NYWIFT Member Screening: Yudie and It Happens to Us

Join us for a virtual NYWIFT Member Screening of the 4K Restorations of Mirra Bank's Yudie and Amalie Rothschild's It Happens to Us, by a live Q&A with the filmmakers!

Yudie is a film about independence, aging, and the immigrant experience. And It Happens to Us remains the classic plea for a woman's right to choose. Both films were restored with support from the NYWIFT Women's Film Preservation Fund (WFPF). 


NYWIFT Member Screening: ‘The ABCs of Book Banning’

Join us for a virtual NYWIFT Member Screening of The ABC's of Book Banning, followed by a live Q&A with director, Sheila Nevins. Moderated by NYWIFT Board Member Christina Kiely.

By weaving together a lyrical montage of young readers and authors, THE ABC's OF BOOK BANNING reveals the voices of the impacted parties, and inspires hope for the future through the profound insights of inquisitive youthful minds.


NYWIFT Talks: AAPIHM 2023 – Stories that Represent Us & Continuing Forward

Join us as we celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month with a candid conversation about navigating the Writer's Strike in the midst of our momentum, about our representation in the US and the diaspora, and talk about telling stories that represent us. Let us explore how our cultures are represented here and abroad. While simultaneously discussing how our unique cinematic and nuanced cultural strategies impact our creative writing, directing and performances.

Speakers include Shruti Ganguly, Miranda Kwok, Martha Millan, and more panelists to be announced. Moderated by NYWIFT Board Member Sibyl Reymundo-Santiago.


NYWIFT Talks: Legacy of Media Arts Organizations Amplifying BIPOC Creators

On Feb 10th, NYWIFT commemorates Black History Month by revisiting the legacy of Media Arts Organizations and how they’ve contributed to the rich accomplishments and contributions of BIPOC creators. Media Arts organizations have had a rich legacy of supporting, inspiring, and training BIPOC creators for decades. In this week’s installment of NYWIFT Talks, Part 3, we'll learn more about how these organizations have accomplished their missions during the pandemic and economic crisis. Speakers included: Okema T. Moore (The Black TV & Film Collective), Iyabo Boyd (Brown Girls Doc Mafia), Sonya Childress (Color Congress), and JT Takagi (Third World Newsreel). Moderated by NYWIFT Board President and Executive Director of Black Public Media, Leslie Fields-Cruz.


NYU “The Janes” Virtual Screening + Discussion

Join NYU for a free virtual screening of The Janes! This award-winning documentary chronicles the pre-Roe v. Wade era when young female activists who called themselves ‘Jane’ built an underground network for women with unwanted pregnancies, providing safe, low-cost illegal abortions to an estimated 11,000 women.


NYWIFT Talks: NYWIFT Goes to Sundance 2023

On this week’s NYWIFT Talks, we’re headed to the 2023 Sundance Film Festival…virtually! We'll be in conversation with some of our NYWIFT members with films at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, including Annetta Marion, Dana Offenbach, Marcella Steingart. Moderated by NYWIFT CEO, Cynthia Lopez.


NYWIFT Talks: Moms Working in Film

On this week’s NYWIFT Talks, we are honored to sit down with leading women in film that are changing the narrative of working moms in film. We'll speak with Creative Producer and Founder of mama.film, Lela Meadow-Conner and founder of MOM Film Fest, Tonya Mollineau. This conversation will be lead by Senior Development and Editorial Consultant, Maud Kersnowsi-Sachs.


NYWIFT Industry Screening + Q&A: ‘Catch the Fair One’

NYWIFT invites you to a screening of Catch the Fair One starting Tuesday, February 8th from Thursday, February 10th.  Kaylee “K.O.” Uppashaw, a mixed Indigenous boxer, prepares for a championship fight. Her hands are wrapped, gloves taped shut, and face greased. She pounds the mitts with her trainer, Brick. The room echoes with the strength...


NYWIFT Talks ‘The Lost Daughter’ with Director Maggie Gyllenhaal

A college professor confronts her unsettling past after meeting a woman and her young daughter while on vacation in Italy. Her obsession with the woman and her daughter prompts memories of her early motherhood.

In conversation with Director Maggie Gyllenhaal and NYWIFT Executive Director Cynthia Lopez


NYWIFT Industry Screening + Q&A: ‘Passing’

Irene Redfield (Tessa Thompson), a refined, upper-class 1920s woman, finds breezy refuge from a hot summer day in the grand tearoom of New York City's Drayton Hotel. Across the room, she spots a blond woman staring her down.

