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J Holmess, Diana J Holmess, Diana
Dept. of Economic Development and Planning
Cultural Affairs & Film Suffolk County
J. Bowman, Lauren J. Bowman, Lauren
Production Services, Sound Mixer
Jabbie, Rugi Jabbie, Rugi
Beauty Love Company
Jablonski, Andrew Jablonski, Andrew
Cast & Crew Entertainment Services
Jacinto, Jill Jacinto, Jill
Interactive Media, Writer
Works By Nicole WIlliams
Jacir, Annemarie Jacir, Annemarie
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Philistine Films
Jackler, Alana Jackler, Alana
Actor, Producer, Writer
Jackler Productions LLC
Jackman, Mike Jackman, Mike
Jackman, Mike Jackman, Mike
Post Production, EVP
Film Nation Entertainment
Jackman, Stacy Jackman, Stacy
Tru TV
Jackman, Tiffany Jackman, Tiffany
Director, Producer, Writer
Grey Worldwide
Jackovich, Karen Jackovich, Karen
Executive Producer
Karen G. Jackovich & Co
Jacks, Stephanie Jacks, Stephanie
Nickelodeon, MTVN Kids & Family Group
Jacksina, Judy Jacksina, Judy
Actor, Producer, Publicist
The Jacksina Company, Inc.
Jackson, Amy Jackson, Amy
Producer, Production Executive
International Rheingold Productions
Jackson, Angela Jackson, Angela
Marketing Executive
Jackson, Anne Jackson, Anne
Eli Wallach
Jackson, Celeste Jackson, Celeste
Indie Payroll
Jackson, Celeste Jackson, Celeste
Development Executive, Line Producer, Producer
LuJack Enterprises, Inc.
Jackson, Celeste Jackson, Celeste
Indie Pay
Jackson, Celeste Jackson, Celeste
LuJack Enterprises, Inc.
Jackson, Christian Jackson, Christian
Writer & Director
Jackson, David Jackson, David
Film Project Acquisition
Backup Films
Jackson, Emilie Jackson, Emilie
Sound Mixer
Bread Production
Jackson, Geannetta Jackson, Geannetta
Entertainment Lawyer
Law Office of Geannetta Jackson
Jackson, Jeff Jackson, Jeff
Founder, Chairman, CEO
Quick & Easy Productions
Jackson, Josh Jackson, Josh
Paste Magazine
Jackson, Kim Jackson, Kim
Streetwise Pictures
Jackson, Lisa Jackson, Lisa
Director, Producer, Writer
Jackson Films Inc.
Jackson, Medvis Jackson, Medvis
Jackson, Monica Jackson, Monica
Director, Disability Services
Mercy College
Jackson, Richie Jackson, Richie
Jackson Group Entertainment
Jackson, Sherry Jackson, Sherry
Physician, Preventive Medicine & Women's Health
Jackson, Tiffany Jackson, Tiffany
Director, Writer
Blind Faith Films
Jackson, Tyrone Jackson, Tyrone
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over
Internet Media and Entertainment Inc.
jackson, wanda jackson, wanda
sr vice president
national urban league
Jackson, Yolanda Jackson, Yolanda
Women's Sports Foundation
Jackson, Zuyapa Jackson, Zuyapa
Actor, Producer, Writer
Jackson-Stevenson, Barbara Jackson-Stevenson, Barbara
Group director, Arts & Entertainment
The New York times
Jacob, Jennine Jacob, Jennine
Jacob, Jessica Jade Jacob, Jessica Jade
Camera Operator, Make Up Artist
Jet Boy Jet Girl/ Lashica
Jacobs, Adam Jacobs, Adam
Paragon Cable
Jacobs, Ann Jacobs, Ann
On the Aisle Productions
Jacobs, Doug Jacobs, Doug
Executive Vice President & General Counsel
Jacobs, Irwin Jacobs, Irwin
c/o Ann Blumenthal
Jacobs, Jeff Jacobs, Jeff
Jacobs Entertainment
Jacobs, Jeffrey Jacobs, Jeffrey
Jacobs Entertainment Inc
Jacobs, Jill Jacobs, Jill
Marketing Director
Berdon LLP
Jacobs, Katie Jacobs, Katie
Production Services
Onomatopoeia Inc. and Bridge Multimedia Inc.
Jacobs, Katy Jacobs, Katy
Coordinator, Public Programs
Paley Center for Media
Jacobs, Lesley Jacobs, Lesley
Director of Development
Dave Bell Associates
Jacobs, Lilith Jacobs, Lilith
Associate Producer, Post-Production Supervisor
Jacobs, Mallory Jacobs, Mallory
Jacobs, Marcie Jacobs, Marcie
Corelli-Jacobs Recording, Inc. & DeWolfe Music
Jacobs, Susan Jacobs, Susan
BlueZan Consulting
Jacobson, Bethany Jacobson, Bethany
Director, Producer, Writer
Jacobson, Dan Jacobson, Dan
Futures Editor
NY 1 News
Jacobson, Kristi Jacobson, Kristi
Director, Producer
Catalyst Films
Jacobson, Larry Jacobson, Larry
Grosso Jacobson/The Producers Group
Jacobson, Mandy Jacobson, Mandy
Producer and Director
Bowery Productions
Jacobson, Marc Jacobson, Marc
Marc Jacobson P.C
Jacobson, Mark Jacobson, Mark
United Talent Agency
Jacobson, Matt Jacobson, Matt
Head of Development
Jacobson, Melissa Jacobson, Melissa
Acquisitions, Development Executive, Producer
Five More Minutes Productions
Jacobson, Rick Jacobson, Rick
Viacom International Inc.
Jacobson, Sibyl Jacobson, Sibyl
Senior V.P. External Relations
Metropolitan Life
Jacobstein, George Jacobstein, George
Rose Brand
Jacoby, Fran Jacoby, Fran
Jacoby Agency
Jacoby, Myrna Jacoby, Myrna
MJ Management
Jacqueney, Stephanie Jacqueney, Stephanie
Director/Business Affairs
Radio City Music Hall Productions, Inc.
Jacques, Jennifer Jacques, Jennifer
Managing Partner
Grant Jacques LLP
Jacques, Rajni Jacques, Rajni
Fashion News Editor
Glamour Magazine
Jaffe, Alex Jaffe, Alex
Production, Development, and Acquisitions
Miramax Films
Jaffe, Mark S. Jaffe, Mark S.
President and CEO
Greater New York Chamber of Commerce
Jaffe, Suzanne Jaffe, Suzanne
National Postal Forum
Jaffier, Barnard Jaffier, Barnard
Jaffa Films, LLC
Jagernauth, Kevin Jagernauth, Kevin
Managing Editor
The Playlist
Jago, Kimberly Jago, Kimberly
Associate Producer, Personal Manager, Representative
KL Jago Talent
Jagoda, Heidi Jagoda, Heidi
Sound One Corp.
Jagoda, Heidi Jagoda, Heidi
Jaime, Josefa Jaime, Josefa
Jaime, Josefa Jaime, Josefa
Associate Producer, Researcher
JJaime Research
Jakubassa, Erika Jakubassa, Erika
Consultant, Curator, Writer
Jakubiak, Irenka Jakubiak, Irenka
Fashion Director
Jakubiak, Stephanie Jakubiak, Stephanie
Business Affairs Executive
WPP/Group M Entertainment
Jalenak, Jan Jalenak, Jan
Actors Studio
Jamal, Joseph Jamal, Joseph
Chair, Graduate Film Program
Columbia University
James, Caryn James, Caryn
New York Times
James, Caryn James, Caryn
James on Screens
James, Crystal James, Crystal
MTV Networks
James, Jr., O. Aldon James, Jr., O. Aldon
The National Arts Club
James, Judith James, Judith
Scholarships. Finance
Dreyfuss/James Productions
James, Kimberly James, Kimberly
Assistant Director, Line Producer, Producer
James, Letitia James, Letitia
Council Member
James, Lisa James, Lisa
Festival Administrator, Interactive Media, Production Manager
James, Mark James, Mark
Director, Development
Columbia Pictures
James, NQuavah James, NQuavah
Consultant, Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Services
James, Toni-Leslie James, Toni-Leslie
Costume Designer
Jameson, Ann Denise Jameson, Ann Denise
Manager, Corporate Affairs
Jameson, Richard Jameson, Richard
Film Comment
Jamison, Elisabeth Jamison, Elisabeth
Actor, Casting Director, Producer
Jane, Mary Jane, Mary
Next Wednesday
Jane, Singer Jane, Singer
Inside Fashion
Janego, Jason Janego, Jason
Sales Agent
Submarine Entertainment
Janes, Colleen Janes, Colleen
Actor, Coordinating Producer, Director
November Entertainment
Janice, Beth Janice, Beth
Copy Chief
Black Enterprise Magazine
Janis-Mashayekhi, Susan Janis-Mashayekhi, Susan
WIFT Florida
Janke, Amber Janke, Amber
Educator, Nonprofit Administrator, Writer
