, Rachael Rakes, Rachael
Rakowski-Gallagher, Felina Rakowski-Gallagher, Felina
The Upper Breast Side, Corp
Ramati, Raquel Ramati, Raquel
Raquel Ramati Associates
Rambusch, Alexandra Rambusch, Alexandra
General Manager
National Dance Institute
Ramcess, Jean-Louis Ramcess, Jean-Louis
BreakintoShowbiz, Inc.
Ramchandran, Reena Ramchandran, Reena
Director General
Fortune Institute of International Business
Ramey, Sarah Ramey, Sarah
Development and Production Consultant
Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation
Ramirex de Haro, Inigo Ramirex de Haro, Inigo
Consulate General of Spain
Ramirez, Fernando Ramirez, Fernando
Law Office of Fernando Ramirez
Ramirez, Francisco Ramirez, Francisco
ramirez, josie ramirez, josie
Store Manager
JAM ( Paper and Envelope)
Ramirez, Josie Ramirez, Josie
Store Manager
Ramirez, Josie Ramirez, Josie
Store Manager
JAM Paper & Envelope
Ramirez, Maria Luisa Ramirez, Maria Luisa
Ramirez, Vickie Ramirez, Vickie
Actor, Writer
Ramos, Ana Ramos, Ana
Programmer/Senior Producer
Ramos, Angel Ramos, Angel
Follow-up Worker
The Fortune Society
Ramos, Carlotta Ramos, Carlotta
Production Coordinator, Writer
Ramos, Clint Ramos, Clint
Costume Designer
Ramos, John Ramos, John
Warner Brothers
Ramos, Lise Ramos, Lise
Creative Director
CapicuFilm Arts
Ramos, Mildred Ramos, Mildred
Ramos-Carey, Lisa Ramos-Carey, Lisa
Corporate Executive
Phoenix Ensemble Theater Co.
Ramsey, Nancy Ramsey, Nancy
Producer, Writer
Ramsey, Scott Ramsey, Scott
Xeno-Lights Inc.
Ramshur, Valerie Ramshur, Valerie
Costume Designer
Ramsland, Ron Ramsland, Ron
New Yorker Films
Ramspacher, Karen Ramspacher, Karen
VP Research
Oxygen Media
Rand, Ellen Rand, Ellen
Development Executive
USA Network & SCI FI Channel
Rand, Lillian Rand, Lillian
Randall, Chelsea Randall, Chelsea
Production Services
Randall, Terri Randall, Terri
Director, Producer, Writer
Randall Productions, Inc.
Randazzo, Connie Randazzo, Connie
Senior VP, Advertising Sales
Comedy Central
Randazzo, Denise Randazzo, Denise
Director of Sales
Paramount Hotel
Randazzo, Gina Randazzo, Gina
Law & Order Productions
Rangel, Gabriela Rangel, Gabriela
Director of Visual Arts
Americas Society
Rank, Whitney Rank, Whitney
Assistant Director, Props, Writer
Rankin, Moe Rankin, Moe
M. R. Expressions
Ranostaj, Jess Ranostaj, Jess
Ransom, Jessica Ransom, Jessica
Associate Producer, Executive Producer, Producer
JLR Media, Inc.
Ranzman, Jane Ranzman, Jane
Strategic Marketing Perspectives
Rao, Veena Rao, Veena
Associate Producer, Line Producer, Producer
Raouf, Mohamed Raouf, Mohamed
Rapaport, Pola Rapaport, Pola
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Blinding Light
Rapaport, Pola Rapaport, Pola
Blinding Light
Raphael, Steven Raphael, Steven
Required Viewing
Raphael, Steven Raphael, Steven
Required Viewing
Rapoport, Audrey Rapoport, Audrey
Actor, Writer
Rapp, Amy Rapp, Amy
Producer, Television Executive
Meredith Vieira Productions
Raschi, Mitje Raschi, Mitje
Line Producer, Producer, Production Supervisor
Artemis Productions
Raschke-Robinson, Claudia Raschke-Robinson, Claudia
Cinematographer, Still Photographer
CRR Cinematography
Rasin, Beth Rasin, Beth
Powerplay NYC
Raskin, Jenny Raskin, Jenny
Head of Development
Impact Partners
Raskin, Jenny Raskin, Jenny
Head of Development
Impact Partners
Raspo, Joan Raspo, Joan
Creative Director, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Rassowkantor, Joey Rassowkantor, Joey
Universal SCI FI
Ratner, Anita Ratner, Anita
Business Affairs Executive, Corporate Executive, Music Supervisor
Viacom Media Networks
Rattner, Linda Rattner, Linda
Consultant, Curator, Executive Producer
McKnight Productions
Rattner, Steven Rattner, Steven
Rattner & White Foundation, Inc.
Rattray, Celine Rattray, Celine
Raubvogel, Melissa Raubvogel, Melissa
Baker Winokur Ryder Public Relations
Rauch, Mike Rauch, Mike
Rauch Bros. Animation
Rauh, Grace Rauh, Grace
Political Reporter
NY-1 News
Raup, Jordan Raup, Jordan
CEO and Editor in Chief
The Film Stage
Raval, PJ Raval, PJ
Director, Cinematographer
Ravel, Phylis Ravel, Phylis
Artistic Director
Helfaer Theatre, Marquette Univ.
Raven, Abbe Raven, Abbe
Producer, Production Executive, Television Executive
AE Television Networks
Raven, Tamra Raven, Tamra
Director, Producer
Out of the Dirt Productions
Ravenal, Cornelia Ravenal, Cornelia
Wilderness Films
Ravin, Marta Ravin, Marta
Television Executive
Embassy Row
Rawcliffe, Rosemary Rawcliffe, Rosemary
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Frame of Mind Films, Inc
Rawlins, Lisa Rawlins, Lisa
Senior VP, Public Affairs
Warner Brothers
Ray, Abby Ray, Abby
Senior Account Executive
Bridge Global Strategies
Ray, Amber Ray, Amber
Metro NY
Ray, Jude Ray, Jude
Director, Executive Producer, Writer
Unshakable Productions, L.L.C.
Ray, Katherine Ray, Katherine
Assistant Director, Camera Operator, Still Photographer
Ray, Melissa Ray, Melissa
Production Coordinator
A and E Television Networks
Ray-Jones, Anna Ray-Jones, Anna
Vice President
Donley Communications Corp.
Raybon, Camelia Raybon, Camelia
Actor, Producer, Production Manager
Token Productions
Rayleigh, Jane Rayleigh, Jane
Line Producer, Production Finance, Production Supervisor
Raymond, Brooke Raymond, Brooke
Raymond, Jeff Raymond, Jeff
Rogers & Cowan
Raymond, Jennifer Raymond, Jennifer
Executive Director
The Harnisch Foundation
Raymond, Marcia Raymond, Marcia
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Ready Made Productions
Raynaud, Kara Raynaud, Kara
Working Artist Entertainment
Raynes, Patricia Davis Raynes, Patricia Davis
Production Executive
20th Century Fox
Raz, Hila Raz, Hila
Partners Program
Raza, Syeda Raza, Syeda
Deputy Speaker
Provincial Assembly of Sindh- Pakistan
Raza, Waseem Raza, Waseem
Read, Lyndsey Read, Lyndsey
Line Producer, Producer
Read, Sue Read, Sue
Consultant, Creative Director, Writer
Sue Read Consultants
Readdean, Cyndee Readdean, Cyndee
Director, Producer
Ready, Esther Ready, Esther
Marketing Director
Reagan, Gillian Reagan, Gillian
Managing Editor
Capital New York
Reagan, Kevin Reagan, Kevin
Adorama Camera
Reagan, Rebecca Reagan, Rebecca
Actor, Director, Producer
Ream, Sarah Ream, Sarah
Chair, Theater and Dance department
Phillips Exeter Academy
Reardon, Jeanne Reardon, Jeanne
Regional Artist
Reaven, Marci Reaven, Marci
VP Historical Exhibits
New York Historical Society
Rebecca Caruso, Jennie James Rebecca Caruso, Jennie James
Media Relations
L'oreal USA
Rebelo, Justin Rebelo, Justin
Vice President, Programming Acquisitions/Strategy
Rebisz, Patryk Rebisz, Patryk
Director/ DP
Tupelo Productions
Rebisz, Patryk Rebisz, Patryk
Cinetown Production
Rebo, Barry Rebo, Barry
Emerging Pictures
Recine, Mary Recine, Mary
Director, Line Producer, Producer
ReDavid, Brigette ReDavid, Brigette
Anchor/Reporter, Associate Producer, Writer
Reddington, Linda Reddington, Linda
Manager of Sales Development
Comedy Central
Reddy-Medeiros, Karen Reddy-Medeiros, Karen
Executive Director, Artist Relations
Mac Cosmetics
Redfearn, Jennifer Redfearn, Jennifer
Camera Operator, Director, Producer
Redgrave, Lynn Redgrave, Lynn
Barlow Hartman Public Relations
Redhead, Stephanie Redhead, Stephanie
Features Reporter
The Criminally Chic
Redix, Carla Redix, Carla
Exec. Administrator
Lighten You Up
redmond, jeanette redmond, jeanette
ex dir
federal bar council
Redstone, Sumner Redstone, Sumner
Chairman of the Board
Viacom International Inc.
