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Cabana, Joe Cabana, Joe
cabana, joe cabana, joe
Cabanas, Arturo Cabanas, Arturo
Cabarga, Luciana Cabarga, Luciana
WIFT - Mexico
Cabaroy, Mark Cabaroy, Mark
Cabral, Lyric Cabral, Lyric
Program Assistant
Tribeca Film Institute
Cabrera, Angela Cabrera, Angela
Cabrera & Associates
Cabrera, Maria Cabrera, Maria
Actor, Director, Writer
Spiral Media in Motion
Cabrera, Maurice Cabrera, Maurice
Parking Coordinator
Bootleg Production, Inc
Cacace, Lisa Cacace, Lisa
Cacciato, Angelina Cacciato, Angelina
Producer, Writer
A.C.T. Productions
Cacioppo, Cristina Cacioppo, Cristina
Membership Coordinator
Women In Film & Video
Cadaveira, Juan Cadaveira, Juan
Blue Production company
Cafarelli, Brad Cafarelli, Brad
Caffera, John Caffera, John
Executive Producer, Production Executive
Caffrey, Helen Caffrey, Helen
The Block Film Group
Cagan, Richard Cagan, Richard
Good Times Productions
Caggiano, Jacob Caggiano, Jacob
Mozilla Popcorn
Cagianut, Thierry Cagianut, Thierry
P-Kino Films, Inc.
Cahill, Andrew Cahill, Andrew
Cahill Bros Inc.
Cahill, Brian T. Cahill, Brian T.
SVP, Managing Director
TeleVest Daytime Programs, Inc.
Cahill, Dan Cahill, Dan
Cahill Video
Cahill, Linda Cahill, Linda
Senior Advisor to the President
American Museum of Natural History
Cahn, Alice Cahn, Alice
Vice President for Programming and Development
The Cartoon Network
Cahn, Iris Cahn, Iris
Editor: Film/Video, Educator, Post-Production Supervisor
Cahn, Karen Cahn, Karen
Regional Sales Manager, YouTube
Google New York
Caicedo, Veronica Caicedo, Veronica
Corporate Executive, Director, Producer
Caicedo Productions Corp.
Caine, Dorinne Caine, Dorinne
Domestic Travel
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Caine, Makenzie Caine, Makenzie
Caine, Sari Caine, Sari
Actor, Writer
Calabrese, Kelly Calabrese, Kelly
East Coast/Consumer Accounts Manager
Hollywood Reporter
Calabrese, Rebekah Calabrese, Rebekah
Corporate Executive
Home Box Office, Inc.
Calabro, Debi Calabro, Debi
Calamandrei, Camilla Calamandrei, Camilla
Calamari Jr., Eugene Calamari Jr., Eugene
Squid-7 Photo Productions
Calcada, Laura Calcada, Laura
Writer, Journalist, production assistant
Caldas, Elizabeth Caldas, Elizabeth
Executive Director
NYC Latin Media Entertainment Commission
Calderone, Michael Calderone, Michael
Senior Media Reporter
Huffington Post
Caldwell, Jessica Caldwell, Jessica
Wheelhouse Pictures
Calef, Kathi Calef, Kathi
Red Car
Calise, Victor Calise, Victor
Office for People with Disabilities
Call, Travis Call, Travis
Post-Production Coordinator
Sound Lounge
Callaghan, Mary Lou Callaghan, Mary Lou
USA Network/Sci-Fi Channel
Callahan, David Callahan, David
Principal Librarian
The New York Public Library
Callahan, David Callahan, David
Media Specialist
The New York Public Library
Callahan, Nanci Callahan, Nanci
Managing Director ,Producer
West Side Cultural Center
callahan, nanci callahan, nanci
managing director
west side cultural center
Callender, Colin Callender, Colin
HBO Showcase
Calph, Christina Calph, Christina
Gioconda Pictures
Calph, RObert Calph, RObert
AJ's Landscape and Lawncare
Calvanezi, Heather Calvanezi, Heather
Basic Pay
Calvano, Barbara Calvano, Barbara
Barbara Kidd Calvano
Calvaruso, Maria Calvaruso, Maria
Camera Assistant
Calvert, Lorraine Calvert, Lorraine
Costume Designer
Calvo, Celia Calvo, Celia
Actor, Camera Operator, Writer
Calvosa, Chris Calvosa, Chris
Director of Marketing
Broadway Video Digital Media
Camahort Page, Elisa Camahort Page, Elisa
Camaraza, Gretty Camaraza, Gretty
Editor: Film/Video
Discovery Channel
Camastro, Bob Camastro, Bob
Sales Manager
Mercedes Benz
Camazine, Day Camazine, Day
AON/Albert G. Ruben Company (New York) Inc.
Camburn, Carolyn Camburn, Carolyn
Actor, Producer
Cameron, Kisha Cameron, Kisha
Completion Films
Cameron-Dingle, Kisha Cameron-Dingle, Kisha
Completion Films
Camfield, Juliane Camfield, Juliane
Program Curator
Camhe, Beverly Camhe, Beverly
Beverly J. Camhe Productions, Inc.
Cammilleri, Loretta Cammilleri, Loretta
Vice President
Score Productions, Inc.
Camnitzer, Miguel Camnitzer, Miguel
4th Row Films
Camoin, Mike Camoin, Mike
RoomG03 Films - Grazing Miss Albany
Camosy, Katie Camosy, Katie
Camp, Saluda Camp, Saluda
Campanelli, Julia Campanelli, Julia
Executive Director
Shelter Films
Campbell Harris, Traci Campbell Harris, Traci
Acquisitions, Programming
Campbell, Carol Campbell, Carol
Hair Stylist
Campbell, Cathleen Campbell, Cathleen
Director, Writer
Drama Mama Film & Video
Campbell, Christopher Campbell, Christopher
BlackBook mag
Campbell, Danielle Campbell, Danielle
NY & NJ Brand/Sales Manager
MYX Fusions Moscato
Campbell, Emily Campbell, Emily
The Campbell Firm PLLC
Campbell, Gretchen Campbell, Gretchen
Cappa De Fina Film Productions
Campbell, Jill Campbell, Jill
Producer, Production Supervisor, Writer
Seagullink, LLC
Campbell, Kathleen Campbell, Kathleen
Production Executive
1119 Productions
Campbell, Mark Campbell, Mark
Cinemastreet, LLC
Campbell, Mary Schmidt Campbell, Mary Schmidt
New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
Campbell, Nia Campbell, Nia
Account Coordinator
Campbell, Rebecca Campbell, Rebecca
Executive Director
Austin Film Co.
Campbell, Valerie Campbell, Valerie
Crimson Hill Ent. LLC
campbell, valerie campbell, valerie
Cultured Pearls Ent.
Campbell, Virgina Campbell, Virgina
Executive Editor
Campion, Jane Campion, Jane
c/o Edwina Waddy, Hilary Linstead & Associates
Campion, Kathleen Campion, Kathleen
Anchor/Reporter, Development Executive, Production Executive
Campo, Trisha Campo, Trisha
Chief Operations Officer
Boyd Production Group
Campolongo, Roy Campolongo, Roy
The Triangle Project LLC
Campos, Diana Campos, Diana
Campos, Felix Campos, Felix
AfterDark CATV PROductions
Campoy, Lesley Campoy, Lesley
Executive Director, International & Fashion
Town & Country
Camuti, Joann Camuti, Joann
American Airlines
Canant, Alan Canant, Alan
Editor: Film/Video
Canarick, Emma Canarick, Emma
The Pacific Foundation
Canby, Vincent Canby, Vincent
New York Times
Caney, Deborah Caney, Deborah
Costume Designer
Canfield, Deborah Canfield, Deborah
Set Dresser
Caniglia, Valentina Caniglia, Valentina
Caniglia, Valentina Caniglia, Valentina
Cannava, Peter Cannava, Peter
Associate-Northeast Public Finance Group
Bank of America
Canning-Murphy, Jaci Canning-Murphy, Jaci
Jaci Canning Enterprises
Cannistraci, Andrea Cannistraci, Andrea
Cowan Debaets Abrahams & Sheppard
Cannon Brown, Sandy Cannon Brown, Sandy
Women in Film & Video
Cannon, Alex Cannon, Alex
Manager of Sales
Film Sales Company
Cannon, Michele Cannon, Michele
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Cannon, Sharron Cannon, Sharron
Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting
Canosa, Fabiano Canosa, Fabiano
Executive Director
Cantarella, Marcia Cantarella, Marcia
Assoc. Dean for Student opportunities
Hunter College
Canter, Kim Canter, Kim
Creative Drector
Cantor, Gloria Cantor, Gloria
Eaves Brooks Costume Shop Inc.
Cantu, Helen Cantu, Helen
Personal Manager, Researcher
MPL Communications
Caolo, Susan Caolo, Susan
Consultant, Corporate Executive
Caolo Consulting
Capasso, Nicole Capasso, Nicole
Costume Designer
Caplan, Jeremy Caplan, Jeremy
Director of Education
Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism
Caplan, Steve Caplan, Steve
Executive Vice President
Association of Independent Commercial Producers, Inc.
Caplin, Jo Ann Caplin, Jo Ann
Director, Producer, Writer
Science Television Workshop LLC
Caplin, Wendy Caplin, Wendy
Editor: Film/Video
Caploe, Roberta Caploe, Roberta
Editorial Director
Caplowe, Casey Caplowe, Casey
Co-Founder, Creative Director
Capogna, Nicole Capogna, Nicole
Costume PA
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
Capon, Ellen Capon, Ellen
Senior Manager, Digital Syndication
BBC Worldwide
Capone, Clifford Capone, Clifford
Costume Designer
Capone, Stacie Capone, Stacie
Small Media Extra Large
Caporrimo, Rosaria Caporrimo, Rosaria
Educational Psychologist, Psychology Consultant
Caporuscio, Anthony Caporuscio, Anthony
Accounting Clerk
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Capossela, Margaret Capossela, Margaret
Business Affairs Executive, Production Finance
NeeD New York LLC
Capparell, Stephanie Capparell, Stephanie
Substantial Films Inc.
Capra, Susan Capra, Susan
Caps, Dee Caps, Dee
Capshaw, Kate Capshaw, Kate
c/o Amblin' Entertainment
Capuano, Denise Capuano, Denise
Caputo, Diana Caputo, Diana
Production Services
Caputo, Natasha Caba Caputo, Natasha Caba
westchester county tourism & film office of the county executive
Caranicas, Peter Caranicas, Peter
Below the Line
Carbone, Donna Carbone, Donna
Write For You, LLC
carbone, v.j. carbone, v.j.
vice president, publicity
Carbone, VJ Carbone, VJ
Focus Features
Carbonell, Anna Carbonell, Anna
Station Relations
WNBC 4 New York
Carbonetti, Angela Carbonetti, Angela
Parseghian Planco LLC
Cardaro, Victoria Cardaro, Victoria
VP, Creative Affairs
Hallmark Entertainment/RHI
Cardelia, Peter Cardelia, Peter
Showtime Networks
Cardona, Laura Cardona, Laura
Assistant Editor
Caren, Allie Caren, Allie
Community Manager
USAToday Your Take
Carey, Anne Carey, Anne
Archer Gray
Carey, Anne Carey, Anne
This is That
Carey, Anne Carey, Anne
Second and 10th, Inc.
