2022 NYWIFT Tech Talks: Day 3: A Conversation with Entertainment Partners

Join us for Day 3 of NYWIFT Tech Talks for an in depth discussion of Entertainment Partners' innovative solutions that support filmmakers from pre-production to final wrap and beyond. Speakers will include Alexis Alexanian and Darren Willner.


2022 NYWIFT Tech Talks: Day 1: Innovation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We’re proud to host our inaugural NYWIFT Tech Talks in partnership with Company 3 and Entertainment Partners (EP). A 4-day virtual conference with media professionals revolutionizing the tech industry and how it’s helped our industry and everyday life adjusting to the current world.

Virtual Theater started during the 2020 pandemic in which distributors and festivals had to pivot to the virtual space to continue to bring films to audiences. Kino Lorber launched Kino Marquee, CineSend was founded in effort to support film festivals stream their films, Vimeo created a live event function, and more. This response has allowed films to be viewed throughout the world and allowed for filmmakers to participate in panels, etc. Welcome Keynote from Aliesha Staples (Staples VR). Speakers include Wendy Lidell (Kino Lorber) and Kaitlyn Schmitt (Perigon).


2022 NYWIFT Tech Talks: Day 4: Emerging Technology in Gaming/VR and AI

Join us for Day 4 of NYWIFT Tech Talks: Emerging Technology in Gaming/VR and AI. Speakers include Tanya DePass (I Need Diverse Games), Siobhan Reddy (Media Molecule), and Mark Barlet (AbleGamers Charity). Speakers from IBM include Dr. Francesca Rossi, Phaedra Boinodiris, and Marisa Viveros.