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Caesar, Vanessa Caesar, Vanessa
Production Finance
1978 Productions
Caicedo, Veronica Caicedo, Veronica
Corporate Executive, Director, Producer
Caicedo Productions Corp.
Calderon, Volga Calderon, Volga
Bite the Hand Productions
Callahan, Claire Callahan, Claire
Sr Producer/Writer
Callahan, Nanci Callahan, Nanci
Managing Director ,Producer
West Side Cultural Center
Callender, Nicole Callender, Nicole
Stunt Person/Coordinator
Calvert, Misha Calvert, Misha
Actor, Director, Writer
Calvo, Celia Calvo, Celia
Actor, Camera Operator, Writer
Camargo, Scarlett Camargo, Scarlett
Leaving Normal Productions
Cameron, Susan Cameron, Susan
Actor, Educator, Writer
Cameron Method
Camerota, Courtney Camerota, Courtney
Director, Producer, Writer
Eccentric Pictures
Caminer, Sylvia Caminer, Sylvia
president, Producer/Director
DolGer Films
Campanelli, Julia Campanelli, Julia
Shelter Film
Campbell, Cathleen Campbell, Cathleen
Director, Writer
Drama Mama Film & Video
Cannistraci, Andrea Cannistraci, Andrea
Cowan Debaets Abrahams & Sheppard
Cantu, Helen Cantu, Helen
Personal Manager, Researcher
MPL Communications
Cantwell, Kristin Cantwell, Kristin
Actor, Writer
Capo, Fran Capo, Fran
Capossela, Margaret Capossela, Margaret
Business Affairs Executive, Production Finance
NeeD New York LLC
Carey-Perazzo, Patty Carey-Perazzo, Patty
Location Department, Writer
Carias-Linares, Julia Carias-Linares, Julia
AE Networks
Carlomusto, Jean Carlomusto, Jean
Cresting Moon Productions
Carmona, Jessica Carmona, Jessica
Actor, Executive Producer, Writer
Si Se Puede Productions LLC
Carn, Deborah Carn, Deborah
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over
Carrere, Marisol Carrere, Marisol
Actor, Director, Writer
Carrere Films International, Inc
Carrizosa, Macarena Carrizosa, Macarena
Camera Assistant, Director, Line Producer
Carroll, Kayla Carroll, Kayla
Art Director, Distributor
Picture Motion
Carroll, Stephanie Carroll, Stephanie
Production Designer
Carter, Danielle Carter, Danielle
Production Supervisor
Carter, Holly Carter, Holly
Nonprofit Administrator, Production Executive, Writer
Carter, Patricia Carter, Patricia
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
Casinelli, Elizabeth Casinelli, Elizabeth
Camera Assistant, Cinematographer
Caspi, Joan Caspi, Joan
Producer, Writer
Cassaniti, Lynn Cassaniti, Lynn
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video, Production Coordinator
Cassano, Heather Cassano, Heather
Director, Editor: Film/Video
Casselman, Marilyn Casselman, Marilyn
Director, Writer
Freeborn Entertainment
Cassidy, Joanne Cassidy, Joanne
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive, Writer
Law Offices of Joanne Cassidy
Catanese, Alison Catanese, Alison
Marketing Executive
Keller Williams & PR and Marketing Connection
Cato, Christin Cato, Christin
Actor, Educator, Writer
Cavalier, Emma Cavalier, Emma
Actor, Writer
Cave, Stephanie Cave, Stephanie
Production Finance
National Geographic Studios, LLC
Ceasar, Pat Ceasar, Pat
A Little Taste of Ceasar Productions
Cemin, Svetlana Cemin, Svetlana
610 Films
Centrone, Barbara Centrone, Barbara
Consultant, Sales
Cerny, Trillian Cerny, Trillian
Costume Designer, Wardrobe
NBC Universal - Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon
Chacona, Marica Chacona, Marica
Senior Vice President, Program Planning and Scheduling
Showtime Networks Inc.