Carey, Beth Carey, Beth
Interactive Media, Producer, Writer
Carey, Dorothy Carey, Dorothy
New York Stock Exchange
Carey, Ginger Carey, Ginger
Garden State Cultural Center
Carey, Helena Carey, Helena
Coordinator. Worldwide TV
Sesame Workshop
Carey, Joey Carey, Joey
Sundial Pictures
Cargill, Cherelle Cargill, Cherelle
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over
Cargill, Joan Cargill, Joan
Director Archives
Caridi, Carmella Caridi, Carmella
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive, Marketing Executive
Carignaon, Florencia Carignaon, Florencia
Assistant to Executive Producer/ Writer/Director
Carlile, Melanie Carlile, Melanie
Barefeet Films
Carlisle, Jacinda Carlisle, Jacinda
Anchor/Reporter, Journalist
Carlson, Amy Carlson, Amy
Carlson, Bonna Carlson, Bonna
Marketing Coordinator
Request Television
Carlson, Erika Carlson, Erika
Assistant Accountant
Carlson, Gus Carlson, Gus
Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer
Carlson, Jen Carlson, Jen
Deputy Editor
Carlson, Kim Carlson, Kim
Executive Administrator
MTV Networks
Carlson, Neil Carlson, Neil
Brooklyn Creative League
Carlson, Richard Carlson, Richard
Regional Director Marketing & Sales Manager
Eastman Kodak Company
Carlton, Maopi Carlton, Maopi
Executive Vice President
Chelsea Pictures
Carman-Lehach, Katie Carman-Lehach, Katie
Assistant Director, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Cold Hands Productions LLC
Carmichael, Emily Jane Carmichael, Emily Jane
Tisch School of the Arts, Graduate Film Division (NYU)
Carmichael, Hope Carmichael, Hope
Operations Coordinator
Fork Films
Carmichael, Seth Carmichael, Seth
Director of Acquisitions and Development
Goldcrest Films international
Carmicino, Paula Carmicino, Paula
Editor: Film/Video, Editor: Sound
Carnes, Rick Carnes, Rick
Songwriters Guild of America
Carney, Amy Carney, Amy
Television Executive
Sony Pictures Television
Caroll, Rebecca Caroll, Rebecca
Carone, Sadia Carone, Sadia
Casting Director, Producer, Writer
Carp, Aubrey Carp, Aubrey
Director, Cinematographer
Carpenito Antonucci, Amelia Carpenito Antonucci, Amelia
Italian Cultural Institute
Carpenter, Heather Carpenter, Heather
PR Manager, Americas
Carpenter, Jennifer Carpenter, Jennifer
Festival Administrator
Carpenter, Katherine Carpenter, Katherine
Development Executive, Executive Producer, Programming
Everwild Media
Carpenter, Pstti Carpenter, Pstti
President and Creative Director
carpenter and company
Carpentier, Fran Carpentier, Fran
senior editor
Carr, Cherylyn Carr, Cherylyn
Carr, Dani Carr, Dani
Carr, Karen Carr, Karen
Animator, Production Finance
Carragher, Sarah Carragher, Sarah
Carrano, Susan Carrano, Susan
Costume Designer
Carrasco, Cesar Carrasco, Cesar
Carrasco, Evelyn Carrasco, Evelyn
Rainbow Media
Carrera, Cesar Carrera, Cesar
Paramount Pictures
Carrere, Marisol Carrere, Marisol
Actor, Director, Writer
Carrere Films International, Inc
Carrigan, Taska Carrigan, Taska
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive
Sesame Workshop
Carriker-Thayer, Teresa Carriker-Thayer, Teresa
Art Director, Production Designer
Carril-Grumberg, Ana Carril-Grumberg, Ana
Director, Executive Producer, Writer
Carrington, Gillian Carrington, Gillian
Talent Payment Coordinator
Carrington, Iris Carrington, Iris
Rights & Clearances Specialist
Carroll, A. Carroll, A.
Set Decoration
Set Decoration - Local 4
Carroll, Alyssa Carroll, Alyssa
Editorial Assistant
Fox 2000
Carroll, Elizabeth Carroll, Elizabeth
Vanguard Films
Carroll, Jamie Carroll, Jamie
Casting Director and Actress
Carroll, Kathleen Carroll, Kathleen
Consultant, Critic, Festival Administrator
Carroll, Sam Carroll, Sam
Director, Producer, Editor
Charlesbank Films
Carroll, Scott Carroll, Scott
Account Executive
Carroll, Stephanie Carroll, Stephanie
Production Designer
Carroll, Stephen Carroll, Stephen
AON/Albert G. Ruben Company (New York) Inc.
Carroll, Steve Carroll, Steve
D.R. Reiff & Associates, Inc.
Carroll, TL Carroll, TL
Frankly Zoe Productions
Carroll, Tomm Carroll, Tomm
DGA Magazine
Carrow, Stephanie Carrow, Stephanie
Executive Producer, Writer
Carrozza, Martha Carrozza, Martha
Carrus, Janet Carrus, Janet
Corporate Executive, Producer
JMC Independent Productions
Carruso, Nicole Carruso, Nicole
Wolf, Kastello, Vaniden, & Associates
Carry, Sharon Carry, Sharon
Carry Company
Carson, Anne Carson, Anne
Camera Assistant, Director
Cartagena, Chiqui Cartagena, Chiqui
Corporate Executive, Marketing Executive
Meredith Integrated Marketing
Cartagena, Raesha Cartagena, Raesha
Development Director
Cartagena & Associates
Carter, Bill Carter, Bill
New York Times
Carter, Carolyn Carter, Carolyn
Executive Vice President
Grey Advertising, Inc.
Carter, Cheryl Carter, Cheryl
Research Assistant- Corporate Bonds
Capital Research Company
Carter, Christina Carter, Christina
Accabonac Pictures
Carter, Courtney Carter, Courtney
CBS News
Carter, Courtney Carter, Courtney
Marketing Executive
ESPN/Age Quad Agis LLC
Carter, Courtney Carter, Courtney
Soccer United Marketing
Carter, Deborah Carter, Deborah
Literary Agent
Muse Literary Management
Carter, Graydon Carter, Graydon
Carter, Holly Carter, Holly
Nonprofit Administrator, Production Executive, Writer
Carter, Jane Carter, Jane
Director of Sales
The Napoleon Group
Carter, Ruth Carter, Ruth
Costume Designer
Carter, Shanida Carter, Shanida
Senior Producer
News 12 Brooklyn
Carter, Stephanie Carter, Stephanie
Coordinating Producer
Coordinating Producer
Carter, Victoria Carter, Victoria
Location Scout Intern
Warner Brothers
Cartier, Walter Cartier, Walter
Interior Design/Space Planning
Walter Cartier INC.
Carton, Jack Carton, Jack
Carton Consulting
Cartun, Shari Cartun, Shari
Cartwright, Traci Cartwright, Traci
Carugati, Anna Carugati, Anna
World Screen News
Carusa, Tricia Carusa, Tricia
King House Ltd.
Carvajal, Cynthia Carvajal, Cynthia
Costume Designer
Ocean Lifeline Inc.
Cary, Susan Cary, Susan
Smithsonian Institute
Casaletta, Terry Casaletta, Terry
Union/Guild Staff
International Brotherhood of Teamsters/ Local 817
Casanova, Tiffany Casanova, Tiffany
Showtime Networks
Casap, Doris Casap, Doris
SVP, Film Programming
Cascio, Joseph Cascio, Joseph
Too Many Joes Productions
Cascio, Michael Cascio, Michael
A&E Television Networks
Cascoe, T. Marie Cascoe, T. Marie
Editor: Film/Video, Production Supervisor, Still Photographer
Purple Palm Productions
Case, Liza Case, Liza
Editor & Publisher
New York Film & Video Monitor
Casella, cesare Casella, cesare
Swami of Salami
Salumeria con Cusina
Casella, Jim Casella, Jim
CEO and President
Reed Business Information
Caserta, Jen Caserta, Jen
President and General Manager
Casey, Maura Casey, Maura
Editorial Board
The New York Times
Casey, Shayna Casey, Shayna
Editor: Film/Video
Casey, Tess Casey, Tess
Aisling Flowers
Cash, David Cash, David
Cunningham, Escott, Dipene & Assoc.
Cashin, Daniel Cashin, Daniel
Studio Manager
Cashman, Gideon Cashman, Gideon
Pryor, Cashman, Sherman & Flynn
Cashman, Lindsey Cashman, Lindsey
Creative Management Company
Casinelli, Elizabeth Casinelli, Elizabeth
Camera Assistant, Cinematographer
Casino, Bruce Casino, Bruce
SVP, Cable Sales
NBC Universal
Caskey, Antrim Caskey, Antrim
Caso, Maria Rita Caso, Maria Rita
Corporate Executive, Producer
Electric Wonderland Entertainment
Caspari, Ron Caspari, Ron
Precision Interconnect
Caspi, Joan Caspi, Joan
Producer, Writer
Cassaniti, Lynn Cassaniti, Lynn
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video, Production Coordinator
Cassel, Dr. Mitchell Cassel, Dr. Mitchell
Studio Optix
Custom Color Contacts
Casselman, Marilyn Casselman, Marilyn
Director, Writer
Freeborn Entertainment
Cassels, Adam Cassels, Adam
Chief Marketing Officer
Audience Entertainment
Cassidy, Carol Cassidy, Carol
Director, Producer, Writer
MotherLion Media
Cassidy, Carol Cassidy, Carol
Executive Producer
MotherLion Media
Cassidy, Carol Cassidy, Carol
Director, Producer, Writer
Cassidy, David Cassidy, David
Cabin Creek Films
Cassidy, Joanne Cassidy, Joanne
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive, Writer
Law Offices of Joanne Cassidy
Castellano, Carolyn Castellano, Carolyn
American Movie Classics
Castellanos, Erin Castellanos, Erin
Motion Picture Talent Agent
Castelloe, Molly Castelloe, Molly
Actor, Writer
Castiblanco, Ophelia Castiblanco, Ophelia
WNBC 4 New York
Castillero-Iead, Deborah Castillero-Iead, Deborah
BCC Marketing
Castillo, Claudia Castillo, Claudia
Castillo-Javier, Lyna Castillo-Javier, Lyna
Public Relations & Programs Manager
Shitowa Foundation
Castilo, Jean Castilo, Jean
Castle, Sue Castle, Sue
Castle Works, Inc
Castner, Michael Castner, Michael
E! Inside Word
Castor, Stacey Castor, Stacey
Director, Consulting
Castro, Elsa Castro, Elsa
Manager, Ad Sales Research
National Geographic Channel
Castro, Fabian Castro, Fabian
Director, Strategic Marketing
People en Espanol
Castro, Goya Castro, Goya
17 Producoes
Castro, Ida Castro, Ida
VP, Social Justice and Diversity
The Commonwealth Medical College
Castro, Michael Castro, Michael
Vice President East coast Production
Cataldi, Sal Cataldi, Sal
Cataldi Public Relations
Catania, Barbara Catania, Barbara
Production Finance
GroupM Entertainment
Catanzaro, Anthony Catanzaro, Anthony
Willis Corroon Corporation of NY
Catapono, Peter Catapono, Peter
Executive Editor
AM New York
Catauro, Andrew Catauro, Andrew
Coordinating Producer
American Documentary P.O.V.
