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Pajor, Christine Pajor, Christine
Independent Broadcast Media Professional
Palgon, Erica Palgon, Erica
Casting Director
Erica Palgon Casting & Beyond
Palma, Jennifer Palma, Jennifer
Production Finance
Palombo, Ami Palombo, Ami
Business Affairs Executive, Executive Producer, Post-Production Services
Fortress of Evil
Palumbo Johnson, Laura Palumbo Johnson, Laura
Magilla Entertainment
Pancrazi, Suzanne Pancrazi, Suzanne
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Subito Video, LLC
Pande, Ritu Pande, Ritu
Actor, Producer
Durga Films LLC
Papadelias, Angelique Papadelias, Angelique
Director, Producer, Writer
Little Screen Big Screen
Paparella, Annette Paparella, Annette
Artists Entertainment Agency, LLC
Paraschis, Aliki Paraschis, Aliki
Line Producer, Producer, Production Services
Adiuvo Productions
Parisi, Julia Parisi, Julia
Recording Room Engineer
Park, Pearl Park, Pearl
Producer, Video Graphics
Light Fish Arts
Parker-Frazier, Sharon Parker-Frazier, Sharon
Development Executive, Educator, Producer
NYC Department of Education
Parson, Gisele Parson, Gisele
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video, Video Graphics
Pasztor, Anna Pasztor, Anna
Corporate Executive, Director
Prisma Photo-Video-New Media, LLC
Patik, Vickie Patik, Vickie
Producer, Writer
Simpatiko Film Works
Patrick, April Patrick, April
Corporate Executive, Director, Producer
Atypical Pictures
Patrick, Michelle Patrick, Michelle
Producer, Writer
Patsis, Louiza Patsis, Louiza
Actor, Journalist, Narrator/Voice-Over
LP Enterprises
Patterson, Ralph Patterson, Ralph
Camera Operator, Technical Director
Paulsen, Kathryn Paulsen, Kathryn
Director, Educator, Writer
Pearlman, Diane Pearlman, Diane
Development Executive, Executive Producer, Producer
Berkshire Film and Media Collaborative
Pearlman, Karen Pearlman, Karen
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer, Sound Recordist
Hudson Sound
Pearson, Alexandra Pearson, Alexandra
Consultant, Publicist, Researcher
Picture Motion
Pearson, Patricia Pearson, Patricia
Educator, Festival Administrator
New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
Peck, Rhonda Peck, Rhonda
Creative Director
Pedatella, Kate Pedatella, Kate
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video
Pellegrino, Francine Pellegrino, Francine
Director, Producer, Writer
Pellegrino Productions
Penn, Courtney Penn, Courtney
Director, Producer, Writer
Boundless Pictures
Perdomo, Francelina Perdomo, Francelina
Perdomo, Klukosky and Associates, LLC
Pereths, Joy Pereths, Joy
Consultant, Distributor, Sales
Essential Media LLC
Perifimos, Cathy Perifimos, Cathy
Dembitzer & Dembitzer LLP
Perlbinder, Sandy Perlbinder, Sandy
Director, Producer, Writer
Sequences Inc.
Pero, Simone Pero, Simone
Marketing Executive, Producer, Television Executive
For Impact Productions, LLC
Perry, Patrizia Perry, Patrizia
Educator, Producer, Writer
Perry, Stephanie Perry, Stephanie
Attorney, Director, Union/Guild Staff
Peschka, Geneva Peschka, Geneva
Production Coordinator
Peters, Muriel (Mike) Peters, Muriel (Mike)
Executive Producer, Producer
Peters Productions, Inc.
Petersen, Christine Petersen, Christine
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
Peterson, Clara Peterson, Clara
Assistant Director, Line Producer, Producer
Petrokubi, Marilyn Petrokubi, Marilyn
Producer, Researcher, Writer
TimeSteps Productions, Inc.
Pettiford, Kim Pettiford, Kim
Actor, Casting Director, Production Services
KLP Entertainment & Production Inc
Petzinger, Rachel Petzinger, Rachel
Production Services
Phildius, Diane Phildius, Diane
Casting Director, Producer, Writer
Philipsen-Meissner, Heidi Philipsen-Meissner, Heidi
Actor, Director, Writer
Personae Entertainment Ltd.
Phillips, Jennifer Phillips, Jennifer
Programming, Researcher
Crown Media Family Networks
Pichardo, Annelise Pichardo, Annelise
Alp Horizons Publishing & Productions LLC
Pietaro, Melissa Pietaro, Melissa
Casting Associate
Pilcher, Lydia Dean Pilcher, Lydia Dean
Director, Producer
Pina, Alexandra Pina, Alexandra
Valuable Technologies Inc.
Pinckney, Michael Pinckney, Michael
Managing Director & CEO
Blacknoise Media
Pine, Jacqueline Pine, Jacqueline
Nonprofit Administrator, Producer, Script Supervisor
Early Stages Program, Inc.
Pinkenson, Sharon Pinkenson, Sharon
Film/Television Commissioner, Nonprofit Administrator, Production Services
Greater Philadelphia Film Office
Pisarcik, Kristin Pisarcik, Kristin
Senior Director of Development
NorthSouth Productions
Pitagorsky, Gloria Pitagorsky, Gloria
Heard City
Platt, Janice Platt, Janice
Production Executive
Pliner, Jayne Pliner, Jayne
Consultant, Development Executive
c/o Tolley & Associates
Podell, Pat Podell, Pat
Actor, Executive Producer, Post-Production Services
Media Transcripts, Inc.
Poland, Andi Poland, Andi
Actor, Casting Associate, Narrator/Voice-Over
Polansky, Autumn Polansky, Autumn
Television Executive
CBS Television Network
Polin, Catherine Polin, Catherine
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Thomas Sires
Poll, Julie Poll, Julie
Pomerance, Ruth Pomerance, Ruth
Development Executive, Educator, Producer
Rockwell Group
Pon, Maria Pon, Maria
Post-Production Services
Magno Sound & Video
Ponder, Lori Ponder, Lori
Ponzo, Rosemary Ponzo, Rosemary
Costume Designer, Creative Director
The Atrium
Porath, Sara Porath, Sara
Producer, Programming, Television Executive
Porter, Dawn Porter, Dawn
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Porto, Linda Porto, Linda
Director, Producer, Writer
Post, Madeline Post, Madeline
Associate Producer, Coordinating Producer, Writer
Post, Meredith Post, Meredith
Associate Producer, Writer
Post, Myrna Post, Myrna
Personal Manager, Publicist
Myrna Post Associates
Poucel, Paola Poucel, Paola
Actor, Journalist, Narrator/Voice-Over
Poulos, Gretchen Poulos, Gretchen
Actor, Producer
Prasow, Amanda Prasow, Amanda
Actor, Director, Producer
Nakavika FIlms
Price, Ingrid Price, Ingrid
Costume Designer
Proimos, Helen Proimos, Helen
Actor, Producer
Pun, Wei Pun, Wei
Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Still Photographer
Pusateri, Maria Pusateri, Maria
Actor, Director, Producer
pyzel, Roberta pyzel, Roberta
Director, Editor: Film/Video
Act II Productions, Inc.