Oscars, Take Note: Women’s Weekend Film Challenge Arrives in LA

On January 13, 2020, the same day that the 2020 Oscars nominations were released — with not a single woman nominated for Best Director for the 87th time in 92 years — the founders of Women’s Weekend Film Challenge (WWFC) opened up applications for their first Los Angeles-based event to advance women in the film industry. The organization’s goals are to provide an intensive networking opportunity for female filmmakers while telling women’s stories on screen. WWFC founders say that the reason so many women apply to the challenge is because they know that the film industry revolves around connections — and WWFC provides the perfect opportunity to make them. Co-founder (and NYWIFT member) Katrina Medoff explains why the group is more relevant than ever.


Terry’s Picks: Diana Means, Stacy Smith, Women Editors

Diana Means: When she’s not working her day job in production and creative services at Warner Bros., Diana Means has been running the L.A. Women’s International Film Festival for the past 13 years. Stacy Smith: Social scientist Stacy Smith gives a Ted Talk on how the media underrepresents and portrays women – and the potentially...


Weekly Roundup: Awards, Animation & An Absence of Women Directors

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/461167944?et=fzmEQGH0Rn1a6eQqvwNMPw&socialOnLoad=off&sig=UzXAoUBJoRWvhGfK152hUWgKWmc-MlAm3MfmEdAvIok=&caption=true Lots of great moments at the People’s Choice Awards. The January “Call for Writers” topic on btchflcks.com is…Black Families. DreamWorks Animation hires two women to take the lead! Hayley Atwell loves being Agent Carter and the “Yes, and?” world of LA. It’s 2015 and there’s still a 4% problem for female directors. Here’s helpful advice if you’re moving to LA...