Redwine, Tina Redwine, Tina
Reed, Andrea Reed, Andrea
Journalist, Wardrobe, Writer
Reed, Diane Reed, Diane
Corporate Executive, Television Executive
MTV Networks
Reed, Joy Reed, Joy
Editor: Film/Video
Oh MY Productions
Reed, Margaret Reed, Margaret
Actor, Educator, Narrator/Voice-Over
Reed, Marilyn Reed, Marilyn
Executive Producer
Reed, Mary Reed, Mary
Marketing Executive
Reed, Michelle Reed, Michelle
Reed, Rebecca Reed, Rebecca
House Counsel
Reed, Richard Reed, Richard
Reed & Melsky Casting
Reed, Tracey Reed, Tracey
Tracey Evelyn
Reedy, M. Kilburg Reedy, M. Kilburg
Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard LLP
Rees, Kiki Rees, Kiki
Reese, Maren Reese, Maren
Letau Designs
Reese, Terrence Reese, Terrence
Reeves, Julia Reeves, Julia
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive
New York University School of Law
Reeves, Lisa Reeves, Lisa
Clutter Removal Consultant
Clear My Clutter
Reeves, Lisa Reeves, Lisa
Nursing / State Emergency Response Team, SERT of Florida
Keiser University & FL Governor's Commission on Volunteerism and Community Sevice ESF 15 - Oil Spill crisis & Good Samaritan New
Reeves, Richard Reeves, Richard
Costume Designer
Reffett, Lori Reffett, Lori
AP, Art Director
Self employed
Refold, Elissa Refold, Elissa
Assistant Trust Officer
Citigroup Trust
Refshauge, Trudi Refshauge, Trudi
Redgrass Grazing Australia
Regal, Kelly L. Regal, Kelly L.
Executive Vice President, Human Resources & Corporate Communications
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Regan, Gerry Regan, Gerry
Executive Producer
Regan, Ken Regan, Ken
On-Set Photographer
Regan, Maura Regan, Maura
Corporate Executive
Sesame Workshop
Regello, Rosemary Regello, Rosemary
The Film Springs
Rehbein, Bjoern Rehbein, Bjoern
Make Up Artist
Rehberger, Milissa Rehberger, Milissa
Reher, Anita Reher, Anita
Executive Director
Robert Flaherty Film Seminar
Rehwinkel, Catherine Rehwinkel, Catherine
Reibel, Robin Reibel, Robin
Reich, Hilary Reich, Hilary
Reichenbach, Clare Reichenbach, Clare
EVP, Strategy & Business Development
BBC Worldwide America
Reichhold, Ulli Reichhold, Ulli
Reichman, John H. Reichman, John H.
Attorney at Law
Wachtel Masyr & Missry LLP
Reichman, Jonathan Reichman, Jonathan
Kenyon & Kenyon
Reichman, Rachel Reichman, Rachel
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Reid, Deborah Reid, Deborah
Reid, Kendall Reid, Kendall
Producer, Production Executive
HBO Sports
Reid, Maya Reid, Maya
Location Scout
Reid, Michelle Reid, Michelle
REID Media Groupe
Reid, Shelley Reid, Shelley
Business Affairs Executive
Food Network
Reidy, Alicin Reidy, Alicin
MTV Networks
Reidy, Maryann Reidy, Maryann
Berdon LLP
Reiersen, Mike Reiersen, Mike
Key Set production Assistant
Reif, Mackenzie Reif, Mackenzie
Reiff, Dennis Reiff, Dennis
D.R. Reiff & Associates
Reiff, Virginia Reiff, Virginia
Reiff & Associates
Reihl, Bill Reihl, Bill
Public Relations
DeVries Public Relations
Reilly, Arsenia Reilly, Arsenia
Motion Picture Editors Guild IATSE, Local 700
Reilly, James Reilly, James
Image Performance Institute
Reilly, Jr., Edward Reilly, Jr., Edward
McGraw-Hill Broadcasting Inc.
Reilly, Kim Reilly, Kim
Bumble and Bumble
Reilly, Noreen Reilly, Noreen
Director of Sales
Wooden Ships of Hoboken
Reilly, Robert Reilly, Robert
IATSE Local 52 / Motion Picture Studio Mechanics
Reilly, Trisha Reilly, Trisha
Head of Production
Messner, Vetere
Reilly-Brooks, Maggie Reilly-Brooks, Maggie
VP and deputy general counsel
A&E Television Networks
Reily, R.J. Reily, R.J.
Reimann, Hannah Reimann, Hannah
Actor, Composer
Reimer, Jane Reimer, Jane
Pearson TV International
Reimer-Torn, Susan Reimer-Torn, Susan
Scentient Beings
Rein, Catherine Rein, Catherine
Senior Executive Vice President
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Rein, Linda Rein, Linda
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive
Lifetime Television
Reina, Mark Reina, Mark
Warner Bros. Inc.
Reinberg, Heidi Reinberg, Heidi
Latebloomer Productions, Inc.
