Outten & Golden, LLP
3 Park Avenue, 39th Floor
Corporate Partner: Patron

Outten & Golden, LLP enjoys a strong national reputation for representing employees, executives and partners in all areas of employment law. From representing senior executives in contract negotiations to combating worker exploitation and systemic discrimination in class action and impact litigation, Outten & Golden LLP is a recognized leader in the field of employment law. They take great pride in our innovative approach to the practice of law and our firm’s focus on protecting and promoting employee rights.
Website: www.outtengolden.com

Moses Singer
The Chrysler Building, 405 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10174
Corporate Partner: Patron

Since 1919, Moses Singer lawyers have served our clients with cost-effective and results-driven legal advice. Our lawyers are nationally known in entertainment law, and in addition to their extensive transactional experience, they have played a key role in landmark litigation and in legislative efforts that shape the law on intellectual property and creative works. We advise companies of all sizes and individuals in the television, motion picture, internet and merchandising industries as well as in book, periodical and music publishing. We also counsel clients in the recording industry, advertising industry, electronic media, and performing arts. As a full service law firm, we offer complete and comprehensive representation by working collaboratively with other practice areas such as corporate, securities, tax, bankruptcy and banking and finance.

Website: www.mosessinger.com

Contact: Elizabeth A. Corradino, Partner, Chair – Intellectual Property, Entertainment/Media & Technology 
Phone: 212.554.7892 (direct)

Bryan Cave, LLP
1290 Ave of the Americas # 33, New York, NY 10104-3399
Corporate Partner: Friend
Phone: (212) 541-2000

Bryan Cave offers a broad spectrum of legal services to companies and individuals throughout the entertainment and media industries. We provide domestic and international representation of producers and distributors of filmed entertainment (motion pictures and television) in all aspects of acquisition, financing, co-financing, production and distribution. We also represent television, cable, radio and satellite
broadcasters of entertainment programming.
Website: www.bryancave.com

Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz
Corporate Partner: In-Kind
Phone: 212-980-0120
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz is the leading New York-based entertainment law firm and one of the most respected media and entertainment law firms in the nation. For more than 30 years, the firm has provided superior legal services and strategic advice to clients in the motion picture, television, publishing, theatre, news, fashion, music, advertising, and new media industries. The firm represents leading actors, writers, directors, producers, radio and television personalities, playwrights, composers, musicians, comedians, models, and designers. Frankfurt Kurnit also represents production, distribution, syndication, broadcast, financing, and media companies – as well as high-level corporate executives at these companies. The firm’s 55 lawyers advise partnerships, joint ventures, corporations, charitable organizations, and other businesses on all aspects of business formation, financing, operations, employment, tax, and mergers and sales. It has a sophisticated estate planning and administration practice, and provides high-level litigation and dispute resolution services as well.

Website: www.fgks.com

Contact: Marc Handelman, Director of Marketing
Phone: (212) 826-5578
Fax: (347) 438-2184

Barbara Hoffman
330 West 72nd Street
Platinum Member
(212) 873-6200
Barbara Hoffman’s law offices provides legal services to the film, television, new media, publishing and art industries in the areas of intellectual property, counseling, licensing, litigation and co-venture. Barbara speaks fluent French, Spanish, and Italian. She has served as an arbitrator for the American film market and represents producers, directors, new media CEO’s and content providers.

Contact: Barbara Hoffman
Phone: 212-873-6200
Fax: (212) 974-7245

Law Offices of Diane Krausz
1501 Broadway, Suite 1606, New York, NY 10036
Platinum Member
Diane Krausz has 30 years of experience in entertainment law overseeing the crucial and business aspects of art including; contract negotiations, licensing and merchandising. She specializes in: Minors in Entertainment, Theatre and Live Performances, Independent Film, and Literary Rights.
Website: www.DianeKrausz.com

Contact: Diane Krausz
Phone: 212-244-5292

Law Offices of Judith B. Bass
1325 Avenue of the Americas, 27th Floor
Platinum Member
(212) 873-6568
Judy Bass is a media and entertainment attorney whose solo practice is dedicated to addressing the needs of clients in the creative community. She concentrates on television and film production and distribution deals (including reality television and animation), rights licensing and intellectual property matters, book and magazine publishing, digital media, theater and the visual arts. She also handles licensing and merchandising deals. She is a former business affairs executive with over twenty-five years of experience both with a major law firm and at premier media and entertainment companies. She is also a frequent speaker at bar association and industry events. She is committed to providing personal attention and quality representation on a cost-effective basis.
Website: www.jbbasslaw.com

Contact: Judy Bass
Phone: 212 873-6568




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