Terry’s Picks: March 4, 2014


Trying is: half the battle! See how easy it is to up the female quotient in your project with this handy infographic (above) from the Geena Davis Institute.

Practicing my French: for this weekend’s screening of CINEAST(E)S at the French Institute Alliance Française. In honor of International Women’s Day, New York Women in Film & Television is co-sponsoring with Unifrance Films to bring you an amazing conversation with top women filmmakers.

Heading to: South by Southwest? Let NYWIFT know by emailing communications@nywift.org. And be sure to catch Jonathan’s Chest, a short by NYWIFT member Autumn Tartleton, at the fest. Another member, Kristen McCracken, will be covering filmmakers and other talent for The Playlist/Indiewire.

Terry Lawler is NYWIFT’s Executive Director. Tune in every Tuesday for her picks.



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