Roxanna Lewis

Roxanna Lewis

Director, Writer, Producer
Roxxiedanz Productions Inc

Roxanna Lewis is a director-choreographer, writer and producer who brings passion, acumen and power to projects for film, TV & new media.

Full Bio
The right time. Synergy of experience expression through movement, baptism via stories, creative vision built on love & sacrifice. I bring all of this to bear & make scripts come alive for film, TV and new media.

THE STORIES IN MY HOME! Fleeing war, religious persecution carving life out of stone. My in-the-cauldron of the American melting pot childhood experiences were galvanized by staunch civil rights activists, work-to-the-bone day laborers, cutthroat self-taught multi-millionaires, black-listed artists, lawmakers, addicts, criminals, Ivy League poets, failed genius mathematicians and sordid affairs of murdered family members; complex real-life family characters that propelled me to explore lifes darkest corners.

As writer, director and producer I create the anything is possible space to listen deeply, smash open and re-engineer stories to disrupt the status quo, elevate humanity and re-define human excellence through the creation of impactful content.

Industry Awards
" Video Consortium first annual SONY Mentorship Program, 2021 Finalist

" Short Grant From the Heart Productions, 2021 Finalist

" Art Ventures Grant 2020 - Community Foundation of Northeast Florida (NEA funding)

" Art Ventures Grant 2017 - Community Foundation of Northeast Florida (NEA funding)

" Individual Artist Grant 2017 - Community First Cares Foundation