New York University, Kanbar Institute of Film and Television
Jankousky, Evelyn Jankousky, Evelyn
VP Branch Manager
North Fork Bank
Jankovic, Milena Jankovic, Milena
Music and Culture Dept Acquisitions Coordinator
Link TV
Janover, Harriet Janover, Harriet
Janover, Neil Janover, Neil
President and CEO
Janowsky, James Janowsky, James
Director, Educator, Writer
AOA Productions LLC
Janowsky, James Janowsky, James
Creative Director
National Board of Review
Jansen, Gail Jansen, Gail
Gail Jansen Productions
Janson, Beth Janson, Beth
Executive Producer, Nonprofit Administrator, Programming
Tribeca Film Institute
Janssen, Marge Janssen, Marge
VP Engineering
Tamberelli Digital Video Rentals
Janssen, Marge Janssen, Marge
Tamberelli Digital Video Rentals
Janucik, Jadz Janucik, Jadz
Senior Vice President of Association Affairs
Jao, Tony Jao, Tony
AVP/ Regional Sales Manager
Sterling National Bank
Jaquis, Nicole Jaquis, Nicole
Associate Producer, Still Photographer
Jardin, Xeni Jardin, Xeni
Boing Boing
Jarecki, Andrew Jarecki, Andrew
Cinetic Media, Inc. - Capturing the Friedmans
Jarmoszuk, Aloysee Jarmoszuk, Aloysee
Executive Producer, Producer
Bloomingdale Road Films, Inc.
Jarnagin, Alec Jarnagin, Alec
Director of Photography
Jarnagin, Jendra Jarnagin, Jendra
Cinematographer, Director of Photography
Floating Camera, LLC
Jarnagin, Jendra Jarnagin, Jendra
Director of Photography
Jarrett, Sharon Jarrett, Sharon
Production Coordinator
Jarrett, Stephen Jarrett, Stephen
VP Game Design
Jarus, Sr., Tom Jarus, Sr., Tom
Actor, Producer, Writer
Jarvis, Elizabeth Jarvis, Elizabeth
Founder/ Artistic Director
2060, Inc.
Jarvis, Kevin Jarvis, Kevin
Maysles Cinema
Jarvis, Lucy Jarvis, Lucy
Jarvis Theatre & Film
Javdan, Ray Javdan, Ray
Executive Producer
The Javdan FIrm PLLC
Javellana, Genevieve Javellana, Genevieve
Marketing Coordinator
Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein Selz
Javier, Jimmy Javier, Jimmy
Executive mangaging director
Kenneth Zund Realty Associates, Inc.
Jawed, Mag Jawed, Mag
BBC Worldwide Americas
Jay, Daralyn Jay, Daralyn
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
Jaye, Jacci Jaye, Jacci
Costume Designer, Stylist
Jacci Jaye
Jaye, Jacci Jaye, Jacci
Costume Designer, Stylist, Wardrobe
Jacci Jaye
Jayne, MS, RD, Jill Jayne, MS, RD, Jill
Creative Director, Producer, Writer
Note to Health LLC
Jazwinski, Carol Jazwinski, Carol
Chief Sales Officer
Technicolor PostWorks New York
JC Studios, JC Studios,
JC Studios
Jean, Edouard Jean, Edouard
Massive Travels, Inc
Jean-Baptiste, Ingrid Jean-Baptiste, Ingrid
Chelsea FIlm Festival
Jean-Jerome, Desiree Jean-Jerome, Desiree
Revenue Planning Manager
Disney ABC
Jean-Philippe, Pharah Jean-Philippe, Pharah
Actor, Director, Writer
BabyGirl Filmworks, LLC
Jeanine, Pepler Jeanine, Pepler
Chelsea Pictures
Jeanpierre, Courtney Jeanpierre, Courtney
Uc Berkeley
Jeanson, Cedric Jeanson, Cedric
Jeddry, Jenny Jeddry, Jenny
Camera Assistant
Jee, June Jee, June
Jeffereis, Gulnar Jeffereis, Gulnar
G J Productions
Jefferson, Giona Jefferson, Giona
Producer, On-Air Talent
Jefferson, Margo Jefferson, Margo
New York Times
Jefferson, Noel Jefferson, Noel
Director, Producer, Writer
As-of-Right Productions LLC
Jefferson, Patranila Jefferson, Patranila
Pretty Smart Media
Jeffrey, Sheri Jeffrey, Sheri
Attorney At Law
Kaye, Scholer, Fierman, Hays & Handler, LLP
Jeffreys, Debra Jeffreys, Debra
Film/Video Production Services
Debra Jeffreys
Jeffri, Joan Jeffri, Joan
Research Center for Arts & Culture
Jeffries, Martha Jeffries, Martha
Director, Producer, Researcher
Jenemann, Laura Jenemann, Laura
George Mason University
Jeneski, Loretta Jeneski, Loretta
Executive Producer
Nonfiction Spots
