Myrakel Baker
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    800 Flatbush Avenue,
    Brooklyn, NY, 11226, United States of America
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Myrakel Baker

Programming / Development Assistant
HBO Documentary Programming

Myrakel Baker is a multidisciplinary artist working across documentary and avant-garde video art, based in Brooklyn, NY.

Full Bio
Myrakel Baker is a documentary filmmaker and development assistant living in Brooklyn. Inspired by her upbringing in an Black southern household, she aspires to produces character-driven stories rooted in identity and belonging with a focus on women’s voices. As a development and programming assistant, she’s worked with HBO Documentaries on George Carlin's American Dream, Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known, and The Janes to name a few. She is looking to growing as a director and development producer, expanding on her work of sensitive, vérité-led documentaries.