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Co-Producer on debut indie film


Seeking a Co-Producer for debut indie film

Seeking a co-producer and collaborator for “Removed” an Ultra-Low Budget feature film. 

Co- Producer will not only be an equal partner with Writer/Director/Producer in all fundraising efforts, but will also participate in a hands-on fashion with script development, cast and creative team attachments, and all production related responsibilities. 

Shooting in Sonoma county CA in early 2024 (assuming fundraising goals are met). 

The duties of the producer can be performed remotely until the shoot - with weekly check-ins/meetings.

Once producers have raised the money needed to support the film’s budget, the fee for this position will be locked in at the same rate as the other key department heads. 

“Removed” is a scary, fun, life-affirming, and visually striking story, in the same family as “Poltergeist”, “Stranger Things” and “The X-Files”. It’s the story of Robin, a struggling musician in her early 30’s, is deep in debt, and reeling from grief following the sudden death of her mother. She inherits a house from her long-missing father’s estranged side of the family. Soon she is plagued by eerie music at night, missing time, and harrowing dreams, all this leads to the discovery of a nefarious organization that is doing “very bad things” with time, space, and lives. 

The Position:

First and foremost, I am hoping to find a producing partner who is truly excited about producing ultra low budget independent films, someone who sees challenges as opportunities for creative solutions. 

This is my first feature as Writer/Director/Producer, and I am excited to be making a true-to-the-spirit-of-indie piece with an ensemble of like-minded artists on a kind set.

This project is meant to be a lovingly pondered, handcrafted, un-rushed, artistic endeavor. Every detail thoughtfully pondered and constructed. The making of this project will not be fast, but it will be high-quality and financially inexpensive. 

I am very open to someone who is a first time feature film producer - at the end of the day, I am looking for someone who is scrappy, creative and resourceful. I’m looking for a collaborator who will bring enthusiasm for the process and for the project. A willingness to jump in full-force with joy and courage.

At present, I am starting my fundraising process, and the ideal candidate for this job will be someone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and help me secure the individual donations needed to get this film made. I want to stress that this film needs funding from  individual donors, using a combination of email campaigns (directly to potential donors), crowdfunding, grants, and small fundraising events. (Note: I have not yet run a fundraising campaign of this scale, and I don’t necessarily expect that my producing partner will have either. I am lined up with a fiscal sponsor, and have a detailed plan - what I am looking to find is someone who is utterly “game” for the journey,  invested in the process, and has a genuinely joyful approach.)

Once our budget has been raised, the fee for this position will be locked in at the same rate as the other key department heads. 

For more on the film, (including Caty’s bio), visit the film’s site :

If you’re interested, email me  at

Please email me your resume, cover letter and/or link your site, reel, a poem an essay - whatever you would like to share with me. I would like to receive this by May 26 (2 weeks from now). 

Posted at: May 12, 2023 @ 05:21pm