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Elise Marenson

Director, Producer, Writer
RIB Films Ltd.
Writer's Group works:
Boys Love This
SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Romance)

Log line:
A late bloomer in Brooklyn kidnaps a personal trainer to be her boyfriend.

Budding in Winter

Log line:
A young housekeeper shakes up the lives of two reclusive brothers with troubled pasts.

A New Kind of Christmas
TV MOVIE (Drama / Family / Romance)

Log line:
A young widow with two kids gets a disappointing job transfer to a dilapidated old lodge in the middle of nowhere, but the move ends up bringing the family unexpected Christmas blessings of community and romance.

Perfect Deception
TV MOVIE (Drama / Suspense)

Log line:
A pampered woman struggles to keep her life together after her husband leaves her broke, hires an assassin to kill her, and close friends and neighbors aren't who they say they are. Three twists on the end.

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