Reiner, Alysia Reiner, Alysia
2 Wonderful to be Had
Reiner, Rachel Reiner, Rachel
League of Professional Theatre Women
Reiner, Tova Reiner, Tova
Associate Producer, Consultant
Reinert, Michael Reinert, Michael
Fox Rothschild LLP
Reinfeldt, Miranda Reinfeldt, Miranda
Makeup Artist
Miranda Reinfeldt
Reinhold, Toni Reinhold, Toni
Thomson Reuters
Reiniers, John Reiniers, John
Scheduling and Marketing Manager
NYU Kimmel Operations
Reinisch, Deborah Reinisch, Deborah
Director, Producer
DBR Films Ltd
Reinisch, June Reinisch, June
Director Emerita
The Kinsey Institute
Reis, Eric Reis, Eric
Lyric Entertainment, LLC
Reis, Muriel Reis, Muriel
Senior VP, Legal & Business Affairs
Fox 5 Television
Reisman, Robin Reisman, Robin
Executive Producer, Interactive Media
Reiss, Barry Reiss, Barry
Law Office of Barry Jay Reiss
Reiss, Deanna Reiss, Deanna
Legal Counsel
Reiss, Jillian Reiss, Jillian
Reiss, Kimberly Reiss, Kimberly
Actor, Development Executive, Producer
Reiss, Matthew Reiss, Matthew
Reiss, Rachel Reiss, Rachel
Liz Lewis Casting Partners
Reiss, Rachel Reiss, Rachel
Casting Director
Liz Lewis Casting
Reiss, Rachel Reiss, Rachel
Liz Lewis Casting Partners
Reiss, Ruth Reiss, Ruth
Rekhi, Ben Rekhi, Ben
Drops Entertainment
Rekow, Lea Rekow, Lea
Rella, Helen Rella, Helen
Assistant Director, Attorney, Producer
Rella & Rella
Relovsky, Laura Relovsky, Laura
Executive Producer
Remisko, Bartek Remisko, Bartek
Deputy Director
polish cultural institute
Remsen, Michele Remsen, Michele
Actor, Director, Writer
Stevedore Productions
Remuzzi, Joy Remuzzi, Joy
Interactive Media
Renard, Rebecca Renard, Rebecca
Rende, Justin Rende, Justin
Matchstick Entertainment
Renee, Misty Renee, Misty
Operations Manager
The Loreen Arbus Foundation
Renee, Saneeta Renee, Saneeta
Renee, Saneeta Renee, Saneeta
Renee, Terra Renee, Terra
African American Women in Cinema Org
Renfroe, Brenda Renfroe, Brenda
Costume Designer
Sew En Vogue
Rentz, Danielle Rentz, Danielle
GS Entertainment Marketing Group
Replansky, Jessica Replansky, Jessica
Costume Designer
Resheske, Frances Resheske, Frances
Gen Mgr, Comm Dev. & Gov. Affairs
Brooklyn Union Gas Company
Resnick, Susan Resnick, Susan
Director, Interpreter, Writer
Restaurant, Gauchas Restaurant, Gauchas
Gauchas Restaurant
Reticker, Gini Reticker, Gini
Constant Communications
Rettig, Lane Rettig, Lane
D. E. Shaw & Co.
Reuss, Natalie Reuss, Natalie
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Reuss, Pat Reuss, Pat
Senior Policy Analyst
Reuther, Terri Reuther, Terri
Lakecoast Productions
Revelle, Kate Revelle, Kate
Life Connects
Rexer, Dallas Rexer, Dallas
Reyes, Aisha Reyes, Aisha
Production Assistant
Reyes, Alexeis Reyes, Alexeis
Division of Student Affairs/Film Office Director
Columbia University
Reyes, Frankie Reyes, Frankie
production mgmt
Reyes, Gabriel Reyes, Gabriel
Reyes Entertainment
Reynolds, Jessica Reynolds, Jessica
Director, Editor: Film/Video
Reynolds, Karen Reynolds, Karen
Reynolds, Marie Reynolds, Marie
Reynolds, Rakia Reynolds, Rakia
Associate Producer
Banyan Productions
Rezac, Lisa Rezac, Lisa
Actor, Production Coordinator
Rezak, Brenda Rezak, Brenda
Affairs to Remember
Rezak, Fabiana Rezak, Fabiana
Variety Enterprises
Reznik, LIsa Reznik, LIsa
Film Society of Summit
Reznik, Lisa Reznik, Lisa
Director, Educator, Writer
Film Society of Summit
Rheinhart, Jackie Rheinhart, Jackie
Mercury Records, Rhythm & Black Music Group
Rhem, Greg Rhem, Greg
Acquisitions, Programming, Television Executive
HBO Documentary Films
Rhimes, Shonda Rhimes, Shonda
Creator/Writer/Executive Producer of Grey's Anatomy
Prospect Studios
Rhinehart, Catherine Rhinehart, Catherine
Director, Producer, Writer
Trashed Nation
Rhinehart, JoAnna Rhinehart, JoAnna
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
JJ Films LLC
Rhodes, Andrea Rhodes, Andrea
Marketing Executive, Production Executive, Sales
tangent arts
Rhodes, Lucille Rhodes, Lucille
Educator, Producer, Writer
Rhome, Brandi Rhome, Brandi
Actor, Writer
Rhone, Sylvia Rhone, Sylvia
President, Motown Records - Executive Vice President, Universal Records
Motown Records
RIazian, Maryam RIazian, Maryam
Production Coordinator
Fresh TV
Ribeiro, Eduarda Ribeiro, Eduarda
Ribeiro, Luis Ribeiro, Luis
Riot Manhattan
Riboli, Maria Riboli, Maria
Actor, Director, Producer
Ricardo, Elizabeth Ricardo, Elizabeth
Account Manager
Frank PR
Ricchio, Rosemary Ricchio, Rosemary
Director, Interpreter, Writer
Ricchiuti, Leanne Ricchiuti, Leanne
Associate Producer
Capital News 9
Ricciardelli, Carole Ricciardelli, Carole
VP, Co-Founder,Board Member
Magikal Charm 22, Inc.
Ricciardi, Linda Ricciardi, Linda
Costume Designer
Ricciuti, Patrick Ricciuti, Patrick
Chief Financial Officer
Techno Solutions Group, Inc
Ricciuti, Victoria Ricciuti, Victoria
President and CEO
Techno Solutions Group, Inc.
Rice Lichtig, Robin Rice Lichtig, Robin
Rising Solo
Rice, Amy Rice, Amy
Rice, Dempsey Rice, Dempsey
Director, Educator, Producer
Daughter One Productions, Inc.
Rice, Grai Rice, Grai
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Researcher
Producer, Production Designer
Rice, Susan Rice, Susan
Rice, Traven Rice, Traven
Director, Producer, Writer
Say Something Productions
Rich, Amanda Rich, Amanda
Talent Coordinator
Washington Square Arts
Rich, Chris Rich, Chris
General Manager
Soundtrack Recording Studios
Rich, Frank Rich, Frank
The New York Times
Rich, Ginger Rich, Ginger
Rich, Katey Rich, Katey
Richane, Ted Richane, Ted
Cause & Affect
Richard, Bruce Richard, Bruce
Executive Vice President of Production
Bootleg Production, Inc
Richards, Amy Richards, Amy
Author, Manifesta
Richards, Carole Richards, Carole
Director, Producer
The New York Times
Richards, Diane Richards, Diane
Harlem Renaissance Publishing
Richards, Donald Richards, Donald
Nonprofit Administrator
Richards, Laura Richards, Laura
Editor: Film/Video
Richards, Martha Richards, Martha
Executive Director
The Fund for Women Arts
Richards, Marty Richards, Marty
The Producer's Circle Co.
Richards, Robin Richards, Robin
Regional Marketing Specialist
Sony Electronics Inc.
Richardson, Christine Richardson, Christine
jeremy walker & associates inc.
Richardson, Clare Richardson, Clare
Office of the Executive
Richardson, Denise Richardson, Denise
the communicator
Richardson, Grace Richardson, Grace
Vice President, Global Consumer Affairs
Colgate-Palmolive Company
Richardson, John Richardson, John
Rochester-Monroe County Government Relations, Eastman Kodak Company
Richardson, Sandra Richardson, Sandra
Writer, Director, On Camera Interviewer
WIFT Chapter-New Mexico
Richardson, Tanya Richardson, Tanya
New York Press
Richen, Yoruba Richen, Yoruba
Promised Land Films
Richey, Marlene Richey, Marlene
Director of Membership
Richlin, Eli Richlin, Eli
Director of Policy & Communications
Queens City Council
Richman, Beth Richman, Beth
Associate Producer, Development Executive
BlueBird Media Consulting LLC
Richmond, Edward Richmond, Edward
UCLA Film and Television Archives
Richmond, Michelle Richmond, Michelle
Journalist, Producer
Richmond, Ray Richmond, Ray
Deadline Hollywood Daily
Richter, Judy Richter, Judy
Consultant, Producer, Writer
Rick, Barbara Rick, Barbara
Director, Producer, Writer
Out of The Blue Films, Inc.
Rick, Janessa Rick, Janessa
Physical Therapist
Hampton Cares, Inc.
Ricker, Jenna Ricker, Jenna
One Horse Shy Productions
Rickinson, Steve Rickinson, Steve
Senior Editor
Rico, Jack Rico, Jack
Founder and Editor in Chief
Ridcelay, Priscilla Ridcelay, Priscilla
Newsletter Editor
Mystery Writers of America
Riddle, Anthony Riddle, Anthony
Executive Director
Allience for Community Media
Riddle, Barbara Riddle, Barbara
Rider, Dawn Rider, Dawn
Editor: Film/Video
Ridley, Marilyn Ridley, Marilyn
Morgan Stanley
Ridlon, Kheley Ridlon, Kheley
Media Distributors
Ridolfi, Paola Ridolfi, Paola
Art Director, Production Designer
Riedel, Amanda Riedel, Amanda
Art Director, Costume Designer
Riedl, Kate Riedl, Kate
Director, Writer
Artichoke Films
Riedl, Thomas Riedl, Thomas
VisiSound Technologies
Riegelhaupt, Kathleen Donovan Riegelhaupt, Kathleen Donovan
Director, Foundation and Government Grants
New York Public Library
Rieschick, Anne Rieschick, Anne
Biography Magazine
Rifkin, Bryna Rifkin, Bryna
Rifkind, Carole Rifkind, Carole
Director, Producer
Rigas, Michael Rigas, Michael
Adelphia Communications
Rigas, Tim Rigas, Tim
Adelphia Communications
Rigg, Kate Rigg, Kate
Amerasian Icon
Riggi, Gina Riggi, Gina
Make Up Artist
Charlie Rose show
Riggio, Leonard Riggio, Leonard
Barnes & Noble
Riggs, Stephanie Riggs, Stephanie
Sunchaser Entertainment
Riggs, Stephanie Riggs, Stephanie
Sunchaser Entertainment
Riisna, Ene Riisna, Ene
ABC News, 20/20
Riley McElheny, Meghan Riley McElheny, Meghan
Production Associate
Peter Bogdanovich Productions
Riley Stewart, Meredith Riley Stewart, Meredith
Actor, Choreographer, Writer
Riley, Annica Riley, Annica
Payroll Accountant 2
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Riley, Dominic G. Riley, Dominic G.
