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Producer's assistant

Mikooka Productions LLC

The ideal applicant is a flexible thinker, problem solver, who can multi-task and work under pressure. Someone creative that would like to grow in the field of production coordinating as well as creative writing, research and casting for documentaries. You will be part of a very passionate team of filmmakers.


*High communication skills both verbal and in writing. 
*Ability to handle multiple tasks and work in a fast paced environment
*Practical experience as a production assistant/production coordinator/ /First AD. 
*Ability to work in a computer environment only, with team overseas, such as Google docs, excels, Slack, Asana.
*Passion for creating documentaries that deals with social issues. 

BA in film is NOT a requirement.  

Additional languages, social media skills and knowledge in Adobe products are a plus. 

Posted at: November 14, 2019 @ 12:24pm