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Liz Ryan

Assistant Director, Director, Producer
Business type: Production Company
Writer's Group works:
It’s Different Abroad
SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Romance)

Log line:
(Written with Cyn Ryan) When gangs of crazy crooks besiege a shy, single Scotswoman on her first trip to France, only a gallant, local garagiste and his bright blue scooter can
save her.

Mysterious men follow prim Scotswoman Helen McLeish, 39, from the moment she drives her new car into France. Her family thinks she is imagining everything and is suffering from "men on the brain." In fact, Helen finds herself embroiled in an international smuggling scheme in which she, or her car, appears to be the key link. Finding local police useless, and her family worse, Helen turns increasingly to her only witness, the local garagiste. Amid bumbling gangsters, murder and mayhem, Helen unexpectedly finds a chivalrous cohort, and a delicious
French romance.

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