Jenkins, Carol Jenkins, Carol
Board Member, Activist and Writer
African Media and Research Foundation (AMREF)
Jenkins, Cheryl Jenkins, Cheryl
Women in Film and Television Atlanta
Jenkins, Jacqueline Jenkins, Jacqueline
Frame Runner
Jennerjahn, Mary Lou Jennerjahn, Mary Lou
CBS/Broadcast Group
Jenness, Janet Jenness, Janet
Gobsmacked Productions LLC
Jennings, Kayce Jennings, Kayce
Corporate Executive, Producer
The Documentary Group
Jennings, Paula Jennings, Paula
Director of Development, Division of Libraries
New York University
Jensch, Mary Jensch, Mary
Semprae Laboratories, Inc
Jensen, Angela Jensen, Angela
Assistant Director
Jensen, Deborah Jensen, Deborah
Art Director, Production Designer
Jensen, Jytte Jensen, Jytte
Curator, Department of Film
MoMA - Museum of Modern Art
Jensen, Mia Jensen, Mia
Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
Jensen, Sharon Jensen, Sharon
Executive Director
Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts
Jenson, Wendy Jenson, Wendy
Asst. Features Editor
Harpers Bazaar
Jentis, Caytha Jentis, Caytha
Director, Producer, Writer
Fox Meadow Films
Jerahian, Rachael Jerahian, Rachael
Director of Marketing/ Producer
Jermanok, Jim Jermanok, Jim
Command Performance Productions
Jerritt, Gary Jerritt, Gary
General Manager
All Mobile Video, Inc.
jeske, greg jeske, greg
Video Journalist
Jessman, Nina Jessman, Nina
MTV Music News
Jessup, Jennifer Jessup, Jennifer
Fundraising/Development, Producer, Writer
Jethmalani, Manya Patil Jethmalani, Manya Patil
WIFT in formation - c/o Smita Patil Found.
Jewison, Norman Jewison, Norman
Yorktown Productions, Inc.
Jeyaram, Chithra Jeyaram, Chithra
Filmmaker & Editor
Jha, Srishti Jha, Srishti
Amarchand (Law Firm)
Jho, Sona Jho, Sona
Production Executive
Sockeye Media LLC
Jiles, Kristan Jiles, Kristan
Marketing Manager
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Jimenez, Mona Jimenez, Mona
Associate Arts Professor/ Associate Director
Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program NYU
Jimenez-Ambia, elva Jimenez-Ambia, elva
Founder/Executive Director
New York Quechua Initiative
Jimenez-Ramirez, Mercedes Jimenez-Ramirez, Mercedes
Producer, Writer
JRM Latin Entertainment
Jimeno, Margarita Jimeno, Margarita
Director, Writer
Guespa Films
Jimoh, Lola Jimoh, Lola
Actor, Director, Writer
Joachim, Brigitta Joachim, Brigitta
Creative Director, Director, Educator
Media for the XX's
Joachim, Jewel Joachim, Jewel
Executive Producer, Co-writer, Assistant Director, Editor, Sound Designer
Joffe, Matthew Joffe, Matthew
Admissions-Director of office for students with disabilities
LaGuardia Community College
Johansson, Scarlett Johansson, Scarlett
True Public Relations
John, Tasha John, Tasha
HR Assistant
Johnson, Adrienne Johnson, Adrienne
Good Samaritan Productions
Johnson, Alana Johnson, Alana
Research Assistant
The Oxygen Network
Johnson, Allyson Johnson, Allyson
Editor: Film/Video
Johnson, Amanda Johnson, Amanda
Actor, Producer, Writer
Showtime Networks
Johnson, Anne Johnson, Anne
Production Finance
johnson, anne. k johnson, anne. k
financial consultant/ tax preparation for the arts
Johnson, Ariel Johnson, Ariel
Johnson, Avery Johnson, Avery
Creative Director
Avery J. Fashion Consultants
Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Barbara
Eyewitness News
Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Barbara
News Director
Johnson, Brooke Johnson, Brooke
Food Network
Johnson, Christine Johnson, Christine
ReImagined World Entertainment
Johnson, Christine Toy Johnson, Christine Toy
Actor, Producer, Writer
ReImagined World Entertainment
Johnson, Devin Johnson, Devin
VP Publicity for BBC America
BBC America New York
Johnson, Doug Johnson, Doug
Galaxy 61, Inc.
