Crowdfunding Highlights

NYWIFT members Cristina Doikos (producer), Tiffany Hodges (writer), and Amy Leland (director) of FairSay Films are in pre-production and are raising funds for their the short film, Displaced. Inspired by true events, the narrative explores the dehumanization of America’s immigration system. It follows volunteers that accompany undocumented immigrants to their court and ICE appearances. Learn more and donate. All donations are tax-deductible. Displaced is also a NYWIFT fiscally sponsored film!

The producers of There I Was…When Nothing Happened are raising funds to move their project into production. There I Was…When Nothing Happened, a self defense anthology, will feature 40 top-tier protection professionals each telling a story about a time they avoided violence through skills like awareness, evasion, humor, or de-escalation. It’s high time the protection industry spent more time on these pragmatic skills rather than physical skills we might only use two or three times in our lives. The project will feature NYWIFT member Teja VanWicklen. Learn more and donate.


Creators of the feature film The White Goddess are raising funds to move into the post-production stage. The film tells the story of a solitary writer who takes in an injured man that she finds in the woods somewhere far north and strange things begin to happen.This projects set a completion goal of late spring. ADR (or Additional Dialogue Recording) has been done, the reshoot of a pivotal scene has also been completed. All that stands before the filmmakers is to finish the picture, sound and color edit and have it in a polished state to submit to film festivals and distribution companies. Donate Now.


The creators of the short film Aaron With 2 A’s are raising funds for production. The film follows, Aaron, an older actor who wants to attain his lifelong dream. The only problem in achieving that, is getting out of his own way without destroying everything. It is about how changing our attitude and looking at the world in a different way can move mountains. The crew features NYWIFT members Meghan Martin (line producer, wardrobe), Devi Morgan (supporting actor) and Louis Robert King (composer.) Donate now.



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