Donmick G. Riley Detective Bureau, Inc.
Riley, Pamela Riley, Pamela
Ideal Health and Nurtition
Riley, Patricia Riley, Patricia
Post-Production Services
Deluxe Media Creative Services
Rimer, Jane Rimer, Jane
Development Executive, Distributor, Production Executive
NYLon Life
Rimer, Jane Rimer, Jane
Peleton Entertainment
Rinaldi, Sarah Rinaldi, Sarah
Sass Media LLC
Ringbom, Jon Ringbom, Jon
Charge Scenic
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Ringe, Benjamin Ringe, Benjamin
SVP Development/Executive Producer
Peacock Productions
Ringel, Eleanor Ringel, Eleanor
Movie Critic, Features Department
The Atlanta Journal
Ringwald, Molly Ringwald, Molly
c/o Writers & Artists Agency
Rinzel, Alison Rinzel, Alison
Casting Director
Rio, Carmen Rio, Carmen
Actor, Producer, Writer
Rios, Rachel Rios, Rachel
McGraw Hill Financial
Ripa, Txema Ripa, Txema
General Manager
NH Jolly Madison Towers
Ripka, Brett Ripka, Brett
Centaur Properties
Ripley, Jojo Ripley, Jojo
Business Development
Last Exit LLC
Ripp, Martha Ripp, Martha
Executive Producer
Ripstein, Ellen Ripstein, Ellen
Journalist, Researcher
Rispal, Kareen Rispal, Kareen
Cultural Counselor
French Embassy, Cultural Services
Riss, Suzanne Riss, Suzanne
Journalist, Writer
Working Mother Magazine
Ritchings, Gene Ritchings, Gene
Law & Order/Universal TV
Ritta, Kurt Ritta, Kurt
Rittelmeyer, Pamela Rittelmeyer, Pamela
Camera Assistant, Cinematographer, Producer
Rittenberg, Ann Rittenberg, Ann
Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency, Inc.
Ritter, Dorit Ritter, Dorit
4 Citizens Productions
Ritter, Gretchen Ritter, Gretchen
Ritz, Giardy Ritz, Giardy
Ritz, Janet Ritz, Janet
Inside Forward Productions
Ritz, Susan Ritz, Susan
Ritz Clark & Ben-Asher LLP
Rivas, Wilson Rivas, Wilson
Craft Service
Rivera, Alex Rivera, Alex
Rivera, Erica Rivera, Erica
Rivera, Evelynda Rivera, Evelynda
Coordinator, Physical Production
Focus Features
Rivera, Isabela Rivera, Isabela
President and Founder
Rivera, Joe Rivera, Joe
Empire Safe
Rivera, Jorge Rivera, Jorge
Val Dean Entertainment
Rivera, Maria Rivera, Maria
Coordinator, Master Classes
Festival International de Cine de Mar del Plata
Rivera, Mona Rivera, Mona
News Director
Rivera, Robin Rivera, Robin
Producer, Production Services, Programming
Digital Laundry
Rivlin, Lilly Rivlin, Lilly
Just Luck Productions
Rivo, Rebecca Rivo, Rebecca
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
Rivo, Sharon Rivo, Sharon
Executive Director
National Center for Jewish Film
Rix, Michael Rix, Michael
Mirror Mountain Pictures
Rizzo, Rosanna Rizzo, Rosanna
Camera Assistant
Roach, Ayo Roach, Ayo
Rockefeller & Co
Roach, Janet Roach, Janet
Roake, Kathryn Roake, Kathryn
Storyboard Artist
Roark, Amanda Roark, Amanda
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over
Robb, Black Robb, Black
Event Producer
Film Blitz
Robbins, Andy Robbins, Andy
Head of Theatrical Marketing
Palm Pictures
Robbins, Ben Robbins, Ben
The Screenwriters Colony
Robbins, Carrie Robbins, Carrie
Costume Designer
Robbins, Chris Robbins, Chris
Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs
Robbins, Isen Robbins, Isen
Red Giant Media
Robbins, Marcia Robbins, Marcia
Acquisitions, Distributor, Marketing Executive
Robbins Media Entertainment Consulting
Robbins, Neil Robbins, Neil
Galaxie Coffee and All Island Janitorial Supply
Robbins, Nick Robbins, Nick
Sales Department
Postworks, NY
Robbins, Sheila Robbins, Sheila
Robbins Research/IDC
Robbins, Susan Robbins, Susan
Asterart Productions
Roberts, Amy Roberts, Amy
MTV Networks
Roberts, Barbara Roberts, Barbara
Roberts & Company
Roberts, Beth Roberts, Beth
Business Affairs Executive, Corporate Executive
NBC Universal Cable Entertainment Business Affairs, Digital and New Business Development
Roberts, Carmen Roberts, Carmen
Anchor/Reporter, Executive Producer, Line Producer
Macaro Media Group Inc.
Roberts, Cokie Roberts, Cokie
ABC News
Roberts, Dafina Roberts, Dafina
Choreographer, Producer, Writer
Roberts, Dawn Roberts, Dawn
KOCH Entertainment
Roberts, Deb Roberts, Deb
ABC News, 20/20
Roberts, Janet Roberts, Janet
Television Executive
Roberts, Joanne Roberts, Joanne
Interactive Media, Producer
Joanne Roberts Productions
Roberts, Joanne Roberts, Joanne
Joanne Roberts Productions
Roberts, Karen Roberts, Karen
Anchor/Reporter, Journalist
Roberts, Kerry Roberts, Kerry
Payroll Accountant
Roberts, Linda Roberts, Linda
Roberts, Marlee Roberts, Marlee
Director, Producer, Writer
Face Your Beast LLC
Roberts, Neil Roberts, Neil
Roberts, Robin Roberts, Robin
ABC Good Morning America
Roberts, Toni Roberts, Toni
Toni Roberts Casting
Roberts, Tony Roberts, Tony
c/o Myrna Post
Roberts, Ty Roberts, Ty
Director, Producer, Writer
Roberts, Wendy Roberts, Wendy
Script Supervisor
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Robertson, Alvita Robertson, Alvita
Copy Editor
Interactive One
Robertson, Faith Robertson, Faith
The Felix Organization
Robertson, Holly Robertson, Holly
Actor, Director, Producer
Robertson, Janet Robertson, Janet
Consultant, Marketing Executive, Television Executive
Sesame Workshop
Robertson, Linda Robertson, Linda
Assistant Director, Producer
Robertson, Russ Robertson, Russ
Vice President, Sales
Robespierre, Gillian Robespierre, Gillian
Writer, Director
Robillard, Nancy Robillard, Nancy
Robin, Helen Robin, Helen
Aon Corporation
Robina, Diane Robina, Diane
Acquisitions, Programming, Television Executive
Robina, Diane Robina, Diane
SVP, Programming & Operations
Fuse TV
Robinson, Amy Robinson, Amy
Double Play Productions
Robinson, Amy Robinson, Amy
Amy Robinson Productions
Robinson, Barbara Robinson, Barbara
Debevoise & Plimpton
Robinson, Carole Robinson, Carole
Sr. VP Corp. Communications
MTV Networks
Robinson, David Robinson, David
Elephant Eye Films
Robinson, Dick Robinson, Dick
President Scholastic
Scholastic Entertainment, Inc.
