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  • Posted at: 06/29/2021

    Seeking Passionate Filmmakers

    Muse Storytelling

    Passionate about character driven filmmaking and wanting to get your name out there? Apply for this unique and amazing opportunity. Decisions will be made by the end of the week.

  • Posted at: 06/7/2021

    Writer Looking for Production Experience

    Ravenplay Productions

    I'm a writer who's looking for more on set and production experience. I'm happy to jump in and fetch coffee, and be helpful in whatever way possible (I'm also great at helping with script consultation!).

  • Posted at: 05/14/2021


    Sensible Shoes Inc.

    Line Producer NY based Reality Show

  • Posted at: 05/5/2021

    Need Entire Crew for Short

    Karen Goeller

    I just wrote a short film, a comedy. I need a producer, director, and entire crew. Very few characters, comedy, old-style film titled Escape Artists. Logline: A sad police officer is teased with graffiti until he realizes how much he is appreciated.

  • Posted at: 01/18/2021

    Editing/Rough Cut Workshop

    In Parentheses

    Hello, After Wing (all women co-working space) closed due to COVID, the Writing group we had formed, continued to meet online and support/critique/inspire each other. We all have different goals: some finishing a novel, their first or second; others working on/publishing short stories or memoirs; others yet, like me, starting to write short stories that I will to turn into film scripts. We followed Iowa Writers Workshop format: every week we write short paragraphs on the given theme: revealing character through setting, prop, dialogue etc. and also critique 5000 word submissions of 2 participants. It worked great! We’ve been doing it for 18 months by now and everybody says it is the best writing workshop they have ever participated in. It got me thinking why not organize an online Film Editing workshop.

  • Posted at: 09/29/2020


    ThunderLily NYC

    Director/Editor urgently needs for 30 minute spot on Roku TV, Oct 15

  • Posted at: 09/14/2020

    "Truth Be Told"

    N/a (indie film)

    "Truth be Told"- A thought provoking, cultivating, truth-telling docuseries creating social experimentation, self-reflection, and cultural analysis, displaying psychology and sociology through a multi-lense perspective.

  • Posted at: 04/29/2020

    Director of Marketing & Operations


    Diverso, a student led nonprofit for diversifying the entertainment industry, is looking to expand their team and hire a Director of Marketing and Operations. The position would involve touching every part of this company- from building pitch decks to calls with executives to handling social media. This is a remote and unpaid position