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Toni Holm

Business type: Production Company, Publishing
Writer's Group works:
Hidden Portraits
BOOK (Drama / Teleplay (TV script))

Log line:
Hidden Portraits is an hour-long drama about a psychic who helps people resolve issues from their past lives. She is devastated by her inability to connect with her own husband after he dies, but what she does not know is that his spirit has never moved on, but instead watches over her and their son.

Hidden Portraits: Synopsis

Genre: Supernatural Drama
Episode Length: One hour drama
Original Story By: Toni Holm
Created By: Toni Holm and George E. Tice
Contact: Toni Holm at 970.412.7057 (c) or holmtice@earthlink.net


Hidden Portraits is an hour-long drama about a psychic who helps people resolves issues from their past lives. She is devastated by her inability to connect with her own husband after he dies, but what she does not know is that his spirit has never moved on, but instead watches over her and their son.


Seven billion people on the planet ask the same three questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Am I loved?

Death, loss, and grief deepen our need to know the answers to these questions. Loss touches everyone, including five strangers whose hidden portraits of shared past lives becomes a journey of discovery in resolving these cosmic questions.

CATHERINE COLE has built a good life. She has an affectionate family, good friends, and a fulfilling practice as a counselor, where she is able to integrate her professional training and her own special psychic talents to help her clients overcome issues from past lives that are haunting them in the present day. All of that changes in an instant, when her husband ROBERT dies in a hit-and-run accident.

For the first time, both Catherine’s psychic gifts and professional talents fail her. She cannot reach her husband, and she is unable to assuage her son OWEN’s grief. What she does not know is that Robert has refused to pass over. His newly-assigned companion in death, THE GUIDE, cannot persuade him to leave Catherine. When two strangers enter her shattered life and unresolved issues from a past life must now play out, no one—not even Robert’s spirit—will come out unscathed.

Owen takes his father’s death hard. His health begins to worsen, and Catherine notices that he seems to get worse whenever he has a chance meeting with ALEX SINCLAIR, her new client, a billionaire whose daughter is trying to have him declared incompetent. Catherine sees a flicker of recognition between her son and this stranger, one that only serves to heighten her suspicions. Why has this man come into their lives? Catherine has been blindsided by the apparent loss of her psychic gifts. She feels adrift, helpless to comprehend the emotional events in play around her son’s ongoing health issues.
The second stranger enters their lives when THOMAS MURPHY, a brilliant street thief, attempts to rob Catherine, only to be overwhelmed by a sense of déjà vu when he meets Owen. It is as if the two have always known each other, yet they had never met—at least, not in this lifetime. Thomas is more open to the possibility that there is something beyond this one life than your average street thief: Thomas is in fact clairsentient. When he touches an object, he is able to gain knowledge of the emotions and energy swirling about it and its owner—knowing through touching. As for Owen, when he is with both Thomas and Alex, he is rocked by a second loss, one he cannot yet name.

Catherine, as the catalyst of the meetings between Owen and the two men, may be the only person who can help them navigate the twisted story of the past that binds her son, Alex and Thomas together, yet ultimately can free them. Unfortunately, with her psychic sight blocked, the unresolved issues of the past threaten to play out now, with potentially tragic consequences. Luckily, she has help: HUGH MCKINSEY was Robert’s best friend and has always been a little in love with Catherine. His steady friendship helps her heal, and his training as a doctor proves to be lifesaving, even as he remains more skeptical of some of the less-traditional cases they come across.

Together, these five form a team. What they will learn is that their own issues are only part of a larger web of relationships that leaps beyond past lives to the greater questions of humanity. From the sidelines, Robert and The Guide watch and, when they can, provide a helping hand to the fledgling team. As their personal struggle leads to a greater awareness of the problems facing others, Alex creates a nonprofit organization called P.E.G.A.S.U.S. (Paranormal Energy Group Assembling Service Utopian Science), which forms the foundation of this eclectic team’s future global work with resolving cosmic mysteries in the present and past lives of friends, strangers, and enemies alike.

Hidden Portraits will take viewers into a world where the past can preempt the present.
Its time travel past-life themes will captivate fans of romance and mystery, as well as those interested in spiritual healing. In this compelling series, viewers will relate to Catherine’s dilemma of love and loss and acceptance—as a mother, a wife, a therapist, and a widow—and her struggle to accept life after the death of her husband.

Every week, Catherine, Owen, Thomas, Hugh, and Alex encounter individuals and scenarios ‘carried over’ from unresolved issues from the past that influence the present. These case-of-the-week issues loom over both the team and their victims, threatening health, happiness, and sometimes lives. Those who seek out their unique protocol are often skeptics, some are victims, and others are simply desperate for miracles. All who engage with them must face their choices—the mistakes—the friends and the enemies made lifetimes ago, in order to reset the karmic scales of reasonable balance. History literally rewrites itself, and those who remain in ignorance of it are destined to repeat it.

Hidden Portraits blends the paranormal with riveting, emotional drama, high stakes, and a weekly franchise to create a show that is unlike anything else on television. In the vein of The English Patient (Booker Prize winning novel and winner of nine Academy Awards), Ghost (winner of two Academy Awards), The Time Traveler’s Wife, and Dead Again, Hidden Portraits levels the hierarchy of who we believe we are, one life at a time.

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