Meet the New Board Members: Christine Bragan

As summer heats up, New York Women in Film & Television gears up for the start of our new year – and with it, new faces join our leadership team!

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, NYWIFT is governed by an 18 member Board of Directors, elected by the membership in late Spring. This diverse, accomplished group of women are at the top of their game in TV, film and digital media. They steer NYWIFT in advocating for equality, providing unique professional development opportunities, funding women filmmakers, and celebrating women’s achievements.

In the coming weeks, join the NYWIFT blog as we profile the four newest members of the Board. We start this week with Christine Bragan.

Christine Bragan
New NYWIFT Board member Christine Bragan

Tell us about what you do outside of NYWIFT.

I’m the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at AMC Networks, which owns and operates AMC, BBC AMERICA, IFC, SundanceTV, WE tv and IFC Films. I’m responsible for the development and oversight of corporate and industry marketing and public affairs initiatives; trade and promotional activities and events; CEO and executive presentations and appearances; and the management of special cross-divisional projects.

What is your fondest memory of working in the entertainment industry?

Being a part of the entertainment business is a lot of fun. I’ve been fortunate to meet many smart, talented and interesting people. Earlier this year I was on the Hill working with several leaders from the Congressional Black Caucus to shoot PSA’s that would air on WE tv to celebrate Black History Month. I had the great fortune to meet the civil rights leader Congressman John Lewis. I completely fangirled out!


Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (GA) with Bragan

How did you first get involved with NYWIFT?

I’m fortunate in my role at AMC Networks to work with many organizations like NYWIFT that do incredible work to help support the advancement and opportunities for women in the entertainment industry. Plus, [NYWIFT Executive Director] Terry Lawler wouldn’t stop calling me.

Why do you love NYWIFT?

NYWIFT and its mission to highlight women’s achievements and support gender parity in the entertainment industry is more important now than ever before. Diversity of voices and ideas is a cornerstone of what has driven the popularity and success of TV and film for decades. Ensuring our industry has women represented in both the creative and executive ranks is paramount to our continued success. NYWIFT’s tireless efforts and clear voice advocating for parity will help us achieve that success.

Inequality in film, television and digital media has been a hot topic in the media lately, and righting that imbalance has always been a big part of NYWIFT’s mission. What are your thoughts on the problem? And how should it be solved?

I think gender inequality is a societal issue that extends far beyond the entertainment industry. However, the recent spotlight on our industry is a great way to start to shift the imbalance. It’s a key moment for organizations like NYWIFT to continue raising awareness and advocating for change.

What’s the best TV show/movie/web series you’ve seen recently? Why?

There are so many, it’s almost hard to pick one. So I’ll pick two (cheating, I know!). I’d say Orphan Black on BBC AMERICA is a great show and has one of the most impressive leading roles for a woman. Tatiana Maslaney is so committed to her craft and she masterfully plays multiple roles making you believe in every character.

My second is Transparent. It’s has some great acting and is an excellent example of how a show can start a dialogue about important cultural and societal issues.


Bragan (left) and her sister at the Lennon Wall in Prague

What are your plans for the summer?

I just returned from a tour of Eastern Europe with my sister. We visited three countries and four cities in 10 days.


Learn more about the rest of NYWIFT’s 18 member Board of Directors on our website. And stay tuned to the blog this summer as we get to know the newest additions!



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