cates, gwendolen cates, gwendolen
True Sony Picture, Ltd
Cates, Melissa Cates, Melissa
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive
MTV Networks
Cates, Phoebe Cates, Phoebe
United Talent Agency/ATTN: Judy Hofflund
Cates, Valerie Cates, Valerie
Executive Story Editor
Random House Films
Cathy J., Frankel Cathy J., Frankel
Marketing Manager
Moses and Singer LLP
Cato, Christin Cato, Christin
Actor, Educator, Writer
Caton, Kelly Caton, Kelly
Director, Publicity
BBC America New York
Catsimatidis, John Catsimatidis, John
Red Apple Group
Catt, Olivia Catt, Olivia
Paradigm Talent & Literary Agency
Cattibiani, Al Cattibiani, Al
Catto, Sultan Catto, Sultan
Cavalcante, Dorothy Cavalcante, Dorothy
Willis Corroon Corporation of NY
Cavaliere, Peter Cavaliere, Peter
Associate Director
Fox Sports
Cavallucci, Danielle Cavallucci, Danielle
Producer, Production Manager, Writer
Alfonso Films, Ltd
Cavanagh, Chris Cavanagh, Chris
Cavanagh, Jackie Cavanagh, Jackie
Cave, Jack Cave, Jack
Entertainment Brokers International
Cavett, Dick Cavett, Dick
c/o CNBC
Cavrell, Paul Cavrell, Paul
Wild Blue Productions
Cear, Joan R. Cear, Joan R.
Senior Vice President
G.S. Scheartz and Co, Inc.
Ceasar, Pat Ceasar, Pat
A Little Taste of Ceasar Productions
Cecchine, Randi Cecchine, Randi
Acquisitions Manager
Films Media Group
Cedar, Raquel Cedar, Raquel
Proterty PA
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Celano, Anthony Celano, Anthony
Full Security
Cella, James Cella, James
Steiner Studios
Celli, Bob Celli, Bob
Delano/Celli Productions
Cembalest, Robin Cembalest, Robin
Executive Editor
Ceniza-Levine, Caroline Ceniza-Levine, Caroline
Executive Producer
FBC Films
Center, Melissa Center, Melissa
Love Monkey Productions
Centrone, Barbara Centrone, Barbara
Consultant, Sales
Cepeda, Raquel Cepeda, Raquel
Anchor/Reporter, Director, Journalist
Djali Rancher Productions LLC
Cerenzie, Michael Cerenzie, Michael
Ensemble Studio Theater
Cerise, Susan Cerise, Susan
AON/Albert G. Ruben Company (New York) Inc.
Cernek, Susan Cernek, Susan
Elle Magazine
Cernese, Frank Cernese, Frank
Senior Editor
Cernos-Kiely, Victoria Cernos-Kiely, Victoria
IATSE - Local 1
Cesar, Pat Cesar, Pat
About Face Talent
Cesario, Michael Cesario, Michael
Costume Designer
Ceslik, Carolyn Ceslik, Carolyn
CBS/Broadcast Group
Cespedes, Dionisia Cespedes, Dionisia
Sole Strivers
Cestaro, Heather Cestaro, Heather
NBC Universal
Cevallos, Lisette Cevallos, Lisette
L'ORAGE Productions
Cha, Jane Cha, Jane
Full Pictures
Chaber, Joan Chaber, Joan
Production Manager
Steve & Linda Horn, Inc.
Chaber, Robbin Chaber, Robbin
Chachere, Gianna Chachere, Gianna
Festival Producer
Hamptons International Film Festival
Chacona, Marcia Chacona, Marcia
Showtime Networks Inc.
Chacona, Marica Chacona, Marica
Vice President, Program Planning and Scheduling
Showtime Networks Inc.
Chadderdon, April Chadderdon, April
Producer, Production Manager, Production Supervisor
Chaffee, Kate Chaffee, Kate
M.Y.R.A Entertainment
Chagares, Paula Chagares, Paula
Line Producer, Production Manager
Worldwide Pants, Inc. (The Late Show with David Letterman)
Chaiken, Amy Chaiken, Amy
Chaiken, Ilya Chaiken, Ilya
Chaikin, Judy Chaikin, Judy
One Step Production
Chaikin, Judy Chaikin, Judy
One Step Productions
Chaisson, Anne Chaisson, Anne
Hamptons Intl. Film Festival
Chalfen, Daniel Chalfen, Daniel
Naked Edge Films
Chalfen, Daniel Chalfen, Daniel
Naked Edge Films
Chalhub, Jennifer Chalhub, Jennifer
Director, Production Resources
Warner Bros
Chalk, Samantha Chalk, Samantha
The Gersh Agency
Chambers, Essie Chambers, Essie
Development Executive
Chambers, Jennifer Chambers, Jennifer
Editor: Film/Video
Chambers, Judy Chambers, Judy
Managing Director
Chambers, Katie Chambers, Katie
Agent, Nonprofit Administrator
New York Women in Film & Television
Chambers, Lewis Chambers, Lewis
Bethel Agency
Chambers, Veronica Chambers, Veronica
New York Times Magazine
Chamecki, Cintia Chamecki, Cintia
Choreographer, Editor: Film/Video, Story Editor (Reality)
Chamecki producoes
Chamecki, Rosane Chamecki, Rosane
Flying Lesson
Chamlin, Marc Chamlin, Marc
Senior Partner
Loeb & Loeb
Champagne, Christine Champagne, Christine
Critic, Journalist, Writer
Chan, Wendy Chan, Wendy
Marketing Executive
Definity Marketing
Chan, Ying Chan, Ying
Figure 8 Maternity
Chancellor, Donna Chancellor, Donna
Corporate Affairs Director/Public Relations
Chand, Neil Chand, Neil
Sr. Recruiter
Chanda, Koyalee Chanda, Koyalee
Inner Dog Productions
Chandler, Judi Chandler, Judi
Magilla Entertainment
Chandler, Mona-Lisa Chandler, Mona-Lisa
McGraw Hill Financial
Chandler, Sherice Chandler, Sherice
Leopard Films
Chandra, Mridu Chandra, Mridu
Assistant Editor, Director, Producer
Chandrappa, Nivedita Chandrappa, Nivedita
Asian Indian Immigrant Experience
Chane, Peggy Chane, Peggy
Director, Producer
CPC Entertainment
Chaney, Eric Chaney, Eric
Indigo Children LLC
Chang, Andrew Chang, Andrew
Manager, International Affairs
Joint Entertainment International, US Office
Chang, Bokhee Chang, Bokhee
Chang, Irene Chang, Irene
Editorial Assistant
PRWeek/ Haymarket Media
Chang, Jeannette Chang, Jeannette
Vice President, Publisher
Harper's Bazaar
Chang, Robert Chang, Robert
Chang, Shu Lea Chang, Shu Lea
Chang, Stella Chang, Stella
Artistic Director
Prima Zaria Inc.
Chang, Tisa Chang, Tisa
Artistic Producing Director
PanAsian Repertory Theater
Chang, Wei Ling Chang, Wei Ling
Producer, Writer
Channel, Stephanie Channel, Stephanie
Rubunstein Public Relations
Channick, Joan Channick, Joan
Theatre Communications Group
Channing, Stockard Channing, Stockard
c/o Nicole Carruso @ Wolf Kasteler
Chantiles, Sharon Chantiles, Sharon
Actor, Casting Director, Producer
Chantiles Vigneault Casting, Inc.
Chapelle, Richard Chapelle, Richard
Decipher Worldwide
Chapline, Jane Chapline, Jane
Casting Director, Director, Producer
Chapman, Ashley Chapman, Ashley
Travelers Encore Entertainment
Chapman, Tracy Chapman, Tracy
Just ask a woman
Chapman, Victoria Chapman, Victoria
Producer, Writer
chappell, susan chappell, susan
chappell design studio
Chapple, Mala Chapple, Mala
Charbonnet, Gina Charbonnet, Gina
Corporate Executive, Producer
Charisse, Cyd Charisse, Cyd
Park Wilshire Apt. #1406
Chark, Geri Chark, Geri
Promotional Marketing
Charles, Elaine Charles, Elaine
Pennsylvania Governor's Office
Charles, Kinberly Charles, Kinberly
Kobrand Corporation
Charnov, Elaine Charnov, Elaine
Artistic Director
Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival
Charny, Carla Charny, Carla
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive
Chase, Joyce Chase, Joyce
Sole Proprietor
Joyce Chase Management
Chase, Lisa Chase, Lisa
Premiere Magazine
Chase, Peyton Chase, Peyton
Compass Marketing,Inc.
Chase, Tyler A. Chase, Tyler A.
Cinematographer, Director, Producer
L'ORAGE Productions
Chasey, Skip Chasey, Skip
AON/Albert G. Ruben Company (New York) Inc.
Chatman, Wendy Chatman, Wendy
Creative Director, Writer
Chatterjee, Tiara Chatterjee, Tiara
Corporate Executive
Rock Shrimp Productions
Chau, Paul Chau, Paul
SVP/ Team Leader, TD Bank
TD Bank
Chau, Susan Chau, Susan
Associate Producer, Director, Production Designer
Chaudhary, Ann Chaudhary, Ann
Marketing Executive, Producer, Television Executive
SoundView Broadcasting
Chaudry, Nina Chaudry, Nina
Film/Television Commissioner, Journalist, Producer
Chavez, Laura Chavez, Laura
Chazin, Carole Chazin, Carole
Director, Producer, Writer
Kayla Productions/Gramercy Park Towers
Cheang, Shu Lea Cheang, Shu Lea
c/o woo art
Cheatle, Lori Cheatle, Lori
Hard Working Movies
Checkoway, Laura Checkoway, Laura
Checler, Anne Checler, Anne
Editor: Film/Video
Cheek, Carrie Cheek, Carrie
Camera Assistant
Cheeseman, Mirella Cheeseman, Mirella
Director of Production and Development
Jean Doumanian Productions
Chehak, Parker Chehak, Parker
VFX Coordinator
Chekich, Elaine Chekich, Elaine
Towing Oblivion
Chen Baker, Leah Chen Baker, Leah
Production Manager
Chen, Chia-Li Chen, Chia-Li
Marketing Manager
RedCats USA
Chen, Connie Chen, Connie
Chen Planning Consultants
Chen, Eric Chen, Eric
Consolidated Technologies Inc.