Robinson, Eric Robinson, Eric
Director of Development and Production
The Weinstein Company
Robinson, Esther Robinson, Esther
Robinson, Janet Robinson, Janet
The New York Times Magazine
Robinson, K. Frazier Robinson, K. Frazier
Director, Music Supervisor, Wardrobe
Robinson, Karen Robinson, Karen
make-up artist
K. Rob
Robinson, Monica Robinson, Monica
Senior Client Associate
Signature Bank
Robinson, P Aurora Robinson, P Aurora
ARB Designs
Robinson, Rashad Robinson, Rashad
Executive Director
Color of Change
Robinson, Stu Robinson, Stu
Paradigm Agency
Robinson, Tamara Robinson, Tamara
Robinson, Tasha Robinson, Tasha
Senior Editor
The Dissolve
Robinson, Vivian Robinson, Vivian
The Audelo. PO Box 30
Robison-May, Toni Robison-May, Toni
Actor, Writer
Red Wall Productions
Robles, Jessica Robles, Jessica
Traffic Coordinator
Robson, Karen Robson, Karen
Pryor, Cashman, Sherman & Flynn
Roca, Dianet Roca, Dianet
Actor, Producer, Writer
Roca, Susan Rachel Roca, Susan Rachel
Production Manager
Roche, John Roche, John
Petunia Productions
Rochester, Mattilyn Rochester, Mattilyn
Producer, Writer
Rock, Angela Rock, Angela
Company 3
Rock, Marcia Rock, Marcia
Director, Educator, Producer
Rockefeller, Susan Rockefeller, Susan
Designer and Founder
Susan Rockefeller
Rockefeller, Susan Rockefeller, Susan
Director, Producer
Rodan, Marilyn Rodan, Marilyn
Agent, Producer
Marilyn Rodan
Rodanty, Mark Rodanty, Mark
Bauman, Hiller & Assoc.
Rodas, Maria Rodas, Maria
Golden Lasso Entertainment
Rodd, Venessa Rodd, Venessa
Assistant Location Manager
Law&Order Special Victims Unit
Rode, Eva Rode, Eva
Quad Cinemas
Rodell, Barbara Rodell, Barbara
Actor, Producer, Writer
Rodgers, Anne Rodgers, Anne
Viacom International Inc.
Rodgers, Beth Rodgers, Beth
Media Assets Digitizer/Digibrarian
NBC Universal
Rodgers, Betsy Rodgers, Betsy
IFC Entertainment
Rodgers, Mary Rodgers, Mary
Actor, Writer
Rodham Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Hillary
U. S. Senate
Rodner, Stephen Rodner, Stephen
Pryor, Cashman, Sherman & Flynn
Rodriguez, Beatriz Rodriguez, Beatriz
Corporate Executive
Chubb Custom Market Inc.
Rodriguez, Deborah Rodriguez, Deborah
Rodriguez, Domingo Rodriguez, Domingo
Costume Designer
Rodriguez, Favianna Rodriguez, Favianna
Rodriguez, Ivy Rodriguez, Ivy
King World Int'l Productions, Inc.
Rodriguez, Jose Rodriguez, Jose
President & Director
Rodriguez, Kayla Rodriguez, Kayla
Production Coordinator, Production Services, Researcher
Al Roker Entertainment/NBC Today Show
Rodriguez, Kristin Rodriguez, Kristin
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Services
Rodriguez, Marcella Rodriguez, Marcella
Gashouse Films
Rodriguez, Maria Rodriguez, Maria
Donde Estan
Rodriguez, Rosa Rodriguez, Rosa
Room 1209 Productions
Rodriguez, Rosemary Rodriguez, Rosemary
Director, Writer
Rodriguez, Sadia Rodriguez, Sadia
Matador Content
Rodriguez, Tresha Rodriguez, Tresha
Associate Broker
Douglas Elliman
Rodriguez-Cubenas, Ben Rodriguez-Cubenas, Ben
Program Director
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Rodriguez-Montoya, Corinne Rodriguez-Montoya, Corinne
6.5.67 Alianza Tierra O Muerte
Rodriguez-Remeneski, Shirley Rodriguez-Remeneski, Shirley
Deputy Commissioner
Housing Preservation and Development
Rodriquez, Eileen Rodriquez, Eileen
Director of Acquisitions
The Weinstein Company
Roe, Jennifer Roe, Jennifer
Development Executive, Producer, Writer
Roe, Rebecca Roe, Rebecca
Avon products
Roer, Lynn Roer, Lynn
Executive Producer, Line Producer
Ogilvy & Mather
Roever, Nancy Roever, Nancy
ITVS (Independent Television Service)
Roewe, Jay Roewe, Jay
Senior Vice President of Production
Bootleg Production, Inc
Roffe, Jo Roffe, Jo
WIFT - Wellington
Rogan, Jason Rogan, Jason
Funny How Films
Rogen, Lisa Rogen, Lisa
Knowledge Now
Rogerio, Graciela Rogerio, Graciela
Rogers, Anna Rogers, Anna
free lance
Rogers, Dana Rogers, Dana
Museum of TV & Radio
Rogers, Denise Rogers, Denise
Actor, Director, Producer
Multi-Stream Productions
Rogers, Derick Rogers, Derick
Rogers, Elizabeth Rogers, Elizabeth
Cityscape Institute
Rogers, Molly Rogers, Molly
Costume Designer
Rogers, Shelley Rogers, Shelley
Director, Producer
What's Organic About Organic, LLC
Rogers, Steve Rogers, Steve
Senior Vice President, Business Affairs
Roget, Sorel Roget, Sorel
Consultant, Producer, Sales
Sundays at cafe TABAC film
Roghanchi, Mort Roghanchi, Mort
SVP, Sales
Duplication Services, Inc.
Roghanchi, Mort Roghanchi, Mort
VP, Sales & Marketing
Broadway Video Digital Media
Rogoff, Lynn Rogoff, Lynn
Interactive Media, Producer, Writer
Amerikids USA
Rogoff, Lynn Rogoff, Lynn
Rogoff, Patti Rogoff, Patti
Studio Manager
MTV Networks
Rohm, Elisabeth Rohm, Elisabeth
Actor, Writer
Rohrer, Kat Rohrer, Kat
Camera Assistant, Cinematographer, Director
GreenKat Productions
Rohrer, Stuart Rohrer, Stuart
Rohret, Bernice Rohret, Bernice
Director, Nonprofit Administrator, Writer
AULIS Collective, Theater & Media, Inc.
Rohs, Pam Rohs, Pam
Executive Producer
AON/Albert G. Ruben Company (New York) Inc.
Roker, Al Roker, Al
Rolff, Ray Rolff, Ray
American Film & Video Association (AFVA)
Rolle, Julia Rolle, Julia
Fox News
Rollender, Nicole Rollender, Nicole
Wearables Business Stitches
Roller, Joy Roller, Joy
Independent Producer
Rolling, Brian Rolling, Brian
VP of Production
ValDean Entertainment
Rollins Westin, Sherrie Rollins Westin, Sherrie
Sesame Workshop
Rollins, Ava Rollins, Ava
RF Binder
Rollins, Lynn Rollins, Lynn
The Museum of Women, the Leadership Center
Rolontz, Lee Rolontz, Lee
Producer, Production Executive
Romagnani, Paola Romagnani, Paola
Simmia Productions
Romain, Lisa Romain, Lisa
Roman, Carol Roman, Carol
Mamager of Administration
Harlem RBI
Roman, Rebecca Roman, Rebecca
Sr. Media Manager
The Donna Karan Company
Romano, Jerry Romano, Jerry
MTI / The Image Group
Romano, Nicole Romano, Nicole
Focus Features
Romao, Donna Romao, Donna
Assistant Vice President
Bollinger Insurance
Romdhani, Oussama Romdhani, Oussama
Tunisian External Communications Agency
Romeo, Mark Romeo, Mark
Marketing/Media/Business Development
Romeo, Mark Romeo, Mark
Executive Producer
Light Cone Pictures
Romer, Dan Romer, Dan
Rocket Music
Romero, Katherine Romero, Katherine
Consulate General of the Netherlands
Romersa, Michael Romersa, Michael
Executive Producer
Reactor Films
Romeu, Patricia Romeu, Patricia
Assistant Director
School of Visual Arts
Romeu, Patricia Romeu, Patricia
Educator, Nonprofit Administrator, Producer
School of Visual Arts
Romine, Jennifer Romine, Jennifer
Fundraising/Development, Producer, Writer
romine, jennifer romine, jennifer
Director, Producer, Writer
Romines, Shannon Romines, Shannon
MFA Social Documentary Film Department
SVA SocDoc
Romma, Sophia Romma, Sophia
Literary Manager
The O'Neill Film and Theatrical Foundation
Rompalske, Dorothy Rompalske, Dorothy
Director, Educator, Writer
Romweber, Sue Romweber, Sue
Lost Planet
Ronan, Liz Ronan, Liz
Entertainment Weekly
Ronan, Nick Ronan, Nick
Chance Of Fate Productions
Ronca, Marissa Ronca, Marissa
Senior Vice President
Rong, Jensen Rong, Jensen
Roniger, Amber Roniger, Amber
Actor, Director, Writer
Ronk, Clara Ronk, Clara
Style & Design
Local 764
Ronser, Jeff Ronser, Jeff
Executive Producer
Sacred Noise
Roodman, Joel Roodman, Joel
Gotham Entertainment Group
Rooks, Alexander Rooks, Alexander
Lotus Films
Roper-Shear, Rhonda Roper-Shear, Rhonda
Costume Designer
Ropnack Ph.D, Axel Ropnack Ph.D, Axel
Fordham University
Roque, Cecilia Roque, Cecilia
Ros, Julie Ros, Julie
Shattered Magazine
Rosado, Jose Rosado, Jose
District Sales Manager
Rosales, Carlos Rosales, Carlos
Administrative Assistant to the CEO
Rosales, Lucia Rosales, Lucia
Actor, Art Director, Production Designer
Rosario, Dominique Rosario, Dominique
Washington Square Films
Rose, Ann Rose, Ann
Executive Producer
Lets Make Things
Rose, Barbara Rose, Barbara
Market Development Executive
Getty Images
Rose, Brian Rose, Brian
Directors Guild of America
Rose, Caryn Rose, Caryn
Director Digital Product Development
Billboard Magazine
Rose, Edward Rose, Edward
maxim group
Rose, Elizabeth Rose, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Rose Music
Rose, Frank Rose, Frank
Senior Fellow
Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab
Rose, J.D. Rose, J.D.
