Cynthia’s Picks: Latinx Stars, Expanded Opportunities, Listen In

Latinx Stars: The Hollywood Reporter wisely points out…amid the call for diversity in entertainment, particularly inclusive casting, why don’t we have more Latinx movie stars? Part of it, of course, comes down to unconscious bias – which we all need to work on identifying and correcting. Expanded Opportunities: The Academy has voted to expand the...


Terry’s Picks: A Discrimination Primer, New Faces, Freeheld

Discrimination 101: Check out this informative primer on the ACLU investigation into Hollywood’s gender discrimination to learn about the cycle – and how to break it. Kudos: Filmmaker Magazine named its 25 New Faces of Independent Film – and 11 of them are women. #LoveIsLove: Looking forward to the timely film Freeheld, starring Julianne Moore...


Terry’s Picks: Doc on Industry Bias, Jessica Williams Talks Money, Meryl Streep Writes to Congress

Must-watch: This 26-minute documentary from Bloomberg Business sheds a harsh light on the institutional bias against women in the film industry. Good point: The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams reminds us that while it might be nice to see a woman’s face on a $10 bill, real change is measured by how much money women earn....