Chen, Lena Chen, Lena
Actor, Music Supervisor, Television Executive
Chilen Music
Chen, Louise Chen, Louise
Metropolitan Culture
Chen, Pamela Chen, Pamela
Open Society Institute
chen, steve chen, steve
Followthru Planning
Chen, Tina Chen, Tina
Actor, Director, Producer
TCJ Productions LLC
Chen, Vicky Chen, Vicky
Cheng, Danielle Cheng, Danielle
Arts Media- New Business Development
Cheng, Joanne Cheng, Joanne
Director, Producer
East-West Corridor Communications
Cheng, Ruth Cheng, Ruth
MTV Networks
Chenzira, Ayoka Chenzira, Ayoka
Interactive Digital Media Artist
Cher, Cher,
c/o Susan Anderson, ICM
Cherchi Usai, Paolo Cherchi Usai, Paolo
Senior Curator, Motion Picture Dept. Director, School of Film Preservation
George Eastman House
Chereskin, Sara Chereskin, Sara
Development Executive, Producer, Writer
Starfish Entertainment, Ltd.
Cherizli, Tali Cherizli, Tali
Consulate General of Israel
Cherkas, Vicki Cherkas, Vicki
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive, Producer
Cherkas Strategic Consulting
Cherkin, Roberta  B. Cherkin, Roberta B.
Vice President - Investments
Smith Barney, Inc.
Chermayeff, Maro Chermayeff, Maro
Director, Producer
Chernenko, Arlene Chernenko, Arlene
Marketing Executive, Sales
Cherow-O'Leary, Renee Cherow-O'Leary, Renee
Consultant, Educator
Education For The 21st Century
Cherson, Jeremy Cherson, Jeremy
Coordinator, Marketing
IFC Films
cherubin, nadia cherubin, nadia
writer/ auhtor/ columnist/ public relations specialist
Cherubini, Darcey Cherubini, Darcey
J. Walter Thompson
Cheshire, Laura Cheshire, Laura
TNT Creative Services
chesler, giovanna chesler, giovanna
G6 Pictures
Chesnick, Jillian Chesnick, Jillian
Distributor, Production Services
Chester, Melissa Chester, Melissa
Senior Music/Radio Producer
Chestnut, Ellyn Chestnut, Ellyn
Magazine contributing editor
CBS Watch
Cheu, Karen Cheu, Karen
Costume Designer
Chevigny, Katy Chevigny, Katy
Director, Producer, Writer
Arts Engine Inc.
Chevillot, Patrick Chevillot, Patrick
Costume Designer
Chew, Ray Chew, Ray
Musical Director
BreakintoShowbiz, Inc.
Chewning, Robert Chewning, Robert
Director of National Sales
Women & Co.
Chi-san Fou, Susan Chi-san Fou, Susan
Marketing Manager
The Film Society of Lincoln Center
Chiafullo, Susan Chiafullo, Susan
Executive Producer, Production Executive
Chiappetta-Thibault, Rita Chiappetta-Thibault, Rita
DFIndie Studios
Chiarella, Rupert Chiarella, Rupert
Office Manager
Chiavelli, Millie Chiavelli, Millie
Managing Director, East Coast
Chicoine, Michele Chicoine, Michele
Advertising Sales Executive
The Economist
Chicurel, Judy Chicurel, Judy
Fundraising/Development, Writer
Chideya, Farai Chideya, Farai
Power to Pen Media Group
Chien, Cecilia Chien, Cecilia
Digital Imaging Technican
Chien, Karin Chien, Karin
dGenerate Films
Chien, Karin Chien, Karin
Dgenerate Films
Chien, Karin Chien, Karin
President & Founder
Dgenerate Films
Chiet, Brad Chiet, Brad
fuel Music and Sound
Chilco, Cathy Chilco, Cathy
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Sesame Workshop, Intrn'l Production
Childs, Nick Childs, Nick
Cascade Media
Chilnick, Jeremy Chilnick, Jeremy
Warrior Poets
Actor, Writer
Chime, Vigil Chime, Vigil
Director, Producer, Writer
Breakfast Pictures Entertainment Inc.
Chimples, John Chimples, John
Camera Operator, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Image Maintenance Limited
Chin, Judy Chin, Judy
Make Up Artist
Chin, Yuien Chin, Yuien
Manager, Archives Sales & Licencing
NBC News Archives
Chinchilla, Calixto Chinchilla, Calixto
Executive Director
The New York International Latino Film Festival
chinea, migdia chinea, migdia
Ciboney Productions
Chinen Biesen, Sheri Chinen Biesen, Sheri
Cinema professor, film historian, author
Sheri Chinen Biensen
Ching, Stephanie Ching, Stephanie
After Spring
Ching-Hui Lee, Jasmine Ching-Hui Lee, Jasmine
Lecturer of DaYeh University, filmmaker
Chiossone, Ornella Chiossone, Ornella
Costume Designer, Stylist, Wardrobe
Chirinos, Barbara Chirinos, Barbara
Associate Producer, Producer
Red Carnelian Films
chislovsky, carol chislovsky, carol
carol chislovsky design
chislovsky, carol chislovsky, carol
carol chislovsky design
chislovsky, carol chislovsky, carol
carol chislovsky design
Chitanvis, Kiran Chitanvis, Kiran
Freelance Writer/Director
Chiu, Alec Chiu, Alec
Variety magazine
Chiu, Susan Chiu, Susan
Line Producer
Chickflixx Productions
Cho, Grace Cho, Grace
Lucid Consulting
Cho, Julianne Cho, Julianne
Director of Publicity and New Media
Mayor's Off. of Film,Theatre & Broadcasting
Cho, Lillian Cho, Lillian
Asian American Arts Alliance
Chock, Laurie Chock, Laurie
Director, Journalist, Writer
Three Graces Productions
Choe, John Choe, John
Executive Director
Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce
Chong, Rachael Chong, Rachael
Choo, Aimee Choo, Aimee
Chopra, Lili Chopra, Lili
Artistic Director
French Institure Alliance Francaise
Chornesky, Jessica Chornesky, Jessica
Every Atom Productions
Chou, Peilin Chou, Peilin
Television Executive
Hare Hollow Productions
Chou, Zero Chou, Zero
The 3RD. Vision Film
Chow, Alan Chow, Alan
Chinese American Art Council
Chow, Eugenia Chow, Eugenia
Special Events
Creative Artists Agency
Chow, Ivey Chow, Ivey
G.M. Printing
Chow, Kat Chow, Kat
NPR Code Switch
Chow, Vera Chow, Vera
Art Director, Costume Designer, Wardrobe
Chowdhury, Rekha Chowdhury, Rekha
Panel Mayor
Chittagong City Corporation
Choy, Christine Choy, Christine
Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Chrein, Maxine Chrein, Maxine
Consultant, Corporate Executive
Master Sound Ventures, Inc.
Christ, Marcia Christ, Marcia
Art Director, Production Designer
Christa, Gabri Christa, Gabri
Choreographer, Director, Producer
Danza Isa film & performance
Christeas, Julie Christeas, Julie
Tandem Pictures
Christensen, Alton Christensen, Alton
Executive Producer
Christensen, Paula Christensen, Paula
Christensen, Tracy Christensen, Tracy
Costume Designer
Christenson, Heidi Christenson, Heidi
Corporate Executive
The Documentary Group
Christgau, Robert Christgau, Robert
Village Voice
Christian, Johanna Christian, Johanna
Producer, Production Coordinator
Kanematsu USA Inc.
Christian, Johanna Christian, Johanna
Kanematsu USA Inc
Christian, Sylvia Christian, Sylvia
YourStyle YourImage
Christiansen, Ellen Christiansen, Ellen
Set Decorator
Christie, Carleen Christie, Carleen
Scheduling Coordinator
Christie, Sandra Christie, Sandra
Editor: Film/Video
Christie, William Christie, William
Systems Engineers-N. Cent. Market.
Christlieb, Angela Christlieb, Angela
Cinemania - Wellspring
Christman, Jennifer Christman, Jennifer
Exceutive Director
The Picture House
Christo, Cyril Christo, Cyril
Educator, Producer, Writer
Christofferson, Kel Christofferson, Kel
New Media Producer
Christofferson, Kel
Christopher, Caroline P. Christopher, Caroline P.
Development Executive
Christopher, Derek Christopher, Derek
McKee Story
Christy, Kristina Christy, Kristina
Corporate Contributions
Turner Broadcasting
Chu, Amelia Chu, Amelia
Chubb & Son, Inc.
Chu, Louise Chu, Louise
Publicity, Marketing, Promotions
Chu, Louise Chu, Louise
Consultant, Marketing Executive, Publicist
Chua, Eu-Hua Chua, Eu-Hua
Manager, Feature Films
AE Studios
Chubin, Linden Chubin, Linden
Director of Education
The Morgan Library and Museum
Chui, Dorian Chui, Dorian
Towneley, Inc
Chumley, Ph.D., Norris Chumley, Ph.D., Norris
Magnetic Arts, LLC
Chunfang Fei, Faye Chunfang Fei, Faye
Professor, English & Drama/Director, Center for American Studies
East China Normal University
Chung, Connie Chung, Connie
News Anchor
Chung, Grace Chung, Grace
Manager, Programming and Scheduling
Chung, Jin Chung, Jin
Chung, Joyce Chung, Joyce
Creative Executive/Consultant
Future World Media, LLC
Chung, Soojin Chung, Soojin
Chung, Tiffany Chung, Tiffany
Assistant Producer
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Chuo, Monica Chuo, Monica
Development Executive
Samuel Goldwyn Films, LLC
Churba, Laurie Churba, Laurie
Costume Designer
Churchill, Charles P Churchill, Charles P
HSBC Bank Securities, USA,NA
Churchill, Myla Churchill, Myla
Director, Producer, Writer
MyChurch Productions
Churko, Helen Churko, Helen
Royce Carlton Inc.
Chuturkova, Tanya Chuturkova, Tanya
Assistant Director, Director, Production Manager
Chyka, Kerri Chyka, Kerri
New Line Cinema
Cialdella, Philip Cialdella, Philip
CEO & Creative Director
Wonderlous Music
Cianca, Nicolas Cianca, Nicolas
Executive Producer
Lightbulb Factory, Inc.
Ciancimino, Chris Ciancimino, Chris
Head of Development
Portobello Pictures
Ciancutti, Carol Ciancutti, Carol
Producer, Production Manager
Amaranth Productions, Inc.
Ciaramella, Don Ciaramella, Don
The Lippin Group
Cicala, Teresa Cicala, Teresa
Associate Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg, Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg, Kasia
Executive Producer
The Atlantic
Cieplak-von Baldegg, Kasia Cieplak-von Baldegg, Kasia
Video Editor
The Atlantic
Cieply, Michael Cieply, Michael
Film Editor
New York Times
Cifuentes, Claudia Cifuentes, Claudia
Writer, Director
Cilona, John Cilona, John
Nat. Sales Manager
Amazon Imaging, Inc.
Cintron, Nancy Cintron, Nancy
Lehman College
Cioffi, Suezie Cioffi, Suezie
Breakdown Services, Ltd.
Cipro, Cheryl Cipro, Cheryl
Director of Annual Giving
Sarah Lawrence College
Cirelli, Angela Cirelli, Angela
asst. to Joseph Bologna-Dept. Manager
RAI Television
Cirgenski, Charles Cirgenski, Charles
CIRREEL Films Limited
Cirillo, Alex Cirillo, Alex
Cirillo, Alexandra Cirillo, Alexandra
Washington Square Films
Cirincione, Janine Cirincione, Janine
Rotunda Gallery/IMAP BOD
Cirinna, Myfa Cirinna, Myfa
Vice President of Marketing
Entertainment Partners
Cirrincione, Denise Cirrincione, Denise
c/o Barbara Moss
Cittadini, Rebecca Cittadini, Rebecca
Communications and Marketing Manager
Civello, Mary Civello, Mary
WNBC-TV News 4
Claggett, Gretl Claggett, Gretl
Creative Director, Director, Writer
Culture Catalyst
Clapp, Donna Clapp, Donna
New School
Clapp, Pamela Clapp, Pamela
Program Director
The Andy Warhol Foundation
Clare, Ed Clare, Ed
Clare, Reyna Clare, Reyna
Actor/Events & Marketing Manager
Self & HeathCentral
Clark Jr., William Clark Jr., William
Japan Society. Inc
Clark, Amanda (Amy) Clark, Amanda (Amy)
Costume Designer
Clark, Christina Clark, Christina
Senior Vice President
US Trust
Clark, Ina Clark, Ina
Fundraising/Development, Marketing Executive
Clark, Jane Clark, Jane
Clark, Kathy Clark, Kathy
Nonprofit Administrator
Clark, Kathy Clark, Kathy
Production Director
Specialty Food Media
Clark, Lelani Clark, Lelani
LPR Media Group
Clark, Melissa Clark, Melissa
Director of Business Affairs
Scripps Networks
Clark, Michael Clark, Michael
Creative Executive
Big Beach Films
Clark, Randall Clark, Randall
Assistant Professor
Southern Methodist University
Clark, Sandy Clark, Sandy
Consultant, Marketing Executive
Reed Midem
Clark, Victoria Clark, Victoria
Producer, Production Coordinator, Writer
Clarke, Andrea Clarke, Andrea
Producer, Sound Mixer
Sister From Another Planet
Clarke, Andrew Clarke, Andrew
Clarke, Cheryl Clarke, Cheryl
The State University of New Jersey: Rutgers
Clarke, Erin Clarke, Erin
Bronx Reporter
NY1 News
Clarke, Peter Clarke, Peter
Studio Manager
Flatiron Screening Room
Clarke, V Clarke, V
Saffyre Entertainment Inc.
Clarke, William Clarke, William
Costume Designer, Set Decorator
Clarke-Ceres, Michele Clarke-Ceres, Michele
Vice President
WorldCeres Inc
Clarkson, Lisa Clarkson, Lisa
Deputy Director
CBC TV Arts & Entertainment
Clause, Mary Kay Clause, Mary Kay
Blue Shamrock Communications
Clauson, Kelly Clauson, Kelly
art director/designer
Clay, Ashton Clay, Ashton
Wardrobe Stylist/Co-Producer
Clay, Darrah Clay, Darrah
Clay, Jonathan Clay, Jonathan
Costumer - Shop
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
clayborne, ronda clayborne, ronda
Saatchi & Saatchi
Claypool, Veronica Claypool, Veronica
Consultant, Nonprofit Administrator
Theatre Development Fund
Clayton, Heather Clayton, Heather
Associate Producer, Researcher, Stylist
Clayton, Nicola Clayton, Nicola
Managing Director
Luxury Media SAles
Clayton, Rebecca Clayton, Rebecca
Faculty Supervisor
Pennn Law Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic
Cleare, Dianne Cleare, Dianne
Associate Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Cleare, Dianne Cleare, Dianne
Dianne Cleare
Clearfield, Beth Clearfield, Beth
BBC Worldwide Americas
Clearway, Ajae Clearway, Ajae
Editor: Sound
Cleary, Ceci Cleary, Ceci
Actor, Production Services, Stunt Person/Coordinator
Self Employed
Cleary, Cynthia Cleary, Cynthia
Instyle Magazine
Clementi, Federica Clementi, Federica
Director, Producer, Writer
Clements, Chris Clements, Chris
Motto Pictures
Clements, Christie Clements, Christie
SinoVision English Channel
Clemmons, Charles Clemmons, Charles
Wiltonwood Productions
Clemons, Kaylan Clemons, Kaylan
Elle Magazine
Cline, Allison Cline, Allison
Editor: Film/Video, Producer, Sound Recordist
Cline, Kristen Cline, Kristen
Production Coordinator, Production Manager, Researcher
Close, Glenn Close, Glenn
Actor, Producer
Trillium Productions, Inc.
Darrah Cloud
Clouse, Kate Clouse, Kate
Deputy Director
Working Today
Cloutier, Beth Cloutier, Beth
Camera Operator, Cinematographer
Acazia Studios
Cloutier, Stacy Cloutier, Stacy
Production Manager
Atlantic Television
Clovis, Roy Clovis, Roy
BreakintoShowbiz, Inc.
Clunis, Natalie Clunis, Natalie
Assistant Director, Associate Producer
Coady, Nicole Coady, Nicole
Baby's First Shakespeare
Coady, Walter Coady, Walter
Walterry Insurance Brokers
Coates, Susanne Coates, Susanne
GX Media Services
Coates, Tyler Coates, Tyler
Deputy Editor/Managing Editor
Cobb, Desiree Cobb, Desiree
Actor, Producer, Writer
des I am
Cobb, Emma Cobb, Emma
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Cobb, Lee Tae Cobb, Lee Tae
Tribeca Film Institute
Cobin, Arthur Cobin, Arthur
Duchess Arts & Antiques
Coble, Nikki Coble, Nikki
The Willing Collective
Cobo, Juan Cobo, Juan
Cinematographer, Director
Home Cooked Films
Coccioletti, Philip Coccioletti, Philip
Codd, Martin Codd, Martin
Webster Hall
Coddington, Chet Coddington, Chet
Feature Systems
Coder, Maria Coder, Maria
PR Manager & Influencer Partnerships
Coder, Maria Coder, Maria
PR Manager & Influencer Partnerships
Coe, Bernice Coe, Bernice
Coe Film Associates, Inc.
Coffelt, Traci Coffelt, Traci
Jurupa Unified School District
Coffey, Liz Coffey, Liz
Film Archivist
Harvard Film Archive
Cofresi-Terrero, Diana Cofresi-Terrero, Diana
Department Coordinator/Associate Producer
Thirteen WNET New York
Cogan, Dan Cogan, Dan
Executive Director
Impact Partners
Cogan, Dan Cogan, Dan
Executive Director
Impact Partners
Cogswell, Megan Cogswell, Megan
Producer, Writer
Cohen Kirsch, Beth Cohen Kirsch, Beth
Executive Director
Tribeca Film Center
Cohen, Adam Cohen, Adam
Sole Proprietor
Adam Cohen Studio
Cohen, Alisa Cohen, Alisa
Executive Producer
Alisa Productions
Cohen, Ayala Cohen, Ayala
Saturday Night Live
Cohen, Barnett Cohen, Barnett
Assistant to Producer
Impact Partners
Cohen, Billie Cohen, Billie
Around Town Editor
Timeout New York
Cohen, Claudia Cohen, Claudia
Live With Regis & Kathie Lee" WABC-TV
Cohen, Daniel Cohen, Daniel
The New York Times Magazine
Cohen, David Cohen, David
Pure/ Chemistry
Cohen, Debby Lee Cohen, Debby Lee
Animator, Educator, Production Designer
Styrofoam Out of Schools/ Cafeteria Culture
Cohen, Dina Cohen, Dina
Executive Vice President
Cohen, Eileen Cohen, Eileen
Acquisitions, Consultant, Distributor
Cohen, Elaine Cohen, Elaine
Consultant, Development Executive, Television Executive
Cohen, Erika Cohen, Erika
Actor, Associate Producer, Casting Associate
cohen, fred cohen, fred
King World Productions, Inc.
Cohen, Hank Cohen, Hank
MGM Television Entertainment
Cohen, Howard Cohen, Howard
HRC Global Communications, Inc.
Cohen, Ivan Cohen, Ivan
Creative Executive, Film & TV Creative Affairs
DC Comics
Cohen, Jeffrey A. Cohen, Jeffrey A.
VP/Chief Operating Officer
Howard Schwartz Recording
Cohen, Jessica Cohen, Jessica
Cohen, Jillian Cohen, Jillian
Director, Producer, Writer
NBC News: Peacock Productions
Cohen, Kate Cohen, Kate
Partner/Co-Head of Production
Straight Up Films
Cohen, Laura Cohen, Laura
Acquisitions, Programming, Researcher
For Kids Productions
Cohen, Leslie Cohen, Leslie
Director, Film Programming
Cohen, Lester Cohen, Lester
Production Designer
Cohen, Lucien Cohen, Lucien
April Printing
Cohen, Maxi Cohen, Maxi
Director, Producer
Cohen, Melissa Cohen, Melissa
Manhattan Mortgage
Cohen, Mike Cohen, Mike
Composer, Musical Arranger, Sound Mixer
Cohen, Paul Cohen, Paul
Filmmaker in Residence
Florida State University - The College of Motion Picture, Television & Recording Arts
Cohen, Paula Cohen, Paula
Cohen, Polly Cohen, Polly
Warner Independent Pictures
Cohen, Rachel Cohen, Rachel
iDeal Partners Film Fund
Cohen, Randee Cohen, Randee
Senior Editor, Special Issues
The Hollywood Reporter
Cohen, Rebecca Cohen, Rebecca
Director, Producer
Racing Horse Productions
Cohen, Robert Cohen, Robert
Writers' Assistant, Law & Order: SVU
Swingline Productions
Cohen, Sandra Cohen, Sandra
Cohen, Sarah-Jane Cohen, Sarah-Jane
Executive Producer
Cohen, Sarah-Jane Cohen, Sarah-Jane
CEO Executive Producer
SJC Productions Inc
Cohen, Sona Robbins Cohen, Sona Robbins
Producer, Writer
Cohen, Stephen Cohen, Stephen
Purchasing Manager
Cohen, Steve Cohen, Steve
American Express Financial Advisors
Cohen, Susan Cohen, Susan
Consultant, Interactive Media, Writer
Susan Cohen Communications
Cohen, Suzanne Cohen, Suzanne
Communications Specialist
Forest Laboratories, Inc.