Technical Director
Rose, Jane Rose, Jane
Raindrop Services
Rose, Mary Rose, Mary
Costume Designers Guild Local 892
Rose, Melissa Rose, Melissa
Freelance Producer
Rose, Nancy Rose, Nancy
Levine Thall Plotkin & Menin, LLP
Rose, Nicole Rose, Nicole
Rose, Peter Pamela Rose, Peter Pamela
ADR Coordinator, Voice Director
The Looping Division
Rose, Phil Rose, Phil
Director, Music Supervisor, Writer
Rose, Robert Rose, Robert
Producer, Production Executive, Sales
AIM Tell-A-Vision
Rose, Ryan Rose, Ryan
Director, Producer, Writer
Glow Entertainment, Inc.
Rose, Susan Rose, Susan
Rose Productions
Rose, Tracey Rose, Tracey
Rosefeld, Reid Rosefeld, Reid
Dennis Davidson Associates/DDA
Rosefelt, Reid Rosefelt, Reid
Reid Rosefelt
Rosellini, Anne Rosellini, Anne
Roseman, Erica Roseman, Erica
Rosen, Danielle Rosen, Danielle
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
4th Row Films
Rosen, Danielle Rosen, Danielle
4th Row Films
Rosen, Debra Rosen, Debra
Z Music
Rosen, Hilary Rosen, Hilary
President and CEO
Channel 2 News
Rosen, Jamie Rosen, Jamie
Associate Editor, Jewelry
Rosen, Jessica Rosen, Jessica
RF Binder
Rosen, Lauren Rosen, Lauren
Associate Producer, Director
Slow Donkey Productions
Rosen, Lucy Rosen, Lucy
The Business Development Group, Inc.
Rosen, Marc D. Rosen, Marc D.
Bell and Company
Rosen, Marjorie Rosen, Marjorie
Critic, Journalist, Writer
Rosen, Peter Rosen, Peter
Peter Rosen Productions Inc.
Rosen, Robert Rosen, Robert
UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
Rosenbaum, Bobby Rosenbaum, Bobby
Fine Homes Specialist
Prudential Douglas elliman Real Estate
Rosenbaum, Steven Rosenbaum, Steven
Managing Partner
Magnify Media
Rosenberg, Deborah Rosenberg, Deborah
Editor: Film/Video
Rosenberg, Debra Rosenberg, Debra
Rosenberg, Flash Rosenberg, Flash
Flash Productions
Rosenberg, Jerome Rosenberg, Jerome
Jerome R. Rosenberg, Esq.
Rosenberg, Leora Rosenberg, Leora
William Morris Agency- LA
Rosenberg, Mark Rosenberg, Mark
Rooftop Films
Rosenberg, Mark Elijah Rosenberg, Mark Elijah
Artistic Director
Rooftop Films
Rosenberg, Michael Rosenberg, Michael
Koch Entertainment
Rosenberg, Michael Rosenberg, Michael
E1 Entertainment U.S.
Rosenberg, Noah Rosenberg, Noah
Rosenberg, Scott Rosenberg, Scott
Alpine Floor Covering
Rosenberg, Susan Rosenberg, Susan
SusanFilm, Inc.
Rosenblat, Arney Rosenblat, Arney
National Multiple Sclerosis Society of New York
Rosenblatt, Charlotte Rosenblatt, Charlotte
Senior VP, Director of Broadcast Prod
D'Arcy, Masius, Benton & Bowles, Inc.
Rosenblatt, Jana Rosenblatt, Jana
Production Designer, Wardrobe
Rosenblum, Amy Rosenblum, Amy
Executive Producer
Maury (Attn. Jill Dorfman)
Rosenblum, Barry Rosenblum, Barry
Time-Warner Cable , NYC
Rosenblum, Marcia Rosenblum, Marcia
Associate Director, Copyright Administration, Licensing
EMI Music Publishing
Rosenblum, Nina Rosenblum, Nina
Daedalus Productions, Inc.
Rosenblum, Nina Rosenblum, Nina
Daedalus Productions, Inc.
Rosenbluth, Hal Rosenbluth, Hal
Kaufman Astoria Studios
Rosenbluth, Hal Rosenbluth, Hal
Kaufman Astoria Studios
Rosenfeld, Madelon Rosenfeld, Madelon
Attorney, Executive Producer, Producer
Jurist Production Company, Inc.
Rosenfeld, Nancy Rosenfeld, Nancy
Viacom International Inc.
Rosenfeld, Ricki Rosenfeld, Ricki
Sr. Producer
VH-1 Flix
Rosenfield, Betsy Rosenfield, Betsy
Rosenfield, Laurie Rosenfield, Laurie
MjS Executive Search
Rosenfield, Stan Rosenfield, Stan
Stan Rosenfield Public Relations
Rosenthal, Hilary Rosenthal, Hilary
Channel 2 News at Five & Six
Rosenthal, Jane Rosenthal, Jane
Partner & Co-Founder
Tribeca Productions
Rosenthal, Krithika Rosenthal, Krithika
Director, Producer
Rosenthal, Nancy Rosenthal, Nancy
Associate Producer, Festival Administrator, Producer
new york WILD film festival
Rosenthal, Nancy Rosenthal, Nancy
Founder & Executive
new york WILD film festival
Rosenthal, Stacy Rosenthal, Stacy
Director, Special Events and Public Relations
Rosenthal, Steven Rosenthal, Steven
rosenthal, tatia rosenthal, tatia
Animator, Director, Writer
Rosenzweig, Claire Rosenzweig, Claire
President and CEO
Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan New York
Rosenzweig, Claire Rosenzweig, Claire
President & CEO
The Better Business Serving Metropolitan New York
Rosenzweig, Josh Rosenzweig, Josh
Vice President
Here TV & Film
Roses, Veronica Roses, Veronica
Rights & Clearances Associate
ABC News
Roses, Veronica Roses, Veronica
ABC News
Rosin, Katie Rosin, Katie
Kampfire Films
Rosner, Jessica Rosner, Jessica
Kino International
Rosner, Tina Rosner, Tina
Twin Art
Ross, Alex Ross, Alex
Ross, Andrea Ross, Andrea
Storybook Productions
Ross, Brett Ross, Brett
Business Development
Ross, Cari Ross, Cari
ID Public Relations
Ross, Douglas Ross, Douglas
Evolution Film & Tape, Inc.
