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Aaron, Betsy Aaron, Betsy
Abascal, Nicole Abascal, Nicole
Executive Assistant
Pulse Films
Abbate, Teresa Abbate, Teresa
Associate Producer, Coordinating Producer, Producer
Abbott, Jillian Abbott, Jillian
Fourth Genre Productions LTD
Abby, Samantha Abby, Samantha
Corporate Executive, Producer
Penny Lane Pictures
Abdul-Wahab, Farida Abdul-Wahab, Farida
Assistant Editor, Associate Producer, Production Coordinator
Abel, Barbara Abel, Barbara
Casting Director
Abel Intermedia
Abinader, Geralyn Abinader, Geralyn
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
NY Hall of Science
Abraham, Shirley Abraham, Shirley
Production Executive
Abrams, Helene Abrams, Helene
Actor, Director, Producer
Reflection Films
Abrams, Richarda Abrams, Richarda
Actor, Educator, Writer
Abramson, Stephanie Abramson, Stephanie
Researcher, Writer
Abse, Daniel Abse, Daniel
Actor, Educator, Narrator/Voice-Over
Acconcia, Jordyn Acconcia, Jordyn
Production Supervisor
Adams, Janus Adams, Janus
Janus Adams LLC
Adams, Nancy Adams, Nancy
Production Finance
Adelman Katz & Mond
Adams, Thelma Adams, Thelma
Critic, Writer
Yahoo Movies
Ades, Susan Ades, Susan
Editor: Film/Video
Adler, Lenny Adler, Lenny
Manager, Integrated Marketing & Content Development
Magnet Media Films
Adwar, Stephanie Adwar, Stephanie
Attorney, Producer
Furgang & Adwar, L.L.P.
Agiewich, Lisa Agiewich, Lisa
Production Coordinator
Nickelodeon, Viacom Media Networks
Agui Carter, Maria Agui Carter, Maria
Director, Producer, Writer
Iguana Films LLC
Akinnusi-Rock, Dami Akinnusi-Rock, Dami
Darkling Productions
Akyaz, Sergin Akyaz, Sergin
BaseUSA Productions
Alexanian, Alexis Alexanian, Alexis
Consultant, Coordinating Producer, Production Supervisor
Elixir Films
Alfano, Gina Alfano, Gina
Editor: Sound
Ali, Zainab Ali, Zainab
ZAG Media Productions
Allen, Nancy Allen, Nancy
Music Editor
Loospins Productions
Allen-Lilly, Lois Allen-Lilly, Lois
Acquisitions, Business Affairs Executive, Producer
Lilly Global Media
Alleyne, Stefanie Alleyne, Stefanie
Anchor/Reporter, Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video
Allston, Jeralyn Jamila Allston, Jeralyn Jamila
Camera Operator, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
PanAfrican Cultural Communications
Alpert, Barbara (Bobbi) Alpert, Barbara (Bobbi)
Executive Producer, Writer
Chilmark Digital Inc and Chilmark Programs Inc
Alvarez, Nina Alvarez, Nina
Director, Journalist, Producer
Zocalo Media
Amatenstein, Sherry Amatenstein, Sherry
Journalist/Author/Media Personally
Ammirati, Jessica Ammirati, Jessica
Director, Producer
Going to Tahiti Productions
Amsterdam, Diana Amsterdam, Diana
Educator, Writer
Diana Amsterdam
Anderson, Cherine Anderson, Cherine
Marketing Executive, Television Executive
Impact Broadway
Andersson, Annika Andersson, Annika
Anchor/Reporter, Consultant, Festival Administrator
Stockholm International Film Festival
Andre, Francesca Andre, Francesca
Camera Operator, Director of Photography, Production Coordinator
Andretta, Laurel Andretta, Laurel
Board President
Woodstock Film Festival
Angell, Julie Angell, Julie
Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo, P.C.
Anoff, Matiki Anoff, Matiki
Make Up Artist, Writer
Anthony, Carolyn Anthony, Carolyn
Talent Manager
Anthony & Associates
Antonio, Sheril Antonio, Sheril
Educator, Festival Administrator
New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
Aono, Miho Aono, Miho
Actor, Interpreter, Narrator/Voice-Over
Applegate, Jane Applegate, Jane
Executive Producer, Producer
The Applegate Group Inc.
Arevalo, Federica Arevalo, Federica
Director, Script Supervisor, Writer
Arinella, Alicia Arinella, Alicia
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Executive Producer
On The Leesh Productions Inc.
Arnold, Pamela Arnold, Pamela
Editor: Film/Video
Arnow, Joanna Arnow, Joanna
Cinematographer, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Second Look Films
Askin, Jennifer Askin, Jennifer
Corporate Executive, Sales
Askin & Company, Inc.
Asnes, Tania Asnes, Tania
Aster, Lindsay Aster, Lindsay
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
Atkinson, Katherine Atkinson, Katherine
Talent Manager
Washington Square Arts
Auclair, Lucile Auclair, Lucile
Critic, Director, Writer
Washington Square Films
Augustin, Merle Augustin, Merle
Director, Producer
Ten Stories Tall, LLC
Avant, Nan Avant, Nan