Cohn, Fred Cohn, Fred
programming manager
Premiere Magazine ~ Online
Cohn, Jack Cohn, Jack
Cohn, Marjorie Cohn, Marjorie
Development Executive, Executive Producer, Television Executive
Cohn, Mayra Cohn, Mayra
Educator, Writer
Cohn, Pamela Cohn, Pamela
Doc Point
Cohn, Roy Cohn, Roy
Producer, Writer
Cohn Creative Group LLC
Cohn, Sam Cohn, Sam
Vice Chairman
Cokes, Mark Cokes, Mark
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Colantoni, Gabriella Colantoni, Gabriella
Vice President
Fox Forward
Colarossi, Anthony Colarossi, Anthony
Kingsborough Community College
Colbert-Beavers, Annette Colbert-Beavers, Annette
Visage Production Inc
Colburn, Kate Colburn, Kate
c/o Makenna
Cole, Amanda Cole, Amanda
Director, Producer, Writer
d/b/a Autonomic FIlms
Cole, Caren Cole, Caren
Caren Cole Music
Cole, Gina Cole, Gina
Cole, Kecia Cole, Kecia
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Brooklyn Independent Television
Cole, Lauryn Cole, Lauryn
Associate Producer, Television Executive
Cole, Lewis Cole, Lewis
Columbia University, Film Division
Cole, Mayron Cole, Mayron
The Mayron Cole Music Conservatory, Inc.
Cole, Petina Cole, Petina
Music Director, Producer
The Talking Pictures Co.
Cole, Sandy Cole, Sandy
Coleman, Adam Coleman, Adam
Click 3x
Coleman, Alisa Coleman, Alisa
Art Director, Corporate Executive, Music Supervisor
ABKCO Music & Records, Inc.
Coleman, Bill Coleman, Bill
Director of Photography
Bootleg Production, Inc
Coleman, Caroline Coleman, Caroline
Executive Producer, Producer
Coleman, Christine Coleman, Christine
Director, Writer
Coleman, Elisabeth Coleman, Elisabeth
Consultant, Corporate Executive, Writer
Coleman Productions, Inc.
Coleman, Faythallegra Coleman, Faythallegra
Coleman, Jane Coleman, Jane
Executive Producer, Producer
Highlander Pictures, Ltd
Coleman, Susan Coleman, Susan
Coleman Raider International
Coleman, Yma Coleman, Yma
Office Manager
Pinnacle Arts Mgmt.
Coles, John Coles, John
Syfy Channel
Coletti, Janet Coletti, Janet
Swedish Women's Film Association
Colford, Paul Colford, Paul
Director of Media Relations
Colimon-Christopher, Magaly Colimon-Christopher, Magaly
Producer, Writer
Collazo, Francisco Collazo, Francisco
Colleton, Sara Colleton, Sara
The Colleton Co.
Collett, Corrinne Collett, Corrinne
Interactive Media, Researcher
Colley, Alisa Colley, Alisa
Camera Assistant
Collier, Lauren Collier, Lauren
Collin, Valerie Collin, Valerie
Abkco Music and Records
Collins, Ashley Wren Collins, Ashley Wren
LVT Subtitling
Collins, Beth Collins, Beth
Management Consultant
Collins, Chris Collins, Chris
Production Coordinator
Collins, Deborah Collins, Deborah
Collins, Dianne Collins, Dianne
Producer, Publicist
Collins, Glenn Collins, Glenn
New York Times
Collins, Kenneth Collins, Kenneth
Artistic Director & Producer
Temporary Distortion
Collins, Mechelle Collins, Mechelle
Intuitive Entertainment
Collins, Roetta Collins, Roetta
Actor, Producer, Writer
One-iota Productions
Collins, T.J. Collins, T.J.
Poseidon Productions
Collins, Theresa Collins, Theresa
New Line Cinema/ Picturehouse
Collis, Heather Collis, Heather
Actor, Props, Writer
Collyer, Laurie Collyer, Laurie
Director, Producer
Collyns, Eddy Collyns, Eddy
Consulting Producer
Colman, Jon Colman, Jon
National Down Syndrome Society
Colodny, Caren Colodny, Caren
Corporate Executive
Colombaro, Billie Colombaro, Billie
Actor, Attorney
Colombo, Mauro Colombo, Mauro
Mauro Colombo
Colon, Steve Colon, Steve
Sync Sound, ' Inc.
Colony, Sandra Colony, Sandra
Strategic Communications
Colosi, Nina Colosi, Nina
Creative Director, Curator, Producer
Streaming Museum
Colthorp, Scott Colthorp, Scott
Atmosphere Pictures
Colton, Barbara Colton, Barbara
Actor, Educator
Michael Howard Studios
Colton, Edward E. Colton, Edward E.
Kaufmann, Feiner, Yamin, Gildin & Robbins
colton, sara colton, sara
Columna, Susana Columna, Susana
Manager, Programming
iN DEMAND Networks
colunga, liz colunga, liz
film student
Colyer, Lynn Colyer, Lynn
Combs, Carolyn Combs, Carolyn
Women in film & Video
Combs, Susan Combs, Susan
Business Affairs Executive, Consultant
Combs & Company, LLC
Comer, Angie Comer, Angie
The Way You Are
Comerford, Laura Comerford, Laura
Vice President
Aon Corporation
Compton, Emily Compton, Emily
Thief Rabbit
Comstock, Amy Comstock, Amy
Production Finance
Comstock, Beth Comstock, Beth
Corporate Executive, Publicist, Television Executive
General Electric
Conboy, Jane Conboy, Jane
Trademark Administrator
McGraw Hill Financial
Condon, Sarah Condon, Sarah
Producer, Fair Harbor Productions
Condron, Erin Condron, Erin
24 FPs
Cone MD, James Cone MD, James
Medical Director
World Trade Center Health Registry
Cone, Justin Cone, Justin
Cone, Nanci Cone, Nanci
CAREGIVERS, Volunteers Assisting the Elderly
Cone, Randi Cone, Randi
Sr. VP of Corp Communications
King World Int'l Productions, Inc.
Confoy, Kevin Confoy, Kevin
Ensemble Studio Theater
Conget, Rebeca Conget, Rebeca
VP, Acquisitions/Development
Film Movement
Conget, Rebecca Conget, Rebecca
VP Acquisitions & Distribution
Film Movement
Congleton, Laura Congleton, Laura
Assistant Editor, Consultant, Educator
Conkerite, Zenobia Conkerite, Zenobia
Actor, Casting Director, Musical Arranger
Conkey, Kathleen Conkey, Kathleen
Law Offices of Kathleen Conkey
Conklin, Michelle Conklin, Michelle
Tucson Botanical Gardens
Conkling, Lori Conkling, Lori
EVP, Distribution Nat'l Accts, Field Sales & Canada
A&E Television Networks
Conkling, Robert Conkling, Robert
Associate Producer
NBC Universal
Conlon, Clare Anne Conlon, Clare Anne
VP National Publicity
Conlon, Jr, Richard Conlon, Jr, Richard
Amassador Protection Services
Conlon, Peggy Conlon, Peggy
The Advertising Council, inc.
Connaughton-Deeny, Leda Connaughton-Deeny, Leda
International Finance Director
Viacom International Media Networks
Connell, Jordan Connell, Jordan
Production Finance
Three Point Capital LLC
Connell, Kim Connell, Kim
Editor: Film/Video, Executive Producer
Rainlake Productions
Connell, Shannon Connell, Shannon
The Sports Club/LA
Connell, Steven Connell, Steven
Internship Coordinator
NYU - Department of Film and Television - Internship Office
Connelly, Chris Connelly, Chris
Premiere Magazine
Connelly, Marjorie Connelly, Marjorie
Coordinating Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Connick Perez, Dea Connick Perez, Dea
Acquisitions, Programming, Television Executive
Independant Consultant
Connolly Kwock, Rachel Connolly Kwock, Rachel
Director, Producer
PremHart Pictures
Connolly, Deidre Connolly, Deidre
Embassy Row
Connolly, Jean Marie Connolly, Jean Marie
Corporate Executive
BNY Mellon Wealth Mgmt.
Connors, Bill Connors, Bill
Senior Vice President, Creative Leader
Connors, Rachel Connors, Rachel
Film & Theater Production
Connors, Sarah Connors, Sarah
Associate Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
She Spun Films
Connors, Terri Connors, Terri
New Line Cinema/ Picturehouse
Conover, Gary Conover, Gary
Senior Vice President
Bollinger Insurance
Consoli, Jeanine Consoli, Jeanine
Sales Representative
Yakity Yak
Constable, Rob Constable, Rob
VP of Affiliate Relations
USA Interactive
Constantine, Carolyn Constantine, Carolyn
Camera Operator, Cinematographer
Contardi, Bill Contardi, Bill
William Morris Agency, Inc.
Contento, Memory Contento, Memory
Actor, Director, Producer
Conti, Meredith Conti, Meredith
Corporate Relations Rep
MTA Metro-North Railroad
Contillo, Sharon Contillo, Sharon
Director, Producer, Writer
Middle Center Productions, LLC
Contini, Anita Contini, Anita
1st VP & Sr. Dir., Global Sponsorships & Events
Merrill Lynch
Converse, Lou L. Converse, Lou L.
MTV Networks
Convery, sara Convery, sara
Speak Video
Convey, Leslie Convey, Leslie
Conza, Yvonne Conza, Yvonne
Actor, Writer
Coogan, Kelly Coogan, Kelly
Hallmark Entertainment/RHI
Coogan, Louise Coogan, Louise
National Manager Promotion
Decca Label Group
Cook, Astrid Cook, Astrid
Wordsmith and Freelance Writer
Cook, Chanon Cook, Chanon
Television Executive
Comedy Central- MTV Networks
Cook, Elizabeth Cook, Elizabeth
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video
Cook, J. Michael Cook, J. Michael
Deloitte & Touche
Cook, Jennifer Cook, Jennifer
Executive Director
The Field
Cook, Jennifer Cook, Jennifer
Executive Director
The Field
Cook, Leigh Cook, Leigh
Director, Sales, Event Technology
PSAV Presentation Services
Cook, Patricia Cook, Patricia
Heidrick & Struggles
Cook, Victoria Cook, Victoria
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz Firm
Cook, Virginia Cook, Virginia
Costume Designer
Cooke, Dan Cooke, Dan
The New York Times Magazine
Cooke, Lainie Cooke, Lainie
c/o Gail Frank
Cooke, Mary Cooke, Mary
WIF - Dublin
Cool, Barbara Cool, Barbara
Coordinating Producer, Producer, Production Manager
BCool Productions
Coolidge, Lucy Coolidge, Lucy
BMI Musical Theater Workshop
Cooney, George Cooney, George
EVE/Screen Gems
Cooney, Joan Cooney, Joan
Production Executive
Sesame Workshop
Cooper King, Kimberly Cooper King, Kimberly
Marketing Executive, Producer, Writer
BG Unlimited, Inc.
