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Gwyn Gilliss

Executive Director
Laight Street Films
Business type: Production Company
Writer's Group works:
Pink Slip

Log line:
A mischievous teenage angel leads a group of elderly sisters on an outrageous adventure to a new life.

Everyone who’s ever had a job is afraid of one thing: getting fired! But a job isn't just a vocation. What you do says a lot about who you are, especially if you’re a mature nun who’s taken vows of poverty in order to help others. Inspired by a true story, Pink Slip is a magical, comedic adventure about discovering that it's never too late to find your true vocation and true love. In a crumbling convent in the French countryside, eight Poor Sisters of Charity receive a letter terminating their employment. Is it a mistake? Can nuns be fired? they ask. Are they being divorced with a pink slip? After this devastating news and being forcibly evicted from their convent, the devout Mother Superior, Sister Marie Catherine is faced with the challenge of leading her fellow sisters to a new life. What to do? Where to go? How do you get another job when you’re facing 60 or 70 and you’re a woman with no work experience in the outside world? How do you overcome the trauma of seeing your lifelong home, the convent, sold and demolished or your value as a nun, a woman and a human being demeaned with the only option- being sent to a nursing home? With the help of their disreputable but “constant” gardener, Terry, an incorrigible gambler and wonderfully comedic reprobate, the nuns find a new home and a new life. They create a Spiritual Retreat using the lifetime skills they mastered at their rural convent- making goat’s cheese and wine, baking bread and cooking vegetarian meals. In the process they help Terry find redemption for his past sins while narrowly escaping a wrongful accusation and death sentence. Leading them all down a whimsical path is a mischievous teen angel. Cloyingly sweet but feisty, Celi is visible only to the Mother Superior, arriving suddenly and at the worst of times to aggravate as well as offer divine guidance amid cheery clichés. “Don’t get bummed or anything”, she tells Mother Superior. “You know that behind every cloud is…“ “I know I know, a rainbow and sunshine!”, interrupts Sister Marie Catherine. “No!...another cloud and more rain!” The angel laughs gleefully. She inspires and challenges them to adapt to a modern world amid constant obstacles. Refusing to be victims of injustice, the sisters of poverty lift the veil of their 15th century cloistered life to thrive in a materialistic 21st century. As a sorority of business-savvy, spiritual entrepreneurs they charitably help multitudes to a happier and healthier life. Securing financial independence and a retirement of choice for her flock, Catherine experiences her own awakening, following her heart back into the arms of the man she always loved.

Hot Air
TV MOVIE (Comedy)

Log line:
Two well intentioned albeit clueless boomers ditch their former lives as elite New Yorkers to live in rural New Jersey to run a hot air balloon company and grow organic vegetables and promote social causes. Their adult children are mortified.

Elizabeth and Philip Haupt are drop-outs. They dropped out in the 70’s to protest social injustice while backpacking around Europe in bellbottoms. They dropped out again in the 80’s to go to grad school and again in the 90’s to become rich, successful yuppies in the “me” generation. They drop out one more time in 2000's finding themselves back where they started- living “naturally” on their own commune, wearing bellbottoms and protesting injustice. Elizabeth, once known as the “Martha Stewart" of Wall Street sells her seat on the stock exchange, gives away her designer clothes and takes up vegetarian cooking while lobbying for free health care. Philip, downsized by the aftermath of an airline strike decides to soar in a new direction. They sell their Park Avenue Co-op, give away their Mercedes, cash in and move to New Jersey, opening a hot air balloon business. "Back-to-basics" means living simply, not polluting the earth and crusading to help others through their various causes-health care,clean air and animal rights, Phil and Liz’s new agenda. The only problem is they don’t have a clue about running their business or lobbying for social change. With Phil’s consistent consumption of Bourbon and branch water, it’s a real feat keeping the balloon in the air and Liz's passion for social causes backfires as she alienates those who could truly help. They are aided by Henry Silvercloud, a brilliant MIT trained engineer and full-blooded Cherokee “between jobs” who has come on board to keep the business afloat. Arriving from the south of France is Elizabeth’s sister, Margaret (Mags) a jet setter of the highest rank dining with Governors and Prime Ministers who’s come to save her sibling from a fate worse than death, wearing overalls. “Is it immoral to keep your Armani’s?” she asks. Yes! answers Darrel Stuart recently transgendered to Darlene and an haute couture fashion designer who joins the crew creating the uniforms as well as filling in as the co-captain, stewardess and all around go-fer. Finally there’s the family cat, Burp who lifts everyone’s spirit joining them on each disastrous flight.

