Giovanna Aguilar

Giovanna Aguilar

Managing Director
Candesco Productions

Writer-Director-Producer Multimiedia Producer and Strategist

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PERSONABLE DIRECTOR WRITER PRODUCER: Relationship-driven, visionary, resourceful and strategically minded, big-picture multimedia bilingual (Spanish) content producer with solid communications skills who adeptly builds and manages collaborative teams for creative, production and post-production while interfacing with clients and departmental teams to meet project goals on budget and deadline.

Director-Producer Writer

Experienced negotiator executing non-union, SAG, work-for-hire deal memos, and licensing contracts

Budget-minded line producer with signif-icant contacts of production and postpro-duction talent: directors of photography, camera operators, sound mixers, writers, editors, award-winning music composers, color correctors and more

Adeptly building rapport with subject-matter experts and talent by making them comfortable in front of the camera and providing simple yet effective direction

Script writer for podcasts, v

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