ross, glenna ross, glenna
IATSI Local 161
Ross, Glenna Ross, Glenna
IATSI Local 161
ross, Heather ross, Heather
Director, Corporate Communications
Rainbow Media Holdings LLC
Ross, Ian Ross, Ian
Cinematographer, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Ian Ross LLC
Ross, JoAnn Ross, JoAnn
President of Network Sales
Ross, Lally Ross, Lally
Actor, Director, Writer
Ladybug Productions
Ross, Monty Ross, Monty
Special Project Coordinator
40 Acres & A Mule
Ross, Nicole Ross, Nicole
Marketing Manager
Greater Philadelphia Film Office
Ross, Niramon Ross, Niramon
Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Director
Ross, Pamela Ross, Pamela
Associate Producer
Ross, Peter Ross, Peter
General Counsel
Manhattan Center
Ross, Robyn Ross, Robyn
Staff Editor Writer
TV Guide Online
Ross, Shelly Ross, Shelly
ABC News
Ross, Toni Ross, Toni
Chairman of the Board
The Hamptons Int'l Film Festival
Ross, Wendy Ross, Wendy
Harpo Productions
Ross, whitney Ross, whitney
Executive Director
Trinity Counseling Service
Ross, Yolonda Ross, Yolonda
Rossano, JoAnn Rossano, JoAnn
Signature Bank
Rossellini, Isabella Rossellini, Isabella
c/o Adam Isaacs, United Talent Agency
Rossetti, Ann Rossetti, Ann
Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Director
robotti producto
Rossi, Amy Rossi, Amy
VP, Corporate Communications
Rossini, Doug Rossini, Doug
Chelsea Loft Edit
Roston, John Roston, John
Equilibrium Solutions
Rostron, Brittany Rostron, Brittany
Production Services
Rotbert, Clifford Rotbert, Clifford
Budget Manager
The New School
Roth, Daryl Roth, Daryl
Daryl Roth Productions
Roth, Elyse Roth, Elyse
roth, jude roth, jude
Sport of Nature Pictures
Roth, Nancy Roth, Nancy
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Roth, Peter Roth, Peter
Stephen Cannell Productions
Roth, Wendy Roth, Wendy
Ish Entertainment
Rothacker, Kathy Rothacker, Kathy
William Morris Agency, Inc.
Rothberg, Jeff Rothberg, Jeff
Vice President
Future Media Concepts
Rothblatt, Rachel Rothblatt, Rachel
Development Executive
Rothchild, Jane Rothchild, Jane
Consultant, Sales, Writer
Rothe, Whitney Rothe, Whitney
Distribution Coordinator
Rothenberg, Debra Rothenberg, Debra
Producer, Talent Coordinator, Writer
PromoNation, Inc.
Rothenberg, Lewis Rothenberg, Lewis
National Vice President - Co-Chair National Training Committee
International Cinematographers Guild Local 600
Rothenberg, Margery Rothenberg, Margery
Actor, Marketing Executive, Writer
Rothfeld, Robbie Rothfeld, Robbie
Saatchi & Saatchi Entertainment
Rothfield, Hannah Rothfield, Hannah
Art Director, Production Designer, Researcher
Rothman Morris, Bonnie Rothman Morris, Bonnie
Producer, Writer
Rothman, Bonnie Rothman, Bonnie
Executive Assistant
Sterling Resources International
Rothman, Jim Rothman, Jim
The Rothman Agency
Rothman, Julie Rothman, Julie
Corporate Executive
Oxygen Media
Rothman, Julie Rothman, Julie
Publicist, Television Executive
Fox Broadcasting Company
Rothman, Kay Rothman, Kay
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
Rothman, Marni Rothman, Marni
Associate Producer, Coordinating Producer
Rothschild, Amalie Rothschild, Amalie
Director, Producer, Still Photographer
Anomaly Films
Rothschild, Emily Rothschild, Emily
Director of Acquistions
Arthouse Films
Rothschild, Jordana Rothschild, Jordana
Beiersdorf Inc
Rothschild, Rivkah Rothschild, Rivkah
Attorney at Law
Rothschild, Susan Rothschild, Susan
General Counsel
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
Rothzeid, Mitzie Rothzeid, Mitzie
Nonprofit Administrator
PGA East
Roti, Kaila Roti, Kaila
Roti, Kaila Roti, Kaila
Creative Director, Programming, Writer
Rotman, Meredith Rotman, Meredith
Vanity Fair
Rotondi, Jessica Rotondi, Jessica
Actor, Director, Writer
Rotondo, Pietro Rotondo, Pietro
Field Producer/ ENG/ Director of Photography
Rotondo, Pietro Rotondo, Pietro
Actor, Director, Production Supervisor
WebTVProductions De las Americas
Supervising Producer / DP
Rottman, Sylvie Rottman, Sylvie
Associate Producer
ABC News
Roulenko, Elena Roulenko, Elena
Journeyman Hair Stylist
Iatse Local 798, The Americans
Roulenko, Elena Roulenko, Elena
Journeyman Hair Stylist
Roumani-Denn, Vivienne Roumani-Denn, Vivienne
Director, Researcher, Writer
Roumel, Katie Roumel, Katie
Killer Films
Roura, Phil Roura, Phil
Entertainment editor
New York Daily News
Rouse, Robert D. Rouse, Robert D.
P.O. Box 1609
rousseau, gaetan rousseau, gaetan
Paradoxal, Inc
Rowan, Dawn Rowan, Dawn
Director of Communications
NBC New York
Rowe, Carlene Rowe, Carlene
Sr. Manager of Entertainment Marketing
Anheuser Busch
Rowe, Dorian Rowe, Dorian
Manager of Programs
Rowe, Erica Rowe, Erica
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video, Video Graphics
Rowe, Jeffrey Rowe, Jeffrey
Viacom International Inc.
Rowe, Sally Rowe, Sally
Rowe Road Productions LLC
Rowen, Azizah Rowen, Azizah
Actor, Producer
Rowland, Ben Rowland, Ben
Account Manager
Roxo, Alexandra Roxo, Alexandra
Knockout Pictures
Roy, Angela Roy, Angela
Roy, Melanie Roy, Melanie
Development Executive, Producer
HBO Downtown Productions
Roy, Rajendra Roy, Rajendra
MoMA - Museum of Modern Art
Roy, Somi Roy, Somi
Independent Curator
Somi Roy
Roy, Somi Roy, Somi
Gold Coast International Film Festival
Royer-Green, Nancy Royer-Green, Nancy
Asst. Ent. MGR/CWD
Chubb & Son, Inc.
Roytberg, Alla Roytberg, Alla
Law Offices & Mediation Center of Alla Roytberg
Roytman, Polina Roytman, Polina
YVH Enterprises, LLC
Rozansky, Kara Rozansky, Kara
Production Coordinator
Blowback Productions
Rozdeba, Suzanne Rozdeba, Suzanne
Today Show, NY Mag
Rozen, Leah Rozen, Leah
People Weekly Magazine
Rozier, Cheryl Rozier, Cheryl
Marketing Executive
Hachette Book Group
Ruane, Vanessa Ruane, Vanessa
Rubel, Nancy Rubel, Nancy
Actor, Make Up Artist, Writer
Rubenstein, Debra Rubenstein, Debra
Consultant, Production Finance, Sales
Rubenstein, Hal Rubenstein, Hal
Instyle Magazine
Rubenstein, Howard J. Rubenstein, Howard J.
Howard J. Rubenstein Assoc., Inc.
Rubenstein, Lisa Rubenstein, Lisa
Casting Director
Liz Lewis Casting Partners
Rubenstein, Mark Rubenstein, Mark
Account Rep
Met Life
Rubin, Adam Rubin, Adam
Director, Policy and Research
New Visions for Public Schools
Rubin, Carol Rubin, Carol
Executive Director, Development
Disney Channel
Rubin, Dana Rubin, Dana
Journalist, Producer, Writer
Rubin, Donald Rubin, Donald
V.P Public Affairs
Rubin, Jane Rubin, Jane
Ogilvy & Mather
Rubin, Liz Rubin, Liz
Camera Operator, Cinematographer
Rubin, Nan Rubin, Nan
Community Media Services
Rubin, Rochelle Rubin, Rochelle
Rubin, Slava Rubin, Slava
Corporate Executive, Marketing Executive
Rubino, Anita Rubino, Anita
Nielsen Media Research
rubino, john rubino, john
Rubinstein, Ethel Rubinstein, Ethel
Corporate Executive
Blue Rock Editing Company
Rubinstein, Leslie Rubinstein, Leslie
Critic, Writer
Rubinstein, Lisa Rubinstein, Lisa
Editor: Film/Video, Producer, Programming
Rubili Productions
Rubinstein, Lori Rubinstein, Lori
ESTA / Entertainment Services & Technology Assn
Rubinstein, Mark Rubinstein, Mark
Financial Services Representative, Financial Planner, Investment Adviser
MetLife Resources
Rubio, Isabel Rubio, Isabel
Costume Designer
Rubio-Stavena, Julie Rubio-Stavena, Julie
East Meet West Production
Ruby, Jillian Ruby, Jillian
Producer, Production Manager, Programming
Ruch, Sandra Ruch, Sandra
Executive Director
IDA / International Documentary Association
Ruck, Natacha Ruck, Natacha
Producer, Researcher, Writer
Ruckdashel, Brandon Ruckdashel, Brandon
Director of Marketing
New Filmmakers
Rucker, Desiree Rucker, Desiree
Editor: Film/Video, Producer, Writer
Seize The Moment Productions
Rud, Laurie Rud, Laurie
Rudaitis, Ron Rudaitis, Ron
Rudaitis Media, Inc.