Siddha of the 9th Dimension
SCREENPLAY (Adventure)

Log line:
Energy forces from the 6th dimension are pitted against the ancient Hindu powers of a higher consciousness-being,a Siddha from the 9th. The Earth plane and human beings are caught in the middle of the power struggle.

Due to a cosmic glitch, two Power Beings escape from the 6th Dimension to avoid prosecution and annihilation-punishment for breaking dimensional laws. Moving down the dimensions, they transform themselves into sound waves on the 5th, light waves on the 4th and become trapped in material form on the 3rd. They arrive on Earth and create forms as beautiful teenage humans. Stunned by their new existence and annoyed at the limitations of the human body, they soon adjust. Their first discovery is tapping energy from destruction and negative human emotions. The more misery they can create, the more energy they receive. Their powers increase. Joyfully, they play with hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, train wrecks and human misery. But, as human beings, they get distracted, experiencing emotions for the first time: anger, jealousy, hatred and fear, becoming addicted to vices:sex, food, alcohol, shopping! The female PB pursues human males voraciously enjoying her new found sexuality, “That’s what this body’s for!” The male PB discovers malls, shopping and fast food, eating and drinking himself into a frenzy, “Martini’s, pizza, frappucino!” They accumulate material objects: appliances, clothes, cars, boats and planes. Their lives become as cluttered and messed up as humans. A Siddha, a highly evolved being arrives from the 9th Dimension, the Dream plane, to rescue the humans and all of Earth. Understanding their true nature, he closely monitors the Power Beings while putting out the fires of destruction, the natural disasters he knows they created. The Power Beings quickly become bored with their toys. They create a new diversion. From their power base, a black cloud floating over the Earth, they watch their Earthscreen a sort-of private circuit television that shows life all over the planet. As they study human beings,they find that the best of the species are heroes, those trying to alleviate suffering. They create a competition. Each finds a hero to torment and destroy. The female PB finds a scientist seeking a cure for cancer and the male PB chooses an architect who’s designed beautiful mass housing from crystal energy. Both of these exceptional people could change forever the quality of life on the planet unless they’re destroyed by the PB’s. The Siddha takes both the scientist and the architect to the 9th Dimension, the “dream” plane to enlighten them, helping them to gain advanced knowledge to complete their life’s work. On the 9th Dimension, they confer with great architects and scientists of the past and future. The scientist’s nephew, a precocious musical computer and the architect’s daughter, a spunky tomgirl whose hobby is military history, befriends the Siddha as well. He takes the children to the Dream plane where their consciousness is evolved far beyond several lifetimes. They become geniuses. The boy meets musical greats: Mozart, Beethoven, John Lennon and the girl meets her icons: George Washington, Julius Caesar and General Patton who teach her about warfare and peace. While on the Dream plane, both children wish for a family. The boy misses his Mother and the girl, her Father who was killed in a United Nations peacekeeping mission in the MidEast. After experiencing the dream plane only the children remember the Siddha’s existence or dimensional traveling with him. Meanwhile, the Power Beings disrupt the lives of these heroes, only to discover a downside to their Earthly power. The longer they remain in human form the faster they age. The next realization comes swiftly. They are aging 25 years a day and must return to their own dimension within two Earth days or die. But they need enormous power to do that. The only other solution is to find the secret codes for going UP the dimensional ladder. While composing music on his computer-synthesizer, the nephew inadvertently attracts lights and sounds, beings who visit him from the 4th and 5th Dimensions. They are benevolent, remaining in their dimension unless invited by the right dimension code. They have the power to uplift and protect, surrounding one in joyous energy. They visit many planes anonymously to inspire great poets, composers, artists. He shares the lights and sounds with his neighbor and best friend, the architects’s daughter during their playtime. As they watch these energies swirling around the walls of his room they both dance in bliss. The Power Beings, seeing both of the children on their Earthscreen playing with the 4th and 5th dimension beings make the assumption that the children have the codes they need. They try to kidnap and braintap the nephew. But the Siddha fights back and with the help of the friendly beings, protects the children. Failing to get the codes, the PB’s decide to destroy the entire planet which would propel them back to the 6th Dimension-HOME! Flying in her gold jet seeking hidden nuclear silos, the female Power Being sends missiles of destruction all over the Earth’s surface. She’s fighting for her life. The male is already aged-white haired, blind, on his deathbed. With most of the Earth in flames, the PB’s slowly rejuvenate,triumphantly awaiting the final Bang. But, the Siddha, appearing simultaneously in thousands of places all over the Earth puts out the fires, chanting ancient mantras, potent sounds to dispel the Power Beings. The 4th and 5th Dimension beings surround the Earth in a harmonious aura of peace and love, energy that’s poisonous to the PB’s. Expelled from Earth and sent in a space storm to Mimas, a small satellite in the rings of Saturn, the PB’s are gravity-locked onto the surface and can not escape. The fires are put out by torrential rains. The Earth is saved, re-turning to a lush Lemurian age, a new Garden of Eden with enormous flowers and plants in abundance. The scientist and architect fall in love and marry creating the family that the children dreamed of. The Siddha returns to the 9th Dimension, dissolving in a blue light of evolved consciousness. Seen from space, the Earth is a beautiful blue globe floating amid puffy white clouds.

