Terry’s Picks: Screen Tales, Joss Whedon, Michele Spitz

Screen Tales: This month, thanks to our friends at Lifetime Broad Focus and WIF LA, The Writers Lab presented 10-minute readings from the scripts from the inaugural 2015 Lab to audiences of industry movers & shakers in both New York and LA. We’re so proud of all those involved and are looking forward to working...


Terry’s Picks: Orphan Black, Captain Marvel & Guys We Love

Thrilled to hear: Marvel sets Nicole Pearlman and Meg Lefavue to write its forthcoming tent-pole feature Captain Marvel. Gotta give a shout-out to: guys like Paul Feig and Joss Whedon who support and showcase women in film. I’m obsessed: with Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black – bringing not just one but more than eight strong women to...


Film News Roundup

Matilda The Musical. Photo credit: Joan Marcus. Females ruled the Tony Awards! Joss Whedon has “Much” to say about feminism & female superheroes. Sooo, do actresses over 40 have clout or not? Consider changing the name of your Facebook fan page. The Real talk show is geared towards younger women of color. Holla! To all women directors,...