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Aubrey Smyth

Creative Director, Director, Producer
Writer, Director, Producer
Gingersnap NYC
Business type: Advertising, Post-Production, Production Company
Writer's Group works:

Log line:
At a church bingo hall, a rude and opinionated man stirs up trouble and clashes with the personalities of his fellow players while flirting with the young doughnut girl of his dreams.

It's a game, it's an addiction, it's a way of life. In a small town, right after Saturday afternoon church services most of the older congregation make their way to the basement Bingo Hall. The game is on long before the first number is called. Various personalities make this Bingo game anything but mundane. An oddball assortment of people come together and the action is fast and furious. There's the flirting narcissist, the doughnut girl, the town gossip, the passive aggressive wife, and all the other voices from the peanut gallery. Sugared up on powdered doughnuts this bunch will not be messed with. Amid their totems, chotchkes, and good luck charms all are vying for their God given right to call out Bingo! Redemption results in a way other than monetary as the characters come full circle. In the words of the bingo caller, 'That's a good Bingo!'

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