Chadwick, Catherine Chadwick, Catherine
Mercury 16 LLC
Chaisson, Anne Chaisson, Anne
Hamptons Intl. Film Festival
Chaitoo, Maleni Chaitoo, Maleni
Actor, Executive Producer, Producer
Chambers, Katie Chambers, Katie
Community Engagement Director
New York Women in Film & Television
Chane, Peggy Chane, Peggy
Director, Producer
CPC Entertainment
Charan, Apoorva Charan, Apoorva
Charbonnet, Gina Charbonnet, Gina
Corporate Executive, Producer
Charles, Elaine Charles, Elaine
Pennsylvania Governor's Office
Charny, Carla Charny, Carla
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive
Chatman, Wendy Chatman, Wendy
Creative Director, Writer
Chatterjee, Tiara Chatterjee, Tiara
Corporate Executive
Rock Shrimp Productions
Cheatle, Lori Cheatle, Lori
Hard Working Movies
Cherkas, Diana Cherkas, Diana
Actor, Writer
Cherkas, Vicki Cherkas, Vicki
Cherkas Strategic Consulting
Chernikina, Irina Chernikina, Irina
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Cherry, Shauntay Cherry, Shauntay
Director, Producer, Writer
Heart of David Pictures
Chisholm, Beatrice Chisholm, Beatrice
Production Finance
Choquette, India Choquette, India
Actor, Producer, Writer
Chou, Peilin Chou, Peilin
Television Executive
DreamWorks Animation Shanghai
Chow, Courtney Chow, Courtney
Development Executive, Programming
YouTube Space NY
Chrein, Maxine Chrein, Maxine
Consultant, Corporate Executive
Master Sound Ventures, Inc.
Christa, Gabri Christa, Gabri
Choreographer, Director, Producer
Danza Isa film & performance
Christeas, Julie Christeas, Julie
Tandem Pictures
Christiansen, Ellen Christiansen, Ellen
Set Decorator
Chu Tran, HaPhuong Chu Tran, HaPhuong
Actor, Director
Chu, Cindy Chu, Cindy
Actor, Producer, Writer
Chun, Jeong Yun (J.Y.) Chun, Jeong Yun (J.Y.)
Actor, Director, Producer
BlueLawn Films, LLC
Churton, Michael Churton, Michael
Chuturkova, Tanya Chuturkova, Tanya
Assistant Director, Director, Producer
Ciancutti, Carol Ciancutti, Carol
Producer, Production Manager
Amaranth Productions, Inc.
Ciccone, Theresa Ciccone, Theresa
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Educator
Cirillo, Alex Cirillo, Alex
Executive Producer, Line Producer, Producer
Claes, Michael Claes, Michael
Business Affairs Executive, Consultant, Corporate Executive
Nicholas Consulting LLC
Claggett, Gretl Claggett, Gretl
Creative Director, Director, Writer
Culture Catalyst
Clark, Rebecca Clark, Rebecca
Senior Accountant
Clark, Victoria Clark, Victoria
Producer, Production Coordinator, Writer
Optomen Productions
Clarke, Andrea Rose Clarke, Andrea Rose
Producer, Sound Mixer
Sister From Another Planet
Clayton, Carrie Clayton, Carrie
Director, Executive Producer, Production Supervisor
Condé Nast
Cleare, Dianne Cleare, Dianne
Associate Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Clemons, Brittany Clemons, Brittany
Associate Producer
Clinton, Kaylin Clinton, Kaylin
Actor, Composer, Narrator/Voice-Over
Clyne, Erin Clyne, Erin
Stunt Person/Coordinator
Cohen Kirsch, Beth Cohen Kirsch, Beth
Executive Director
Tribeca Film Center
Cohen, Eliot Cohen, Eliot
Actor, Director, Producer
Cohen, Julie Cohen, Julie
Second Wind Productions, Inc.
Cohen, Maxi Cohen, Maxi
Director, Producer
Cohen, Nancy Cohen, Nancy
Critic, Director, Writer
Cohen, Sona Robbins Cohen, Sona Robbins
Producer, Writer
Cohn, Marya Cohn, Marya
Educator, Writer
Cole, Stephanie Cole, Stephanie
Marketing Executive
2108 Media
Coleman, Alisa Coleman, Alisa
Art Director, Corporate Executive, Music Supervisor
ABKCO Music & Records, Inc.
