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Alice Elliott

Consultant, Director, Narrator/Voice-Over
Welcome Change
Business type: Nonprofit
Writer's Group works:
Hat Trick
SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Romance)

Log line:
(written with Cliff Bryant) When a handsome, young tennis pro is mistaken for gay, he decides to play along so he can tryst with married women without arousing the suspicions of their husbands.

During a summer in Martha's Vineyard, Jack pretends to be gay to keep aggressive, jealous husbands off the track of his affairs with their wives. Unexpectedly, he meets the love of his life, the beautiful, but engaged, Amanda. Jack can't woo her or tell her he's really straight because she respects his honesty and thinks he's perfect for her brother. When needy married women, jealous husbands, an amorous boyfriend, an angry roommate, and a new found love are more than he can handle, Jack learns that the truth just might get you further than a lie.

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