Taimoor Choudhry
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Taimoor Choudhry

CEO, Director & Producer
Arise Productions

Taimoor Choudhry is a Pakistani-Canadian filmmaker dedicated to creating films with a focus on activism, human & animal rights, and positive change.

Full Bio
For years, Taimoor Choudhry led a life of glamour and extravagance, rubbing elbows with celebrities, fashionistas and the elite as he grew his family’s fine jewelry empire in Pakistan. His passions and priorities took a dramatic turn after witnessing animal cruelty in a market. That moment changed him and it became his mission to raise awareness through the art of documentary film. After moving to Canada to pursue a film degree, he was shocked to learn that the animal exploitation he thought he’d left behind in Pakistan was very much present in his new home! In response to this, Taimoor founded Arise Productions and has dedicated the past five years to activism and animal rights through film.

Professional Credits
Ending Real Fur (2023, Director & Producer)
Industry Awards
2023 Clements Awards - Outstanding Documentary, Los Angeles Asian Film Awards - Winner Best Documentary Feature, Queens World Film Festival - Nominated for Best Documentary Feature and Winner of Special Award for Social Justice, Big Bear Film Summit - Best Foreign Documentary Feature