Weekly Film & TV News Roundup

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/477632659?et=ypH3AGd2mk6QsjKiitLTPQ&sig=qYCv0zRZXUqeFAov_qAHtLjzjKyIqiTlbiAP8rKqCFo= Lena Dunham tells a SXSW crowd that “things need to change and I’m trying.” Piers Morgan met his match and her name is Chelsea Handler. (Video) Anita Hill discusses Anita, the Freida Lee Mock–directed doc about her life. Producer Paula Wagner is bringing Pretty Woman to broadway. CBS This Morning had wonderful coverage of NatGeo’s...


Terry’s Picks: March 4, 2014

Trying is: half the battle! See how easy it is to up the female quotient in your project with this handy infographic (above) from the Geena Davis Institute. Practicing my French: for this weekend’s screening of CINEAST(E)S at the French Institute Alliance Française. In honor of International Women’s Day, New York Women in Film & Television...