Perla de Leon (c)

Perla de Leon (c)


Photographer whose documentary work is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, among other museums throughout the U.S.

Full Bio
Perla de Leon was born in New York City of Cuban and Puerto Rican parents and lives between NYC and Puerto Rico. Perla taught photography and video production to J.H.S., High School and College students. She was as a technology teacher-trainer for the Board of Education where she also produced instructional video shorts. Perla freelanced in independent film productions while producing Latin American photography exhibitions. Current projects: photo-book titled, “Decades Under Fire:The Colonial American Citizen,” “Chapel of Gratitude,” an installation on Slavery in New York and Puerto Rico and a documentary that traces European ancestors whose names were given to enslaved Africans inn Puerto Rico.

Professional Credits
Perla has produced, directed and edited three historical video shorts. Current documentary chronicles Puerto Rico’s slave history through its African and Colonial Descendants
Industry Awards
2021 - New York City Arts Corps Grant / Festival 2013 - Puffin Grant (film) 2009 - Bronze Palm Award - Mexico International Film
1979 - CETA grant in photography