Project Spotlight : In Montauk by Kim Cummings
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Note: some spoilers

Written and directed by NYWIFT member Kim Cummings, In Montauk is a full length feature about Julie (Nina Kaczorowski) a married photographer, who heads to a small Montauk motel after the summer crowds leave to prepare for her first photography exhibition. While at the hotel, Julie meets Christian (Lukas Hassel) a musician living next door while working on music for an upcoming show. What starts out as an antagonistic relationship over noise blooms into a friendship as Julie admits she is pregnant and relies on him for assistance after an injury.

As she expresses her doubts about being a wife/mother in a disintegrating marriage to her husband (George Katt), she begins a passionate affair with Christian forcing her to make some hard choices.

Filming a budding affair on the desolate beaches after the summer glow has faded, lends the love affair scenes a certain sadness and makes the film especially strong in contrasting Christian’s warm soulfulness with Julie’s emotionally conflicted distancing. The haunting original score by Charlie Schmid also beautifully evokes the ebb and flow of their autumn love affair. Cummings’ choice to show Julie’s photographic work forces the audience to judge their aesthetic quality, inviting the audience to decide for themselves the dilemma Julie has created, choosing an art career over motherhood, as well as the decision she makes to resolve it.

In Montauk can be downloaded now on Amazon and will be released on DVD in January 2014. 

– MICHELE ST JOHN (@theReelScoop)



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