How do I join NYWIFT?
Here are links to information on membership requirementsmembership levels and how to apply. There are many reasons to join, no matter what your role is in TV, film or digital media. You are always welcome to contact Community Engagement Coordinator Katie Chambers and she can talk to you about how you can make NYWIFT membership work best for you. Reach her at kchambers@nywift.org or by phone at (212) 679 – 0870, ext. 23.

I’m a man. Can I join NYWIFT?
Of course! We welcome the support and participation of men and see it as integral to achieving equality in the business. In fact, the majority of our professional development workshops, networking opportunities and member benefits are beneficial to men as well.

Do I need a NYWIFT member to sponsor my membership application?
No. You just need two professional references – people who can vouch for your qualifications in TV, film or digital media, just like you would put on a job application. They do not have to be NYWIFT members and they do not have to be women.

I used to be a member and I want to re-join. Should I re-apply?
If you are a former member, NYWIFT will not ask you to re-apply or pay the full initiation fee again. Contact membership@nywift.org or call 212-679-0870 and we can reactivate your membership right away. Please note we do charge a one-time $25 reactivation fee for members who have been inactive for six months or more.

How do I change the credit card on file that is used for my monthly membership payments?
Please call the office at 212-679-0870 or email membership@nywift.org.

Why do you have my old information listed on my membership profile?
After you have joined NYWIFT, it is up to you to keep your membership information updated. Log in then click “Update Profile” to enter all your new information. The more fields you fill in and check off, the easier it will be for people to find you in the directory. If you are a former member who recently re-joined, please be sure to check out your profile and make sure everything is up-to-date!




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Aroon Shivdasani

I was a NYWIFT member and just realized (when I tried to rsvp for the Thursday film) that my membership had lapsed. I would like to renew my membership asap. Please HELP!

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