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Nicole Franklin

Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
President / Producer
Writer's Group works:
When Sistas Jump
SCREENPLAY (Drama / Family)

Log line:
(Story by Nicole Franklin, Maria Escobeda, Sylvia Franklin) Ruby Bishop, a young Harlem promoter of the Double Dutch jump rope phenomenon, sets out to restore family order by staying true to the meaning of the sport.

New York's vibrant community of Harlem is about to host a major Double Dutch jump rope exhibition. Twenty-something promotions professional, Ruby Bishop, pools all her resources for this event in order to launch a successful business. She knows she could pull it off if not for the distraction of her family growing farther apart. Her mother, Sara, continues to alienate those around her, while deep down she desires an inclusion in society again. Ruby's free-to-be me Aunt Vivian conducts an unapologetically wild lifestyle and blames the family for not being able to accept her for who she is. In order for any of Ruby's dreams to be fulfilled, these three women need to come together as a family first. All three women jump double Dutch.

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