Rudefors, Ingrid Rudefors, Ingrid
Film/Television Commissioner, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
free lance
Rudell, Esq., Michael Rudell, Esq., Michael
Managing and Senior Partner
Franklin Weinrib Rudell & Vassallo
Ruderman, Zoe Ruderman, Zoe
People Magazine (Style)
Rudes, Jerome Rudes, Jerome
International Coordinator
LVT Subtitling
Rudin, Jen Rudin, Jen
Casting Director/Author
Jen Rudin Casting LLC
Rudin, Lewis & Jack Rudin, Lewis & Jack
Rudin Management Company
Rudman, Dina Rudman, Dina
Rudnick, Joanna Rudnick, Joanna
Director, Producer
Kartequin Films
Rudoff, Jeannette Rudoff, Jeannette
Voice Over Talent/Writer
JMRVoice Productions
Rudolph, Deborah Rudolph, Deborah
Home Box Office (HBO)
Rudolph, Ileane Rudolph, Ileane
Managing Editor
TV Guide
Rudolph, Joanna Rudolph, Joanna
Distributor, Producer
iCatcher Films, LLC
Rudy, Su Rudy, Su
MediaMark Spotlight, Inc.
Ruelos, Joanne Ruelos, Joanne
Ruest, paul Ruest, paul
Owner/ Audio Producer
The Argot Network
Ruff, Carla Ruff, Carla
Editor: Film/Video, Video Graphics
Carla Ruff Films
Ruffler, Lisa Ruffler, Lisa
Elevation Talent Agency
Ruffo, Mario Ruffo, Mario
Personal Banker
Ruffo, Mario Ruffo, Mario
Retail Financial Services
Ruggiero, Julie Ruggiero, Julie
Producer, Still Photographer, Writer
The Tyra Banks Show
Ruggiero, Michael Ruggiero, Michael
VP of Planning/Strategy
Ruggiero, Yvonne Ruggiero, Yvonne
CBS Corp.
Ruhlin, Kristen Ruhlin, Kristen
Ruisi, Amanda Ruisi, Amanda
NBC Universal
Ruiz, Bernardo Ruiz, Bernardo
Night Magic
Ruiz, Christina Ruiz, Christina
CMR Stylist INC
ruiz, clarivel ruiz, clarivel
Director, Youth Programs
Downtown Community TV Center
Ruiz, Daniela Ruiz, Daniela
Associate Producer, Production Manager, Writer
Ruiz, Jose Ruiz, Jose
TRu Ink Media
Ruiz, Ruben Ruiz, Ruben
Avid Technology
Rukowski, Evan Rukowski, Evan
Assistant to President of Programming
Rumore, Phyllis Rumore, Phyllis
Executive Producer, Writer
Rumph, Megan Rumph, Megan
Assistant Producer
Light Iron
Runyan Svacina, Cathy Runyan Svacina, Cathy
Board Member/Programmer
Ruopp, Kathy Ruopp, Kathy
Assistant Director, Producer, Production Manager
Rupp, Isabella Rupp, Isabella
Director, Producer, Writer
Ruskin, Victoria Ruskin, Victoria
Art Director, Production Designer
Rusolo, Maria Rusolo, Maria
Actor, Editor: Film/Video
ROAM Pictures LLC
Rusolo, Maria Rusolo, Maria
ROAM Pictures
Russell, Heather Russell, Heather
Talent Coordinator
Good Day New York" - WNYW-TV
Russell, Helen Russell, Helen
senior associate producer
Russell, Jessica Russell, Jessica
Executive Producer, Producer, Production Executive
Leading Pictures INC.
Russell, Larry Russell, Larry
associate professor
Hofstra University
Russell, Laurel Russell, Laurel
Time Warner Cable
Russell, Lisa Russell, Lisa
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Governess Films
Russell, Lisa Russell, Lisa
Cypress Films, Inc.
Russell, Neno Russell, Neno
Costume Designer
Russell, Patrick Russell, Patrick
Sony BMG Feature Films
Russell, Yvonna Russell, Yvonna
Actor, Producer
Stiletto Films
Russman, Brian Russman, Brian
Costume Designer
Russo, Barbara Russo, Barbara
The Albert Company
Russo, Barbara Russo, Barbara
Gurney's Inn
Russo, Carole Russo, Carole
Agents for the Arts
Russo, Danielle Russo, Danielle
Citrin Cooperman
russo, davi russo, davi
Interactive Media, Titles, Video Graphics
Russo, Emily Russo, Emily
Zeitgeist Films
Russo, J.R. Russo, J.R.
Russo/Grantham Music
Russo, jane Russo, jane
Russo, Jonathan Russo, Jonathan
Artists Agency
Russo, Kathleen Russo, Kathleen
Russo, Leslie Russo, Leslie
Interview Magazine
Russo, Morgan Russo, Morgan
Director, Producer, Writer
Russo, William (Bill) Russo, William (Bill)
Internet Radio Host
Centanni Broadcasting Network
Russo, Yvonne Russo, Yvonne
Second Act Films
Russo-Young, Ry Russo-Young, Ry
Helavanna Productions
Ruth, Lydia Ruth, Lydia
Westchester Country Tourism & Film
Rutherford, Rebecca Rutherford, Rebecca
Scholalstic Inc. Alliance for Young Artists & Writers
Rutkin, Wendy Rutkin, Wendy
Betelgeuse Productions
Rutkowski, Stephanie Rutkowski, Stephanie
Post-Production Services
Broadway Video
Rutland, Wendy Rutland, Wendy
VP of Acquisitions
Image Entertainment
Rutledge, Lynn Rutledge, Lynn
Rutledge Blindfaith
Rutledge, Mary Rutledge, Mary
Relationship Manager Assistant Vice President
Ruybal, Consuelo Ruybal, Consuelo
Right Rides
Ruza, Kesari Ruza, Kesari
Ryack, Rita Ryack, Rita
Costume Designer
Ryan, Allie Ryan, Allie
Dedicated Lane Productions
Ryan, Allie Ryan, Allie
Post-Production Services, Producer
Dedicated Lane Productions, Inc.
Ryan, Barbara Ryan, Barbara
Agent, Business Affairs Executive
Barbara Ryan/Services for Authors/Services for the Arts
Ryan, Catherine Ryan, Catherine
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over
ryan, gina ryan, gina
Ryan, Gina Ryan, Gina
CEO Pathways
Ryan, Jacquelyn Ryan, Jacquelyn
Freelance Filmmaker
Ryan, Liz Ryan, Liz
Assistant Director, Director, Producer
Ryan, Mae Ryan, Mae
Cinematographer, Editor: Film/Video, Journalist
The Guardian
Ryan, Maureen Ryan, Maureen
Line Producer, Producer
Hands on Productions, Inc.
Ryan, Michael Ryan, Michael
Ryan, Michael Ryan, Michael
Blue Agency
Ryan, Mike Ryan, Mike
Greyshack Films
Ryan, Pamela Ryan, Pamela
Director of Development
Gigantic Pictures
Ryan, Regina Ryan, Regina
Regina Ryan Publishing Enterprises, Inc.
Ryavec, Carole Ryavec, Carole
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Carmic Productions
Rydzel, Molly Rydzel, Molly
Edible Brains Productions
Ryerson, William Ryerson, William
Population Media Center
Rymon, Holly Rymon, Holly
POC/Production Supervisor
Rymon, Holly Rymon, Holly
Production Manager
Rynard, Su Rynard, Su
Ryno, Tanya Ryno, Tanya
Director, Producer, Writer
Frontlot Productions
Ryttenberg, Harry Ryttenberg, Harry
Assignment Editor
Ryzik, Melena Ryzik, Melena
New York Times
Rzepka, Agata Rzepka, Agata
Fundraising/Development, Producer, Production Services
Trygon Film
Rzepka, Jason Rzepka, Jason
MTV Public Affairs