A conversation with director Rebecca Hall and star Ruth Negga, moderated by NYWIFT Board Member, Kuye Youngblood.


NYWIFT Industry Screening + Q&A: ‘Found’

In Amanda Lipitz's documentary film Found

Join us for a screening of Found  screening from November 5th through 9th, followed by a conversation on November 9th at 4pm ET with director and writer Amanda Lipitz and producer Anita Gou.


NYWIFT Talks: Film Festival Practices

On this week’s NYWIFT Talks, the 2020 pandemic has sparked change within every organization from four day work days, hybrid or at-home work to a better overall mental health change. But, as companies evolve, what about freelance workers? How can we work toward change for fairer treatment towards those working freelance? We speak with film festival workers looking to positively advocate for fairer wages, better work environment, and policy changes.

This conversation includes Emily Foster and more TBA. Moderated by NYWIFT Program Manager, Barbara Vásconez.


NYWIFT Industry Screening + Q&A: ‘Rita Moreno: Just A Girl Who Decided To Go For It’

Join us for a screening of Rita Moreno: Just A Girl Who Decided To Go For It from Friday, October 29th through Monday, November 1st. Followed by a pre-recorded conversation with subject Rita Moreno and Director Mariem Pérez Riera. Moderated by NYWIFT Executive Director, Cynthia Lopez.

Rita Moreno: Just A Girl Who Decided To Go For It illuminates the humor and the grace of Moreno, as well as lesser-known struggles faced on her path to stardom, including pernicious Hollywood sexism and abuse, a toxic relationship with Marlon Brando, and serious depression a year before she emerged an Oscar winner. Moreno’s talent and resilience triumphed over adversity, as she broke barriers, fought for representation and forged the path for new generations of artists.


NYWIFT Talks: Stuntwomen in Film/TV

On this week’s NYWIFT Talks, we speak with stuntwomen in film/television to discuss their work and how the pandemic has changed their career. What new protocols have been set to keep everyone safe. This conversation includes Dakota Bown, Wendy GutierrezKelly Roisin, Heidi Schnappauf, and Rose Sias. Moderated by NYWIFT Program Manager, Barbara Vásconez.


NYWIFT Talks: Latinx Representation in Film & TV

On this week’s NYWIFT Talks, we speak with educators in film/television to discuss the representation in film. What is lacking, what is misrepresentation, and what work still needs to be done in order for the voices of the Latinx community to be appropriately amplified.

Speakers will include Frances Negron (Columbia University Professor and Filmmaker); Ben Lopez (ED, National Association of Latino Independent Producers- NALIP); and Maria Corina Ramirez, (Filmmaker); with more TBA. Moderated by NYWIFT Board Member Zenaida Mendez (Director of Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center).


NYWIFT Industry Screening + Q&A: ‘What Breaks The Ice’

Join us for a screening of What Breaks The Ice screening from October 21st through 26th, followed by a conversation with Rebecca Eskreis. Moderated by NYWIFT Board Member, Gretchen McGowan.

Two girls, from different worlds, form a deep and unlikely friendship in the sweltering summer heat of 1998. Their fun and carefree days quickly turn cold as they find themselves at the center of a mysterious murder.


NYWIFT Industry Screening + Q&A: ‘Jacinta’

Join us for a screening of Jacinta from October 7th through 11th, followed by a Q&A with Documentary Photographer and Filmmaker, Jessica Earnshaw and subject, Jacinta. Moderated by NYWIFT Program Manager, Barbara G Vásconez.

Shot over three years, the film begins at the Maine Correctional Center where Jacinta, 26, and her mother Rosemary, 46, are incarcerated together, both recovering from drug addiction. With unparalleled access and a gripping vérité approach, director Jessica Earnshaw paints a deeply intimate portrait of mothers and daughters and the effects of trauma over generations.


NYWIFT Talks: In Conversation with IATSE Members on How Employer Policies Impact Them

On this week’s NYWIFT Talks, the pandemic has started the conversation on changing the work environment in many different careers. But, what about the crew behind the scenes? We speak with IATSE members in film/television to discuss unhealthy work environments in the industry and what the strike means to its members. This conversation will include Marisa Shipley (VP and Member of Local IATSE). Moderated by NYWIFT Board Member, Leslie Fields-Cruz. This conversation will include Marisa Shipley (VP and Member of Local IATSE).