Cream Puff

Log line:
A pastry chef's adored wife runs away with a tattoo artist only to realize her true love- her husband and their happy indulgence in sweets, pastry and chocolate.

SYNOPSIS It’s a match made in heaven: Antoine is a pastry chef who adores Ceci, his wife known affectionately as Cream Puff. And Ceci loves him as much as sweet pastry. Blatantly sensual and sexual, they indulge their desires daily in the bakery while serving the people of this small Louisiana town addictive French pastries and sourdough loaves. However, Ceci begins to have doubts about the perfection of their lives. How can two people be so happy? Is this really a perfect life or is there more? Hiram, the masseur-tattoo artist, a snake in the grass, seeing his opportunity, feeds Ceci's doubts and seduces her. She runs away with him, leaving Antoine desolate, unable to work, refusing to bake anything. The village is beyond agony. Their lives are on hold- no more weddings, birthdays, celebrations of any kind and even more painful-no morning croissants. What to do? Things get worse. Antoine has a nervous breakdown baking thousands of cream puffs and attacking the villagers- old people, dogs, children, pregnant women- no one is safe when he flings them viciously. Everyone runs to take cover during his hourly assaults. The Sheriff arrests Antoine. He is locked up, moaning and sighing for the missing Ceci. Life is going to hell. Something must be done. Determined,the townspeople missing their croissants and wedding cakes, conspire to bring Ceci home. In the townhall meeting they discuss and debate. Does she even want to come back, and will Antoine take her back? An should they hunt down that Hiram and slay him for the dog he is? They finally agree to send a posse on the first train out of Langouste heading west to Hollywood where Hiram was promising to take her. They find and retrieve her, broken-hearted and abandoned in a motel in Oklahoma. Returning victoriously, the whole part arrives in time to save Antoine who has declared a hunger strike - for 48 hours. Ceci and Antoine reunite in the bakery amide tears and apologies but they both are committed to one another. In rapture he runs to his ovens to bake the most splendiferous cream puff in existence- all of 6 feet tall. The village declares the day, CREAM PUFF DAY and crowns Ceci the queen and Antoine the King as they mount a ladder to sit atop the delicious pastry. From the weight of both Ceci and Antoine, the cream puff collapses- they fall in. Everyone is in shock. Will they drown in cream? But no, the Langouste fire department is on the case rescuing them covered in cream and deliriously happy. The village is saved as is their marriage.

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