Coleman, Caroline Coleman, Caroline
Executive Producer, Producer
Collins, Barbara Collins, Barbara
Casting Director
Collins, Kelsie Collins, Kelsie
Production Manager
Matador Network
Colombaro, Billie Colombaro, Billie
Actor, Attorney
Combs, Susan Combs, Susan
Business Affairs Executive, Consultant
Combs & Company, LLC
Comer, Michele Comer, Michele
Condorelli, Nella Condorelli, Nella
Factory Film Produzioni Indipendenti
connor, lisa connor, lisa
Connors, Sarah Connors, Sarah
Associate Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
She Spun Films
Conte, Sara Conte, Sara
Casting Director, Development Executive
Genuine: The Real People Company
Contento, Memory Contento, Memory
Actor, Director, Producer
Conza, Yvonne Conza, Yvonne
Actor, Writer
Cooper, Karen Cooper, Karen
Exhibitor, Nonprofit Administrator, Programming
Film Forum
Cooper, Margaret Cooper, Margaret
Consultant, Writer
Word Right Communications
Cooper, Veronica Cooper, Veronica
Actor, Producer, Writer
Copeland, Cecilia Copeland, Cecilia
Director, Producer, Writer
Copeland, Judy Copeland, Judy
Actor, Producer
Copeland, Kristina Copeland, Kristina
President / Founder
Brown Saddle Productions
Cordaro, Andrea Cordaro, Andrea
Actor, Producer
Fusion Box Films
Cordova-Corwin, Vanessa Cordova-Corwin, Vanessa
Producer, Production Manager, Writer
VCC Productions
Coriell, Taylor Coriell, Taylor
Actor, Showrunner, Writer
Corradino, Elizabeth Corradino, Elizabeth
Moses & Singer LLP
Cortes, Lisa Cortes, Lisa
Cortes Films
Cortes, Margarita Cortes, Margarita
MSophia PR
Coordinating Producer, Director
Costa, Amanda Costa, Amanda
Director, Producer, Writer
The Lone Olive
Costello, Lukia Costello, Lukia
Director of Photography, Editor: Film/Video, Executive Producer
The New Hotness
Costello, Meagan Costello, Meagan
Editor: Film/Video
Cotoggio, Lisa Cotoggio, Lisa
Publicist, Writer
Cotter, Maureen Cotter, Maureen
Director, Program Planning & Scheduling
Covington, Selena Covington, Selena
Director, Producer
Meredith Corporation
Cox, Nell Cox, Nell
Director, Producer, Writer
Nell Cox Films, Inc.
Crafts, Lisa Crafts, Lisa
Animator, Titles
Cragg, Lauren Cragg, Lauren
Consultant, Executive Producer, Writer
L.C. Cragg and Associates, LLC
Craig, R Erin Craig, R Erin
Executive Producer, Personal Manager, Producer
La Vie Productions
Cramer, Barbara Cramer, Barbara
Critic, Nonprofit Administrator, Writer
Cramer, Beth Cramer, Beth
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Creede, Doreen Creede, Doreen
Consultant, Production Designer, Set Decorator
Crimmins, Margaret Crimmins, Margaret
Editor: Sound, Music Editor, Sound Mixer
Dog Bark Sound, Inc.
Criss, Jean Criss, Jean
Ad Agency
Jean Criss Media, LLC
Croft, Kat Croft, Kat
Director, Still Photographer, Writer
One Feather Films
Croghan, Emma-Kate Croghan, Emma-Kate
Director, Writer
Crosby, Julie Crosby, Julie
Executive Producer, Producer, Production Executive
Cromono International
Cross, June Cross, June
Executive Producer, Fundraising/Development, Producer
SecretDaughter Productions
Crosse, Mary Crosse, Mary
Director, Executive Producer, Festival Administrator
Cruz, Pamela Cruz, Pamela
Cummings, Kim Cummings, Kim
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Siren's Tale Productions
Cunningham, Ryan Cunningham, Ryan
Running Man
Curney, Leah Curney, Leah
Actor, Director, Writer
Blue Skies Media, LLC
curry, suzanne curry, suzanne
WI Public Relations
Curry, Yvonne Curry, Yvonne
Educator, Make Up Artist
Cypriano, Bianka Cypriano, Bianka
Creative Director, Producer, Writer
Production Girls