Johnson, Emma Johnson, Emma
Camera Assistant
Johnson, Geoffrey Johnson, Geoffrey
Johnson-Liff Casting Associates
Johnson, Hardwick Johnson, Hardwick
Vice President, Operations
Camera Service Center, Inc.
Johnson, Hardwrick Johnson, Hardwrick
VP of Operation
Johnson, Ingrid Johnson, Ingrid
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Nonprofit Administrator
SAG-AFTRA, Arts & Cultural Council Bucks County
Johnson, Jahneen Johnson, Jahneen
Murray Hill Studios
Johnson, James Johnson, James
Director of Catering
Hilton New York
Johnson, Jamie Johnson, Jamie
Coordinator - Risk Management
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Johnson, Jan Johnson, Jan
Associate Producer, Production Services, Talent Coordinator
T.I.E Productions
Johnson, Jane Dunbar Johnson, Jane Dunbar
UCLA Film and TV Archive
Johnson, Janet King Johnson, Janet King
Press Liaison
Johnson, Jasmine Johnson, Jasmine
Camera Service Center
Johnson, Jeannie Johnson, Jeannie
Sr. Special Projects Producer/Network Announcer
Johnson, Judith Johnson, Judith
Director, Producer, Writer
Hudson View Productions
Johnson, Kati Johnson, Kati
Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Kenneth
Sr. Sales Representative
Digital Product Inc.
Johnson, Kirsten Johnson, Kirsten
Cinematographer, Director, Still Photographer
Johnson, Latasha Johnson, Latasha
Make Up Artist
Johnson, Laurie Johnson, Laurie
Johnson, Lily Johnson, Lily
Washington Square Films
Johnson, Lois Johnson, Lois
Johnson, Maryann Casini Johnson, Maryann Casini
Executive Producer, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
Top Cat Marine Security
Johnson, Maureen Johnson, Maureen
Assistant Professor
Indiana State University
Johnson, Michael Johnson, Michael
New York University/FIT
Johnson, Michelle Johnson, Michelle
Hair Stylist
Johnson, Monica Johnson, Monica
Johnson, Natalie Johnson, Natalie
Johnson, Patrice Johnson, Patrice
Actor, Educator, Executive Producer
God and All O Wee Productions
Johnson, Peter Johnson, Peter
USA Today
Johnson, Phyllis Johnson, Phyllis
Turn Soul Films
Johnson, Quanda Johnson, Quanda
Actor, Producer, Researcher
The Qwest Factor
Johnson, Rachel Johnson, Rachel
Director, Writer
Johnson, Rebecca Johnson, Rebecca
Anchor/Reporter, Producer, Writer
Johnson, Richard Johnson, Richard
New York Post
Johnson, Sara Ann Johnson, Sara Ann
Society Correspondent
Times Square Chronicles
Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Sharon
Entertainment/News Producer
CBS News/Newspath
Johnson, Sue Johnson, Sue
ABC Inc.
Johnson, Sylvia Johnson, Sylvia
Associate Producer
Johnson, Tisha Johnson, Tisha
Assistant Project Attorney
New Line Cinema
Johnson, Traci Paige Johnson, Traci Paige
Blues Clues
Johnston, Audre Johnston, Audre
Actor, Writer
Johnston, Eric Johnston, Eric
Technical Sales Representative Camera Systems
Johnston, Jerome Johnston, Jerome
Director, Corporate Communications
Paine Webber Group, Inc.
Johnston, Kati Johnston, Kati
Motherbrucker Productions
Johnstone, Chauncey O. Johnstone, Chauncey O.
