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Deirdre Towers

Curator, Festival Administrator
Business type: Nonprofit
Writer's Group works:
When Zoom met Gloom
SCREENPLAY (Adventure / Animation / Teen)

Log line:
ZOOM, a fanciful optimist, meets GLOOM, a nerdy pessimist, and together they find a balance within themselves. Mixing live action and animation, the film shows the characters gain perspective of the many options one has in any one minute.

Written by Deirdre Towers with animator Gabrielle Lamb, ZOOM meets GLOOM and decides to show him how he can bypass dead ends in his life with a slight shift of focus and a respect for their body as a miraculous instrument. By showing the colors of endorphins released during their flights of fancy, we hope to make the viewers curious about the direct affect of exercise and laughter on our body and its chemical response by creating this mood-enhancing, completely free, natural, drug.

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