Terry’s Picks: Wonder Kids, Female Future, Atomic Homefront

Wonder Kids: Director Patty Jenkins tweeted a screenshot of a list of “cute Wonder Woman related things” that happened in one kindergarten classroom after the superhero film hit theaters. It’s adorable – and poignant. Female Future: Indiewire collected a list of 20 rising women filmmakers to watch. Atomic Homefront: Rebecca Cammisa’s Atomic Homefront was one...


Weekly Film & TV News Roundup

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/183669878?et=XYPnmei_4068PYiAqEE8jQ&sig=SX4RxzmMCycPW_AXxiuqo2Q2XifTOs0kFYxLOqeoFp0= Netflix is bringing Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin back together. Hope Dolly Parton makes an appearance. Now Hiring! Women and Hollywood is looking for new columnists. These changes at Getty Images are most welcome and long overdue. (Video) Audition news: You may be too attractive to book a commercial. You should read this before entering that screenplay contest. The...


Terry’s Picks: March 4, 2014

Trying is: half the battle! See how easy it is to up the female quotient in your project with this handy infographic (above) from the Geena Davis Institute. Practicing my French: for this weekend’s screening of CINEAST(E)S at the French Institute Alliance Française. In honor of International Women’s Day, New York Women in Film & Television...