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Kylie Garcelon

Director, Writer
Gladiolus Productions LLC
Business type: Production Company
Writer's Group works:
The Mary Project
SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Drama / Romance)

Log line:
A collision between a depressed New Yorker and a naive tourist on a city street is a catalyst for for a journey of self discovery.

Moral Compass (formerly WIFEALITY)

Log line:
An elderly wife faces the unthinkable when her husband, suffering with Alzheimer's Disease, falls into a steep mental decline

Clowning Around
SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Romance)

Log line:
A young woman must overcome her strong phobia to be with the man she loves.

Whistling in the Dark
SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Drama / Romance)
Katie Watson - Outlaw
SCREENPLAY (Action / Drama / Historical / Romance)
The Dog Walker

Log line:
A newly retired investigative journalist is tormented by her dog walker who is obsessed with revenge after being court marshalled from the US Marine Corp.

The Salad Spinner
SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Coming of age / Drama)

Log line:
Two culinary students are forced to travel across the country to compete as wild card entries in the USA's most prestigious cooking competition.

SCREENPLAY (Action / Drama / Historical / Romance)

Log line:
A WWII biopic about the true story of my grandfather

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