Cynthia’s Picks: Black Agents, Children’s Media, Female Representation

Black Agents: Of the hundreds of talent agents working at the major Hollywood agencies, only a few dozen are black. The New York Times ran a great interview with several of the reps, who discussed the systemic barriers they have faced and the change they hope to see. Children’s Media: The Geena Davis Institute conducted...


Weekly Roundup: Critics, Criticism & Where Are All the Women?

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/169386090?et=qqo2WkdoSDF_5TVbbHpyOg&sig=4nRWssE736Soy2vAmH2NNoTznl3ZFl4CTa1MUX4kSuY= New York Times critic Alessandra Stanley defends her article about Shonda Rhimes. The Pioneering Women Directors of the DGA event was filled with celebration and discouraging statistics. In a witty interview, director Nicole Holofcener talks directing features, the casting process, and much more. A sad fact about fiction: Career women are more underrepresented on screen than in real life. ...