Cynthia’s Picks: Latinx Stars, Expanded Opportunities, Listen In

Latinx Stars: The Hollywood Reporter wisely points out…amid the call for diversity in entertainment, particularly inclusive casting, why don’t we have more Latinx movie stars? Part of it, of course, comes down to unconscious bias – which we all need to work on identifying and correcting.

Expanded Opportunities: The Academy has voted to expand the number of nominations in the hair and makeup categories from three to five, increasing opportunities for what is usually a female-dominated field. (NYWIFT has always valued the contributions of these artists, which is why we created the Designing Women Awards, coming up this year on June 11th. We’re glad they are continuing to get more of the recognition they deserve!) 

Listen In: If you haven’t subscribed to NYWIFT’s “Women Crush Wednesdays” Podcast  on iTunes, Spotify or Podomatic yet you’re missing out!The latest episode is Tribeca-themed, with powerhouse Lisa Cortes previewing her two projects premiering at the fest, and NYWIFT Board Member and entertainment attorney Maria Miles offering up critical advice for anyone taking their project onto the festival circuit.


Cynthia Lopez

Cynthia Lopez Cynthia Lopez is the Executive Director of New York Women in Film & Television and an award-winning media strategist.

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