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Roshi Givechi

Design Consultant/ Filmmaker
Roshi Givechi provides design consulting services to large businesses, individual startup entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations looking to make a difference while also developing her own short doc films– all to enhance mindsets, crystalize experiences and amplify outcomes.

Full Bio
At her core, Roshi Givechi is an optimistic designer and strategist who strives to enhance mindsets, experiences and outcomes. She gets energized by solving problems and generating ideas that are truly in service of people and society at large. She has a knack for connecting dots in new ways, loves crystalizing ideas into compelling, grounded narratives, and gravitates towards seeing and spotlighting the beauty and resilience in people – in part rooted in her upbringing as a Third Culture Kid.

After about 20 years of design innovation at IDEO, Roshi is channeling a Portfolio Career model and independently consulting with a range of people and organizations – in different capacities and contexts. She generously amplifies others' teams and ideas, while also shielding space to develop her own documentary film shorts.

Industry Awards
Various film festival awards for her first short documentary film. Toggle through carousel at the base the film's home page: