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Fae, Erica Fae, Erica
Actor, Director, Writer
Fahey, Molly Fahey, Molly
Actor, Executive Producer, Writer
Falguiere, Ellen Falguiere, Ellen
Costume Designer, Creative Director, Stylist
Falguiere Designs
Farrell, Karin Farrell, Karin
Actor, Educator
On Location Education
Farrell, Kate Farrell, Kate
Producer, Television Executive, Writer
WE tv
Fasehun, Sola Fasehun, Sola
Consultant, Distributor, Producer
Fasehun Films /Submarine Entertainment & Deluxe
Fassino, Mary Fassino, Mary
Actor, Director, Producer
Fedde, Rachel Fedde, Rachel
Editor: Film/Video, Interactive Media, Video Graphics
Feinberg, Marissa Feinberg, Marissa
Actor, Marketing Executive, Publicist
Feiner, Karyn Feiner, Karyn
Business Affairs Executive, Consultant
Chloe Productions, Inc
Feldman, Robin Feldman, Robin
Executive Producer
Feltus, Samantha Feltus, Samantha
Associate Producer, Camera Operator, Still Photographer
Fernandez, Yvonne Fernandez, Yvonne
Actor, Camera Operator, Producer
Ferrari, Maria Ferrari, Maria
Business Affairs Executive
Extreme Reach
Ferrari, Marianne Ferrari, Marianne
Actor, Writer
Ferriol, Nuria Ferriol, Nuria
Production Coordinator
Fezza, Marilyn Fezza, Marilyn
Seven Sisters Productions
Fieber-Minogue, Laura Fieber-Minogue, Laura
Attorney, Line Producer, Still Photographer
Fielding, Veronica Fielding, Veronica
Marketing Executive, Writer
Digital Brand Expressions
Fields-Cruz, Leslie Fields-Cruz, Leslie
Development Executive, Nonprofit Administrator
National Black Programming Consortium
Fietz, Lia Fietz, Lia
Actor, Anchor/Reporter, Writer
Humanitas Films
Figlarz, Michelle Figlarz, Michelle
Actor, Director
Filaseta, Katherine Filaseta, Katherine
Assistant Director, Director, Educator
Fillion, Michele Fillion, Michele
Director, Journalist, Writer
Hurry Up Sister Productions, LLC
Findlay, Jessie Findlay, Jessie
Findlay, Roberta Findlay, Roberta
President, Studio Manager
Sear Sound Recording Studios
Fine, Tina Fine, Tina
Director, Writer
Truffle Films LLC
Fineburg, Sally Fineburg, Sally
Producer, Writer
SLF Productions
Finer, Abby Finer, Abby
Development Executive, Executive Producer, Personal Manager
A Finer Prod Co
Fineran, Jen Fineran, Jen
Editor: Film/Video
Gypsy Camp Studios
Fiore, Lydia Fiore, Lydia
Bella Fiore Productions
Fischer, Bill Fischer, Bill
Certified Financial Planner
Associate Director, Producer, Writer
Vassar Street Entertainment
Fisher, Rachel Fisher, Rachel
Associate Producer, Executive Producer, Writer
Fishman, Diane Fishman, Diane
Producer, Writer
The Fishman Organization/Friday Street Films
Fiur, Lola Fiur, Lola
Creative Director, Still Photographer
Fleischer, Andrea Fleischer, Andrea
Journalist, Producer, Writer
Fleischer, Emily Fleischer, Emily
Maidstone Films
Fleming, Louise Fleming, Louise
Curator, Producer, Programming
Fleshler, Lillie Fleshler, Lillie
Production Assistant
Flocco, Annie Flocco, Annie
Director, Festival Administrator, Producer
Five Sisters Films/School of Visual Arts
Florence, Jamie Florence, Jamie
Line Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
Flory, Louise Flory, Louise
Actor, Writer
Floyd, Mary Lou Floyd, Mary Lou
Flynn, Kiki Flynn, Kiki
Actor, Consultant, Writer
Fontaine, Julie Fontaine, Julie
Distributor, Publicist
Footlick, Jill Footlick, Jill
Ford, Kara Ford, Kara
Casting Director, Producer, Production Manager
BohoChick Productions
Forman, Janet Forman, Janet
Director, Producer, Writer
Forman/Houghton Pictures, Inc.
Foronda, Diana Foronda, Diana
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Forsatz, Kate Forsatz, Kate
Actor, Producer, Writer
Exit 74 Productions
Forssman, Charlotta Forssman, Charlotta
Visual Effects
The Molecule
Forte, Deborah Forte, Deborah
Executive Producer, Producer
Silvertongue Films
Foskett, Tawny Foskett, Tawny
Assistant Editor, Director, Production Coordinator
The Auteur Tribe
Foster, Lilibet Foster, Lilibet
Director, Producer, Writer
Asphalt Films Entertainment
Foster, Stacey Foster, Stacey
Editor: Film/Video
Foucard, Alexandra Foucard, Alexandra
Actor, Producer, Writer
Fowler, Laura Fowler, Laura
Al Santana Productions
Fox, Jennifer Fox, Jennifer
Director, Producer, Writer
Zohe Films Productions
Fraher, Diane Fraher, Diane
Director, Nonprofit Administrator, Writer
American Indian Artists Inc. (AMERINDA)
Francesca, Lauren Francesca, Lauren
Francois, Daniela Francois, Daniela
Editor: Film/Video
Nella Edit
Frank, Allan Frank, Allan
Anchor/Reporter, Director, Journalist
Frank, Claudia Frank, Claudia
Director, Producer
HeydeHo Productions
Franklin, Caren Franklin, Caren
Production Finance
Reel Numbers Entertainment Inc.
Franklin, Malika Franklin, Malika
Digital Imaging Technician (DIT), Director
Franklin, Nicole Franklin, Nicole
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Frankston, Max Frankston, Max
Max Video, inc.
Franz, Stephanie Franz, Stephanie
Actor, Director, Writer
Fraser, Naomi Fraser, Naomi
Marketing Executive, Producer
No Damsel Productions
Fratz, Assia Fratz, Assia
Line Producer, Production Manager, Production Services
Four Forty Four Films
Frech, Wendolyn Frech, Wendolyn
Marketing Executive, Producer
Logical Chaos Productions LLC
Freda, Jon Freda, Jon
Actor, Producer, Writer
Freed, Jennifer Freed, Jennifer
Corporate Executive, Post-Production Services
Trevanna Post, Inc.
Freel, Susan Freel, Susan
Sirius Productions LLC
Freezer, Harlene Freezer, Harlene
Festival Administrator
Capstone Entertainment
Freifeld, Riva Freifeld, Riva
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Riva Productions
Friedman, (Barbara) Dee Dee Friedman, (Barbara) Dee Dee
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
Friedman, Betsy Friedman, Betsy
Assistant Director
Friedman, Roberta Friedman, Roberta
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Magic Circle Media LLC
Fryburg, Lily Fryburg, Lily
Actor, Writer