Beiersdorf Inc
Jokel, Lana Jokel, Lana
Director, Producer
Jolovich, Don Jolovich, Don
Photo Editor
Jonas, Shirley Jonas, Shirley
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Jones, Amy Jones, Amy
Jones, Aretha Jones, Aretha
Jones, Art Jones, Art
Great Jones Productions
Jones, Ashley Jones, Ashley
Production Services
Cortina Productions
Jones, Barbara Jones, Barbara
Editorial Director
Voice Books
Jones, Beryl R. Jones, Beryl R.
Brooklyn Law School
Jones, Charles Jones, Charles
Cinematographer, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Frontline Editing and Video Production
Jones, Courtney Jones, Courtney
Business Development
Film Movement
Jones, Cynda Jones, Cynda
Production Coordinator, Writer
Jones, Dawn Jones, Dawn
Jones, Debbie Jones, Debbie
Educator, Producer, Writer
Jones, Diane Jones, Diane
Finance Manager
Goldcrest Post
Jones, Gary Jones, Gary
Costume Designer
Jones, Greg Jones, Greg
Managing Director-Film & Television Division
C.M. Meiers
Jones, Gregory Jones, Gregory
VP/ Regional Branch Manager
30 Year Term, LLC: Real Estate Consulting Services
Jones, Jacquie Jones, Jacquie
Executive Producer
National Black Programming Consortium
Jones, Jake Jones, Jake
Staff PA
Bootleg Productions, INC
Jones, James K. Jones, James K.
IKM Productions
Jones, Janis. w. Jones, Janis. w.
Career Services
Jones, Jenny Jones, Jenny
Jenny Jones Show
Jones, Katherine Jones, Katherine
Professional Coach
WorldView Coaching & Consulting
Jones, Kathryn Jones, Kathryn
Actor, Producer
Jones, Kathy Jones, Kathy
Shutt-Jones Productions
Jones, Kaylie Jones, Kaylie
Consultant, Educator, Writer
Jones, Kent Jones, Kent
Director of Programming, New York Film Festival
Film Society of Lincoln Center
Jones, Kimberly Jones, Kimberly
Kimmah Bean
Jones, Kimberly Shay Jones, Kimberly Shay
Actor, Educator, Narrator/Voice-Over
Jones, Kimiko Jones, Kimiko
Media Budget Coordinator
Initiative Media
Jones, Kristi Jones, Kristi
Aon Corporation
Jones, Kristin Jones, Kristin
SVP Production, International Development and Acquisitions
Miramax Films
Jones, Landon Jones, Landon
People Weekly Magazine
Jones, Lisa Jones, Lisa
Line Producer, Producer
Jones, Lynda Jones, Lynda
Journalist, Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
Jones, M. Adrienne Jones, M. Adrienne
M13 Productions
Jones, Marquette Jones, Marquette
Hotcomb Pictures
Jones, Marsha Jones, Marsha
Regional Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Planned Parenthood
Jones, Melanie Jones, Melanie
Marketing Executive
Eastman Kodak Company
Jones, Mike Jones, Mike
Associate Editor
Filmmaker Magazine
Jones, Nyjia Jones, Nyjia
Assistant Editor
Jones, Pamela Jones, Pamela
CBS Corporation
Jones, Pamela Jones, Pamela
NYS Bar Association
Jones, Quenell Jones, Quenell
Jones, Samantha Jones, Samantha
Doramae Productions
Jones, Sandy Jones, Sandy
Sandy Jones Translation
Jones, Sandy Jones, Sandy
Sandy Jones Translations
Jones, Sarah Jones, Sarah
Writer and Performer
Jones, Shannon Jones, Shannon
CBS Program Publicity
Jones, Stefany Jones, Stefany
Hustle Mama Productions
Jones, Stefany Jones, Stefany
Corporate Executive, Distributor, Interactive Media
Hustle Mama Productions
Jones, Stephanie Jones, Stephanie
Actor, Producer, Production Supervisor
Jones, Susan Jones, Susan
Susan K. Jones & Associates
Jones-Ritter, Diana Jones-Ritter, Diana
NY State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
Jong, Erica Jong, Erica
Writer and Poet
Joo, Byung Young Joo, Byung Young
Docu-Factory Vista
Joo, Sonya Joo, Sonya
Development Executive, Production Executive, Television Executive
NBC Universal
Jordan, Andrew Jordan, Andrew
Administrative Aide
NYU Tisch School of the Arts
Jordan, Juliet Jordan, Juliet
Dog Rose Films
Jordan, Keith Jordan, Keith
One Communications
Jordan, Shaunequa Jordan, Shaunequa
Jordan & Associates, LLC
Jordan, Shelia Jordan, Shelia
Writer, Director, Producer
Artemis Dreams Production
Jordan, Wilma Jordan, Wilma
The Jordan Edmiston Group, Inc.
