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Kathryn Bild

Composer, Director, Writer
Rooftop Arts
Business type: Production Company
Writer's Group works:
Uncle Ethel
BOOK (Comedy / Suspense)

Log line:
Uncle George is so attached to his wife, Ethel, that when she dies, he takes on her personality to remain close to her.

When his wife dies after fifty years of marriage, George swears he will never let her go. His descent progresses until the morning he is to be committed to a sanitarium, his niece and nephew find him dressed in Ethel's clothes, lying unconscious from an overdose of her sleeping pills by a note that reads: “Forgive me, children, I can't bear to be without my George a moment longer.” But George is saved not only by the love of his nieces and nephews who come to understand him but by the love he, as Ethel, has learned to express.

SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Romance)

Log line:
When a jilted Irish American marketing exec moves to Ireland to better her career and find an Irishman to father her child, she loses everything she's come to get but finds what she's really looking for.

After a visit to her aunt's fruit farm in Macroom, Colleen goes to Dublin for her new job. There she considers three contenders for fatherhood. But when her ex-fiancé surprises her, claiming a change of heart, her plan goes haywire. She loses her job and returns to Macroom. After regrouping and bonding with her aunt and cousins, Colleen applies her marketing skills to the needs of the local merchants, transforming the little town into a lovely, thriving attraction, and falls in love with a poet/contractor.

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