What is the Programming Committee? 
The Programming Committee produces a wide range of programs for the membership and industry professionals. It also consists of two subcommittees focused on documentary and international programming. The documentary subcommittee presents panel discussions and screenings.  The international subcommittee plans international-themed programs. Joining the Programming Committee, as well as the subcommittees, is a wonderful way to become more involved in event production for the organization.

Who produces events at NYWIFT?
NYWIFT members produce events through the Programming Committee. Program producers must be current up-to-date NYWIFT members. NYWIFT members attend monthly meetings to discuss topics that will interest the filmmaking community, identify possible speakers, and discuss the program schedule.

How can I produce a NYWIFT program?
The process for producing events involves first submitting a program proposal to NYWIFT’s Program Coordinator which provides a brief description of the event as you envision it. The proposal should outline the main topic, format (seminar, panel, screening, other), potential speakers/panelists/presenters/moderator, information about access to speakers, target audience, and technical needs for the event.  The proposal is then reviewed by the chairs of NYWIFT’s Program Committee.  If approved, the program producer is then invited to attend the Program Committee meetings for further planning for the approved program.

When does the Program Committee Meet?
The Programming Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month. To receive correspondence about meetings from the Committee, members can update their profiles by checking the box for Programming.

For more information about NYWIFT programming and to submit program proposals:
Contact Duana C. Butler, Program Coordinator 212-679-0870 x 22, dbutler@nywift.org




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