Jordan-Simpson, Emma Jordan-Simpson, Emma
Children's Defense Fund
Jorg, Christoph Jorg, Christoph
Commisioning Editor
ARTE France
Jorgenson, Ryan Jorgenson, Ryan
Account Manager
Audio Network US, Inc
Jose, Kim Jose, Kim
Producer and Partner
Elephant Eye Films
Josell, Jessica Josell, Jessica
Corporate Executive, Marketing Executive, Publicist
Josell Communcations, Inc.
Joseloff, Michael Joseloff, Michael
Producer, Writer
Joseloff, Michael Joseloff, Michael
Learning Matters
Joseph, Chris Joseph, Chris
Assistant to President David Nevins
Entertainment Showtime Networks Inc.
Joseph, Claire Joseph, Claire
Joseph, Genie Joseph, Genie
Hawaii Movie Studios
Joseph, Jennifer Joseph, Jennifer
Costume Designer
Joseph, Meryl Joseph, Meryl
Director, Producer, Writer
Joseph, Rosalie Joseph, Rosalie
VP, Casting
ABC/Touchstone Television
Joseph, Terri Joseph, Terri
Associate Producer, Researcher
Joseph, Volney Joseph, Volney
Writers Assistant/Social Media Manager
Susan -Sojourna Collier Productions
Josephs, Caren Josephs, Caren
Art Director, Creative Director
CJ Ink
Josephson, Mark Josephson, Mark
Murray & Josephson, CPAs, LLC
Joshi, Nitin Joshi, Nitin
McGraw Hill Financial
Joshua, Lyon Joshua, Lyon
Interview Magazine
Josoph, Jamal Josoph, Jamal
Columbia University, School of the Arts, Film Division
Jovanovic, Svetlana Jovanovic, Svetlana
610 Films
Jovicic, Daria Jovicic, Daria
Sr. VP Marketing
Hallmark Entertainment/RHI
Joy, Robert Joy, Robert
c/o William Morris/ATTN: Jeff Hunter
Joyal, Dawn Joyal, Dawn
Joyce, Margaret Joyce, Margaret
conatct person
New Hampshire Film & Television Office
Joyce, Michelle Joyce, Michelle
CEO/Chief Experience Officer
Digital Chick Consulting
Script Supervisor
Joynes, Willa Joynes, Willa
Stage 3 Productions
Juarez, Sonia Juarez, Sonia
Festival Administrator
New York International Latiino Film Festival
Judson, Lisa Judson, Lisa
SVP Marketing
Juergensen, Heather Juergensen, Heather
Executive Director
Film & Theatre Ensemble of New York
Julia, Ana Julia, Ana
Juliano, Nina Juliano, Nina
Force One Entertainment
Juliber, Lois Juliber, Lois
Execituve Vice President & COO
Colgate-Palmolive Company
Julien, Jay Julien, Jay
Jay Julien
Junk, Sasha Junk, Sasha
Senior Vice President and Managing Director
The Morris King Company
Jurado, Helen Jurado, Helen
Regional Sales Director
BBC Worldwide Americas
Jurado, Helen Jurado, Helen
VP - Sales & Distribution Latin America
BBC Worldwide Americas
Jurado, Mayda Jurado, Mayda
Jurado, Vivienne Jurado, Vivienne
Make Up Artist
Jurew, Peter Jurew, Peter
Associate Publisher, Marketing
Jurgensen, John Jurgensen, John
Entertainment Reporter
Wall Street Journal
Juris, Marc Juris, Marc
Jusice, Celine Jusice, Celine
Executive Director
Peace is Loud
Just, Sascha Just, Sascha
Director, Researcher, Writer
Fraulein Freytag Productions
Justice, Hardy Justice, Hardy
Tribeca Films
Justice, Kim Justice, Kim
Production Coordinator
Justman, Nina Justman, Nina
Assignment Editor
MTV Radio News
Justman, Zuzana Justman, Zuzana
Director, Executive Producer, Writer
Pick Productions, Ltd
Jutkowitz, Abbi Jutkowitz, Abbi
Assistant Editor