Cooper Neufeld, Beverly Cooper Neufeld, Beverly
Executive Director
Cooper, Dr. Roberta Cooper, Dr. Roberta
New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
Cooper, Ellen Cooper, Ellen
Publicist, Television Executive
ECI Communications
Cooper, Esq., Stephanie Cooper, Esq., Stephanie
Law Offices of Stephanie R. Cooper, PC
Cooper, Gail Cooper, Gail
Cooper, Hellen Cooper, Hellen
Viacom International Inc.
Cooper, Karen Cooper, Karen
Exhibitor, Nonprofit Administrator, Programming
Film Forum
Cooper, Lauren Cooper, Lauren
Associate Producer, Casting Associate
Cooper, Margaret Cooper, Margaret
Consultant, Writer
Word Right Communications
Cooper, Melody Cooper, Melody
Actor, Writer
Cooper, Nekisa Cooper, Nekisa
Producer, Production Manager
Northstar Pictures, Inc.
Cooper, Sharon Cooper, Sharon
Title of Screenplay: The Golden Age of Kali
Cooper, Sloane Cooper, Sloane
Executive Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Cooper Associates
Cooperberg, Steven Cooperberg, Steven
Todres & Co. LLP
Cooperbey, Dan Cooperbey, Dan
Chair, Ethnic Diversity Steering Committee
Directors Guild of America East
cooperman, jeff cooperman, jeff
The Colbert Report
cooperman, Kahane cooperman, Kahane
co-executive producer
The Daily Show
Cooperman, Kahane Cooperman, Kahane
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Coordinator, Sponsorship Coordinator, Sponsorship
Mastercard International
Copeland, Dickie Copeland, Dickie
Avalon Managment LTD (Offices of Isaac Horne and Kara Baker)
Copeland, Ellie Copeland, Ellie
Production Finance Consultant
Copeland, Ian Copeland, Ian
Frontier Booking
Copeland, Judy Copeland, Judy
Copeland, Kristina Copeland, Kristina
Owner / President / Founder
Brown Saddle Films
coppersmith, terri coppersmith, terri
Central Park Conservancy
Copple, Melanie Copple, Melanie
Trina Turk
Coppola, Danielle Coppola, Danielle
Director of Candidate Outreach
Carlsen Resources, Inc.
Coppola, Francesca Coppola, Francesca
writer, director, editor
Coppola, Joey Coppola, Joey
Property Assistant
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Coppola, Julia Coppola, Julia
Corporate Executive, Distributor, Executive Producer
A.P.N.G. Enterprises, Inc.
Copquin, Claudia Copquin, Claudia
Journalist, Author, Essayist
Corace, Kelly Corace, Kelly
Capture Manager
Atkins North America, Inc.
Coraggio, Julie Coraggio, Julie
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Supervisor
Corber, Lauren Corber, Lauren
Breakthrough Films & Television
Corcoran, Barbara Corcoran, Barbara
Barbara Corcoran Productions
Corcoran, Jay Corcoran, Jay
Camera Operator, Director, Producer
Wringinghands Productions
Cordero, Courtney Cordero, Courtney
Script Supervisor
Cordero, Michael Cordero, Michael
The East Willy B Team
Cordova, Yvonne Cordova, Yvonne
Regional Vice President
Traveler's Encore Entertainment
Cordova-Corwin, Vanessa Cordova-Corwin, Vanessa
Producer, Production Manager, Writer
VCC Productions
Corey, Cindy Corey, Cindy
MassMutual Financial Group (including OppenheimerFunds, Inc.)
Corey, Eugene Corey, Eugene
Brave New Words
Cork, Duncan Cork, Duncan
Corkery, Dick Corkery, Dick
New York Daily News
Corkey, Pamela Corkey, Pamela
Filmmaker/Assistant Professor of Film
Translucent Films/Hofstra University
Corliss, Richard Corliss, Richard
Film Critic
Time Magazine
Corman, Cis Corman, Cis
Executive Producer
Barwood Films, Ltd.
Cormier, Stacey Cormier, Stacey
Staff PA
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Corn, Wendy Corn, Wendy
Producer, Writer
Cornell, Ted Cornell, Ted
East River Film & Tape
Cornick, Melissa Cornick, Melissa
Cornish, Deborah Cornish, Deborah
Editor: Sound
Cornish, Elizabeth Cornish, Elizabeth
Vice President
Diversified Agency Services
Cornish, Melanie Cornish, Melanie
Coroon, Andree Coroon, Andree
Public Relations
Corporation, Hostedware Corporation, Hostedware
Hostedware Corporation
Corra, Henry Corra, Henry
Corra Films
Corradino, Elizabeth Corradino, Elizabeth
Moses & Singer LLP
Corradino, Liz Corradino, Liz
Moses & Singer LLP
Corrado, Diane Corrado, Diane
April Printing
Correa, Carolina Correa, Carolina
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Corridina, Linda Corridina, Linda
MTV News
Corrigan, Kath Corrigan, Kath
Camera Assistant
Corso, Suzanne Corso, Suzanne
Samcor Productions, Inc.
Cortale, Justine Cortale, Justine
Associate Director, Executive Producer, Post-Production Services
Sonic Union, Inc
Cortes, Francisco Cortes, Francisco
Vice President
Fox News Latino
Cortes, Lisa Cortes, Lisa
Cortes Films
Cortes, Margarita Cortes, Margarita
MSophia PR
Cortese, Greg Cortese, Greg
Motion Picture Talent Agent
Corwin, Betty Corwin, Betty
New York Public Library for Performing Arts - Theatre on Film and Tape
Corwin, Connie Corwin, Connie
precision haircut specialist
Hair Design on Call
Corwin, Vanessa Corwin, Vanessa
Cory, Dave Cory, Dave
Viacom International Inc.
Coryat, Diana Coryat, Diana
Global Action Project, Inc.
Cosentino, Paul Cosentino, Paul
Senior Vice President- Sales and new business development
Cosgrove, Nicole Cosgrove, Nicole
Cosme, John Cosme, John
Cossu, Kathy Cossu, Kathy
Set Nurse
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Costa de Beauregard, Anne Costa de Beauregard, Anne
Bicephaly Pictures
Costa, Amanda Costa, Amanda
Director, Producer, Writer
Creative Wool Media
Costabile, Lisamarie Costabile, Lisamarie
Actor, Director, Writer
Costantini, Gail Costantini, Gail
District Sales Manager
Net App
Costanzo, Sak Costanzo, Sak
Editor: Film/Video
Costas, Sophia Costas, Sophia
Casting Associate
Sylvia Fay/Lee Genick & Associates Casting
Costello, Sybil Costello, Sybil
Associate Director, Post-Production Supervisor
Costigan, Penny Costigan, Penny
20th Century Fox
Costin, Kate Costin, Kate
Costume Coordinator
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
Costley, Jeanine Costley, Jeanine
Coston, Andres Coston, Andres
Labor Service Representative
Cote, Charlotte Cote, Charlotte
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Cothia, Sylvia Cothia, Sylvia
Executive Producer, Teamster, Writer
MSC Entertainment, LLC
Cotoggio, Lisa Cotoggio, Lisa
Publicist, Writer
Cotoggio, Lisa Cotoggio, Lisa
Producer, Writer
Cotter, Emma Cotter, Emma
Cotter, Maureen Cotter, Maureen
Director, Program Planning & Scheduling
Cotterill, Ali Cotterill, Ali
Director, Editor: Film/Video
Astro Films
Cottone, Brian Cottone, Brian
Chubb Group
Attorney, Consultant, Distributor
Cotts, Virginia Cotts, Virginia
Coughlan, Michelle Coughlan, Michelle
Camera 2nd Assistant
Bootleg Production, Inc
Coughlin, Brenda Coughlin, Brenda
Director of Special Projects
coughlin, Dan coughlin, Dan
Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Coughlin, Sabrina Coughlin, Sabrina
Associate Director
Burns Film Center
coulson, steve coulson, steve
Creative Director
Coulther, Melanie Coulther, Melanie
Broadway Sound
Couret, Marie Couret, Marie
Christal Films Productions
Couric, Katie Couric, Katie
Courshon, Jerome Courshon, Jerome
Distributor, Producer, Writer
Centaur Productions
Court, Ken Court, Ken
Courtney, Jillian Courtney, Jillian
Karen Kohlhaas
Courtney, Sarah Courtney, Sarah
Fox News Channel
Courtney, Susan Courtney, Susan
Actor, Director, Writer
Cousins, Talya Cousins, Talya
Jewelry Market Editor
Covais, Pamela Covais, Pamela
Managing Director
September Films USA
Covert, Nadine Covert, Nadine
New York Delegate
Montreal International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA)
Covey, Elizabeth Covey, Elizabeth
Costume Designer
Covington, Selena Covington, Selena
Director, Producer, Writer
Meredith Corporation
Covington, Shanta Covington, Shanta
Journalist, Producer, Writer
Covington-Brooks, C. Covington-Brooks, C.
Actor, Costume Designer
Cowal, Matt Cowal, Matt
SVP Publicity/Marketing
Magnolia Pictures / Magnet Releasing
Cowan, Noah Cowan, Noah
Contributing Editor
Filmmaker Magazine
Cowan, Ruth Cowan, Ruth
ProWomen Int'l (ProMujer)
Cowen, Sharon Cowen, Sharon
Premiere Magazine
Cowing, Ruth Cowing, Ruth
Reel Mind Theatre & Film Series
Cowley, Mike Cowley, Mike
The Goatsingers
Cox, Brian Cox, Brian
Distant Horizon
Cox, Jennifer Cox, Jennifer
Director, Editor: Film/Video
moto films llc
Cox, Jessica Cox, Jessica
Development Director
Rooftop Films
Cox, Maureen Cox, Maureen
Production Finance
East West Bank Entertainment & Media
Cox, Nell Cox, Nell
Director, Producer, Writer
Nell Cox Films, Inc.
Cox, Rhonda Cox, Rhonda
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Walt Disney Television Animation
Cox, Winston H. Cox, Winston H.
Viacom International Inc.
Coyne Alonso, Ana Coyne Alonso, Ana
Director, Producer, Writer
Malinche Production, Inc.
