What’s in Your Toolkit: Destiny Lilly

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Destiny Lilly – Casting Director

By Terry Greenberg

Destiny Lilly is a casting director working across theater, film, and television. She is the VP of Membership for the NYWIFT Board of Directors and a member of the Casting Society of America.

While working from home during COVID-19, she offered us a peek inside her casting toolkit.

Casting Director & NYWIFT VP of Membership Destiny Lilly


What tools do you need to be a successful casting director?

A casting director’s tools can mostly be found on her laptop and in her brain. Having a good memory for actors (names and faces) is key. Also, casting directors should have strong administrative skills for making lists and sending countless emails. A camera is a practical tool all casting professionals use to capture auditions and share them with creative teams. Understanding the basics of editing video and uploading and downloading are also essential.


What is your most unique tool that you personally bring to the “casting table?”

I’ve been maintaining an actor database for the last 10 years that has proven extremely helpful to me. It helps me keep track of actors I’ve seen in film, TV, and theater and I add notes about the actors that I can refer back to later. There’s an actor who I saw in a play downtown a while back who I then brought in for a feature film five years later; I remembered him because of my database.


What is the one thing you can’t live without on a daily basis at your job?

A strong internet connection!


What do you love most about your job? What continues to inspire you?

I love helping people find jobs. At its heart, casting is a service business and each of us is a like a human resources manager or a recruiter who is connecting actors with creative teams. I love to work with actors and help them get the job. I’m inspired by actors who come in with meticulous preparation and bring something fresh to the material.


Since the entertainment world is temporarily on hold due to the current pandemic, what are you doing to keep yourself “nourished?”

I’ve been reading a lot of scripts, updating my actor database, and watching movies and TV shows.


Destiny Lilly recently participated in a NYWIFT Talks conversation on casting. Watch it here: 


Terry Greenberg

Terry Greenberg Following a distinguished and rewarding career in film publicity and marketing, Terry is currently the owner of Short and Sweet Productions (www.shortandsweet.nyc). She served on the NYWIFT Board for six years, and is now happily ensconced on the Advisory Board.

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