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Casting for Short Film

GK Video

GK.VIDEO (Get-Kinetic, Inc.) based in Philadelphia is currently casting for a short film to be shot in Atlantic City and Strathmere NJ on the afternoon and evening of May 22 (with a rain date of May 23). Any agents or interested talent that fit the descriptions below should send a head-shot and request for sides to:

Kevin Hackenberg
215 518 4225

For the self tape audition, please slate.  Pages 2 through 4 of the script will be attached for auditions (DANNY & ASHLEY) and excerpts (NOELLE, PASSENGER). Budgeted Pay for each role is listed with the description below.  Any callbacks that are needed will take place at the end of this week.

Selections will take place at the end of this week or over this coming weekend at the latest.


Pays $250 for 12 hours
Male Athletic (White) 30’s
Strong, sensitive, baseball player.  A guy’s guy.  A charmer. DANNY was a minor league baseball player who was about to be called to the majors. When he missed an opportunity in his career, he went out drinking in his sorrow.  His wife ASHLEY came to get him and was killed in a head on car crash with their unborn daughter. In the sides, Danny explores his near death experience after trying to commit suicide.

Pays $150 for approx 5 hours
Female (Asian preferred) 30’s
Soft spoken, sensitive, caring yet has a no-nonsense personality. ASHLEY’s innocence and patience drew DANNY to her past other women who were pursuing him.  She wasn’t initially interested in him, and definitely did not want to date or marry an athlete, but it was her straight forward healing energy that he would later need that drew him in. In the excerpt, Danny is reconnected with Ashley on a beach in his near death experience.  He also gets to see their unborn daughter Noelle.

Pays $150 for approx 3 hours
4-7 year old girl  (Blend of actors playing DANNY & ASHLEY)
Soft spoken, sensitive, caring yet has a no-nonsense personality. NOELLE is DANNY and ASHLEY’s unborn daughter who DANNY is meeting for the first time in his near death experience.  NOELLE loves the beach and finding shells and other treasures in the waves and sand.  It is NOELLE that leans in to course-correct DANNY when he wants to stay telling him that he has to go back to work because he has a purpose that is not yet fulfilled.

Pays $150 for approx 4 hours
Female (Black) 50’s
Quiet, hurt, careful, untrusting, damaged.  She is just getting a car share ride when DANNY pulls up as her driver.  She is not wearing a wedding ring but we can see she has worn one for years before this.  She has a backstory that she wants to tell, she wants help if she can find someone she can trust.

NYWIFT member, Gillian Fritzsche, is providing producing help on this one-day short film.

Posted at: May 6, 2024 @ 06:23pm