Coyne, Nancy Coyne, Nancy
Serino Coyne
Cozean, Nancy Cozean, Nancy
Executive Director
Hudson Valley Film
Cozumel, Katherine Cozumel, Katherine
Katherine Cozumel - Film and Stage Actress
Cozzi, Giovanni Cozzi, Giovanni
Emerging Pictures
Crafts, Lisa Crafts, Lisa
Animator, Titles
Cragg, Lauren Cragg, Lauren
Consultant, Executive Producer, Writer
L.C. Cragg and Associates, LLC
Craig, Avis Craig, Avis
DeAndre's Cakes
Craig, David Craig, David
A & E
Craig, Jennifer Craig, Jennifer
New Line Cinema/ Picturehouse
Craig, Lamont Craig, Lamont
Casting Director
As The World Turns
Craig, R Erin Craig, R Erin
Executive Producer, Personal Manager, Producer
La Vie Productions
Cramer, Barbara Cramer, Barbara
Critic, Nonprofit Administrator, Writer
Cramer, Beth Cramer, Beth
Editor: Film/Video
Cramer, Peter Cramer, Peter
Allie Productions
Crandall, Jennifer Crandall, Jennifer
Photo Assignment Editor
US Magazine
Crane, Claudia Crane, Claudia
Executive Producer, Producer, Production Finance
Roundtrip Motion Pictures
Crapanzano, Aleksandra Crapanzano, Aleksandra
Producer, Writer
Craven, Deborah Craven, Deborah
Girl Scouts of the U.S. A.
Craver, Dwight Craver, Dwight
Locations Department Manager
NY State Govenor's Office For Motion Picture and Television Development
Crawford, Anita Crawford, Anita
Hair Stylist
Crawford, Brandy Crawford, Brandy
Development Executive
Tremendous Entertainment
Crawford, Candice Crawford, Candice
Hair Stylist, Make Up Artist
Veria Living TV
Crawford, Cindy Crawford, Cindy
MTV House of Style
Crawford, Jennifer Crawford, Jennifer
Diane Von Furstenberg Studio
Crawford, L. Marilyn Crawford, L. Marilyn
Corporate Executive, Executive Producer, Publicist
PrimeTime Omnimedia, Ltd.
Crawford, Sheila Chandler Crawford, Sheila Chandler
Sanford Greenburger Agency
Crawford, Wendy Crawford, Wendy
Founder and Editor
Mobile Women
Creager, Cindi Creager, Cindi
Director of National News
Creel, Jane Creel, Jane
Jane Creel Associates
Cremin, Elma Cremin, Elma
director of Acquisitions
Fuse TV
Cremo, Paul Cremo, Paul
VP Soundtracks
Sony BMG Masterworks
Crenshaw, Gray Crenshaw, Gray
Serino Coyne
Crenshaw, Keya Crenshaw, Keya
Festival Administrator, Publicist, Writer
Black Chick Media, LLC
Cribben, Kelley Cribben, Kelley
Post-Production Supervisor
Cricco, Cristin Cricco, Cristin
Director, Producer
Crichton, Rose Crichton, Rose
Hot 97 FM-- Radio
Crichton, Sarah Crichton, Sarah
Crier, Catherine Crier, Catherine
The Crier Report", Fox News Channel
Crimmins, Margaret Crimmins, Margaret
Editor: Sound, Music Editor, Sound Mixer
Dog Bark Sound, Inc.
Crincoli Harrington, Angela Crincoli Harrington, Angela
CEO and President
Harrington Communications, LLC
Crisafulli, Grace Crisafulli, Grace
Director of Client Services
Village Print & Media
Crisostomo, Scotch Crisostomo, Scotch
1st Assistant Accountant 1
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Crisp, Grover Crisp, Grover
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Crispin, Cheryl Crispin, Cheryl
V.P. of Communications
Estee Lauder Companies
Criss, Jean Criss, Jean
Marketing Executive, Producer, Publicist
Jean Criss Media, LLC
Crockett, Rasheda Crockett, Rasheda
Actress, Writer
Croghan, Emma-Kate Croghan, Emma-Kate
Director, Writer
Croke, Kara Croke, Kara
Lions Gate
Cromwell, Naomi Cromwell, Naomi
Marketing Executive, Publicist
Cronin, Laura Cronin, Laura
Writer, Director, Producer
Pound Pictures
Cronin, Paul Cronin, Paul
Sticking Place Films
Crooks, Lenny Crooks, Lenny
Development Executive
Killer Films
Crooks, Tracey Crooks, Tracey
Producer, Writer
TV Land, MTV Networks
crosby, julie crosby, julie
Women's Project
Cross, June Cross, June
Executive Producer, Fundraising/Development, Producer
SecretDaughter Productions
Cross, June Cross, June
Executive Producer
The Faith Project
Cross, Sara Cross, Sara
Cross Eyed Films
Crosse, Mary Crosse, Mary
Crossley, John Crossley, John
Director, Producer, Writer
Crothers, Diane Crothers, Diane
Deputy Commissioner Office of Citywide EEO
Department of Citywide Administrative Services
Crotty, Julie Crotty, Julie
Writer, producer, director
LUMI Productions
Crotty, Rita Crotty, Rita
Executive Director
Women's Forum Inc.
Crow, Kathryn Crow, Kathryn
Crow, Laura Crow, Laura
Professor of Costume Design
University of Connecticut
Crowe, Suzanne Crowe, Suzanne
Executive Producer, Producer
Crowell, Patricia Crowell, Patricia
Consultant, Interactive Media, Marketing Executive
Song Arsenal Music, LTD
Crowley, Katherine Crowley, Katherine
Vice President
K Squared Enterprises
Crull, Pat Crull, Pat
VPand Chief Learning Officer
Time Warner Cable
Crunk, Heather Crunk, Heather
Crupi, Fran Crupi, Fran
Magno Sound & Video
Cruz Navarro, Ana Cruz Navarro, Ana
Alternate Contact= Catherine Bloch
WIFT Mexico
Cruz, Abraham Cruz, Abraham
Department of Student Services
Boricua College
Cruz, Angie Cruz, Angie
The Barbarians
Cruz, Eduardo 'Alvin' Cruz, Eduardo 'Alvin'
Senior Flame Artist
Method Studios
Cruz, Kristine Cruz, Kristine
Hair and Make up artist
Cruz, Maria Cruz, Maria
Wildflower Films LLC
Cruz, Pamela Cruz, Pamela
Cruz, Paz Cruz, Paz
King World Int'l Productions, Inc.
Cruz, Ramon Cruz, Ramon
Marketing Coordinator
Zoom In Online/ZIO Pro
Cuba, Darold Cuba, Darold
Cubero, Gemma Cubero, Gemma
Tacual Films
Cubides, Nicole Cubides, Nicole
Reavis Parent Lehrer LLP
Cucinotta, Isa Cucinotta, Isa
Managing Director
Imagine Science Films
Cuevas, Antonio Cuevas, Antonio
Marketing Manager
Cuevas, Tania Cuevas, Tania
11th Parallel Worldwide
Cuison, Spyros Cuison, Spyros
Account Executive - Underwriter
St. Paul Travelers
Cukor, Marla Cukor, Marla
Anchor/Reporter, Journalist, Writer
Rant & Rave Communications (Screenwriting)
Cukor, Marla Cukor, Marla
Cullen, Sarah Cullen, Sarah
Culpepper, Sherri Culpepper, Sherri
She, Her & I Productions
Cummings, Kim Cummings, Kim
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Siren's Tale Productions
Cummings, Rosemary Cummings, Rosemary
RCC Productions
Cummis, Andrea Cummis, Andrea
Consultant, Television Executive, Video Engineer
AC Video Solutions
Cuneo, Ami Cuneo, Ami
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Cunniff, Lois Cunniff, Lois
Producer, Production Executive, Writer
Lois Cunniff Productions, Inc.
Cunningham, Anna Cunningham, Anna
Anna Cunningham
Cunningham, Christine Cunningham, Christine
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive
Cunningham, Gene Cunningham, Gene
Marketing Director
Petry Media Corporation
Cunningham, Katherine Cunningham, Katherine
Senior Producer
Cunningham, Kendra Cunningham, Kendra
Filmmaker/ Comic
Cunningham, Megan Cunningham, Megan
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Magnet Media, Inc.
Cunningham, Ryan Elizabeth Cunningham, Ryan Elizabeth
Running Man
Cunningham, William Cunningham, William
Managingf Director
Curcio, Deborah Curcio, Deborah
Harper's Bazaar
Curiel Montoya, Yessica Curiel Montoya, Yessica
Cinematographer, Director of Photography, Gaffer/Electrician
Curley, Claire Curley, Claire
Curley, Madelyn Curley, Madelyn
Actor, Stunt Person/Coordinator, Writer
Curran, Bill Curran, Bill
Festival Producer
Nantucket Film Festival
Curran, Leigh Curran, Leigh
The Virginia Avenue Project
Curreri, Rose Curreri, Rose
The Hedges Inn
currie, margo currie, margo
innerlightz productionz
Currier, Meghan Currier, Meghan
Music Coordinator
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Curry, Jack Curry, Jack
Managing Editor
TV Guide
Curry, Marshall Curry, Marshall
Marshall Curry Productions, LLC
Curry, Traci Curry, Traci
Segment Producer, Melissa Harris Perry at MSNBC
Curry, Yvonne Curry, Yvonne
Educator, Make Up Artist
Curry-McMichael, Tanya Curry-McMichael, Tanya
Corporate Executive, Marketing Executive
Curtin, Stacy Curtin, Stacy
Curtis, Alexandra Curtis, Alexandra
Camera Operator, Educator, Programming
FOX Sports Florida/Sun Sports
Curtis, Anna Curtis, Anna
Village Voice
Curtis, Ash Curtis, Ash
Buena Vista Pictures
Curtis, Charisse Curtis, Charisse
Associate Producer, Nonprofit Administrator, Producer
Curtis, Fran Curtis, Fran
Rogers & Cowan
Curtis, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jamie Lee
c/o Rick Kurtzman, Creative Artists Agency
Curtis, Lynne Curtis, Lynne
Consultant, Costume Designer, Wardrobe
Curtis, Meghann Curtis, Meghann
Legislative Director
The City of New York
Cusack, Cate Cusack, Cate
Cusack, Luke Cusack, Luke
Director, Executive Producer, Writer
St. Chora Productions
Cussons, Jane Cussons, Jane
Chief Executive
WIFT - United Kingdom
Cusumano, Cara Cusumano, Cara
Cutler, Michelle Cutler, Michelle
Director, Writer
Cutler, Stacie Cutler, Stacie
NY Coalition of Prof Women In Arts/Media
Cutter, Hillary Cutter, Hillary
Cutter Productions
Cuviello, Raffaella Cuviello, Raffaella
Set Decorator, Set Dresser
Cyprys, Joanna Cyprys, Joanna
Post Production Supervisor
Global Nomads Group
Cywin, Allison Cywin, Allison
Rhode Island Historical Society Library
Czarnawska, Iga Czarnawska, Iga
Documentary Filmmaker
Czerwinski, Donna Czerwinski, Donna
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer, Production Manager
Czubek, Cathryne Czubek, Cathryne
Salted Productions